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OOC We go where we are needed (YSS Wakaba)

Hello again. So as most of you have heard, RaWolfe is stepping away from the Star Army. He is going to be very missed. But I hate to see this really cool plot just fizzle out. I had been GMing this plot with RaWolfe (though more like a GM in training really) but still I'd like to give it a shot and try to at least finish this story. I've been talking to Wes and he's on board to help out with the plot as well.

I know I very recently asked who is still involved but I need to ask again in light of this new development who is willing to stick with the plot and see our characters try to make it back home?
Awesome guys! I've been talking with RaWolfe and I'm going to go ahead and continue this plot. Now unless anyone has something they're really wanting to conclude right now, I'm going to do a little time jump IC of about 4 days. This will give people (mostly me😅) A chance to get on the same page. It also allows me to remove RaWolfe's character in a way that makes sense.

So if no one has something they're dying to post in the current timeframe, I'll do a post in a few days that will reset things a little but keeps us in the grave situation we're in. Hope that makes sense. 😅

@SageShooter , @Charaa , @demibear , @Noodlewerfer , @BloodyScarlet , @Soban , @Andrew
New Post is up! Decided that we'd just keep going from here. Might do a time just in a little bit but I think this will give us something to do in the meantime.
I'm so happy that you guys are continuing with the plot. I think it's just getting better and better. You are a great bunch and I'm having a blast writing with you.

I think I might start heating things up a little bit. Maybe even get into some combat.
Do you think there's any possibility of a JP night for the Wakaba?
So I am currently the 1st XF Taishō (and Hinomaru Sunrises GM) and the last time the Taishō posted she was not happy she couldn't find the Wakaba. Do I have any updates?
they are still trapped, Runa's pissed that she'll have to rely on law-abiding citizens for help, but from a news standpoint, nada.
thanks charaa. Where is Wakaba plot with time? up to current or still in past?