RP: Section 6 Sanctuary Day (New year's celebration YE-40)


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Aug 29, 2017

David could almost feel the spite coming from those words, he imagined the young woman reaching for the button to power down her rig before curiosity got the better of her - though to be frank he didn't quite know why her presence was requested, regardless it was and he'd try to get her down here, hopefully without having to leave but he'd do what he needed to do.

"Dunno, Bossman didn't say why, only that he wished to speak with you in person. Should I come get you or will you make your own way here?" the Geshrin sent straight back seemingly as soon as her response had been sent through - bypassing the physical limitations of a keyboard in favour of neural networking was a rush David found he rather enjoyed, though he felt the novelty would wear off soon enough.


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Aug 28, 2017
The Den

"I still don't want to do whatever this is... But I like having a room to myself." Haisely replied simply before switching off all but her own small server machine, after several minutes of searching she found a set of long, baggy tracksuit pants and a coat several sizes too big followed by her woolen gloves with the index fingers cut off. Finally her beanie went on as tail and ears were hidden away and the small girl left her room and ventured into the evening air, glaring at the sky to curse it for being somewhat chilly.

Withen 10 minutes she finally found her way to where David was but was disappointed to find that he was not infact with the person who'd summoned her, she scowled into her coat knowing she'd gone to the wrong place and would probably have to ask him for directions now. Although she did take notice of the other girl that he seemed to be quite close and cozy with at present, a glimmer of hope in her cold heart as she realised that maybe now he wouldn't bug her over feelings and crap. "Where is he." She asked bluntly.
Sep 26, 2018
“Being the commander of Fenrir Division, one would expect that, I think” Came a voice. “Evening, Major” Aztec said, nodding his head to Talos. “Jacky, Armora, I must say, you both look gorgeous tonight!” The horseman finished, his golden eyes lingering on Armora for a moment longer before shifting to the unknown man with the trio. “Don’t believe we’ve met before. Jay Travers, but everyone calls me Aztec.”


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Jun 22, 2017
Lawn Chairs
Adi wandered around the party dressed in her usual light blue shirt and black pants, holding a small wrapped present, which wasn't well wrapped but at least had effort put into it. The small curvy girl walked next to Jack with her very long hair and tail following, quietly asking him "U-um... d-dad? Have you s-seen Sonia?"

Adria, wearing the same thing (Though, made for her flatter and skinnier size), browsed the stalls alone. Both the butterfly girls were oblivious to the fireworks that would be starting soon. Adria had next to no one to be with for the party, so all she did was boredly meander. And then she heard a clanking noise. Was it that robot again?

Chlorate's feet made clanking noises as she walked into the stall area. Chlorate was wearing... well... nothing... she was an android. She was immediately amazed at what she saw in the stalls, even things that weren't actually very exciting or impressive.
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Feb 15, 2005
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Park Perimeter, On Parade

As her Hydra tank trundled along at parade clip, newly enlisted Section 6 trooper and tanker Lena Aldea stood out from the cockpit hatch. She wore an old Nepleslian military duty uniform that had been redone with Section 6 iconography and striping, the green traded for black with red piping. Her head was covered with a black cap, her platinum ponytail pulled out through the back. She was smiling and waving to the people watching the parade from the park side, enjoying the cool night air. It was a brief, well-deserved reprieve, though Lena would have much preferred putting on a rocking show for the crowd, but order and duty came first. Still, the soft breeze caused by the slow progression of the parade eased her thoughts, and let her fill her time with people-watching. So many people of different kinds and origins, all together on this little slice of the universe they had carved out and took as their new home.


Lena had never really called a place home before, but for everything else, this place definitely seemed to fit the bill. At least she could rest her feet here for a while, maybe. Lena lifted her gaze starward, her eyes moving as if to trace a path. Maybe that is Kennewes, she thought as she lingered on one, then shifted her gaze elsewhere. And Nepleslia. Yamatai. Rok'Veru. She took a deep breath, trying not to slide into memories, looking back down at the path ahead of her, smiling again.