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RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center

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Kyoto, Yamatai

Not far from the majestic two-kilometer tall spire that served as the Star Army's headquarters was a three-story monolithic fortress of a building with narrow windows, and gray stone and concrete walls with castle-style parapets and anti-aircraft turret mounts on top. At the front of the building was a massive brass-clad double door in an archway with a Yamataian flag hanging from it. At the entrance there was a sign with a recruiting poster on it. "ENLIST INSIDE!" it said in Trade and Yamataian.

Enlisting in the Star Army was more than a job: it was a lifestyle complete with not only pay but with free food, lodging, and travel, and while the universe was never a safe place, it was a way to see the universe and hopefully make a difference in it. More than that, the military was a massive institution in the Yamatai Star Empire and joining up meant reliable employment and national citizenship.

Past the security scanners and Nekovalkryja sentries a diverse group of human, Yamataians, and aliens sat in rows of re-purposed starship chairs in a carpeted lobby that smelled slightly moldy, reading data pads and outdated magazines waiting for their number to be called while video monitors quietly played movies about the various occupations in the Star Army of Yamatai.
Nitô Heisho James Guerrero was a serious-looking, tanned Yamataian clerk with bright green eyes and wavy black hair wearing wearing a Type 35 duty uniform. His face was slightly aged-looking. After finishing a phone call from SA-PERSCOM he went to see who was the next potential recruit.

"Number...thirty one!" James called out. A Phodian shuffled out of one of the plush starship bridge chairs and waddled over. "This way please..."
There was a din of sound which rang out from the outside of the recruiting center. It was the sound of a deep bass drum, and a small collection of voices which rang out along with it, chanting, unified in voice as they called out.


Sorera umare, sorera ga koroshita!

Chaban! Chaban!

Usotsuki no tame no chi wa arimasen!

It seemed, the crowd of natural-born citizens, those who had dodged death through plague and war, were rallied in hopes of dissuading other natural-born citizens from signing up for the Star Army of Yamatai, and between bouts of chanting, a pointed-eared female stood up before the crowd as she held a megaphone in hand, as she shouted out in Trade for all who were listening.

"Do not contribute to the military that serves as the veil that the corrupt hide behind! Why lay down your natural flesh and soul when they have their precious dolls that they've made just for that very task!?" There was a moment of pause as she surveyed the crowd. "They killed people just like us, by the millions, not even a generation ago, now they want us to lay our lives down to protect this Empire, no, not the Empire, they call on us to protect their clan, and to serve it! Why should we shed blood for those who condone genocide!? My fellow natural born, allow them to fight, allow them to shed their own fake blood, if this all matters so much to them!"

Words flowed from the woman, the woman who quite clearly had a linage which was distinctively not Nepleslian, or even Geshrin, but was instead a voice of the native life which had existed on Yamatai prior to the 'Elysian' plague, she was one of the few elves to manage to slip through the genocide.

For the moment, the crowd remained relatively docile, though emotions were beginning to run high as responses were shouted with increasing vitriol.
At that moment a line of buses could be seen coming down the street. They stopped one block away and started disgorging their occupants. Children in their various school uniforms came walking down. They walked side by side and held the hand of the student next to them. In their free hands they held blue bell flowers. A teacher walked along with their students to keep them on the side walk.

As the first children neared the recruiting center they started to sing the Anthem of Yamatai. At first the boisterous young voices could barely be heard above the shouts. But with each group of students joining in the singing, their voices began to drown out the angry voices.

Once the first group of buses were empty they drive away, and other buses from other school systems, began unloading.

From the other direction a van with the YINN logo emblazoned on the sides came to a stop. Cassandra Roberts one of the head reporters positioned herself so that when the camera started rolling, the children were on one side of her, and the protestors were on the other.

"I am Cassandra Roberts, and this YINN coming to you live from Kyoto. Protestors arrived a while ago attempting to disrupt the operation of the local recruitment station. Now, students from the local Shōgakkō and Chūgakkō are showing up to show their support.

Many of these bright treasures of the Empire were seen before making ration packs and submitting notes of well wishes to the soldiers during the height of the war.

So now we wait to see, how the events play out. In this showdown between hatred of towards the ruling clan and the loyalty of children for the Empire and our Empress.

We will continue broadcasting live from the scene until this situation is resolved."
Recruiting Station

Nitô Heisho Guerrero looked out a narrow window at the commotion, looking at the crowds. He turned to an infantry Nekovalkyrja standing next to the adjacent window with a GP-12 pulse rifle. "Look at these assholes. If it weren't for the Star Army, they'd all be in Mishhu sausage cans. Whoa, we got some kids out there. Where's our defense?"

"Nitô Heisho, the police are out there and a lot of military passersby are around. Plus we've got two centuries with riot gear on the way, the commander of the recruiting station said, making the rounds. Half of Kyoto is an Army base. Help is never far away." She was an older Nekovalkyrja with long silky black hair, Taii rank, and always carrying around a katana.
There was a momentum present in the protesting crowd, a momentum that kept them from falling to pieces once put under the microscope of the media, and more so, when confronted with the faces and voices of the innocent of the Empire. None the less, they knew they had been drowned out, and that was when even the rally leader knew they had to change their own song to make headway, since butting head to head with bus loads of school children was an utter propaganda nightmare for the cause.

There was a respectful pause from the rally leader, as she let the school children run through the verses of the Empire's anthem, it was what they respected, what they found as precious, and to argue with loyalty was not a simple matter, so instead, she waited, and she did just what adults were supposed to do for children; teach. As soon as the Empire's anthem was over, she brought the megaphone back to her lips as she spoke out.

"I humbly welcome you, children of the Empire." With that, the elf woman bowed, as her long moss-green hair fell over her shoulders, and hung like a veil for the moment, before she stood upright and again brought the megaphone to her lips.

"I praise your loyalty, you are good citizens, upholding what your elders have taught you, and that is something to take pride in." she spoke, as she measured her words on the fly. "I can not hold it against you that you are too young to have lived through what it took to make the Empire you are so proud of, nor can I take away your pride in the Empire. You are her children, and it would be a disservice to ever expect you to be anything but unerringly loyal. Just as it would be the same disservice to even begin to try to send our message to the Nekovalkyrja, who are just as much children as you are."

With that, she took the momentum of her message and carried onward "None the less, I still must speak for those which have come to be without the machination of your beloved mother Empire." she started, as she began her lesson. "I speak for those who have been persecuted in the past for being born of the mingling of DNA, and the division of the cells which were given by as a gift by their parents. I speak for those which have lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters to the vision set down for a 'pure' synthetic bodied Empire."

"Look upon me, do your history books tell you what happened to my people? How we were killed off by a plague that spread from a glimpse of an eye, that made it so a mother could not look upon her child without killing them?" Emotion poured into her words, sadness was clear and present. "Do your history books tell you of how many died because there was a want for a better soldier? Better dolls that would kill more people to make your secure lives possible. How so many of your own mothers and fathers risked themselves to clean up the experiment gone wrong?" she surveyed the crowd, before she decided to make one final push; "Do your books tell you of the nature of this Empire as it was in the time of your mothers and fathers, your grandmothers and grandfathers? How this Empire now proclaims that what it did not even a decade ago is to be held as high crimes to go without forgiveness? Is it right to do as they say, without paying mind to what they do, or have done?"

"What we are here to say, is that we do not wish any more blood to be shed which the Empire has not made for itself! Let those who were created to fight do as they were meant to do, but do not lure those which have been so cruelly tricked and lied to, do not lure them to serve and disgrace the memory of their ancestors!" With that, the elf took the megaphone away from her lips, and prepared for whatever backlash may come. She did not expect her crowd to make the first move; and she was left to wonder just what the minds of children indoctrinated by the Empire would make of her words.
The children listened to the elf behaving in a respectful manner. Once she finished, they gave a slight bow and turned and started walking down the street to their waiting buses.

One student, a black haired boy with grey eyes stepped out from his classmates. He was obviously a member of the students from the Chūgakkō. He stepped off the side walk and stood a few steps into the road.

He stood for a moment looking at the elf, he then spoke. "Erufu josei. I have read our history books. They speak of the early days of the empire when Yamatai was repeatedly attacked by those who would crush it.

They also speak of the terrible plague of 08. They say that exactly who released the plague is unknown. But they do say that it is suspected that a Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto of PNUgen is thought to be the creator of it. It was a tragedy shared by a good many people. I lost my grandparents to the plague. I never had the chance to know them. They were stolen from my family. But I choose to honor their memory, by following their example. By being a loyal citizen, and supporting our Empire.

I know that not all of our leaders have been perfect. Some were fallible and some of them motivated by personal goals. And some people in the past have done terrible deeds. But there have been good leaders, our Empress is one. She has been doing all she can to take care of our people.

So Erufu josei, I am sorry for your loss. I can not do anything to bring your loved ones back.

But I will support those who choose to serve. I have an older brother who is serving in the Star Army. I honor his decision, because unlike those Nekovalkyrja who are created to fight. They have no choice. But he did and he chose to become a soldier.

So what gives you the right to criticize his choice. He decided to put his life on the line to protect the things that mattered most to him, his family, his home and our Empire.

Perhaps instead of using your talents to make people angry. Perhaps you should honor the memory of your people. Share the history of your people, your culture. make sure that they do not fade away.

I, Nishimura Ichiro, wish you well, and hope that you find a path that will honor your ancestors."

The young man bowed deeply towards the elf. Then turned and joined his classmates and walked down to the buses.
Protesters came in many styles, some belligerent, some tolerant, and in the case of the elf, she was distinctively tolerant as she actually held her hands out, silencing the protesters on her side of the debate, allowing the young child to speak his words. As she listened, she maintained eye contact with him, focused on his educated and loyal words, words which she let linger through her thoughts, examining them in her mind as one would examine an antique book, or a precious stone. When the child finished speaking, she returned the respectful bow before speaking her own response, without the aid of the megaphone.

"Child, you have the wisdom and kindness which the next generation of this young Empire deserves." Spoke the elf, as she smiled a somber smile, watching as the child turned to leave, though the somber smile was not because the child took away from her message, not in the slightest, it was because he was so fiercely loyal, that undoubtedly a boy with such loyalty, despite all his wisdom, would end up serving and likely falling into the same cycles of behavior which the Empire had displayed since its creation, and it was enough to renew the vigor of the elf. She was not just there to protect those of races which were victimized, she was there to protect everyone who did not have to fight, most especially since the Empire had provided its own tools for the job.

There was a moment where the elf took a breath, a steadying breath, as she brought the megaphone back up to her lips, and pushed onward with her protest. "Thank you, those are the words I have to speak at this moment to whatever hand was at play which brought on this momentary distraction. Thank you, they are words that set into motion such feeling inside of me, feeling that needs to be spoken, to be shared. Thank you, for reminding me why I am out here, to work to keep those who need not shed their blood safe! Thank you, for reminding me that this Empire has a future, so long as those with good souls continue to exist, and do not get sent off to become jaded by this Empire's military! Thank you, for renewing the memory of those past, those which must be mourned and those which must have their legacy respected by ensuring that no more needless deaths should be permitted!"

"Understand, everyone, I am not against this Empire, I am not against her people. Every single person is precious, every single one of you has the capability to do so much, but only if you give yourself that chance, and live as you wish to live, not how the Ketsurui would have you live! Nor how those at Kessaku would have you live! Each person is a precious individual, and as a society, we can make this Empire a true bastion of freedom!" What was needed for a protest, the elf knew, was not to confront the majority head-to-head, that never worked, and only produced the worst of problems. What was needed, was to speak with a level head, and a fair hand, and that was just what she was doing.

"However, we can only make that society if we live our lives here, and make a mark upon the world that can't be made with an aether cannon, or a power armor. Right now, there are three billion people on this world which call it home, but how many of those are like us, born, not manufactured? We are the minority, by far! Nekovalkyrja make up the majority of our Empire by several fold! What does that mean for life as a civilian, as a person who is more than an implement of warfare? It means we must do whatever we can to hold onto our culture, our identity! Why throw your unique place in the Empire away, to become the tooth and claw of the clans that rule us? More so, why sacrifice yourself, when the 'superior species', in which so many were culled off to make way for, can handle it on their own?"

There was a moment of quiet, as the elf gauged the crowd, to see just how her words were impacting them, and also, how her words were impacting any onlookers.
With a lovely vantage point found, well with in ear shot of the Elf. The black haired neko leaned against a exhaust port for the build she was on. Rei had spent the past few days travailing to the home-world for a tiny bit of leave, but on a stroll she heard the protest. So being the inquisitive lass she was she found a good place to observe.

It was amazing what she was hearing. This person spoke well, and if it wasn't the fact that she was already a member, she might have not joined. The words were clear and precise, though very dangerous. Seemed to Rei Tanaka that the speaker was possibly trying to rile up the crowd. If that was the case the military would roll in to suppress it. And that worried the SAINT member. It would play right into the Elf's claims.

Without orders, she wasn't going to get involved, though she was going to stay, watch, and listen to the rally. Maybe she would hear something interesting. It beat shopping.
Golden yellow eyes swept over the gathered protesters, and beyond, as the elf looked for an audience, spectators which would undoubtedly spread her word just as well as anyone who was a follower of the cause. There was still attention, still a focus, and she knew she needed to keep feeding into that focus, as she again brought the megaphone to her lips, and spoke out.

"Look upon our society as it stands today, what do you see?" Started the elf, as she made a sweeping gesture, indicating the whole of all that there was to see. "I shall tell you what I see; What I see is a culture that when looked upon by other nations, all they see are the synthetic warriors which have made their painful and bloody mark upon all of our neighbors. What I see is a culture which has not made a mark upon the universe for itself, but has allowed the military to do that for us!" there was the shift in topic, the gradual shift which expanded the focus to just why she was speaking against the enlistment of natural-born personnel.

"Aside from the marks made by the Kessaku, and Ketsurui clans, what have we done for this universe as a people since the rise of this grand Empire?" It seemed, the elf was going to begin to touch on the negative, until she continued; "I will tell you just what we have done, us, the civilians of this Empire, what we have done despite being clearly placed as second-class citizens in comparison to the 'perfect' creations which so many of us were killed to herald. What our kind has done was take a noble long-lived legacy which has been the Tamahagane clan, and they made a genuine competitor against the military-ran corporate giant which is the Kessaku corporation in the form of the Tamahagane corporation. Look upon the industrious people of Origin Industries, and what they've managed to accomplish, starting with merely three people, three people who found the desire to contribute to the betterment of this universe, without feeding into the military-controlled marketplace."

Taking a breath, the elf gathered her thoughts, before she continued onward; "There is nothing that can keep any of us from being just as great, and doing so much for our Empire, without having to submit life and limb to the war machine. Even one man can make a difference, people like Yuki Toshiro of the Yggdrasill Fleet, who has managed to expand what our Empire knows of our universe, or Luca Pavone of the ISC Phoenix, who did more for the Empire, and for all of civilization, as a civilian, and not as a soldier."

"What we must do, as a people, is ask ourselves; what can we do with our unique selves that can truly make this Empire great, and why must we rely upon the military to make a name for our society and to guarantee us a place in the stars and into the far reaches of history to come?"
A news van set down near the recruitment center, as close as it could get through the gathering without injuring the protesters who had flowed over the parking zone. An athletic woman wearing a burgundy business suit stepped out onto her high heels. She blinked a couple times at the protest as she adjusted her occular implants. She quickly focused on the woman with the megaphone, two camera drones exiting the van to hover over the area, getting good close in shots of the protest.

With a grim set to her face, and some aggressive swaying of her hips she elbowed her way through the crowd, microphone in hand. "Ah, hello!" she shouted "I'm Samantha Wheelright, Nepleslian News Network. Are you willing to say a few words for our viewers back home in Neplesia?" She asked. "Maybe a few soundbites? If you have the time later, I'd like to set you down for an interview." Then she smacked someone in the face with her microphone in an effort to get closer to the front. "Don't get handsy mister" she muttered at the man.
Upon Samantha's approach, one of the Geshrin protesters near the elf stepped over, before leaning in and speaking. "She's in the middle of her speech right now, but we're making recordings. We'll share some after the rally, and I'm sure she'll agree to an interview." it seemed, the Geshrin was one of the elven protester's handlers, one of the people who was given the very task of being a buffer between the voice of the protest, and the media who would otherwise swarm in and disrupt the moment.
Samantha, undeterred, rounded upon the aid. "Well then" She said "Could you share a few words with our viewers back in Neplesia? We're especially curious as to your movement's opinion on Yamatai's relationship with Neplesia and its involvement in the Nepleslian Civil war. But we are also concerned about the economic side effects of your movement. It seems to us that you want to reduce the number of Nekovalkyrja in the Star Army and, to replace the manpower shortage this would create, begin inducing Yamataian minorities into the star army? This may have unforeseen economic consequences. Our analysts believe that the majority of Nekos lack the mental capacity to perform economic tasks such as research and development and investment banking. If Yamatai takes an economic hit, Nepleslia likely will as well."
The Nekovalkyrja were a artificial race physically and mentally superior to humans. To imply that the Nekovalkyrja were lacking mental capacity was not only wrong but infuriating. So at this point, almost as soon as the insulting words had left Samatha's mouth, a nearby Nekovalkyrja physically shoved the Samantha hard enough to send the reporter stumbling out of the camera shot and landing on her ass.

The Nekovalkyrja cast a quick glare at the camera. This was Itto Hei Arnbjorg Hanai, marble-skinned NH-33 Eihei infantry soldier with smoldering bright green eyes and French braided platinum blond hair. She was wearing a worn Type 35 Duty Uniform with cornflower blue panels, a pleated skirt and boots, and carrying a Type 33 NSP holstered on her belt with a Type 32 Trauma Kit over one shoulder. Hanai took a deep breath and then shouted at the reporter. "IT IS REQUESTED THAT YOU REFRAIN FROM RACIAL HATE SPEECH," the Nekovalkyrja bellowed, causing the crowd to actually grow quieter for a moment.
Samantha stood back up somewhat carefully, having bit her lip in the impact with the pavement. Then she spit blood on the ground "This only reinforces my analysts points. The vast majority of nekos lack the training, socialization, and the mental predilections necessary to be economic powerhouses. You were built from the ground up for war. You're great soldiers, good generals, but tend to choose aggression action as a first resort. In the world of business, shoving someone you don't agree with is generally frowned upon," she said, shaking her head somewhat condescendingly.
From her roof top vantage point she watched a fellow neko assault the new woman. "Oh hells bells...." Rei Tanaka knew she needed to move quickly before this all got out of hand. Racing down from the building she entered the crowd, dressed in a short black skirt and her leather jacket, the crowd didn't let her through a fast as she wanted.

Once she arrived at Itto Hei Arnbjorg Hanai, she grabbed her arm, "Hei, I suggest to back off..." Turning to the reporter she smiled gravely, "I apologize on behave my friend here. please accept it" She bowed before turning back to her 'friend.' With a forceful whisper, "Why don't we go for a walk here now."
"Well, we are actually wanting to keep Nekovalkyrja in their positions, in the military, in the culture they were bred for, so us civilians can live as civilians." Began the handler, that was, until the reporter he was speaking to was shoved aside so brazenly by the Nekovalkyrja. "What the hell is this?!" Exclaimed the protester, as he looked utterly stunned by the outburst, looking from the reporter, to the marble skinned neko. "What is your major malfunction?! Are you so damned undeveloped that you can't even respect the opinion of someone else without responding with violence?"

As the incident began to unfold, the elf was starting the next juncture of her speech, but she soon stopped as she saw the conflict begin between those near the wooden crate she was using as a stage. "What is this?! We were demonstrating peacefully! We have committed no acts of violence, we have no weapons, and now a machine of war, armed with a pistol that can vaporize most of this crowd, is here bullying us?!" There it was, the venom to the bite of the protest, as the elf looked squarely at the Nepleslian camera for but a moment, before she looked to the rest of the gathered crowd. "Don't let her go, keep the nekovalkyrja here until the civilian police force can arrive to take statements."

With those words, the elf began to direct the protestors to form a human-chain around those involved in the incident, giving a wide berth in the process, to prevent a close-in struggle. "Look upon her though, look upon the face of those who wish to rob us of our young and strong, the face that is making our Empire culturally void. Aggression, hostility, force, those are the ways of the military, the ways of the artificial doll-warriors which our culture is being pressured to revere. Such wanton hostility, even to a person who is a civilian of the sovereign Democratic Imperium." There was a scowl upon the elf's face and a bitterness to her tone, intended to stir up feelings to match within the crowd.

"More so, just her presence, a living weapon, loosed upon us, the weak, the unarmed, those who have been lulled into seeing her kind as our saviors, it is an injustice, and her kind must be held responsible! They should be just as responsible as any of us should be if we were to wave about a weapon in public, or be in possession of a destructive device beyond the scope of our laws! Most especially when she is a deadly weapon in and of herself, and is assaulting someone who is here merely to hear our peaceful voice!" Unlike earlier in the speech, when the elf spoke with such serene momentum, she took a tone after the incident which clearly indicated that she was angered, enraged by the provocative action, and that was made especially clear as her hand which clutched the megaphone shook from the tension brought on by her rage.

One thing was for sure though, despite the effort made by Rei, the crowd was not going to just let the pair walk off on their merry way, that was for certain, as the crowd surged and formed a blockade around the pair of battle maidens.
“Hold—hold. That’s just one of ours getting played,” Saiga nonchalantly said into his cuff, looking like he’d just yawned or cleared his throat as the confrontation between Samantha from the NNN and a Neko soldier played out. Today, that’s where the comlink this Geshrin SAINT commander relied on to command his team hid: under a sharp, youthfully cut navy blue suit with unobtrusive, chalky lines. Paired with a Ketsurui crimson tie, white spread collar shirt, and the chusa insignia on his lapel it almost felt like a uniform, though it accomplished its goal of keeping too many black-paneled Star Army uniforms from milling about.

“Akechi, keep watching the Nepleslian media crew,” he shot to one of his operatives on the scene. “Sanzugawa-juni can take this opportunity to get her listening equipment in place nearby.”

With two centuries of the cavalry already called in, as it were, the Chusa didn’t expect much to come of this little protest. Nonetheless, just because demonstrations of this sort were becoming less strange was no excuse for a lapse of vigilance. His team’s only jobs here were to safeguard the event from foreign clandestine interference or instigation — collecting data from communication streams incoming to the area and watching for out-of-place individuals — and they intended to carry out those duties well.

“Advise ops to give Kyoto Garrison District a courtesy call indicating the urgency of this situation is quickly developing,” Saiga ordered as the protesters began to form a wall around the two Star Army enlistees.
The front doors of the recruiting station opened and out stepped the raven-haired Nekovalkyrja commander with Nitô Heisho James Guerrero at her side. Guerrero had a megaphone. "ATTENTION CITIZENS: BY ORDER OF THE STAR ARMY OF YAMATAI, ALL PERSONS NOT IN SERVICE OF, OR INTENDING TO JOIN THE SERVICE OF, THE STAR ARMY OF YAMATAI, ARE HEREBY ORDERED TO DISPERSE FROM THIS AREA IMMEDIATELY."

Meanwhile, Itto Hei Arnbjorg Hanai turned to Rei. "Let's make sure the kids are safe. Back me up." She began plowing her way through the crowd. Anyone that got her her way was shoved aside, and she struck anyone that laid a hand on her. As an Eihei, she was stronger than anyone else in the crowd and she used it to her full advantage.

At this point, 200 soldiers in DAISY power armor, arranged in four-deep columns, began slowly advancing on the area out front of the recruiting station. They were armed with standard arm-shields and with stun batons instead of the usual impactor batons. While the armored soldiers advanced toward the protestors, the other Star Army personnel in the area received directions to help safely evacuate the schoolchildren.
As Itto Hei dove back into the crowd poor Samantha was bowled over once more, spinning through the air like a top before striking the pavement nose first. "Ow" She drew herself back up to her full height, and grabbed her nose, pushing it back into place with a sickening click as blood flowed gently from the nostrils. Somewhat punchdrunk as a result of her repeated impacts, she stumbled through the crowd muttering to herself about needing hazard pay. She manages to spot the aid from earlier, and, with a quick "Catch" tossed him a fake coin shaped business card with her contact information on it. Then she blundered directly into a DAISY.
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