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September 2019 RP reviews

Jack Pine

Staff Member
FM of S6
Game Master
Hi everyone, staff man Jack here with an important announcement! This month, I'm the one hosting RP reviews as the director of roleplay for the community. The deadline has been set for two weeks from now, and most of you know the drill by now. It's as easy as going through your plot pages and making sure everything is up to date as possible for any new members wanting to browse current plots and their information. So it's absolutely necessary that this stuff is done, and thorough, but no pressure. Let's get everything tidy and continue having fun. Please direct any questions my way, or any other staff members if I am perhaps not available. Thank you every one for your cooperation, and to our GMs, we appreciate you!


Founder & Admin
Staff Member
FM of Yamatai
STO Fleet Member
It's giving me chills not having one of these to do after over a decade of doing them 3 times a year. I really want to start a plot again soon.