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RP Second Recess

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Vishta snorted then chuckled. "I wonder who would be the woman in the relationship? Probably Wazu, for all of his characteristics he does not come of as the type who would dominate a Nepleslian mating ritual." She added.

"Though I suspect the Lorath ambassador has expressed desires for you my dear Yuumi."
"Ohhh, I don't know, Vishta," Yuumi said as she ate the canaries that came her way. The mention of the Lorath delegate was more like a crow. Maybe a gull. "I think the Admiral wants so much to just be loved for a change. I bet he'd look very cute in an apron, scrambling eggs while Wazu knocked back his twelfth single-malt whiskey for the day."
"On my ship, where it will remain untouched I believe," Pyros would hear behind him. However, the Minister was smiling a bit if he were to turn her way. "Though I do believe entering a foreign dignitary's vessel without permission constitutes some form of espionage charge or something, Herr Westwood." she continued as she strolled up with a glass of some dark liquid in her hand.

"Though if you planned on visiting an old woman, that's mighty kind of a young whippersnaper." she joked.
Pyro's wild hair regained that wild look it had in his youth when the Abwehran Delegate had managed to sneak up on him in his musings. The roots on of that hair stood on end for a moment, before falling back down to their wistful guile. Even the man's hair seemed to have a personality, one much like the head it rested on. It was if the follicles said, "Oh no boss, we've been had! Whadda'we do now?"

And just like everyone of the Westwood clan, he knew exactly what to do.

"I'll have you know that considering the rampant war, and my people's penchant for an honorable death, I'm probably the oldest man alive!" declared Pyros, as he stepped, making a half-turn. His coat swayed behind him like a lavish cape, his grin and red-eyes making for a particularly devious expression.

"You'd not look too old amongst my people, considering you might be in your forties by the way you make yourself sound."

Tap. Went that cane of such pimping style as he turned to face her fully and proudly, with that idealistic confidence that was iconic of the Nepleslian race. He was still bare-chested, as Sheva failed to get him to wear a shirt, his scars and ruggedly built physique still shown to the world.

"But hey," that grin turned a little lop-sided, a certain glow over-coming the man's cybernetic gaze, "A whiskey tastes best when it's properly aged! Different kinds make for different times, and you, Miss Schneider, look properly aged for your kind."
"Flattery won't get you anywhere Herr Westwood," the Abwehran Minister chuckle before sipping her drink. "Though I have to admit, I haven't be complemented like that in a while." she commented before raising her glass to the Premier. "Believe it or not though, I'm nearly 98 standard years old, which is close to middle-aged where I'm from," she stated in a matter of fact tone.

"With five children all gone off to live their lives." she finished with a prouder tone.
"Five kids, eh? I've got two myself!" The old man turned his attention aside for a moment, "Well, one actually." His red eyes were back on the woman right quickly, "One went an offed himself an honorable death 'gainst some pirates, the other's busy raisin' her own family."

Tap Tap went the cane against the floor before pointing it up at the glass of dark alcohol. "Iffn' your intent on bein' stingy about the underwear, and not feeling like discoverin' just how similar our peoples are. how about sharin' a bit of this Abwehran brew I keep hearing about? I've been sipping on a flask and a bit of whiskey since this mornin', and I was hoping I could find something from you iron-boned folk that might keep me awake through one of these sessions."
The relaxing conversation was short lived for Vishta. Her data pad chimed in loudly. Her smile vanished and she began rapidly reading the information that had been sent to her.

Yuumi and the Iroma would see the alien's mouth drop open. A soft hiss exited the girl's mouth as she seemed distressed. Vishta looked up at Yuumi and the two Iroma, instantly regaining her composure as if nothing had happened.

"You will have to pardon me. Affairs of stated have made it apparent that these proceedings will be prematurely ending for me. I must return to my home-world."

Vishta would shift into a bow, and then stand up, sliding her pad onto the bartop for Yuumi to read. "The details are there for your eyes only madam Premier."
"I wouldn't recommend it unless you can handle the heavy mineral content," the Minister replied, deciding to not speak of the loss of his child. From the sounds of it, it had been a long time ago anyway and meant any comforting would be futile at this point. "I think a shot might be safe enough though," she commented as she held up her glass.

Pondering upon it for a moment, she sipped the liquid until a small bit of it was left. "Here," she stated before handing the glass to the Nepleslian man. "It's got a kick to it at least."
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