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RP Second Recess

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Yuumi looked at the space where the Chusa had been, then at her fingers. She thoughtfully regarded them for a second or two.

She brought the hand to her forehead and leaned forward until her elbow met the table. She lowered her eyes at the table.

I don't need a drink. I need a damn bottle.

She looked up and saw the Neko hadn't risen yet. Maybe a case.

"There's nothing to forgive," Yuumi irritably said. "She got what she wanted, and I'm always happy to help the Star Army. For recompense, tell her to never get into politics."
It was at this point Vishta walked into the bar and saw the Premier talking to another of her kind.

Vishta sat on the other end of the bar, and ordered a glass of water. She did not imbibe alcoholic beverages. She could not hear what the pair had been discussing, but Vishta was intelligent enough to see what was being to discussed.

Vishta spoke up "I was wondering premier." Vishta said interrupting. "Apologies for my interruption." She said nodding to the Chusa. "Is all discussion here so serious? I could have sworn this was a time of rest. Yet during these recesses, the discussion towards me has been so serious, or usually involving a continuation on a personal level of what people are seeking from you."
Fujiwara's head lifted slightly, a certain of being unwanted creeping into the back of her mind. She knew that feeling well, and decided to act on it, especially as the Gartagen princess arrived, seemingly wanting an audience with Yuumi herself. She had done what she had come to do, no need to meddle any more than she already had.

"I will ensure the message gets across, ma'am." answered the Chusa, before pushing herself off the floor. "Thank you for the audience."

With that, she made her leave.
There was the soft *tinkle* of ice hitting the bottom of a glass, followed by a plop! from a bottle. Soon Yuumi had her Bourbon pushed toward her, a full four fingers worth. The same willowy Neko bartender from the first Recess taking a step back and forth as if wavering between leaving the bottle or taking it back. Soon, Yuumi had her answer as the bottle landed with a little more force than was necessary right beside the glass.

The Neko Bartender making a beeline toward her next customer, a distinct stiffness having wormed its way into her posture now.

Ahrim stood several feet away from the three women, Premier, Chusa and Princess. His having to deal with a small crisis of his own.

Ahem, clearing his throat as she drew near.

"Your order?" she asked, a little tight-lipped after having had her previous offer brushed off.

"I'll... leave it up to you." Ahrim stated with a small smile as he rubbed the back of his head nervously.

The bartender turned away from the Temple Guardsman and began to go about mixing a beverage, a decidedly devilish glint in her eyes as she did so.

Ahrim, it seemed had caught a whiff of something from her and had promptly seated himself, a look of mild acceptance of his fate firmly in place.

Clink!, went another glass, this one placed in front of the man who was now blinking as he stared down at it.

"Whiskey Sour." the Neko said tartly before going into the back of the bar muttering to herself.

The Iromakuanhe looked at the glass warily, the amberish-green hued liquid with its frosted rim and lemon rind garnish appeared colorful, inviting...

He lifted it, and brought it to his lips, taking a drink as he thought to himself. 'Why is this called a Whee-skey Saur?'

The face he made gave him all the answer he needed, the glass going back to the counter in a heartbeat after he'd swallowed.

Lips puckering from the exceedingly sourtasted drink (Likely because the bartender had forgotten the sweetner) his voice hoarse.

"So... that's... why," he coughed.
Yuumi made a noise of hesitation as the Chusa left, but then she deflated and let it go. The lovely, youthful Vishta wanted her attention, and all Yuumi wanted was to be left damn well alone for just a few minutes. Just a few. Long enough to knock back her drink.

She lowered her face as she processed the question. A couple breaths passed. Yuumi came back up and rested her cheek in one hand as she reached to deftly collect her drink.

"Rest is for the wicked," she said, her smile without energy. "We do the work of the people here, Princess. We have no wickedness."

She looked past the princess for a moment to see Ahrim returning a glass of something while looking like he just swallowed a lemon. She tilted her head.

"Hmh," she said, body moving with the snort, then looked back at Vishta. "Well, do you want to sit? You look too young to drink, but you might as well keep me company while we wait for tall, dark and handsome over there to join us."

She angled her cup past the Gartagen toward Ahrim.
A Yamataian male came out from the back and almost immediately placed a small glass of club soda with a little juice and orange slice as a garnish. The new bartender bowed and apologized again and again even as Ahrim raised a hand to stop it.

"I had thought you wished to drink alone after your... discussion with the Lorath leader, Madam Premier." his tone loud enough to be heard by the two, the emptied glass held aloft to Yuumi the other hand pointing toward his horns.

"And I thank you for the compliment on my physical appearance." He'd heard her from where he was seated, over the music, murmurs of conversation and sounds of tinkling glasses.
Neko-grade hearing. Hm. Yuumi spoke conversationally, angling her ears his way.

"Just talk normally. I can hear as well as you, after all. And thank you for the emphasis on Madam. Trying to make me feel old?"
"I would not consider a vibrant young woman such as yourself to be old, Madam Premier." Ahrim's tone lowered as he was poured another one of the club soda mixtures. He took another sip of his drink.

"I am merely using the title that you requested that, that officer call you. If you find it offensive, I could call you something else, but I daresay I cannot keep calling you 'Vibrant Young Woman' now can I?"
Vishta by this point had complied with what Yuumi requested. "He is quite an attractive being." Vishta said looking at the Iroma.

Vishta's data pad vanished in her robes, but she carried her glass in her claws. "Vibrant young woman does have a nice ring to it." Vishta said smiling then shifting her gaze back to her glass.

Vishta sat down and looked over to see what appeared to be an Iroma muttering to him self. Then to the Neko who was responding audibly to his mutterings. Vishta continue chuckling at the scene.

"Apologies, This is amusing to me, that magnificent creature over there looks as though he is muttering to himself."
"He hears us," Yuumi quietly said to Vishta next to her, grinning. "He has hearing like a Nekovalkyrja. He might filter out other noise, focus on what he wants to hear, or just hears that well."

She focused the bloody gaze of her Ketsurui Red eyes on the Iroma. Her grin sunk into a smirk. "And he's a charmer too. Quit stalling, Ahrim-san, and join us ladies for a drink."
There was a slight creak from the armor he wore as the Temple Guardsman got to his feet. The bartender grabbing his drink and moving with him until Ahrim gave the Yamataian a patient look, nodding toward an outstretched hand. Bowing himself away, the Yamataian man caught sight of the Neko bartender and proceeded to have a furious mumbling discussion with her.

Looking to the seat on Yuumi's left, Ahrim then looked to the woman and her red-eyed gaze. "I'll sit and join you if you allow me to call you Yuumi, or Yuumi-sera. "
Yuumi's lips curled ever higher. She considered his proposal as Vishta sat next to her. She knew the meaning of the "sera" honorific, and that it could apply to females as well.

"Yuumi it is, Ahrim," she replied, going for the personal touch as her eyes regarded his armor.

"Brave of you to join a politician and a royal, even if we are attractive ladies. I would not expect such courage from the Temple Guard." Her teasing tone made clear she was joking, but the poke also was a test, to see how he responded.
Ahrim took a seat as Yuumi spoke, smiling faintly as she teased him and the Guard. He held a hand up then in a staving off sort of gesture.

"Yuumi-sera, I've long since given up on trying to not radiate a sense of courage. I am sure there are many men, and women who cannot work up the courage to approach such a fetching woman and carry out a conversation. So I must count myself lucky to be one of the few who can." He raised his glass then before taking a drink of the fizzy liquid.

"However I must admit, I was never one for politics such as those going on behind the Conference room's doors."
"I prefer to save the politics for the podium." Vishta said calmly. "I often regard the topic being brought up during periods designated for resting to be a sign of disrespect."

"But when you get down to it politics are little different then conducting combat, the one difference in politics being the weapons used, and the fact that you can be slain more then once."

Vishta's eyes were locked on to the splendor of the Iroma in his armor. "It is one thing to meet the delegates of a nations, but to see the nations warriors and civilians...that is when you really get to know who you are dealing with."



Loud noises of a cane striking a solid floor sung throughout the halls.

"Mr. Premier!"



"Mr. Premier!"



The Sky Marshall of Nepleslia turned on his heel, leaning over his cane as he looked down at the chasing Sheva. His mouth spread into a small grin, before responding to the ruffled woman, "Yes?"

Sheva stopped, her eyes widened with frustration and anger. She opened her mouth to speak, raising a finger as if attempting to start a tirade. Those lips sealed up though, and her cheeks puffed out wide into amazingly peeved face. With her puffy expression, she thrust her finger at the Sky Marshal several times, before throwing bother fists down to her side.

"You're startin' to turn red, Sheva." piped Pyros, a lop-sided grin on his face showing just how much fun he was having.

"Why won't you answer to your title!" roared Sheva', letting out all that pent up air before she turned blue.

"Why should I? I'm the Sky Marshal, I do what I want."

"No! No no nooooooo!" The PR rep stamped her feet several times, "You are the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia's Sky Marshal and Premier. You answer to Premier, so that we can project a peaceful and good view to all the other nations! You don't go by Pyros, we talked about this! You stay formal and impersonal and businesslike. Now, say it with me."

Sheva held up both her hands, and spoke, "I."

Pyros titled his head, arching a brow, "I."

Came the woman's next word, "Am."

The man mimicked it perfectly, "Am."

Sheva sighed thankfully and continued, "The Democrat--..."

Suddenly, she was cut off, "Pyros. I am Pyros."

"AUGGGHWGHLE!" Sheva threw a fit, and turned to stomp off, "I can't take this! If you're not going to take this seriously, I'm going to go back to our quarters!"

"You sure? I was about to raid a panty-locker."

Sheva stopped, turning around with an absolute shock of horror on her face, "You... You're joking."

"What? I wouldn't mind seeing what that Abw Matriach wears under the hood."

"Bweh... Heh heh..." Sheva's face turned unnatural incredulous, her form bouncing with little giggles, "It's a joke. Beh heh ah ha ha! It's got to be a joke! Heh... Heh haha ha... Ha ha ha..."

Pyros, not sure what was going on, started to laugh too, albeit with a curious look on his face, "Ha... heh heh... Ha ha ha ha!"

"Hah ha ha ha ha!"

"Ah ha ha ha ha!"

"Haw haw hah awh hah!" Sheva turned and walked off, laughing hysterically.

"Ha ah ha ha ha...! Glad we had this talk." finished Pyros, before turning on his cane to go elsewhere, "Now where's that heavy-weight's panty drawer..."
"Not one for wheeling and dealing, dear warrior?" Yuumi said, raising her glass toward her lips, eyes taking a much more cat-like appearance. "Vishta's right. It's just war with different weapons.

"But you don't want to talk about war now, do you?" The glass came closer to her face. "How about love? What things do you love, Ahrim. What sets your soul anew with just a single event?"
"I believe the honorable Temple Guard has a great deal of love for his children, good Premier of Yamatai."

An interruption to Yuumi's statement rather suddenly, as Tafari Sadik strolled past the three in discussion, carrying his own tawny drink adorned with ice-cubes and the rind of a citrus fruit. "Many many children, some of which have already gone into their second century of life? Needless to say, it's always nice to know that we can expect a dynasty to fill the rather large shoes left by the man."
Ahrim only smiled into his glass as Yuumi spoke, and snorted into the glass as Tafari finally made an appearance. The Guardsman had wondered why the diplomat had been so quiet and withdrawn during the Trade discussions, especially since such things could've been used to give the Commonwealth an edge.

"Ahh, Tafari." Ahrim slapped the diplomat on the back in the spirit of camaraderie. "So good of you to finally join us! While I daresay I have children, the entire Temple Guard are also my children after a fashion. So my family is large indeed."

Ahrim laughed the laugh of a good-natured gentleman before finishing his drink once more. Before miraculously seeing it filled again, and the scuttling Yamataian bartender retreating.

"I am not the only father here you know," Ahrim sipped, giving an approving nod and smacking of lips as this was made from passion fruit instead of the more citrus juice mixes with soda water he had been drinking.

"Tafari here is a father as well I believe. One who also has many, many children." He chuckled, "Doting fathers both I surmise."
Vishta sipped her water as she watch another of the horned beings approach.

They had her interest, and she understood what they were discussing. Yet she had no true input. Vishta remained silent and observed the exchange awaiting to see where these intriguing beings would take it.
"I'm taken aback. We just met, and already talk of children and caring fathers."

Yuumi smirked after sipping at her drink, her teal hair catching a little of the light cast down from above the table. "Now that we young, fertile ladies know how virile you both are, nothing's off the table for discussion.

"So, should we talk about genital construction? Do you need to know our cup sizes? I know. Let's discuss potential hookups. I personally think Wazu would go very well with the Admiral Vanderhuge, don't you?"

If the two Iroma had any idea of what a cat was, they would have seen it personified in Yuumi's grin, from her ears to her eyes to her cheeks to her teeth.
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