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RP [Tsenlan] A Moment to Grieve

As Alastair headed back to his seat, his inner demon started to get the better of him. He started to feel like this entire ordeal was planned. He could not shake the look of princess Arina out of his mind. He was not one to be toyed with and not by someone he had just met. If she wanted to play games then he'd be happy to step up to the plate. "Saga, I seem to have misplaced one of my pins from my coat jacket. I bet it got stuck when I was holding Aelya. Before things get started I'd best go get it. Though I might just stay since it would look odd to go then come back. Please continue on without me." Alastair allowed his lips to curl into a grin. He had planned to behave and continue things at a later date. Now he felt he had been outdone and what image would that leave on Star Army. No, this was a wrong that had to be corrected. They might have been the people they just saved but they could still be future rivals. Plus this might give him a chance to speak with other higher ups. So a bonus none the less. Alastair quickly turned on his heels and headed after Aelya. He had no doubt she'd be shocked to see him return so soon.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


Aelya's brain was swimming trying to keep things to keep things straight. Arina's comforting touch and distracting vesper images were the only thing keeping her from snapping. "I would not waste the time. For all I could tell, he is under the assumption I was trying to use my position to make him do something. The chef at the cultural center has a bigger pair than he does it seems. Which reminds me, did you see the bunny?" she shared via vesper with her niece. She adjusted the hand in her niece's lap and gently brushed her thumb over the back of Arina's hand affectionately. Her other hand fell to rest atop the one on her thigh, gripping it firmly for comfort and restraint. Any memory of the interaction with the Captain faded into the background. "with you Arina-ji" she nudged lovingly over vesper. She leaned over to whisper quietly into the Volaer's ear, "I might need your assistance getting into a different outfit later."


On their way to the platform she noticed someone approaching the platform out of the corner of her eye. There was no logical reason she could think of why this man in uniform would need to approach. "There's someone coming up to the platform in a uniform...white hair fading into black about 190cm , you know him?" Naika quickly sent to Arina via vesper. Usually this is something she would have handled herself, but there was plenty of security on the platform and Uaeso needed her where she was.
"Thanks." Aliset nodded, offering an obviously forced smile as her passenger glared, baring its fangs ineffectually. I hate dealing with deities. No matter how minor.

In stead of giving this thought a voice to carry through, she turned, patting Marigold on the shoulder before slipping to the aisle and approaching Sacre from behind, reaching to touch that one scale on the serpent's wrist to let her know she was there before speaking. "Do you want to sit with Marigold and myself? I don't know what you're going through, the relationship with your people's goddess. My own faith has been shaken, though."

The brain fog kept her from going on, the passenger in her mind taking its opportunity to shield its presence in the blocked memories. Offering Sacre a genuine, warm smile, she used her head to gesture to Marigold. "C'mon. Your daughter's all alone. We'll talk about it when we get home, okay?"

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


There was still color in the cheeks of the pilot, though it was for weal rather than woe. That was edging out of her, getting picked at by their exchange, keeping her on and a little back from the edge. We'll probably have to censor the recording if he is in the shot. Or edit him out. So much the better.

I saw her, we should definitely try to make very good friends!
She waded into their Vesper together, and it felt like an aching drought, all too short before being interrupted. With me. She sent back, letting both of her hands squeeze down, just one harder than the other. There was even a little hint of serenity on her face, for a time. "As long as you're ready to aid me. I will have to change out of this uniform." Whispered back in answer, adding, "Promise I will." Made more breathy than she knew.

She did not betray any outward movement when Naika touched her mind. Yes. He dared to condescend to Tal'Cel Aelya. The less said about his laughable tumescence the better. Other than not being able to read or consider the feelings of another, he has no reason to stalk over here. Can he be intercepted quietly and moved back with his people?

Even though she wanted to keep Aelya from more undue stress, she had to be honest with her, that is how her love always steered her as well as any moral code. He seems to be coming after you. Naika has eyes. Proffered hints, not taken. We have nothing to worry about here. Arina reassured her, because she meant it. They were seated up with the rest of the Caeyara Ysi, after all. She even went back to flooding their Vesper exchange. There was nothing to do but wait, her eyes still forward on her father and the funeral with the decorum fitting her station.
Her captain was in one of his moods. She could tell the man was thinking with his heart instead of his head. Sure, Aelya was a beauty, it was an objective fact, but wouldn’t a damn ship’s captain have learned patience? She sprung to her feet to give chase. Catching up with the beautiful idiot, she threw her arms around him and planted her feet. Face pressed against his broad back, she said, “Sir, the funeral. If your heart wants the Norian, be patient. If you want, I’ll go to sit with her.”

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


"While I would love to give him an attitude adjustment, your brother needs me here. He's got his arm around me in public if that gives any indication of what's wrong. I fear guiding him back to his people may create more of a disturbance than handling this discreetly, given his apparent disregard for Norian women....do you know if any of his superiors are here?" she communicated with vesper to Arina. Naika did not betray any outward displays of the communication keeping her head rested on the Voli.


"I mean, there is no real way to know if they have already seen it is there? However, I do think we should make friends, her name is Nikicon!" she whispered with their connection. The Volaer's response to the topic of switching outfits after made her have to focus extra hard on keeping her face straight. "Let Naika stay with Uaeso, today must be hard on him and she should stay by his side....besides I can handle myself if he's that dense. If the Captain comes up here we play discreet and polite.....unless the Aestaesys indicates otherwise. At least, that is what I plan to do my love." the vesper interrupted by the flooding of images between the two. All outward appearances remained as if nothing was wrong.
Rakel's ear twitched a bit and she gave a grin before sending a vesper to Aelya. "i could help you change later maybe even give you a quick medical once over."

Zeck on the other hand looked at Niki. "There was announcement? Was it sent to phone?" Zeck said and pulled out her communications device and prodded it some. "I fix ship but not know how device works half the time." She did scoot closer to Nikicon however mostly seeking out warmth of her own.
Alastair was stopped dead in his tracks. He paused and looked over his shoulder to see that he was being held by a Saga. An interesting twist of events but one that snapped him back to his normal thinking. His eyes narrowed as he looked around at the security that was looking back at him. Clearly word traveled fast. He thought to himself, just wonderful...not even to dinner and managed to offend people. His eyes rolled as he knew now was not the time to turn this into a bar fight. A misunderstanding was not worth the fallout this would cause trying to clear things up.

"Ah, there you are Saga. For some odd reason I thought you had headed to the stage. Silly me, this cold must be getting to me." Alastair said as he turned on his feet. "Lets head back to the crew, they must be waiting for us to return." He then gave her a nudge to indicate he'd follow. On the way back he thought over the encounter with Aelya, what he thought was perfect must of had flaws. A gut punch feeling that he had missed something, even the smallest of detail upset him greatly. Was his gestures misplaced? Had he spoken out of turn or shown disinterest. They were a new race and he did his best to learn as much as he could. Still things felt off which left him uneasy. He hoped that this was something that could be cleared up. He had taken interest in her and his sense of duty and pride must had gotten in the way. He reached up and ran his hand through his hair and slicked it back.

As him and Saga made their way back to the crew he spoke to her. "Got me out of a real jam back there. My urge to build a lasting relationship caused me to have a lapse in judgment. Something just told me that she was good people. I care not for her title or even her outside beauty. There is something more under the surface, something worth learning." He stopped, having caught himself talking about whatever was on his mind. He smiled, thankful to have his crew, thankful for Saga. He was comfortable with them and knew they had the best of interests. This was his family and with it came an inner peace. At least when the ship wasn't plunged into chaos. Which he almost just caused. He let out a chuckle, laughing at how silly this must have looked. Maybe he could plead grief stricken as reasoning to command. Either way he'd have one hell of a report to write.
Brow furrowed, Saga stood for a moment, considering the taller man. She sighed, before stretching up on her toes to pat the top of her Captain’s head. She had to speak a language he understood. “Do you think you might have come on too strong? At an inopportune venue?”

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


Aelya's ears twitched as she felt the mental nudge and linked in Arina on a vesper with Rakel, "Arina-ji seems we were overheard earlier, what are your thoughts on someone joining us? This medical check up could be just what we need."


Naika's eyes followed the man as much as she could without moving from Uaeso's hold. Clearly something had changed his mind, probably for the best. He seemed to become acutely aware of the atmosphere around him and left Aelya alone. "Whatever he was about to do, a short rather scrawny female seemed to have gotten through to him.....he's turned around and is going away from the platform." Naika sent to Arina and Aelya in a quick vesper.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


We were? Oh that means more help for us. I think you're right, something more rigorous is a good idea. I'm in, Aelya-ji. Arina replied, her interest piqued. It was not hard for Aelya to convince her, and she dug her nails into her lightly as if to emphasize her approval, the best way without using her Vesper, though it was more in addition to, after Naika linked to her.

Her eyes found their focus again on the proceedings rather than searching the crowd of Star Army soldiers as she communicated with Naika. I am relieved, even if I was looking forward to some just desserts. I would not have asked you to leave him anyway, it's hard on all of us. It wasn't just the giant volumetric projection that reminded her that her mother was gone. She had done a lot of grieving in the month since their arrival in shambles.

As much as I wanted to see what you would do, he has been dissuaded from coming over here. We're okay now love. She delivered a reassuring squeeze to the hand in her lap.

Naika and Uaeso​

Uaeso's eyes were locked on the figure of this new "relative", he couldn't help but postulate her origins or where she had been hiding all o this time. Was this another sibling? She certainly did have the features of his mother. Another tank-born child, like Jun and Saeojun, had been? Uaeso pulled Naika just a slight but closer, as he said in reply to her, "There is always a logical explanation, I'm sure that is what my father is counting on as well. Sometimes logic is insensitive though, as his heir I can't help but wonder about all I am left in the dark with," he said in a quieter tone. He had complete trust in the fact she would be there, and he said, "I have no doubt in that oath, as you also have mine; I will not ever leave you alone, even if we are on worlds lightyears apart." Uaeso gestured to Naika to her seat on the platform, then sat down himself beside her.

Admiral Aphelion and Ketsurui Aiko Group​

Aphelion nodded, then bowed respectfully again, "Many thanks for the welcome, I wish too that it were under better circumstances - everything happens for a reason though. Please enjoy the ceremony and we can speak again at the reception," she said as she turned and walked towards the lines of MERN soldiers that made up the front rows before the coffin. She paused briefly before the platform and genuflected before she joined the rest of the serving Admiralty, save for Cheol who had sat with the crew of the Sobek.

Cheol and Sobek Crew​

Cheol sat beside Leena and listened to what she had to say about the Sobek and its crew. "Before my journey up the chain of command, I was a pilot. There was always something about being at the helm of a ship that made me feel happy. I'm sure it was not expected to have a Fleet Admiral tell you they wished to join your crew. I will be patient with whoever I come across, including the one you mention," he said to her. "A neutral port though, interesting. From what I observed the local sector is rather crowded. It must be tough to run such a place," he commented, then folded his hands in his lap.

Iron Company Delegation​

"Fine, for the most part, I worry about my father. He's yet to take any kind of a break," Jun said as he took a seat beside where the Sentinel stood. "I honestly don't know what will become of any of us. My mother was the glue that not only held us together as a family but my father in general," Jun said as he stared up at the platform with a deep sigh, "So how is the company?" he asked. Jun was still uncertain of what he would do, he figured he'd end up like most joining the Star Army. Having been the highest-ranking Medical Officer in the MERN, he had no idea where he would end up, or what he would be doing.


Airwin once again took the podium and all became quiet as he began to speak;

"Today is finally a day where we can breathe, a day we can rest, and a day that we grieve. Today just is not about Sinith, my wife, the mother of my children. Today is about everyone who gave their lives to get us to where we stand today. In the past four years, I've given too many speeches, at too many funerals and It has not become easier. How do we say goodbye to an Empress? An Aester who gave her life in the line of duty; fighting, and struggling, as we all have," he said to start.

A group of six soldiers came forwards and lit the tinder beneath the pile of wood that would become the pyre. Their ceremonial torches flickered against the snow and gleamed even in the daylight around them. The pyre took blaze, and its flames quickly stretched towards the sky.

"The builders in their grand architecture have granted us a new home, a haven from the evils which nearly destroyed us. It is by their grace, by the grace of Unya the mother of all, that today we offer the souls of Aester Sinith Caeyara the first, and her devoted soldiers and people who we have lost. We cleanse her body in fire, so that her soul may rise from the ashes and rise to the universe beyond. Just as Unya wove the universe from the fabric of the void, that ash will someday be a part of a star that will guide us all in our way," he said, and watched as the six soldiers ascended the platform, they then hoisted up the coffin and carried it down to the pyre.

Airwin watched as the flames took hold and rose up around the coffin, tears in his eyes he continued, "Unya, mother of all accept this great sacrifice; the sacrifice of our Empress and her beloved soldiers. May you find it enough to protect us in this new life that she fought so hard for us to have. Bless our Empress with life eternal in the beyond with you, we give her to you to cherish as we have," he said, the closest words he could find in prayer in lieu of the Priestess who had refused to do the service.

The Norian leader stood there for several moments, his eyes filled with the reflected flames of the pyre. He then took a deep breath and said, "I will never love again, as I loved you. The loss of you has broken me, and yet I still stand for you gave me the strength to. I will miss you, more than words could ever say...my sweet Sinith...." his words trailed off, and he looked out at those gathered, "Thank you all for coming, I hope to see you at the lodge," he said then stepped down from the podium and sat down in his chair beside the rest of his Ysi. His eyes locked on the flames, lost in memories of the woman who had changed his life.

The drums began to beat again, and the choir's voices sang their hymns toward the sky, following the trail of smoke from the pyre.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​

Naika and Uaeso​

Naika did not complain or resist one bit when Uaeso pulled her closer. "Everyone is left in the dark on something one way or another. One can only expect that the secrets that emerge from the darkness cause rippling effects. How is it you wish us to react to this one?" she whispered. She nodded taking her seat next to him folding her hands in her lap to watch the ceremony. When Airwin began to speak she slipped one of her hands over to her husband's giving it a gentle squeeze.


Aelya wiped tears from her eyes watching the trail of smoke flow into the sky. She could not stand to be here any longer than she had to. Formal occasions made her uncomfortable and she would escape them as early and often as she could. Her hand gave Arina's a gentle squeeze as she leaned over to kiss her cheek. "I will see you at the lodge." she whispered into Arina's ear. "If you need anything...." she trailed off on vesper doubting Airwin would even get the message.

Quietly she rose making her way off the platform and through the crowd towards anywhere she could get a moment alone. In passing, her tear filled eyes flitted over to where Alastair had sat and she sighed. "What went so wrong?" she thought. The back of her hands wiped away her tears once more as she passed the crew of the YSS Koun. "Gotta get out of this damn dress." she cursed to herself.
Alastair had taken a seat and let out a sigh of relief. At least for a moment he could collect his thoughts and consider what may come next. Though he accepted the fact this might be the first and last time he'd get to see Aelya. He sat quietly while Airwin gave a very touching speech. Alastair at least understood the pain of losing those to the battles. He also had to bury one too many friends in the line of work. He could only imagine the state he'd be in if he had to bury his wife. He lowered his head and reflected on such an event. He could feel his heart become heavy and begin to fill with sorrow. In the darkness he focused on his one guiding light. A future where peace would allow for no such sorrow to happen.

He lifted his head and through the darkness a light shined true. The noise around him muted to silence, his focus drawn to that of another. The clouds parted slightly and the god rays lit up her face. He seen the reflection of light from the tears going down her face. The darkness he once felt around his heart vanished. Through the crowd, he seen Aelya making her way through. For a brief moment they locked eyes before she slipped out of sight. He did not know if it was the angel or the devil on his shoulder that granted him a second chance but he'd worry about that at a later date.

He rose to his feet. "If you will excuse me, I have a matter to attend too." He said to his crew. He gave no chance for a reply before he was weaving through the crowd like a football player. Despite his best efforts, he had lost sight of her. Once more she had slipped through his fingers. He let out a sigh as he ran his hand through his hair. His eyes then caught a figure who had just slipped into the lodge near by. This peaked his curiosity as he thought this might have been Aelya. He made his way over and let himself into the lodge.


She had just entered into one of the more private rooms to change when she heard the door close. "I wonder who that could be?" she thought to herself. Curiously she slipped out of the room approaching the top of the stairs. Ruby eyes took in view of Alastair. "What are the odds?" she thought. "Captain....welcome." she paused hesitantly. They were the only two there so far....it would be rude not to invite him.

At the same time she desperately needed to change. She folded her arms tapping her cheek thoughtfully with one hand. "Well... since it seems we are the only ones here, you might as well come on up here with me. I will be changing though. It would be rude of me to leave you out here alone. The least I can do is keep you company while I change." she said letting her arms fall to her side as she turned around going back into the room leaving the door open.
Before him stood Aelya. Had she grown more beautiful or was it just the better lighting in the lodge. "Aelya, what a pleasant surprise to run into you here." He paused and heard out her request for company. He also understood that certain outfits were a challenge to unzip. Maybe she'd need a hand to get out of her outfit and into a change of clothes. "Thank you, I am happy to tag along."

Alastair wasted no time to follow quickly behind Aelya. It would be nice to be alone and clear the air. He entered and as he stepped into the room he spoke softly. "I want to apologize from before. I believe I have done something to slight you and this wasn't my intent. I was hoping to have a moment alone to clear the air if you would." He stood, smile on his face as he looked out towards her.
Lodge Room


Aelya was rather impressed and caught off guard that he had elected to follow her. She had extended the offer, but half expected him to stay downstairs. "Of course Captain." she said quietly in response to his request. Her form moved swiftly behind him to close the door brushing up against him as she did so. The Tal'Cel locked the door testing it for good measure to make sure. "There, that should give us a moment alone." she stated.

She moved back in front of him looking into his face curiously. "It seems we did have a misunderstanding. I did feel a little off about how things went down. Maybe its a cultural difference between us?" She smirked a little tilting her head to the side. Thoughts flowed through her head while she looked him over.
Alastair watched as Aelya slipped behind him. His eyes followed her every move. At the sound of the lock click, his training kicked in. He waited, watched, as she moved around to in front of him. Alastair smile at her and gave a slight nod. "Maybe," he then grabbed her by the shoulder and spun them both around. He pinned her up and against the door. He was not about to let her make the first move. However this was not the move of an agent to kill. He pressed forward and kissed her passionately on the lips. The prior events had finally reached a tipping point.

He reached over and dimmed the lights as everything faded to black. (To be continued in another posting)