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RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 44)

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"Very well Thia." Akuma said looked down at her. "Oni are largely isolationists we keep to ourselves and the other denizens of hell leave us alone. However the eruption of mount doom and the earthquake that ravaged our home and the help from the Yamatians heralds that times are changing and we need to adapt. Many Oni are terrified of the surface worlds power since they are much more advanced than use but at the same time they bring opportunity for education and jobs." He says gesturing around the recruitment center. "Sure i could enroll in a school in the city but by joining the star army my education will be provided for and i can keep doing what i'm familiar with. Plus learning new things is a experience in itself. Live having a surface dweller sit in my lap and stroke my horns." He says with a bit of a grin.
"Oh, of course, I heard about the earthquake and the eruption of Mount Doom," Thia frowned. "I didn't know the full impact. Are all Oni coming to the surface now? Or are some trying to rebuild down below?"

Thia looked away at nothing in particular and seemed wistful as her cybernetic eye began to brighten and dim, pulsing slowly. "I know it's nothing compared to what you went through, but I had to leave my home in a hurry too. I'm from Nepleslia originally, and, as far as I know, if I ever go back there I'll be deleted by the same people who took my eye."
"That i do not know, we liberty kept ourselves hidden for the surface. I believe you would call it YE15 or the year before when a war was waged we Oni say the power of the surface dwellers and decided to remain hidden." He will gesture to his companions who listin in with rapt attention. "There are those of us who are flexible with the change of joining the surface world. There is a lot more that are terrified of the power that Yamatai has compared to us."

He nods his head at her. "I thank you for your kind words, and i hope that would never happen to you if you returned home."
"I hope so too, cinnamon stick," Thia replied and quickly came back to the present, her cybernetic eye glowed brightly for a moment before dimming and staying dark, simply reflecting the light like an organic eye would. Her lopsided smile was back and she resumed drawing spirals on Akuma's chest. "Power can be intimidating, comforting, or devastating. It all depends on how it's used. You are a lot more powerful than little old me, but I trust that you wouldn't hurt me. Or in the very unlikely case that you would, someone around here would step in and protect me. So the real question is: do you trust Yamatai with the power it has? The fact that you're here suggests that you do, and if most of your people are hiding, it suggests they don't."
Interview Room

"I am sure I am, as all people entering the fabled Star Army should." Yingzi said before pausing. "I can't think of a single person over on Fujiko with that kind of wealth, though there are a ton of the latter. Neither of which apply to me though.
As for your loyalty question, I am a Red. But I am a Red that knows we are a part of a greater community.

By serving in the Star Army of Yamatai, not only do I help protect the Reds, I also hope to show we are more than our past. My loyalty is earned by the actions I see and the growth from past mistakes. I would like to make a long career out of this. After that, it depends on the state of the universe at that point and if the Reds have continued to grow or reverted back to the same insanity as before." she continues, talking as if anyone is aware of a shift in thinking among some of the Reds.

Interview Room

"Thanks!" Stella nodded, jotting a brief note down and checking the next box on her data pad. She got to the part where she would be able to put in recommendations for occupation and training, and asked Yingzi, "So, what sort of skills and education do you have? Anything that might give you a shot of a certain Star Army career or at becoming an officer?"


Some of the Oni started getting their numbers called. Thia's would be soon too.
Interview Room

"I have a 4 year medical degree specializing in pathology and pharmaceuticals. I also have a minor in emergency medicine, got to apply a lot of it when fighting broke out on Fujiko earlier this year. Reds being Reds I suppose. Thankfully I had an Elysian by the name of Athena Stamoules there to help run the little clinic while it was happening."

She said before she paused if there was anything else of relevance. "Oh, was a Kikyo Scout too. I don't really have any preference, I just want to be someplace where I can help the most amount of people and manage things.
The snow fell heavily as night fell upon Kyoto, filling the beams of street lights with swirling particles that sparkled as they pirouetted to the ground below, covering Kinoshita Fusako as she walked from the Kyoto train station to the Uesereyan Fortress. Once inside, she took a moment to use the long sleeves of her dazzling holographic kimono to brush the snow from herself.

When she reached the security, she dutifully presented the GSP 28 that the Empress had sent her years ago, which she had carried with her ever since. She unloaded the pistol and gave it to the guards before proceeding into the waiting room where she took a number and sat down, waiting to be called upon to be interviewed.
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Enandra stood outside the recruitment office her eyes looking it over her white hair once again pulled back into what had become her signature braid, she still wore her MERN uniform as it was what she had become accustomed to but she hopped that didn’t matter. She stepped into the recruitment office she looked around her eyes taking in the others present as she walks towards the front desk, and she spoke “My name is Enandra Lunari I would like to enlist in the star army” She stood tall as she waited for a response her hands folded neatly behind her back, she knew people would look but she didn’t care she was here to continue to serve. She was doing this for the honor of her people, and it is how she wanted to return the favor the Star army had done for her people and to continue her Military career.
"Welcome!" Fusako and Enandra both were guided back to the lobby where a number of folks were waiting to get their interview. They got seats next to each other amongst a small mixed crowed of other hopeful potential recruits. Some of them asked about Enandra's unfamiliar uniform.

- - -

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Enandra took a seat, and she looked around the room at all the others present before she paused as someone asked her about her uniform. She turned her attention to those who asked "It is the uniform of a MERN solider. While is no longer in operation I wish to continue my military career, so I am here. Also, my uniform is also all I have to wear" she speaks clearly and with practiced skill while she provides the answer. Once she has finished talking, she turns her attention back to the room listening in case there were other questions and for her name to be called.

"The degree to which you have dedicated yourself to serving first your people, and now our glorious Empire, speaks volumes of your character," Fusako stated while bowing her head to Enandra, though otherwise she remained quite still, having folded herself neatly at right angles to sit next to the once-MERN soldier. Though it felt appropriate when she put it on this morning, she felt embarrassed to be wearing something so ostentatious as her holographic kimono next to someone so proudly displaying their dedication to service. "I am Kinoshita and honoured to meet you. How may I address you?"
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Enandra listened as she was spoken to and she bows her head in return to the gesture "My people are a proud people, and this empire helped my people greatly so it is the least I can do. As for addressing me you may just use my name as everyone else can it is Enandra" she looked at Kinoshita and she doesn't realize her hand is tracing some of her exposed tattoos while she sits. the comment about her character made her trace them even if she didn't realize it.
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In a moment, Enandra's number was called and she was brought into an interview room where a short-haired blonde stood to offer her a seat across from her. Her eyes studied the other woman's uniform with a careful gaze before they returned to Enandra's own light blue ones.

"I'm Stella Glass, a Nitô Heisho and one of the recruiters for Star Army Personnel Command. You're here to see about enlisting in the Star Army, is that correct?"
Enandra stood as her name number was called and she followed the shot blond into the room, and she noted the seat, and she nodded as she took as she silently took the offered seat. She sat up straight her hands resting in her lap as she felt the womans gaze move over her uniform and she nods as she was spoken to before she replied. "It is a pleaser to meet you Stella Glass I am indeed here to see about enlisting into the star Army." She only answered the question she was asked as she had a feeling further information would be asked further into the interview and did not wish to get ahead or repeat the same answer later, so she maintained her straight but somewhat relaxed posture as she waited for further questions.
"The pleasure is mine. Thanks for coming out to Uesureyan Star Fortress. Are you employed by any foreign government or military or have you been? I would also like to know your date of birth in Yamataian calendar years and where you were born." Stella pulled out a datapad and showed it to Enandra, "I don't have much information on conversion from Norian to Yamataian years, but here's how ours works out."
Enandra nods as she is thanked but she continues to listen to the questions carefully as she sits before, she looked at the data pad and she leans back before speaking. "I was employed in a foreign military I held the rank of Aelol or Ensign is the more common word. I was the communications officer in the Continuum Star Navy, however when my people arrived here, I was posted on the MERN ship Aiathogu, in the same position. As for I the year I was born I believe that converts to YE 10." She looked at Stella quietly as she waits for further questions, she wonders just how much is known about her people.
"Onto a speed round of questions," Stella said as she held Enandra's gaze, as if making sure she was with her and ready. "Including real estate, non-liquid assets, and stocks, do you have over a million KS in net worth? Are you under investigation, accused of any crimes, or do you have a criminal record anywhere? Have you ever been diagnosed with or had reason to believe that you had a physical, mental, or other disability including mental illness, behavioral issue, or substance addiction?"

She breathed in, almost done, "In the last ten year have you been a member of a gang, or any political or religious group?"
Enandra looked at her and she nodded gently as she spoke "My assets include only the unform I am wearing everything else I had was lost though even with everything my net worth would not have been that much." she paused for a moment as she thinks her right hand moving to trace the tattoos on her left hand as she thinks "I do not believe you would call my being branded a Cli'cha Lover a crime but if you do then yes I have though I wear the marks of that every day. No, I do not believe that I have any of the previously mentioned problems nor have I been diagnosed with them. As with all Norians I followed the church of the builders growing up, but I haven't had anything to do with the church since the punishment. So, the honest answer to your question is no." She kept her eyes on Stella her hand leaving her left and once again settling in her lap.
Enandra would see a pained look on the blonde recruiter's face as her lips opened to take in more air. Stella held her gaze before it flickered to the exposed tattoos she rubbed, then her datapad as she took it to quickly make a request.

"I'm going to set you up with some thermal undergarments and a coat before you leave. I can imagine you would want to keep your old military uniform in its best condition to remember it for years to come."

"Do you want to touch on some of those points more?" Stella finally asked after she had set her datapad to the side. "Being with a church up until punishment sounds like something that must have been really difficult. If you don't want to get into it, I understand. And what is it to be a Cli'cha Lover?"
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