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RP [Ravenaca's Watch] Rhythm


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Arye found herself feeling impatient at the potential threat in front of them. She wanted to say something to her Wingleader, tell her to fuck command, and let’s go fight, but she knew V wouldn’t be up to that. She knew what her friend was like, so she waited as patiently as possible until she heard V’s command. She let out a sound that sounded like ‘finally’, which wouldn’t be heard by anyone of her lance. Her optics jiggled as she suddenly accelerated, moving at a much faster rate than most.

“Copy that, Wingleader!’ She said through the comms as she made her way over. Though she attempted to keep her enthusiasm from her voice to give off the impression she was focused, not excited like a little kid being sent out to play, but there might be something in her voice. She kept her focus, so she made her approach ready to fire if she was able to get a good shot that didn’t fail the parameters she was given.


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Mikael did not say anything. Focused on assessing the defensive abilities of the entity, he and his Ryoko initiated an alpha strike. Mini-missiles trained on only the entity started to spill out of the launchers located on the hips and right shoulder. Meanwhile his Plasma Beam Rifle unleashed controlled shots towards it in between the the Armor Piecing rounds leaving the barrel of his 155mm Linear Howitzer.

He kept monitoring the position of the shuttle.


"Turn on your helmet cameras. Command wants intel." Sara sent as a text to every member of the away team as they made their way back to the landing point. When they rounded the corner, she immediately motioned for them to stop and seek cover.

"Shit!" Mizumitsu said to herself as the construct came to view. She then looked to Maren. "Is there any other way to the shuttle bay?" she somewhat whispered, assuming the construct did not immediately see them.

She was hesitant to give the pirates their weapons back. But if they were going to have a running battle back to the landing point, having people unable to defend themselves was going to complicate things immensely.


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As instructed Taro let her helmet-camera record their surroundings, making sure to sweep it past anything interesting looking to capture as much information as possible due to how unlikely it was they'd come back to this place without ripping it to shreds first.

Then something very interesting crossed the squad's collective view, and Taro elegantly side-stepped into the cover of a nearby alcove, pressing her back into the metal surface to minimize her profile as the construct passed by.

"Well this is quite the upset," she quietly mused, looking across to Sara and then back at their little gaggle of unarmed pirates. As co-operative as they'd been so far she didn't want to give back the recently claimed bag of weapons if she didn't need to.

With one hand gripping at the dufflebag's straps the violet-eyed android slowly slid down the wall into a squat that'd look almost suggestive in any other situation, the nylon strap creaking against her gloved hand as Taro's sculped brow furrowed ever so slightly. Her gaze lowly returned to Sara, conveying a similar thought that they might need to go through that thing before peeking back out to where the construct had gone, hoping there was some alternate route the pirates knew of.