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Approved Submission [SAoY] Infantry Update


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This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
It took me a moment to see what had changed, but those are some good updates.

I would suggest you make even more of a point that the non-PA Infantry is rarely used, basically only if they simply cannot use a PA due to the location or lack of equipment. Maybe mention that the Mindy is also used much like a fighter vehicle? Might also want to pick if you're going to use periods in the Current and Old Types sections, seems weird to have the period after Yamatai and then none after Mindy and Daisy right under it.

I noticed you left out the link to the Type 33 Infantry. Maybe consider sneaking that in there? Or some other link to 'here is all the items/weapons you should have'? Maybe mention the new field uniform Wes likes and got art of? Maybe you can sneak in that new art once it's done, actually, at the bottom with the other examples.

Maybe give the Mindy patch a starry space background? To match the Daisy camo background.

I don't think there's any Mindy chibi art, but you might slip in a Daisy chibi art or two. Hint, hint~.
I noticed you left out the link to the Type 33 Infantry. Maybe consider sneaking that in there?

This is the only remark that gave me pause. I linked it when I said, "...the Infantry Nekovalkyrja Type 33 is cloned..." Emphasis is the link to Type 33 Infantry. But I want to make sure that is indeed what you're referring to, right?

The rest I will get on right now and thanks for being so helpful!
Oh and I also meant to say that I will be doing everything but getting his new art on the wiki as it's not ready yet.
Made those changes, hope I got them all.

I also didn't add in equipment or field uniform because it's either in the infantry training link or is something other personnel use.
Patch looks good, everything else looks good too. Definitely toss that art in once it's finished and Wes okays it, it looks great so far.

Only thing I'm unsure on is the wording in the Mindy line. Maybe say it's...the equivalent of a fighter vehicle? Not sure how to word it, maybe someone else can chime in with suggestions?

Something like: Deployed from ships for boarding actions and typically use the Mindy, which enable Space Infantry to fill the same niche as traditional starfighters.

And maybe have 'starfighter' (or spacefighter or fight craft or...? there's no common term for that or a generic fighter vehicle page. huh) link to the SA pilot page or...something? To make it obvious what is meant.

Now that I'm looking again, I notice the Mindy thing links to the generic Mindy page that has a list of all the various models. While the Daisy link just goes to the Daisy 1, when the Daisy 2 is now seen more often. Maybe we need a generic Daisy 'type list' page to match the Mindy one? Um...sorry if I just made more work for you with that suggestion! Ha.

Related, maybe mention that the Daisy is used by the Planetary Infantry due to the restrictions on the use of (or inability to use at all) Aether on a planet? Maybe a link to Aether in there. I...believe there's some sort of rule about the usage in atmosphere? Just popped into my head so I mentioned it. Might help to further explain the distinction between the two.

Sorry if these suggestions are piling more words onto a page that is probably supposed to be fairly simple.
It's more than okay. I'm going to let Wes look at your suggestions and let me know which ones to definitely make.
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