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RP [Ravenaca's Watch] Rhythm


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Ravenaca’s Watch, Patrol:
Arye observed through the sensors that the Starbreaker had passed through the opening allowing the fighter to enter space. This allowed the Operator a clear view of the space around her, as she formed up with her wing mates. She received communication from V but sice she’d recently updated her personal style of loadout she knew it was possible she didn’t know.

Ma’am, my current loadout is
x2 Hyper-Shift Rotary Chaingun set up with Star fire ammo
x6 FiveR Missile Pod
x4 S6-TBOM Rocket Pod System is accompanying the missile pods
x1 S6-Linear Rail Accelerated Tri-Barreled Plasma Cannon

Arye replied and then later she heard the next reply and replied “copy Wing leader!”

Alex Hart

Away Team, detached party: Orlan, Taro

Taro looked from the pirate to Orlan before speaking to give the pirate orders. “Put the gun on the ground, and move over here, slowly.” The warrior-diplomat withdrew a set of concealed magnetic cuffs, and readied them.

When the pirate complied, she attached the cuffs to him, and turned toward the door. “Mercenary Snell, I’m going to take the prisoner back to Lt. Mizumitsu, you have some experience with mechanics, correct? If your armor can take it, can you try and figure out what’s going on with that machine?”

She then tapped on the side of her helmet, sending a communique to Sara, “One pirate apprehended, currently investigating what may be the source of the energy readings.”

Away Team: Sara

Some of the pirates grumbled at the mention of them still being charged, but it was clear that they were willing to cooperate, either out of a sense of resignation or self preservation, if the looks they gave the older woman was any indication the conclave wasn’t their only worry in that regard. “Your terms are… well, they’re certainly preferable to a firefight.” The elderly pirate said.

“We’ll cooperate. We’ve been hiding out in this asteroid for a little under two years now, it’s out of the normal lanes so it’s easy to hide traffic to and from, and the installation was already airtight when we found it. We’ve been leeching off of its generator, but we don’t know what caused the spike.” She explained carefully.

The rest of the pirates, meanwhile, were busying themselves with removing guns from holsters and unlimbering rifles from slings and sliding them into a pile on the floor, even the previously defiant Julio. It seemed like the elderly woman was influential.

Ravenaca’s Watch, Patrol: V115, Arye, Mikael

As V115 received the information from her lancemates, the doors on the asteroid finished opening, and metallic objects could be seen beginning to leave it. A quick activation of their frames’ and fighters’ camera magnification functions, and the pilots would be able to see what appeared to be geometric prisms of metal, tapered at one end.

The objects appeared to tumble slightly, before arranging themselves into various patterns. Upon seeing this, V115 would receive a message from Fredricks; “Lance Leader, I’m going to move ahead slightly so that we can get a sensor reading on the unknowns.” As he said this, the pilot began to pull ahead of the rest of the formation.


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Away Team: Taro

"Understood ma'am," Orlan responded to Taro, relieved that the confrontation ended without violence. He looked toward the generator and responded to Taro's other question with, "That would be correct. I'll take a look at the generator to see what's causing these power surges."

Orlan felt no fear since his suit insulated him from electricity, so he stepped up to the machine and looked over the controls. He examined each part of the device to determine the cause of the spikes. If there was a console that allowed it, Orlan would use it to try to operate it and run a diagnostic to see if he could troubleshoot the issue. If the room lacked any such console, Orlan would continue to inspect the machine, cautious not to cause any extra damage to an already malfunctioning piece of equipment.


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Ravenaca’s Watch, Patrol

As Fredericks moved up and communicated what he was doing, V115 began to send a data stream of her cameras back to the Watch for analysis. There was no telling what these things were going to do until they knew what they were. That lack of information bothered her, missing data was always a pain. Still she wanted to be sure that if things went sideways they'd be able to react quickly and effectively. "Firewalker, Harris-Chui, fan out and make sure that you have a clear sightline on the unknowns." Hopefully whatever was going on with the rock would be resolved soon enough. She didn't like the idea of getting into a shootout with unknown technology.


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Ravenaca’s Watch, Patrol

She used her camera to get a look at the thing in front of her, and she’d heard Fredericks move and saw the feed as well. Silently in space, her thrusters flared up, to allow her to move and follow the order she was given by her Wingleader. “Copy that” She replied as she proceeded to fan out, but keep her camera on the unknown in front of her. She placed her digital thumb close to the firing button, ready to fire at the moment’s notice.