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RP Date
15日 3月 YE 42
RP Location
Jiyuu-jō, Tōkyō, Jiyuu III
Unity Festival YE 42

15日 3月 YE 42
Jiyuu-Jō, Tōkyō, Jiyuu III

Jiyuu-Jō, so uniquely both a Star Army base and a private residence was open to the public for more than just the guided walking tours for those hoping to glimpse the grounds and interior of the personal palace of the Empress Taishō Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko. Today was the Unity Festival, celebrating the day of forgiveness between the Jiyuu no Motoyoshi and the Yamatai no Motoyoshi. Members of the Motoyoshi Clan gather to reflect on the healing of the divisions that nearly destroyed the clan. The castle grounds, normally reserved for official Star Army of Yamatai ceremonies and events, are the site of vendor stalls and performers. Several troupes of Lion Dancers, waiting for their crew's turn to parade around the grounds, loitered in the second bailey in their festively-adorned, multi-person costumes. They represented the evils that rent the clan asunder and drove them apart, and the noble forces that brought them together once again.


Such an opening of the historic castle would have been unthinkable less than three months prior. It was only at the beginning of the year a plot to destroy this very building was foiled, as well as an unsuccessful attempt on the life of Katsuko herself, by agents of the very same ones who caused the rift. It is in defiance of those who would divide the Clan and the Empire, and set them against themselves, and a celebration of the defeat of the same that Motoyoshi and Yamatai have proceeded with the festivities. Though this day celebrates the reunification of the Motoyoshi Clan, it is symbolic of the reunification with the United Outer Colonies to Yamatai as a whole.

Throughout the castle grounds, and in the parks surrounding it, festival-goers from all over Tōkyō, all over Jiyuu, from throughout the Yugumo Cluster, and indeed the entire Empire and beyond have gathered in festive yukata, dress uniforms, or the traditional dress of their own, such as the many Lorath citizens of the Cluster. They line the streets, patronizing the vendors, watching side performers, or the crews of Lion Dancers as they parade down the avenues, but the solemn ceremony at sunset, followed by fireworks , is the true draw.
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Within the first bailey, Yaichiro observed the opening of the castle to a degree which he'd not seen prior. The lion dancers passed from the second bailey through this one before going out into the streets. He noted people walking through Himiko's Garden and admiring the sakura trees and flowing plants and bushes along the meandering walkway, some taking pictures and video as they moved. Festival food stalls were set up alongside more advanced portable offerings along the wall of the bailey. Yaichiro had even secured some pizza from the Kikyo Pie Company one which was quite palatable, and the Tachi's stall emitted a tempting scent that made him want to go back for more food.

His eyes moved and noted some festival-goers at the Motoyoshi shrine who lined up to give deep bows of respect for the fallen, a few even leaving bouquets of flowers of mourning and of forgiveness. That would have to be cleaned up later, but it wasn't something he was about to condemn simply because of the extra work involved. He then observed the Akuro Gazebo, from which a traditional band was playing to correspond with the lion dancers' movements. Oh, less traditional musicians were welcome and booked, but they would instead be playing near the dance floor in the Outdoor Entertainment Area a bit away from the more traditionally toned celebration. The outdoor kitchen in that Area was going full steam and the outdoor pool was in use as well, a group of Kikyo Scouts notable among the number of swimmers.

All in all, it was a fine day and held a celebratory atmosphere that rivaled that of the Hanami Festival on Yamatai, albeit different in tone. That tone would further shift as night fell. Of course, Yaichiro remained vigilant. It hadn't been that long since the plot to assail the castle was foiled, and the wary officer was still quite justified in remaining armed to help deal with any problems...
Jiyuu III - Orbit
Kirameku Enki

The large transport craft slowed to a crawl in orbit above Jiyuu III. It had been chartered specifically for this delivery. The captain would have been more sour about his mostly-empty hold if not for the generous payment he'd received for the job.

"Well, miss," said the vessel's captain, "can't say as I'm happy to see you go. It's been a right pleasure having a proper lady onboard fer a change."

The woman gave him a light smile and a subtle nod of the head, the very picture of grace. Her delicate kimono only reinforced the man's image of her. "You flatter me, captain. The pleasure has been mine."

She bowed slightly and turned to walk up the steps and into the waiting craft.

-- ⋆ --

The Hikari One approached the landing area at the Unity Festival, following the route provided by the clan's ground control. While the craft's pilot was certainly looking forward to the festivities, she was currently a very pricey delivery driver. The craft, a heavily modified Starlyte-C, was her delivery. Even from a distance, there was something just a little more eye catching about the vessel than the other craft that had been coming and going. It moved with an unusual, steady grace. The light hit it just right.

When it landed, it did so with hardly a sound.

Not long after, the kimono-wearing woman stepped daintily out of the Starlyte-C, walking down the steps in a fluid, practiced manner. An attendant approached her, ready to help her relocate the craft while she enjoyed the festivities.

She shook her head and handed the man a card with a faint bow. "Thank you for the offer, but I'm afraid that the craft must remain where it is. My name is Kirameku Enki, from Noval. I'm looking for Motoyoshi Tachiko-san?"
Kazumi wore a beatific smile as she watched the peoples of the Cluster mixing. Some native Jiyuuian from before the United Outer Colonies' collapse, Yamataians, Lorath and even a smattering of Nepleslians and their ilk. Her hands clasped in front of the obi's cloth of silver and grey silk, the rest of her outfit, a formal kimono but not too formal, but just the right cut for the occasion. The silk cloth began white near the neck, and then gradually darkened a shade or two into a light blue along one shoulder. Printed upon the cloth, and also partly done in cloth of silver were silver and blue flower patterns began near the neck and began growing lighter as the main body of the kimono grew darker. The overall effect was to elicit that it was simply falling flowers against the sky and matched well with her coloring.

As her eyes roved, she caught sight of her father. With the constraints of her attire, Kazumi moved at a slow pace as she tried to reach him. Though she did raise a hand, smiled, and waved with a "Papa!" call to catch his attention as well.

Aliset's suit sparkled and flashed in the sun as she kicked off the upper pitons of the shuttle, letting gravity take over as she hit the ground into a dead sprint, calling back to challenge her lovers to catch her. As soon as her powerful magnetic boots hit grass, she dropped to one knee, sliding across to disappear low and fast into the crowd like a sliding missile, her boot catching pavement hard enough to flip her up to her feet. Though she didn't get far, as the smells of greasy cheese and meat on hot bread caught her nose and her body language changed, as though the spine of her suit's armor bristled and raised as a predator. Her silver skin sparkled and flashed its cascading colors as her sweat lensed, and her eyes flashed, their red seeming to glow as she pulled her hair behind her ear, head turning to try and find that vendor.
Standing in the entrance to the shuttle, his dress uniform once again pressed, creased and pristine. Leventé looked back towards, the man he barely knew. Another Senti, like Aliset and her lover just as he was. Thinking about it for a long time he looked out watching Aliset disappear into the crowd." Before we go, I suppose proper introductions are in order? Or shall we do so once we are already in the festival? You know my name, though I know little about you. So Nicol, tell me a bit about yourself. In return I'll gladly tell you anything about myself. " His question almost out of place, though a similar time might not have presented itself. This man was quite an enigma to the Nepleslian, though now knowing more of their culture. It seemed appropriate to take the opportunity.
Motoyoshi née Takeda Tachiko, as the newest and lowest ranking member of the Motoyoshi Clan, was responsible for coordinating the entire affair, as delegated by the Clan's matriarch Katsuko. Everything from the most lighthearted festival performances to the most solemn ceremony at the end was under her purview, and it all needed supplies and security and leadership. Even the easygoing and organized Tachiko was harried and bedraggled from her exertions, tense and fretting over the datapad she was staring and muttering at.

A Nitō Heishō, who only weeks before outranked her, reported with a bow, "Shōi-san, Hikari One has landed."

"Thank you, Heishō-san," Tachiko returned the bow graciously, forcing herself to bow somewhat more shallowly than the Noncommissioned Officer's generous bow. She was still new to officership, after all. "I will be right out to receive Noval's representative." She stabbed her index finger at the datapad's touchscreen with a knitted brow and a sigh. "Attendance is higher than expected..." The Nitō Heishō bowed, excusing herself as Tachiko concentrated and sent mental instructions to her Nekovalkyrja subordinates.

Sstraightening her understated, semiformal kimono in subdued, desaturated Motoyoshi purples and greys, Tachiko glanced down at the single clan emblem on the breast when she passed the full-length mirror as she left her chambers a few moments later. It made her straighten her back and square her shoulders with the satisfying sense of duty and she put her smile back on, masking the tension almost completely successfully hidden. She hurried down the corridor to Jiyuu-Jo's private spaceport terminal, datapad clutched tightly to her chest.
Yaichiro took note of the call, still having not fully adjusted to being called such. Still, he welcomed it and approached his daughter with a smile so she needn't labor unnecessarily in approaching him. Anti-gravity would likely let her float along if necessary though, but that was entirely her decision. He noted the high-quality kimono, which matched her hair and skin tone nicely. He resisted the urge to headpat. Doing it sometimes was fine, but he didn't want to embarrass the girl.

"Kazumi. You look very nice in that kimono. Are you enjoying yourself?" It was important that the young woman enjoy herself. She might not get many chances to do so before things got complicated during her service...
The beleaguered Tachiko finally arrived at the spaceport terminal with brow furrowed in concentration. Mental commands to all hands: "Find the Taishō, and point her at terminal two."

Tachiko replaced her smile once more, and stepped into the well-appointed arrivals lounge where the attendants were in semi-panic over the Noval representative. "Kirameku Enki-san?" She bowed in greeting. "I am Motoyoshi Tachiko. It is Motoyoshi's pleasure to host you at our solemn celebration!"

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Enki returned Tachiko's bow, placing one hand across her chest in a mix of old Western and Eastern styles. "It is my pleasure to meet you, Motoyoshi-sama. Mazati-san has told me much of you."

She gave the other woman a soft, warm smile before she looked out a nearby window. The motion was graceful, but something about her movements seemed ethereal. Her hair and loose fabrics seemed to drift behind her motions ever-so-slightly, as though they floated in reduced gravity.

"The Motoyoshi clan's home is truly beautiful. I am more than fortunate that our humble business dealings have allowed me this opportunity."

Her movements weren't the only thing that seemed different. Her kimono, delicately patterned with sakura branches and blossoms to match the occasion, seemed to have a few small flights of birds flitting from branch to branch. As Enki moved, the birds moved to keep themselves oriented appropriately. The whole thing was done with muted, pastel colors and details in the old woodblock style.

From a distance, the muted colors and simple patterns seemed very reserved. Up close, the woman had an altogether otherworldly feel. Enki was just one part of Noval's presentation - a hint at the care the corporation put into today's delivery, without distracting from the overall proceedings.

Enki looked back to Tachiko, still wearing her gentle smile. "I'm excited to show you what we've been working on. I think you'll be pleased."
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"Wow." said Reiko, as she watched with wonder the Lion Dancers, the stalls and everyone who had gathered today. She would never get tired of festivals and their merrymaking energy. Especially when she was with Tenshi. Turning to look at her sister, she had to remind herself to not leer at her sister's figure. Today, they had worn matching outfits, cheongsam dresses with a dragon decoration. Datenshi wore a black dragon on a red dress while Reiko wore the inverse. Both of their long, lean legs were on full display, the effect enhanced by the high heels they wore. Furthermore, Datenshi's leg tattoos where on full display, even her upper arm tattoo could be seen.

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. You look like amazing." said Reiko, grinning. The tone of her voice was matter of fact. Like stating a law of the universe. Gravity drew planets together. Datenshi was one of the most beautiful women in the galaxy. "Come one, let's go get some drinks and see who we can find!"

Datenshi smirked as she flaunted her long legs, enjoying the bit of stares she got. Tattoos on a Neko were an oddity, but Datenshi enjoyed everything. The twin dragons on her leg which matched the dragon on her dress, the two stylized interpretations of some long dead religion's deities that were used more for their coolness these days as compared to actual worship from certain people, and the crawling tattoo of feathers that run up her arm to her neck, each feather with an eye in it of different colors, the caramel neko stood out like a sore thumb and she loved the attention. With an arm over Reiko's shoulder, pressing into her sister a little, she nodded.

"Drinks sound great." Was all she would say as her eyes scanned the surrounding area to see just what all else they could get up to for fun.


She let out a small sigh and fiddled with the green braid that rested over her shoulder, having done it up for today's event. She disliked the outfit and having to parade herself about in it though was silently glad for her gravitic manipulation abilities which she used to their full effect. Eri was dressed in a Kimono as most of the higher ranking members of the clan seemed to be, at least the women, and she hated how constricted her legs felt in it. But there were reasons for their dress, reasons for their place here today and she had to push past it. She was among the people in the first bailey, mingling but otherwise silent when she could be as she just tried to take everything in. The Unity festival had always been an awkward event for Eri, one she could never really get behind the entire celebration, but she had to now...

She smoothed down the deep purple kimono, both peony and evening orchid flowers in a slightly different shade of purple spread out across the outfit, Eri felt out of place yet stilled tied to seem relaxed as she looked around for a familiar face in the crowd.
Kazumi did a little turn for her father just to show the rest of the kimono off. Though when she stopped, the smile was still in place. "I only just arrived a few minutes ago. So I have yet to partake in any of the activities or food," she said while looking around the crowds milling about and enjoying the festivities. Though when her cursory gaze returned to Yaichiro, her hands went to her hips.

"Papa... really, why must you wear your uniform?" Kazumi tsked, "Mama should badger you into something more formal." nodding, Yaichiro's offspring seemed to make up her mind on the matter. "One day when we're free, I will take you clothes shopping. Something fashionable and suitable for a given situation such as this." though when she saw he was armed, Kazumi placed a hand on the obi again. Hidden against her tummy and the tightly wound silk was her own NSP. She seldom went anywhere without being armed any more. "Where is Mama?" she understood her mother was a busy woman. Managing an entire fleet, the clan holdings amongst other things were enough to keep anyone on busy.

"Will she be coming?"
"Barring an emergency or a delay that demands her attention, she should be. Being in charge means your schedule can change in an instant." Yaichiro conveyed to the young woman who he still thought of as a girl.

"And there's nothing wrong with my uniform. If I'm going to be formal, why not wear what I know? It also means I can wield authority effectively if necessary. I'm sure nine out of ten vat-grown Neko would agree." The man joked lightly, knowing full well that those who existed for military service found themselves bringing it into their civilian lives. If they had civilian lives at all. For formal wear that barred uniform use, he tended to just go with a suit. "For the sake of spending time with my daughter though, I'm willing to brave a shopping trip. My sense of taste is stuck in light blues, browns, golds, beiges, and white. I don't think I look good in much else."
Leiko was up there anyway... why not take the chance and land on the planet for a little outdoor trip anyway? That's what she had said herself when the notification of the Unity Festival for the current year had been forwarded to the crew on the YSS Tokyo. When they sailed for war there wouldn't be much more space for outdoor trips, apart from the pooping ones, but that ones didn't really count as leisure outdoor trips anyway. And it was a chance to show off too after all, be all fashionable the way the duty gear could never be, just for the simple fact it was duty gear, made to work, not to be all fashion and good taste.

She took her time to savour the festival and the atmosphere as she reached the castle grounds, walking through the crowd.

The train of her kimono followed in her wake, a short kimono, covering only down to her thighs, in black with faint red prints on the outside and brighter red patterns inside; a similar pattern adorning the edge of the top part, opening on her cleavage. The sash tightly holding her waist was printed in red flowers. Black heeled sandals raised her just enough, with just a red accent on the inside where her feet sat. Her hairs were coiffed in a bun with her longer dreads flowing down her back; a single black flower was nested on the right side of the bum.

Her lips were a nice and deep red, matching all the other red, while her eyes had just that hint of black to make her green sparkle and stand out. her nails were black with little red flowers shape at the center, just like the Motoyoshi Clan Mon. Her septum ring was a black metal one, in the shape of the petals of a flower. Last but not least, a paper umbrella, with the inserts black and the folds in red once again.

Sexy and fashionable, all the while still being traditional. That's the way she would define herself and her outfit that day; she liked such kind of style. Not for nothing she had choosen it, right?

She smiled as she kept walking, letting her eyes wander around the castle grounds, crowded with visitors, stalls and performers. A day of relax, a day to enjoy something different.