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OOC We go where we are needed (YSS Wakaba)

Far as I'm aware, the latest is that they have not been able to contact Yamatai as of the International Relations Conference
Sorry for the late response. Yes you guys are correct. The Wakaba is still in the past. We're fast approaching almost a year IC of being gone. What are your guys' thoughts? We can keep going and just see whenever they get out of their current situation that they start heading back home and it just takes them a while to get back home. We could go ahead and start another thread of when they return home. It'd be interesting to see how each character reacts to coming home after so long. What do you guys think?

Also, I put a new post up and I'm pretty sure I addressed everyone specifically.
I'd like to get an idea of where to take this plot. As I mentioned before, Wes has said he'd like to do an overlap of the Wakaba and the Res where the Res comes and finds the Wakaba and helps it get back to Yam space. That's the very short version but you get the idea. Now some of you guys have mentioned that after the current fight that the Wakaba finds itself in you'd like to see kind of a long voyage back home where they have to figure out; how do they get back home? Which direction? How can they repair the ship? ect.

I love that idea and think it would be a lot of fun. My only thought on that would be that it would take us a very long time IC to travel back. If this plot started in lets just say late YE 43, we're looking at possibly late YE 45 maybe even YE 46 before they get back to Yam space. What we could do is start a return journey home plot, but then make another one whenever Wes and the Res are ready and have them rescue us but we still have the other plot going. What are your guys thoughts?

I'm tagging you so that this doesn't get buried and you miss it. haha
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I like the long journey option when the Res coming in for the rescue if/when the plot is coming to an end before the date. It'd be a long running plot and anything can happen in between.
Maybe I should kind of "reserve" a spot in my plot's timeline for when they meet?
Hey Wakabans. So I think I'm going to wrap up this part of the story. Its been over a year since the thread started and I think it's time to move on.

I know many of you have expressed interest in RPing out the journey home so I think we'll wrap up this plot and start the journey home at the start of the new year. How does that sound to you all?

Also, the Wakaba is open to new people joining. We can always say they were injured and unconscious for most of the last plot and are now healed and ready to join.
Any idea of what direction you (the Wakaba) all ended up in, IF you are out nearby UX3 maybe the Sobek with its military radio might hear some com static of the Wakaba and maybe contact them, and then act as a relay to the Star army. Just offering a possible way of getting word back to the star army for being waaaaay out there?? That would be in a Southwestern direction from Yamatai.
Yeah I got a couple ideas. I have had a thought about a long range radio finally being detected. I will keep this in mind though as I've not quite landed on a specific idea yet. Kinda want to see what ideas the crew might come up with as well.
Yep, that is what I wanted to do, was to offer another path that can be taken. I don't expect it to be the one, but it gives another option that can happen.
If Hiroshiko wasn't constantly being terrorized, she might have come up with something. lol
I didn't plan on it but you're right. We could leave it at that. My plan was to do a few more posts to see how they got away from the NMX ship that attacked them but now perhaps they just let them go... For now.

Well, I'll begin working on a new thread for the journey home. Hopefully this journey won't take as long as this one. I'm going to give it a week to see if anyone new is interested in joining.
Ok my brave Wakabans. We're going to get started. There is still time for new characters to join if they want. Just let me know and we'll figure out how to integrate them in.

I think with this plot we're going to be doing a lot of time jumps. Right now the Wakaba is about a year behind the timeline. So every so often we'll do like a couple of month jump forward until we catch up to the present.

On thing I'm looking forward to with this plot is to see how characters handle the long journey home. It'll be constant hard work and low supplies just to keep the ship together. Do people start going crazy? Is there infighting and mutiny? Do people just give up? What keeps you're character going? That's going to be the focus of this.

I should have a post up soon. I'm just trying to figure out how I want to start it. I've got several ideas I'm just trying to nail it down. Keep your eyes open for it.
Last thing. I want to get a jump on the End/beginning of the year plot review. Because what you guys say will help with planning the new plot forward. You can respond here or PM me your answers. The more details you give the better.

1. Are you enjoying the RP? What do you love about it?
2. What are some things you'd like to see in this plot in the future?
3. Got any suggestions for me as a GM?