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OOC We go where we are needed (YSS Wakaba)

Hey my brave Wakabans. Time for plot review. I know things have slowed down somewhat. I've been busy and so have other people but I've got some really fun plans.

1. Are you enjoying the Wakaba RP? What do you love about it?

2. What would you like to see different?

3. Got any suggestions for me as a GM?

If you prefer to answer privately feel free to use the forum's conversation system.

@Charaa, @Immortal Cyan, @Soban, @BloodyScarlet, @demibear, and @Andrew if you're up for it. You've always got an open spot here if you want to jump in.
1. Are you enjoying the Wakaba RP? What do you love about it?
Hell yeah, send Hiroshiko to repair something and watch her gets tormented by life.

2. What would you like to see different?
Nothing really. Keep doing you.

3. Got any suggestions for me as a GM?
Same as 2.
Ok Wakabans. We are finally getting rescued. The Resurgence is going to find us. Almost 2 IC years have passed since the Wakaba disappeared. We will still be rping out what goes on during those IC years but the Wakaba will finally be rescued.

Here in the next day or so I'll be posting in the Resurgence thread from the Wakaba's perspective so you are welcome to post what your character has been feeling. There will be a quick summary of some of the highlights that would have happened so you can adjust your characters attitude/feelings/moral on how they would have felt after those things occuring.

Lastly, the Resurgence plot is much faster paced then the Wakaba had been but don't let that discourage you. Post as you are able to. We also do a JP on Tuesday night that you are welcome to participate in.

@Charaa @BloodyScarlet @demibear @Noodlewerfer
woot! also based on what i had seen in the messages, the Wakaba has eventually crash landed on a planet?
Yes, that is a big thing that will eventually happen. I hate to spoil that but unfortunately it is necessary for the plot.

I've got another really cool idea that people may have a lot of fun with. Again, I hate to spoil it but you'll find out soon anyway... Actually, you'll have to wait a little longer on that detail. Sorry.
Ok, after much deliberating, I'm going to share a few more detail with you guys as to what goes on with the Wakaba. Our current plot is almost a year before the Res rescues us. During that time there are a couple big things that happen. We'll RP these events out later, but for the Res plot rescue, these are important facts to know.

1) Our crew numbers pre-disappearance were about 1800. That number dropped to around 1500 when they were taken to wherever it was they ended up. That first big fight saw around 200 more deaths. In the current Wakaba plot, were looking at around 1300 crew.

2) There is a huge fight and the Wakaba crash lands on a planet. Crew numbers after this fight are around 1000 maybe even less.

3) At this point the crew, especially the Nekos, are... suggested/encouraged, strictly not-ordered/volunteer only to have kids. Since from conception to full grown neko is only about 6 months, this is a way to increase the crew and help with repairs and what not.

These major events is to help you figure out how your character might be feeling when rescue does finally come. We'll have been crashed on a planet for at least 6 months. Maybe your character decided to have a child to help increase the crew's numbers. Maybe your character isn't a neko, but wanted to have a child. Depending your race, you might have just a baby or even still pregnant. How does that affect your character? Obviously, there would be some special privileges/rewards/perks for those who now have families. Maybe your character didn't have kids and are jealous of the perks others get? Finally, as another way to help with improve moral, the command staff would have given everyone at least two rank increases.

With these things in mind. If anyone wanted to make a new character and say they were born on the ship they are welcome to. I actually made two nekos that are the children of Thomas and Setsunu. This could also be a good way to add new people who might want to join our plot. Hope this sounds exciting! I know I'm excited about RPing these events out and our getting rescued.
Geez, stop twisting my arm! Hiroshiko will pledge to increase the population size of the Wakaba crew!!! Totally not because a certain entity that isn't a clone of an idea from a certain girls with gun gacha game needs a way out now.
I hope we get to see some more of ol' William here soon. I've been keeping him busy so that when you did have more time you could pick him right back up.
I'm starting to be able to parse out my time enough to be here more. Right now I'm in stuff where if I suddenly disappear, it's not a problem.
The Resurgence arrives in the Resurgence plot. The Wakaba plot is them still lost. And no, the Resurgence hasn't arrived at them just yet. Very soon.
Ok, I posted this in Discord, but I am going to put it here also.
If you wish to have a player-controlled daughter I am willing to make a neko for this plot. I was looking into this plot for a while. Just let me know and we can talk it over.