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RP [Tsenlan] A Moment to Grieve

Rakel watched Aelya get up and go to the lodge but when Alastair followed she narrowed her eyes and got up trailing him at a distance. When he entered the room she picked up the pace and brought her hand to her sword. She leaned in a bit and pressed her ear to the door standing back when she heard a thud against the door and tried the handle. "Are you ok in there Aelya?" She said giving a knock on the door. "Do you need assistance with our dress still?" She said and was getting ready to send a vesper to Endri for aid if the princess was being attacked by that unscrupulous looking man.
Lodge- Locked Room


Aelya struggled to pull her concentration together enough to formulate a response from the locked room. She shot a quick vesper to Rakel, "The Captain will be helping me with it I think." vesper images of the events inside flowed through to Rakel as focus slipped for a moment. "We are just having a cultural...exchange, I am okay" she vespered to Rakel again before getting lost in the moment.
Rakel blushed a bit and removed her hands. "Oh i see well if you need assistance let me know i will be at my seat. Though i think later me and you will need some time to ourselves." She would say and went to go sit back down in her seat her face looking a bit flushed. "Don't wear him out too much, i want to have my first cultural exchange with him as well" She said in a vesper to Aelya.
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Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


A final, shuddering sigh heaved out of the princess, it made her feel worse to hear how her father felt, but at least he shared his loss with everyone else. Everyone she had touched felt some piece of that to one degree or another. She rubbed her eyes over and over, to get the 'sting' of the smoke that was not in her eyes out. If Aelya had not removed herself from the situation, she might have sat there staring until someone shook her back to reality. The sudden gap in closeness brought her to her heels, and she bowed somberly towards the remnants of the pyre, to follow after her.

She had made a promise, after all.

It was not hard to find where she went. The princess followed immediately, after all. The stalker moved with worrying quickness.. "Have you seen Aelya-ji?" She asked in well over a stage voice and a longer distance Vesper to Rakel, very purposefully so it was easy for everyone to hear. The answer felt obvious, given she asked only after trying to open the door.
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Lodge- Locked Room


"cultural exchange..." she muttered quickly over vesper to Arina before it cut off. She was not entirely sure Arina would hear the other sounds she made through the door. She was too far gone into the moment now to stop.
"She is getting a vigorous lesson with Alastair about Yamataian anatomy. With the images she sent i wish i was in there" Rakel said in vesper before getting up and making her way back over to the door where Arina was standing. The doctor still looked flushed and she wasn't sure if being sick or if it was from earlier.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


They are at it that quickly? I came right here!
Arina replied to Rakel, explaining, When I brought her over to sit with the family, his instrumentation was at attention. Well, we should get in on this while we can, I've been mourning alone long enough.

There was a loud double knock on the door, and the princess chimed a warm, "Rakel and I also need to be introduced at this cultural exchange." Though she repeated the same to Aelya, looking to Rakel only made her more flushed, as if it were contagious. It was definitely for the same reason, though. Her nose wrinkled though, as she tried the door again, and her free hand rested on her side. She did ask us. I don't much trust that fellow on his own either, looks like he could be fun enough for some...help at least. Went to Rakel, whose face made her smile slightly. She was nice to see all flustered. If only they could collectively make it worse?
The main program had come to an end and her Captain had left, probably to continue his pursuit of the Norian Ascendent Queen. Saga decided to make the best of her time and find some food at the reception. For what it was worth, the woman, Aeyla did seem to like him. It was understandable, she thought to herself as she loaded a plate with alien foods. Belmont was surprisingly a good man, and easy to look at. Sadly he was lacking in the sense department. Well could she judge him? She’d done dumb shit things in the past that had landed her in worlds of trouble. She wouldn’t currently be a Marine if not for a particularly dumb mistake. Yes, she decided as she munched on an odd tangy fruit, she could judge him. He was, what, eight or nine years her senior?
Alastair knew that the goose was cooked and it was no mystery he was on the other side. Having a cultural exchange was turning into a much bigger ordeal. He knew he could not keep his silence any longer else they would axe down the door. Which he could not help but see the irony since they would being axing Aeyla in the back, literally. He spoke up in a firm voice. "Just a moment." He paused to get his breath. "Changing in progress," he called out in the hope it would diffuse the situation.

Funeral of Aester Sinith Caeyara I​


"One does not bring unbecoming falsehoods before a Volaer, but I'll forgive you." An odd laugh, basically a throaty giggle came from their side of the door. She nodded to Rakel, "Call them, if you think they will be up to it. We should get in there first and join the exchange. Go ahead." She nodded to her, drawing out her sidearm, she held it down and stepped back slightly, taking one side off would be enough, it was a changing room, after all. "Breaching!" It was more fun than opening it the slow way, which was another fine method in the toolkit from her days with intelligence.
Inside the Room

Mid moment Alastair heard them call out they were breaching the room. Damn, was this royal family taking pointers from his crew. Just unlock the door and turn the doorknob he thought to himself. Thinking fast, which was a great feat of strength given the circumstance, he enabled Minkan powers. Both him and Aelya quickly bolted upwards towards the ceiling. He paused them as they made contact with the ceiling above. "Yall are crazy" he yelled out.
"Oh i would be inviting Endri to join in us in this excursion." She said and slammed the hilt of her sword down the door. The door was to heavy so she would remove the lock the old fashioned way. By dismantling it. The Norian healer found the strength to bash her sword down on the door handle and it made a hell of a racket as she did so. The two women seemed intent on getting into the room one way or another. "You know now that i think about it breaching a window would have been easier."
Inside the Room


Shocked out of the state she had been in and instantly enraged that it was so abruptly ended. "Alastair this is just ridiculous. You might as well put me down, we will never get a moment alone. They're going to end up injuring someone over this." she said to him. The discussions below were a blur as she clenched her fists restraining herself from breaking out of his grip. "I should have just stayed at the center with the chef." she thought to herself.
A bang from upstairs caught Saga's attention. What the fuck was going on up there? As a Marine and just a curious bean, she couldn't help but run towards the potential danger. Shoving an alien pastry in her mouth she dashed upstairs and and around a corner to see a Norian woman trying to bash down a door with a sword.

She choked down the pastry and said, "Is everything okay ma'am?"



An approving nod went to Rakel, and she kept from drawing her sidearm, and helped with her own sword. She gave a few more strikes, interchanging with the others, then braced it so it would move less for the final one. "This is more fun! There might not be a window anyway." When she spotted Saga, she half-smiled and called, "Just using our invitations to this, 'cultural exchange' your friend set up. You have a lovely way about you, you're welcome to-jo-in...in!" With a metal, 'Clank!', And clatter to the ground, the outside fell off, then the inside, leaving them to only have to push it open. With no one in the way any longer, that was a simple matter. She darted in first, and moved out of the doorway, though her eyes found where they were quickly and from the look of things she was not entirely sure of the state of things, she moved her hand away from her holster and called out, "Well you look alive, that just means I was left alone Aelya-ji."

"Well we can find a chair or something, once Endri gets here."
Arina gave in an aside to Rakel. Even seeing through the hole left by the locking mechanism wasn't enough to make her bashful, she was at least as or more shameless than her lovely aunt, after all. "I think one of his friends is joining, too."
Alastair let out the biggest, loudest sigh he had ever given. "Oh god," he said in a displeased voice. The one time he wanted to culture exchange and the whole world seemed to want in on it. "I should have put a number counter outside the door if I knew everyone was going to want a turn with the exchange." They had been found and this two person romantic dinner just turned into the family dinner from hell. Slowly he lowered them both to the floor. During the decent he rolled and quickly adjusted his uniform, acting as if he had saved her from being run over when they breached the room.

"You could have given us a moment so she could finish getting dressed." He said looking at Arina. "What all do you think was going on it here?" He asked as he leaned to the side to look outside the door. A small crowd seemed to have gathered outside.
Rakel stood outside the door and holstered her sword and blocked Saga from looking in as best as she could. "Just a diplomatic thing i would suggest you go back to your seat." Rakel says and calls Endri over who comes jogging up. "You said you needed my help." He said looking to Rakel. "Yes but from sounds of things the plan may have changed so stay here with me for a bit handsome." She said and grinned to Endri.

"So i guess we are not all having a exchange if not, me, you and Endri here can have some fun if those two are out of the equation." Rakel said in a vesper to Arina.
After the fire was set and the casket was lifted up and then set onto the fire starting to burn. There was the sound of jet engines as The Sobek raises upwards, it was some distance from the people that gathered but in view of them. The 3'rd upper turret still missing from the round that blew it up. The hole was patched for the moment. The other 3 turrets turn toward a random mountain in the distance as Lenna and the crew of the Sobek stood up to salute. Then barrel by barrel the top and starboard turrets fire off except the very first barrel of the number one turret. By the time the forwardmost barrel fires the rear fires once more. This happens till 21 barrels have been fired in a 21 gun Salute. The gunpowder and smoke drift in the air slowly moving in the wind, as Lenna and the crew dropped the salute, and then stood or sat back down.

Lenna and Nikicon both hoped that the gunfire did not unsettle anyone. Spotting as few people leave after the gunfire from the Sobek., Lenna would lean into Cheol and whisper, " I sure hope that was seen as a sign of respect. And going back to the question you asked, How soon did you want to join up with the crew?"

Nikicon blinks and then looks over as she asks "Wait what?"

Lenna would smile and laughs some and then says "yes Cheol here wishes to join us as a helmsman to fly the Sobek, as with help with the business aspect also. "

Nikicon nods and then smiles saying " Welcome to the crew, I can show you around The Sobek if you wish?" nods some as her long ears lift up off her head.

Lenna takes notice that one of the royal family on the platform leaves to go to the lodge followed soon by Alastair as she blinks wondering what the heck was going on now.

In Orbit of Akina​

First Expeditionary Special Funerary Task Group

As the Sobek began to fire, Akina (the Taisho) gave her orders from the ground, at which point the ships in orbit began to fire their own matching salute. It only could come through a feed that was affixed to multiple pilots above. The one thing the funeral could see is when three squadrons, two fighters, and one bomber, flew in formation a decent distance overhead. As they did, light trailed behind them and started to shimmer to the ground, though twinkled out before actually touching it. It made it seem as if the sea of stars was opening up to accept the fallen Empress as one of their own.

On the ground, the main bulk of the Star Army group watched on as the fire burned. Akina felt it was only respectful to leave for the reception when either: The Emperor left, or someone asked them to clear out.


Seriously, how is she SO warm? Ayano broadcast this time, to her mother.