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RP: YSS Kaiyō [SOFT] Mission Nine: Fuwa Fuwa

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YSS Kaiyō II
Power Armor Bay
20日 8月 YE 39
0831 Hours

In the power armor bay the SOFT team all cleaned their armors, save for Fujitani Nai. He had no armor and, thus, only had to do cursory cleaning as he saw fit in the vicinity of the armors. Eden heard the condition one report from Boss over the ship's comms along with everyone else and punched a piece of equipment expertly into her Mindy that she had been cleaning underneath. She made eye contact with several of the team members, whoever was facing her, and she nodded to them as a whole a moment after looking them over. They were ready.

"Let's go," she said, raised her index finger and circled it in the air for one rotation before continuing, "Suit up while Fujitani-juni goes over any last minute instructions. Ittô Juni?" She then turned, black hair splayed out behind her back as she did and her golden eyes settled on her armor that was now open for her. She began to enter it one foot at a time.
YSS Kaiyo - Power Armor Bay

The SOFT team. A team of highly dangerous individuals, devoted to nothing but one purpose: The elimination of whatever target was given to them. A team whose sole purpose in existence was to crush whoever they fought with naught but their brains, brawn, and a lot of luck.

"Alright, let's show 'em what we got!" Meissa whooped. She threw her sponge back into her bucket with a small splash, opening her armor and jumping into it. She pulled up team status, team visuals, and a basic scanner report, checking over her equipment as she moved around the bay to grab her supplies she would need her job.

She tossed a block of plastic explosive in the air. She caught the block of explosive in her hand. She had a feeling the fireworks would be quite pretty.
YSS Kaiyo - Power Armor Bay

Stained rag in hand, Iemochi let the bloody item slip through his fingers and into the small washbox by his feet, a corner trailing onto the smooth floor. He'd been scrubbing the hell out of his honed Xiphos, a weapon he never thought he'd have much use for until last mission. While mostly successful, there were still traces of the crimson film on the blade and across the angled sides of his Mindy. With a rasp of metal on metal, the Elysian slid the slightly damp weapon into its sheathe to the side of his armor.

Stepping to one side and hopping into the Mindy, Seinosuke waited patiently for his HUD to flicker into life, servos whirring as he shrugged, feeling the exoskeleton move with him. "Let's do this." he grinned, eager to jump headlong into their task. Turning to the weapons rack, the Nitô Juni grabbed his regular kit, a smoke-creating sleep grenade onto his belt for good measure. It'd surely be useful for covering the way out of the hostile areas, he guessed. Grabbing up a rifle from one side, Mochi balanced it over one shoulder, ready having the rest of his equipment already attached pre-emptively.
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Fujitani Nai felt more at home in her volumeric projection of a black paneled uniform than in the kimono she had been wearing for the other exercise as she selected and prepared a Mindy for her use. She examined the dossier with the suggestions for the positions the team assignments as it flitted across her eyes with a nod. It would do for now.

Her attention turned to Eden as she was addressed by rank. "Hai, Teien-Shosa," she politely replied with a bow before she turned to the group. "Minna-san!" Nai called playfully and clapped her hands together. She turned to face them, her hands girlishy on her hips for a moment before she whistled loudly for their attention.

Her posture straightened. She gave them a minute before speaking in a slightly deeper tone of voice that lost some of the genki pep she had been putting into it since she had arrived on board. "The mission is simple, we are to breech the enemy station and power down the energy core." She stated. "For now, I will keep you in your currently assigned roles to see how you perform in the field at your specialty and together as a team. Since your team is missing an Information Warfare operative, I will fill that role to collect data from the enemy's database during the operation. We will need to operate as quickly as possible and undetected as long as possible so that the enemy doesn't have time to destroy anything of intelligence value to set up an ambush for us."

Nai spoke with minimal hand gestures, and stood with her hands behind her back at parade rest. "Stay together as best as you can, if you have to leave the main group, grab a buddy so you aren't alone. Do not lose your teammates! I get it sh** happens in missions but we don't know what these ******* will do if they manage to isolate you from the team and have you pinned down. No one will get left behind," she sternly intoned. She looked to Eden again and bowed formally. "Teien-Shosa, those are all the instructions that I have unless you have anything more? I was unclear on the operational constraints of this mission in regards to time. Do we have 2 hours to clear the station, Teien-Shosa?"
Power Armor Bay

Eden turned to the other crew that had assembled and shares some words, "We're about to take on a station of great importance to the L'Kor, our enemies and pawns of the Kuvexians who we are at war with. This is the time to have confidence in one another and ourselves. Even if we cannot see each other, we shall know our separate missions will be equal in success, which there will be an abundance of. This is the time we have all been working towards and will be what we have hoped for, too."

She then turned towards the SOFT assembled and spoke over comms to only them.

"We have two hours but I want to make it an hour thirty," Eden replied to the trainer.

"This mission is not to prove your worth. It's not to prove our worth as a team. It is to prove the worth of the Empire we fight for and the Star Army that protects her. I believe in all of you but more than that, I believe in the Empire being worth protecting. That's why we're going out today. That is what we will do now and do for the rest of our lives." Eden's eyes fell on Meissa and she nodded to her. "For some of us, that may not be enough. In that event, do it for family. Family will always prove your efforts for them worthwhile."

Eden then said, "There is nothing more for me to say." She turned to Iemochi. "Nitô Juni?"
YSS Kaiyō II
Power Armor Bay

With one final swipe of her cleaning towel, Hanna looked over her armor with a satisfied and confident smile crossing her features. After putting her cleaning supplies away, Hanna quickly and efficiently stripped off her clothes and floated herself into the Mindy. Once she was inside, Hanna attached the last pieces of her loadout onto the hardpoints.

She was proud that she had been selected for the newly formed SOFT team. Her training with William had seemed to pay off in the end. However, she knew that some of her issues had been brushed aside. Today, she would have to perform and produce in the field, far beyond the expectations of a normal infantry soldier, so that she could justify her placement within the team.

Holding her LASR Mk. II in a resting position, Hanna stood attentively and listened to the series of speeches from the officers.
YSS Kaiyō II
Power Armor Bay

Ume had been assigned to the SOFT team as a medic, a position that confused her very much at first. She had spent a fair amount of time to consider what it meant to be a medic for the team in power armor situations, what would the team need and what would their commander expect. The contemplation paid off, though she and the mechanics had only just finished attaching the last of the equipment, the Baika Kyūjo was completed.

It was a rather strange setup for a power armor, but it had all the defensive equipment necessary to protect someone, as well as weapons she could fire without worry of injury unarmored allies. It also had the ability to repair damage to the armor. That would be very useful in the situation they were about to head into.

With a smile, the Joto Hei climbed into her armor and brought her systems on line as Eden gave her speech. She picked up her atmospheric plasma rifle and gave it a once over and made sure everything was in working order.
YSS Kaiyo II
Power Armor Bay

The amethyst-clad tower called Sora stepped back from her armor, setting her waxing rag into the bucket and using a small amount of water to clean away her hands. The Mindy-4 shone brightly, incredibly brightly as it stood, triumphant and proud. The Elysian woman rolled her shoulders around before sliding into the back of the armor, its heads-up display showing a tiny, chibified version of herself bowing and waving cheerfully. She smiled a little, telepathically thanking Boss for the assistance in making the small sprite and its actions. Turning on the spot, the female retrieved her gatling rifle and LASR from their storage; her heavy rifle had a small stripe painted onto the handle to reduce the likelihood of accidentally taking Yoshida's.

She smiled again at Eden's speech. Damn does she know her way with words...
Kaiyo II - Power Armor Bay

Mochi grinned, amazed by how inspirational Eden could be when she wanted to. There was nobody he trusted more to be their commander. Shaking his head a little as she addressed him, the scientist chuckled - "I think you've covered everything. I'll just add that obviously this is CQC so make sure you're equipped for it."

When he transfered here Mochi never expected half the things that had happened to him to do so but this was something he'd never even fathomed doing - infiltrating with a SOFT team, some of his closest friends beside him. Certainly a development. Speaking of.. "Oh- I'll be taking an experimental weapon out for this one, so if you hear screaming it's probably my face being melted." Seino had meant it as dark humor but slowly realised that it could actually happen. Arbles wouldn't be happy but he trusted in Yoshida's engineering skills.. At least, that's what he told himself as he stepped over to the large external doors.
YSS Kaiyō II
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia had been working doubletime, cleaning her own armor before working on a quick request on another suit of armor when the call to action came. She was chosen for SOFT 501 as a supply support officer. While the true extent of that role was yet to be known, she knew that shuttle operation was a core part of her training.

The know Joto Hei technician hefted the Mindy onto its rack along with a signed work order, before quickly pacing down to her own only a few units down. Anastasia opened the armor from the rack's control panel, before sliding into it. She had learned that coping with the bodysuit's lack of cargo pockets made getting into armor much easier and less embarrassing.

Anastasia walked across the bay towards the forming group, keeping her faceplate open for the time being. She listened to the briefing that bounced between Nai and Eden, nodding quietly.
Power Armor Bay

"Hai! We always strive to!"Eden replied. She looked to her team once more, surveying their armors with sensor sweeps and then said into their comms, "We're going out to the bottom of the station." She projected a volumetric projection of the station from her palm. It was for the most part very the typical mushroom shape with a bulbous bottom. "The sets of aether generators they have are throwing massive signatures from that area on the bottom centrally located. We will teleport just outside of the station and find an entry point inside." Eden looked over her team and nodded, "Let's get out of here. Pilot," Eden comm'd in to the bridge. "Are we ready?"

The ship edged towards the most vulnerable point for teleports on the enemy station.

"Clear." came Kyōi's swift reply. "Make our Empress proud."

Eden nodded and looked around the bay and pointed to the armor bay door that led to open space. The mushroom-like station was a speck away from them. She began thrusting up towards it and hoped everyone would catch on. Once she was a good distance away from the unarmored personnel in the power armor bay, she blinked out of existence and was at the bottom of the station and immediately began looking around, but stayed still as she had marked her teleportation coordinates into everyone's HUD and didn't want to get in the way of anyone else's teleportation destination.
Power Armor Bay

Meissa immediately jumped out after Eden, right on her tail as the commander warped into the station.

"Guess we'll do the good old fashioned infantry standard?" Meissa asked her commander. "That is, go in, figure and improvise on what to do, get to the reactor, blow up said reactor, and teleport out?"

It sounded like a nice first mission for SOFT 501. She set her destination a bit to the side of Eden and hit the teleport.

The familar gut-pulling sensation consumed her as her body dematerialized from existence, appearing next to her commander on the inside.
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia nodded as Eden spoke, looking over the projected map of the station's exterior. She had a feeling that if this mission stayed quiet, she would be the one deactivating the reactor. "Hai."

The technician sealed their helmet as Eden deployed, following behind Meissa and others. Once at the proper distance from the exterior of the Fuji class, Anastasia teleported into range behind Eden and Meissa. It was a feeling she still hasn't gotten used to. After arriving, the Elysian oriented themselves, looking around the outside of the ship for any means of access. They could breach manually, but that would be a red flag right from the first strike.
Outside of the Station

Eden thrusted about as she scanned the scenery through the group's feeds. The last time she had been in this suit had been a success and the time before that, less so. But had Komorebi healed some of the wounds of going into the alternate universe? Eden pushed away the thoughts and went back to scanning with her full attention. Something stuck out as she paused in thought.

She spoke out, "Barlow, to your right. A hatch?"
Power Armor Bay/Outside of the Station

With the speeches and fanfare done, Hanna took a deep breath and flew towards the exit of the armor bay door. Following Eden's lead, she only phased out once she was a safe distance from the unarmored personnel within the power armor bay.

She phased back into existence at the bottom of the station, holding her position for a brief moment to wait for everyone else on the team to teleport around her. Only after everyone had completed their phase shift did she begin to fly a short distance to where Teien-Shosa had pointed out the hatch.

In anticipation for the inevitable engagement, Hanna switched to her Aether SMG and positioned herself on the bottom of the station and next to the hatch.
Kaiyo II / Outside Station

With the bulk of the force blinking out of existence, Mochi slung the IRIS rifle from over his shoulder and into his hands with a solid "thunk". It was his intention to cover the rear of the column, having the most long-ranged weapon of the group. It also made sense in the sense if Eden was going into the field for this one, he would be far enough away if anything happened to her it wouldn't knock out the whole command structure. Not that seniority particularly mattered, especially on a stealth mission, Empress forbid anything happened to their commander.

With a quick breath to steel himself from the still-unfamiliar experience, the Juni closed his eyes shut and in a moment zipped out of existence before rematerialising behind Hanna. Looked like almost everyone was in position, he gathered, boosting a little over to Anastasia as he did to leave space for Sora.

Anastasia looked to her peripheral as Eden pointed out the potential entry point. The Elysian shifted her weight forward, jetting over and stopping in front of the hatch. It appeared to be a conduit hatch, sealed with a clamp.

The technician calculated the approximate resistance that clamp would put up. "Breaching..."

Anastasia activated the Aether Saber attached to her rifle, using one fell slash to cut the sealing clamp away from the door. There was visible success as the internal pressure of the conduit pushed outwards, forcing the hatch open with the help of the technician's Mindy.
The Final Frontier

Sora had been unusually silent so far. Perhaps it was the lack of immediate action; or maybe an effect of the team's mission of infiltration. Regardless, the tall birb crouched next to the hatch, eyes and helmet to the "sky". With her Gatling weapon hefted forward a bit, she held vigilance for the team as they entered.
Outside of the Station

As she saw the light from inside of the station light up the darkness of the space in front of some of the SOFT members, Eden said, "Scope it!"

It was immediately apparent when they looked into the hull that this would be no easy route. They could barely fit in them in their power armor and the way was not lighted, but there was at least one access panel in sight. There were no active energy signatures beside the passive scans of sensors and the active alignment of the energy sources of the shielding.
Outside of the Station

Ume followed after the rest of the team as they made their way into space. The balance on this new configuration was rather awkward compared to her usual, but the AI offered some corrections so she was quickly getting used to it. The teleport also went smoothly and she kept a safe distance with no one was hurt. Everything had gone well up till this point and the four-year-old Neko smiled under her helmet, or at least until she saw how narrow the corridor was. She could squeeze through but this bulky equipment would make it rather annoying. "It had to be tiny..."
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