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Year-End Festival [Year-End Holidays] Winter-Nights (Yule) Solstice Spectacular! (YE 44)

Between the Ice Rink and the Delicious Snow Cream
Yue turned her head as she heard Kaoru’s voice. She continued to hug Tachiko and rested her head on her shoulder as she saw her fellow clanmate and bandmate make her appearance. Like Tachiko she saw signs, but she made no comment. “Happy Year End!” She said before turning her head up to Tachiko as she asked about the design and giggled before she remembered she hadn’t shown her. She moved off of Tachiko and turned so that she could see the symbol on her jacket, and then opened it to show the shirt she had on. “Who said I didn’t, sweetie!?” she asked with a giggle, “got lots of stuff, ” she said as she closed her jacket. Miyako was noticed disappearing so she turned her attention back to Tachiko and Kaoru, and the leaving Jackson.
While all this was going on, there was a large shiny black party bus among the cars lurching through the traffic-clogged and crowded streets of downtown Kyoto. As it entered the area of the event, Red-haired Pidole and Green haired-Euikoshi peered out the windows looking at everything while gray-furred catgirl Cassie laid back in a leather booth seat carefully drinking eggnog what while Poppy Pink sipped some hot cocoa.

"The weather actually looks terrible out there," Euikoshi commented. "The snow is pretty heavy. I wouldn't be surprised if this bus has to turn on its antigrav systems and hover out of here so it's not stuck."

"People are still having fun," Pidole said, glad to be in the warmth of the bus for now. Her blue beetle buddy, Bidole crawled through her red hair and looked out the window as well,.

"I'm going to download ice-skating skills," Euikoshi grinned, turning to look over her shoulder at Poppy. "There's a skating rink open."

"What?" Poppy asked.

"Look, it's Hanako!" Pidole said, spotting Hanako and a bunch of the YSS Eucharis crew among the celebration. Lime and Mango were there, as well as Cherry and Becker.

As the bus reached the vicinity of the Tokyo Brewing Company Area, the driver spotted a miraculously open parallel parking spot near it and pulled in so that his passengers from the YSS Resurgence could get out and mingle or get drinks.
The Tokyo Brewing Company Area

"Kanpai," Kari replied as she lifted her glass to clink it against Pierre's, remembering from her socialization training to keep her glass lower than Pierre's, since they were of a much higher rank. She was caught off-guard when several people around them joined in to the cheers, but she decided she would think about that later as she took a big swig of the drink. Despite being dark, it was very drinkable - much less bitter than she had expected.

Once Kari put her glass down on the counter, she had a moment to reflect that other people had joined in on the cheers. Was she meant to reciprocate if she heard someone else say cheers? Kari looked around and saw a lot of people each engaged in their own conversations. Quietly, she initiated a subroutine that would keep an ear out for cheers and give her an alert so she could join in.

Turning back to Pierre, her face twisted into a perplexed expression. "You understand what I would be without the army? Given the context, I guess you mean a volunteer. Is that any kind of primary occupation? I always thought of it as a hobby alongside training and painting."

Winter-Nights Lights Pavilion

"I un..." Thia began to reply to Naika before Uaeso snuck up and began talking.

"Call..." Thia started to introduce herself before Uaeso started whispering to Naika.

For a moment, Thia stood quietly and watched the two of them greet each other until she saw an opening. "I hope you both enjoy your evening," she said before turning and disappearing into the crowd.

The Tokyo Brewing Company Area

"It doesn't have to be an occupation," Pierre said before taking a sip of beer. "I don't know how to put it, I've got no clue really what I'd be doing without the army, or at least what I'd enjoy, but the difference is that I chose to join. You were born into it, most Nekovalkyrja were. I sometimes wonder about the people who didn't have as much of a choice. Especially since our talk in the baths back on the Azalea. So, without a contract with the Army, or any sense of obligation toward the Empress, you'd still find some community to serve. It's actually noble as hell. I don't think I'm anywhere near as selfless."

Elsewhere in the Festival​

After a few more failed attempts to be social, Vec stood strongly considering heading over towards the small batch booths. While he stood making up his mind, he saw Thia approaching in her swirling volumetric "cloths". Wasn't she cold? He noticed she was alone and looking kind of flustered. As she approached, he fell in next to her. "You don't have to talk about it, but I'm buying if you're drinking," he said, trying not to sound like he was using a bedside voice.

The Tokyo Brewing Company Area

Nikicon smiles as she sips from the mug of beer that she got with Lenna as they both walk along the Tokyo Brewing Company Area, Nikicon was wearing a warm outfit over their new uniforms for the Sobek. Nikicon was wide-eyed as she was enjoying herself as she moved along the event. The more she visited Lenna's homeworld the more and more she liked it.

Lenna smiles looking over to Nikicon as she was sipping her beer and nodded some as she took a drink also. "I take it you are enjoying yourself Niki?" Lenna would ask as she takes notice of so many people nearby and then a white Neko near the bar speaking to a faun-type dressed person giving off a cheer. she smiles and added her own cheer back toward them as the others responded. Lenna was in a good mood, and like Nikicon was wearing some warm clothing over her Uniform. It seems that it was the best choice for the snowy night of festivals.

Hearing Lenna's question Nikicon nods and smiles " yes yes I am really enjoying myself!" She smiles and then caught off guard as Lenna suddenly cheered Kanpai, and she took a few moments before she also cheered out her own Kanpai! but it was nowhere near as loud and awkwardly after the first cheer. Lifting her mug up to take another sip Nikicon finds her mug empty of the beer that she had and then says " er um Lenna I'm out, can we head back over and get another Leviathan it is very good!"

Lenna would nod as she was also out of her drink and then starts to angle their way back toward the growing group over nearby the booth. Seeing that there were a few Norains among the group there Lenna would smile and remember that they were there to help welcome them and help rescue them. It was a split-minute plan to come to their aid of them, but she was very glad to be there as The Sobek was vital to help calm a building riot on the Gamma Ark. Closing in she would smile and nod some bumping Nikicon softly to whisper "Look Niki, there are some of the people that we helped save I am so glad that they are here celebrating also." Reaching the booth Lenna would grab Nikicons mug and placed them both on the bartop and ask " Two more Leviathan mugs please?"

Nikicon would nod and smile as they turned and headed back toward the booth, " What ?" Nikicon would ask after getting bumped by Lenna her long ears moving up off the back of her head as she looked over at the group of Norains then smiles as she whispers back " I think that they are it might be an odd custom but I do hope that they are adjusting well. " She smiles as Lenna sits the mugs down and asks for another drink. Nikicon pulls out her cred-stick and nudges Lenna "I got this one. " and offers her cred-stick to the one that serves them. then glances over toward the others around them her long ears starting to fall back to the back of her head some, then shoot back up as she tries to listen to the many conversations around her out of habit.

The Tokyo Brewing Company Area

Sanda took in the sights as she sat on a park bench. She had on a festive green dress and a new camo cloak around her shoulders. She couldn't stop smiling or touching the ring on her finger. It was thick ring, larger than what a woman would normally wear and made out of dark metal. But all around it was a lighting bolt, the same color and design as the tattoos on Sanda's body. And it glowed. It looked like a real streak of lighting around her finger.

Almost six months ago, at the Pisces Station, Sanda had meet up with a man she had secretly liked. The two had grown particularly close and had traded knives. Both knew that trading knives was an old Nepleslian culture sign of engagement but neither spoke of that when they swapped blades. After the conclusion of the Norian refugee mission Sanda had needed to taken so time off to recover after receiving a high dose of Aether radiation while freeing trapped Norian. She had spent it with Caffran, who had just been released from a penal mission where he had been falsely charged. The entire Canterbury Clan was getting together for the holidays and Sanda was invited along with her sister, who was related the clan through her marriage to Trowa.

It was a wonder celebration. During the festivities, the topic of their exchanging blades was brought up. After a very short discussion, the two announced their engagement to the whole Clan, making it official. Even though having the other one's knife was symbolic enough their engagement, Caffran had also bought a ring. The same ring that was now on Sanda's finger that she couldn't stop looking at.

Sanda had come straight from the Canterbury Clan's party to Yamatai. She'd rejoin the Resurgence after the festivities on Yamatai. She hadn't seen any of her fellow crew mates yet and was excited to see them again. Well most of them anyway. "Boy the lines around here are ridiculous." Caffran said as he joined Sanda on the bench with two cups of hot buttered rum. Sanda smiled and gave Caffran a kiss on the cheek in thanks. "That's why you're the one standing in them. Remember, I'm still recovering from radiation poisonings." She was mostly teasing, but there was a lot of truth in what she said. The dose of radiation she'd received had been near fatal and she still wasn't 100%. Still she wasn't going to let that slow her down. She sipped her drink and snuggled up closer to Caffran who put his arm and cloak around her.
Nanook Wotjek
Festival Grounds

Nannok strode through the throngs of beings crowding the area. The brisk night air smelled of food, alcohol, and merriment. It has been mere happenstance that he found himself here before being shuttled to his first posting, he planned on making the most of his opportunity. A brewing company had set up shop and Nanook strode towards it, waiting in line patiently until he found himself before a huge menu of drinks. "I would like a gallon of mulled wine please, unless you happen to have something bigger...". The brewery workers managed to find a 2 gallon jug somewhere, and Nanook took it in one hand, grinning as he strode away.

The orange flowing tabard billowed in the wind as Nanook continued to browse around the festival. Coming upon a lottery booth, he say that he might have a change to win his own yacht. Why not, he would give it a shot. Paying the worker he purchased and few tickets. Nanook decided he would just let the night bring what may, and stood watching the people mull around as he nursed his warm drink.

The Tokyo Brewing Company Area

"I nominate you as the scout," Pidole told Poppy. "Mainly because I don't want to leave Bidole or take her out in this weather," she explained. "I'll keep the party bus running," she jokingly assured the pink-haired medic, flashing a wrench (Pidole always seemed to be carrying a wrench or some kind of tool on her!).

Poppy nodded, a smile of amusement forming on her pale, freckled face, with its high cheekbones, green eyes and perfect nose. "Cassie, come with me," she asked the gray anthro catgirl.

Cassie moved to the front of the bus and invited Poppy's friend Gabriela and her fellow navigator Benna, who was no stranger to the cold ever evading Kuvexians for two years in the arctic using nothing but salvage supplies from the Galactic Swap Meet. Together the 3 anthros and Poppy gathered at the bus's door, bundled up in winter hats and scarves, and pushed out into the party zone.

Festival Grounds

"Happy Year's End!" Taisho (admiral) Hanako greeted Wojtek. He could tell she was important even from a distance because she had kind of a posse of Star Army crew around her. After a moment he got a glimpse of her sleeves on her black peacoat that two thick white bands bordered in gold on the wrist areas, signifying a Taisho, the highest rank of the Star Army of Yamatai. "I am Hanako, pleased to meet you. How are things going so far?" she asked.
"Happy Year's End!" Taisho (admiral) Hanako greeted Wojtek. He could tell she was important even from a distance because she had kind of a posse of Star Army crew around her. After a moment he got a glimpse of her sleeves on her black peacoat that two thick white bands bordered in gold on the wrist areas, signifying a Taisho, the highest rank of the Star Army of Yamatai. "I am Hanako, pleased to meet you. How are things going so far?" she asked.

Wotjek quickly came to the position of attention and snapped off a salute. "Outstanding ma'am, the mulled wine is very good. Thank you for assigning me to the Resurgence, I have heard nothing but good things about the ship and crew." Wotjek was clearly uncomfortable, more used to the depravities and gruffness that accompanies line troops and lower enlisted. The first rule of being lower enlisted was don't draw attention, and somehow he was conversing with a Taisho while holding a container of wine.....

Katsuko and Akina Near Stage to TBC Area​

"Tell you more? Tell you more of what you already knew?" Katsuko couldn't help but grin in a bemused fashion as Akina's lips graced her again. "You get me a hot chocolate and I will tell you things you've never heard before, and if you're lucky I will sing your praises to the stars tonight," she leaned in and adjusted position to press her lips against Akina's in a tender kiss. Katsuko had played with the idea of telling her since she vomited up the grog that the Iron Company had brought onto her boat, it only made sense that it was now. She wondered if maybe she had asked someone else to get that hot chocolate she could have held onto that heat a little longer. She followed Akina to the Tokyo Brewing Company area. It seemed alive with activity, she glanced over and noticed the Caeyara leader there, she didn't say anything, she just smiled and continued to follow her wife.

Airwin and Gemetzel - TBC​

Airwin transferred the KS for his and Gemetzel's drinks, picked up both mugs, and handed one to her. The two didn't seem very chatty outside of themselves, which was not entirely surprising. The additional attention was something Airwin had been sheltered from, social interaction was somewhat of a borrowed trait, after all, he had a very good teacher in his late spouse. This strange coupling between him and her sister had other connotations, something else lay beneath that remained within the private whispers between them. They shuffled away from the bar, but as they moved he noticed a familiar face from the debriefing of Operation Fireplace. He patted a gloved hand against Gemetzel's side and slid in near where Sanda stood. He gave a smile to the Star Army soldier, and said to her, "Happy Year End," he pulled his left hand from his pocket and slid a few KS bills onto the table, "Get you and your friends a few rounds, Thank you for everything you did," he said in a quiet but grateful tone, not wanting to embarrass the woman or her friend.

Ice Skating Rink​

"Ah a Takeda, well I think I remember - maybe, either way, it is good to meet you," she said, "No need for the -sama, I'm not my mother," she added with a laugh.

When Tachiko looked up at her she made a bit of a scrunched-up face, "Now now, let's not ruin my Year End gifts to the girls," she said as she met Yue with a grin. "We go on stage tonight? Or do we need to get plastered?" she asked, curious if she could enlist her for an impromptu little show for those gathered. Kaoru wanted to party. She also wanted Sorin to hurry up and get there so she could spend some time with him. Things had been a little awkward since the little tiff with her family on the boat a few months before.

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Winter-Nights Lights Pavilion
Tokyo Brewing Company Area - Akina & Katsuko

A few questions darted around in Akina's digital brain, caused to ebb by the sweet kiss she delivered. "I could listen to you forever. I hope I am lucky." As much as Akina enjoyed the snow, going inside for a drink would be as good a place as any, and the benefit of being able to talk to one another mind to mind was that if it was too loud, it was always an option. Following Katsuko's eyes, she gave the Norians a smile and dipped her head forward slightly both as a greeting and a sign of respect. With a small party moving away from the bar, she navigated them by pulling her wife with her to their right and stepping up as the mugs were cleared away.

Standing behind the counter where they were was an anthro bunny, though she was dressed in a suit of gleaming black feathers. Whenever she raised one of her arms, it looked like she had wings attached. Definitely some kind of raven. "Welcome to Tokyo Brewing Company! What'll it be?"

"A hot cocoa and oh, a Colony Pale please." Akina replied, covering their tab wirelessly. The not-so-raven girl waved over to the barista station and called out,

"Hot chocolate!", While she poured Akina's beer while they waited. With two coasters set up, the redhead took her chance to lean into her wife slightly and smile, coming on her toes again very slightly to put a bit more affectionate pressure on her.

"Onnne...hot chocolate!" Another anthro, what looked to be some kind of canine with distinct black and white fur, moved a hot chocolate from her tray to the bar in front of Katsuko. It was in a proper mug and topped with peppermint whipped cream. On the little plate there were tiny marshmallows as an option, and a spoon as well. There was even some sugary cinnamon sprinkled on top to add a splash of more color.

The dog bowed, the feathers on her own costume catching in the light as she sauntered back to her station. Apparently she and the other employee were some kind of twins.

With her beer in front of her, Akina took her mug and lightly tapped it to Katsuko's own. "Happy Jol, dear heart."

Winter-Nights Lights Pavilion
Tokyo Brewing Company Area - The Crew of the Sobek

"Two Levithans. They're popular tonight." The bartender dressed as a horse made another appearance and quickly stowed the used mugs under the counter to be cleaned. The sound of a little freezer unsealing was quickly followed by the pouring of the much-sought drinks. The levels of head the mugs were almost the same, and she flashed Lenna a smile with her job done, save the last part. She brought a little reader to get the small deduction of KS notes from her, and then let out a happy, "Enjoy!"

Winter-Nights Lights Pavilion
Kikyo Connect Booth -

"...yes that's it, you're all set. Have fun." Miu didn't realize just how many questions she'd be getting from so many people when she showed up in her polar Kodian bear outfit. Some people dressed up wanted their free Knet accounts, some ended up paying one of the cashiers at the large horseshoe-shaped booths pressed together to accommodate everyone coming to redeem, sign up, ask questions, or get some branded freebies. Then there were the people taking pictures with her. She even had to meet some very interested experts (and not so much) eager to hear about the technology involved in the project. It wasn't very easy for her to usher them along, but she had a bit of help from the Shimizu employees when they saw one interaction taking too long.

"Oo, finally I got to the end!" No more line. She plopped down in her seat and fanned herself with a big 'ol bear paw.
With a Bunch of Pop Stars

"Actually, watch this..." Tachiko's laugh was a bit uncharacteristically raucous. The slightly-tipsy Nekovalkyrja, moved by the festive spirit as well as the spirits within, and much more forwardly outgoing than usual, had spotted her former shipmates and Giretsu classmates as they filed off the bus. She called out loudly, across the beer garden between them, "HOI! Resurgence-minatachi!" Both of Tachiko's fingers hung over Kaoru's and Yue's heads, pointing downwards at them. "Do you want to hang out with Midnight Infinity?"
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Ice Skating Rink​

With a Bunch of Pop Stars

Yue smiled as Kaoru interacted with Sayako, and smiled as Kaoru showed the humble side to her, before Kaoru’s attention went to her. Yue blushed “oops, sorry!” she said then nodded”yeah, according to the schedule, we are, we don’t need to get plastered and I have a good cheerful song! Oh, they showed our commercial! ” She said, indicating the big screen off to the side. Her attention went to Tachiko as she called to the Resurgence crew, and those familiar who had been members of the Giretsu class Tachiko was with. Yue remembered Tachiko’s partner in that one bar was also in Giretsu school, but she hadn’t seen her yet.
They fell in line; a motley crew of scarred, ill-kempt, swarthy men made their way through the crowd-numbering no more than a dozen-their outfits however were a stark contrast to their own grooming habits-a dark blue and grey uniform; jacket, and dress pants, with field caps, black leather gloves, and heavy coats. Many of the locals made a point of keeping a bit of distance from them as they seemed to emanate an almost...unsavory nature; be it in posture or stride, or even the mere glint in their eyes they seemed almost ready to visit ill intent on whatever poor soul who happened to be so unfortunate as to cross their path. A family of four; two small children and their parents made what seemed to most to be a grave mistake; so preoccupied were they with the festivities they'd made they'd bumped into them-they'd gone to apologize, however upon gazing at who they'd bumped into they'd stepped back almost instinctively-the children huddling behind the legs of their mother as she placed a hand over their heads as the father stepped in front of them as he sized them up. The men for their part looked non-plussed, if not outright amused at the display. Their leader; a seven-foot tall mountain of a man rippling with muscle and scars even more vicious than his companions gave a disarming smile as he placed his hands in his pockets, giving a slight forward nod of his head as he made to step around them-the men following as the father eyed them with suspicion and wariness even in during a time that supposedly was a joyous and welcoming occasion for all.

That was until one of the children, a small girl that could be no more than seven as she huddled behind her mother let go of the balloon she'd been holding-likely she'd loosened her grip on the string; it floated off with her letting out a cry of distress making to chase it. A shout of 'Sakura' as the mother made to grab the child. A shadow and a brief blur of movement as the Mountain deftly snatched its string with a speed that belied his bulk. Crouching low at the stunned child and parents who stared in disbelief as this burly brute held it out with that same disarming smile. "Best keep a hold of this little one." He said, voice rough and tinged with an unknown accent, encouraging the child to take it. Hesitantly, she did, and skittered off towards her parents, glancing back at the still-smiling mountain.

As he rose, he gave the tip of his field cap to the parents, and turned back to the merry band of misfits he was leading, signaling them to follow. Their destination; somewhere with beer, preferably with a lot of it.


A few moments later, the group finally arrived at their intended destination; across from them was the Tokyo Brewing Company outlet. With a sigh, their leader turned. ("Alright you lot,") Jacob Morris said in a strange, harsh tongue, ("Behave yer selves-this is akin to an alehouse back home-same rules as back home-no fighting, no trying to provoke anyone, and keep yer weapons holstered unless someone draws upon you first.") There was some grumbling, but there were nods of agreement. As they filed in, the warmth of the building was a stark contrast to the bitter winter cold outside. However, the lack of the usual smells of an alehouse; the smell of strong beer, woodsmoke, and unwashed bodies was a bit of, however not wholly unwelcome, it was strange. ("You sure this is an alehouse?") One of the men asked quietly as some of the patrons began to turn and stare, ("Yea, it is,") Morris replied, ("Now get us an ancestor's-damned table; we're already making a scene as it is.") The men marched off, claiming one of the unoccupied booths as Morris approached the counter.

He just hoped their money would spend all the same here; his coin purse felt far too light with the Yamataian currency-he'd thrown a few marks in just to make sure he knew it was there.
Lenna would motion toward the now distracted snowshoe hare to her side "Niki you going to pay right?" Then a gentle bump at her side as she offered the mug over to her.

"what what... oh yea!" Nikicon shakes her head some as she moves to cover up the cred stick to be read and the funds removed from her account. Taking the mug that Lenna was handing to her she smiles and takes a small sip from it and smiles " mhmmmmm" Nikicon moves back some and then takes in the large group of men entering the area now as she meeps some " L L Leena w w who are they?" moves to nod her head to the group of mercenaries that has started to file into the brewery area.

Lenna would smile some and then says "Silly bun, bun." then that smile fades hearing the fear in her friend's voice as she looks over toward the rough men and then leans in to say " Oh its ok, its a company of mercenaries I remember seeing them at the funeral after the rescue mission. But i think you were busy with the repairs on the main turret so you didn't meet a lot of the people there.

The snowshoe hare visibly relaxes some as she sighs softly "Ah ok, sorry bout that you know how I get sometimes." then moves to take another drink as her ears still remain upright and twitch side to side some as she moves along.

Lenna nods some and then says hugging her friend closer. "It's ok I understand Niki." let's find a place to rest our feet we have been on them a lot. " with that Lenna moved to find a place to sit down. Lenna does look over at the Norain group wondering where The Sobek's new helmsman Cheol was. Seeing a few crew from the Sobek enjoying their drinks, and talking with people they knew, as she looked about.
Winter-Nights Lights Pavilion
Tokyo Brewing Company Area - Iron Company

"Welcome!" Both of the bartenders dressed as ravens came together to start getting ready for his group and their order. "We have a wide variety of drinks on tap tonight. Here is the most current list." The one on his left slid the menu forward, though there was also a well lit display on the wall that named each drink, a brief description, the ABV value, and the price.

"The Leviathan Dark Lager has been pretty popular tonight, but we have not had a supply problem." The Brewery would be there until the clock ticked over to New Year's Day, roughly. Their supply of potables was thought with that scale in mind. They didn't seem really bothered by his presence, thinking him some kind of ID-SOL.
Strutting into the bar with his new pair of pants, (which he had to barter a shit ton of money for), Jackson was forming plans in his mind on how to get some free drinks. Befriend a joyful person? Listen to the troubles of a somber loner? Insert himself into a very drunk group of people and act like hes been there since the start? Whatever got him free shit. free shit tastes the best after all. Hopefully everyone was feeling the Christmas spirit of gift giving. Sitting down at the bar, in one of the few chairs remaining, he looked down the line to see that the bartenders were already busy with some other folks. One of them saw him and yelled, "Be with ya in a sec!". Figures it would be like this around now. Jackson turned around to scan the room for free drink opportunities. Group of mercs... no, mercs dont like outsiders. BUT they are funny when they are wildly drunk. The couple? Naw, dont wanna be Mr sunglasses. What about the- "What can I get for you?" Truning back to face the bartender, Jackson ordered every mans nescesity. "Some water please." The bartender gave a questioning look, then truned and went to get some water from the faucet. "Can you get some of that small cruchy ice too!? I like that stuff!" he yelled at the bartender. Turning back around he continued to scan the crowd.

Akina & Katsuko - Tokyo Brewing Company Area​

It probably seemed a little strange, people seeing Akina pull her through the crowd. It seemed to fit the rest of the night, where Katsuko was out for as little attention from others as possible. She forced a smile as she passed some familiar soldiers as her love ordered their drinks at the bar. She accepted that coveted mug of velvety hot chocolate in her hands, and it was warm through the gloves. She clinked her Mug with Akina's in return, "To a New Year, and a new scene," she said. YE 44 was something she wished to sweep under the rug as quickly as possible, it was doubtful she would even consider her stint as Premier part of her CV in the future, not that anyone needed a reference for what she had or had not done.

She grinned a little having craved that molten perfection in the mug since they arrived. She took a quick sip of the hot liquid and savored the taste. She noticed the small group of Iron Company men and couldn't help but wonder how that was all going to play out, "Seems you've attracted quite the crowd, I'm glad tonight is a success," she said in an encouraging tone to Akina, as she continued to observe the crowd.

The Crew of The Sobek​

Cheol finally arrived, another obvious patron of the little shopping outing the Caeyara Ysi had before the event. The new Sobek Helmsmen and former MERN Admiral wore a simple casual outfit of a longsleeved dark green shirt with a tan-colored vest and a matching scarf and pants. "Captain," he address Leena as he approached her and Nikicon. "Let me grab a beer and I will join you," he said to them both with a pleasant smile, his pointed ears twitched slightly as he pushed past towards the bar, "Bartender? Can I have a Colony Fleet Pale Ale?" he asked, and then placed some KS bills down on the bar top.

He would turn around as he did as he tried to keep an eye on the direction Lenna and Niki would go so they would be easy to find. He noticed Gemetzel and Airwin and he gave a respectful nod, using his vesper bond with the Aestaesys to communicate, //"Tia Aestaesys, it is good to see you well." // he addressed, rather conflicted on the mix of formality and informality, he was still used to how things were. The blue-eyed and black-haired Norian waited for his order.

Airwin and Gemetzel​

Airwin gave a nod in Cheol's direction, //"Keep in touch on your new job, I'll keep you updated - good to see you too"// he replied to the former Admiral before his attention was once more taken by Gemetzel. The two began to put some distance between themselves and the TBC bar in search of an empty table. They found one in one of the corners and the two were seated, well Airwin was anyway, Gemetzel found a place on his lap and rested against him to steal more of his body heat to combat the cold, it was one of those rare times where she wished she had accepted the Norian body offered, but there were few of Sinith's line left, so she had to represent. Perhaps the crew of the Sobek would find that table to their liking as well, Airwin was rather fascinated with the non-Star Army response to their crisis.

The Norian leader noticed Jacob Morris, a sore thumb and giant who stood out in the crowd, he gave a wave and gesture for him to come to join them. Despite the fact so much had changed, the Norian leader was still very conscious of who his friends were, and it was good to have some that didn't exactly fit in - for they didn't either quite yet, and it had been a challenge.

Skating Rink - With a Bunch of Pop Stars​

"Tachi!" Kaoru's eyes widened, but she settled down a bit as she just hovered there with her skates still on. She couldn't help but give a wave towards the people her sister had brought the attention of. She glanced at Yue, "You should lead a song on our next album, would be a good experience for you," she said with encouragement to her fellow Midnight Infinity member. She wondered if this meant skating was done, she had just put her skates on. She wiggled her hips a bit as she shifted back, skates brushing against the ice as she waited for her sister and Yue to make up their minds.

Tokyo Brewing Company Area - Akina & Katsuko​

Thinking about what might be out there for them to find gave Akina a contagious thrill and sense of excitement. The redhead was perked again by the thought of it, one of the several reasons she had to be smiling when their toast finished and she admired Katsuko while she looked around. It was refreshing to be done with the hardest parts of the festival. In all honesty, she had just wanted to hold something to honor the other part of Yamataian Year-End traditions. The announcements about her clan and company were just bonuses to the whole affair.

Without uttering a word, Akina reached out and brushed a bit of Katsuko's hair and let her fingertips move across her cheek a moment. Only after smiling into another draw of her mug did she finally even sort of explain what was on her mind. "Silhouetted against the snow, you are more beautiful than ever. This is the thing about this year I'd never sweep away. We'll be exploring again together soon, before you know it."
Wotjek quickly came to the position of attention and snapped off a salute. "Outstanding ma'am, the mulled wine is very good. Thank you for assigning me to the Resurgence, I have heard nothing but good things about the ship and crew." Wotjek was clearly uncomfortable, more used to the depravities and gruffness that accompanies line troops and lower enlisted. The first rule of being lower enlisted was don't draw attention, and somehow he was conversing with a Taisho while holding a container of wine.....
Festival Grounds

"Ah, the Resurgence!" Hanako smiled. "I have heard some good things about them lately. It is whispers that her captain gets secret assignments from the Empress herself," the teal-haired admiral told Wojtek. "Oh, is that wine? I used to have my own vineyard and winery a few years ago, before the Kuvexians invaded it. I had to learn a lot about wine to get it right. I hope you have a great time at the festival tonight and congratulations on your new assignment. Fight smart, work hard, and build some lifelong friendships!" she encouraged the big fuzzy soldier.