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OOC We go where we are needed (YSS Wakaba)

Soft reminder that Im waiting on some post. I know some are delayed due personal reasons. But if you got problems with posting do tell :)
Soft reminder for post I am waiting on for the Wakaba :) Please post as soon as potentially possible! If there are problems please do poke me!
Hello! How is everyone doing? I have to say I have been loving this plot so far. For me personally its pushed me to write deeper than most of my other plots which I've thoroughly enjoyed even though it usually takes me 3 times as long to write as my other plots do. Anyway, soft reminder to post. If your having writers block, shoot me or RaWolde a message. We'd be happy to help.
I gave orders to Fletcher from Kazue (@Soban ) gave Momosumi orders to keep looking and keep info to herself (@Noodlewerfer ) gave Inaho and Thomas command level orders (@Cowboy ) that Inaho related to Yukiko (@Andrew ) that affects also Runa (@Charaa ). Now Fletcher, Hiroshiko, and Yuri are in a predicament that needs to be resolved on its own lol (@demibear ) and Midori will get orders from Thomas so waited on his post :) (@SageShooter )

If I forgot someone do poke me!
Just joined with my Random Alien Gal Calandri, so tried my best not to step on anything from several days before, but I am happy if people want to do anything with the resident deer lady before the present-day events, just shoot me a message and we can do something.
@RaWolfe I might be blind since I can't see your response to Runa's reporting to Wakaba. Sorry, could you make it clear to my silly eyes that you have posted? lmao
Hey guy! How is everyone doing? Our thread seems to have snagged a little. This has been a supper fun plot for me and I'd hate to see it fizzle out. I know the holidays can be a rough time to get on and with the sickness going around I can understand it slacking a little. I know several of you were waiting for replies from others. I encourage you to let them know. This is a friendly and fun group so letting someone know you miss them just shows you care!
Hello fellow Wakaba crew members! I do hope you are all doing well. Its been a little while sense some of you guys have posted. This is a soft, yet firm reminder that this plot is still going and things are starting to heat up! The Wakaba has recovered from it's initial shock of being transported across the galaxy and is slowly putting itself back together. Now, and unknown enemy has been detected moving towards the still heavily damaged ship. What will happen to our heroes?

If you've been waiting on someone specific to post, please shoot them a message. If you are no longer interested in this plot, please let us know. There's nothing wrong with backing out especially if for RL issues. It's just nice to know so people aren't waiting on you if your not going to post. I'm still super excited about this plot and I hope to see posts from you guys soon! 😁
I really like this plot's premise and I hope to keep reading you guys posts and learning more about your characters.
Alright my friends, today happens to be my birthday. I'm 34 today. My birthday wish is that my Wakaba crewmates will come back and continue playing here. So I'm calling out @demibear, @Andrew, @Soban, @Charaa, @RaWolfe, @BloodyScarlet, @SageShooter and @Noodlewerfer. I know a couple of you have posted pretty recently but I didn't want you to feel left out. If any of you guys have lost interest in this plot. Hey no judgment. Just let us know so we're not waiting for a response that's not going to come. Lots of love guys!
My character is kind of locked into what Soban's will do first. Otherwise it would be the Jesus moment of rescues, it just magically happened.