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OOC YSS Kaiyō II Discussion

Gosh, thank you all for coming out yesterday for the JP. It was so fun to try something new like a purely social JP and I am so stoked everyone had fun and it was worth their time, I think! (I say all because even the couple that couldn't make it have been communicating so much and so well with me, I appreciate that!) We'll get a chance to do social again soon, but I can't reveal more!

Speaking of, new GM post in Sugoi Dekai!! @raz @Gunhand4171 @Sunny D @Gles @krisslanza @Nameless check it out! Finally, a short GM post haha!

Hoshi is in the rear so I didn't give any orders on what to do, it's up to those in the front (whoever posts first is in the front, I'd say)!
That's really not how you breach a door! I put William and Aiko in front to open it so that they would do it without party wipe, which will be hard to avoid now! Sif and Molli may not know this yet, but you don't need to run past the higher ranked officers to do something quickly! That's IC, but OOC sometimes other people need opportunities to do things too : ) Regardless, don't write damage enemies take or damage your character takes from here on in this fight, let me handle that.

@raz @Gunhand4171 @Gles @Nameless
Sorry. Guess I should have let it sit with Sif resetting her shoulder. How far are the guards from the door? Because right now I'm envisioning them as right by it as if they were about to breach the door themselves and they're stacked up on one side of the alley.
You still need to make sure the door's clear before barreling out there! Gunhand and I did this a few times (x,x,x) while we were sneaking and it might just be one of my quirks as a GM as far as what I expect. Also I knew there'd be guys on the other side (same distance you're thinking @Nameless!) so when I saw one, then two people just running into the alley without worrying what was there I got a little knee-jerk worried for you guys and popped out of my immersion because woah, there are dudes there!

Also, I want to put different opportunities in front of everyone over the course of the mission! If I lay out something for William and Aiko, I have to pivot when everyone else does that thing. This is more of a "big picture" sort of thing I'm just letting you guys know about. I think I was expecting everyone to go after the enemies down the hall so to see everyone jump the door, I got a little put off-balance.

I've been really spacy since having my head cold (tried to take my mug of tea out of the restaurant tonight and things like that) so that's a huge contributing factor. Let's just keep keeping on, but if you're not particularly happy with the gunshot wound or how I handled it, my DMs are so totally open, so feel free to gripe and we can work it out!
I had some sympathy for you guys at first, since Hoshi IC and Ame OOC really encouraged going through the door, but upon reading it see why Ame went the route she did.

At the same time, I think it's pretty great from a fiction and writing standpoint. Molli the young and eager soldier jumps through the exit doorway for cover, since it was their destination, only to find herself shot from behind! It's fun.

Mostly making this post to +1 Wes' military appreciation month donation count and to say the RP from everyone has been awesome despite IC trauma. You're all doing great and make the Kaiyo's story continually superb :)
Yo, @Gles.

By my count, you won this little contest. Most RP posts written on SARP for the constrained time period. So feel free to choose an artist and reach out to me or @Ametheliana for coordination. It doesn't have to be Molli, but it does have to be a SARP character that can be used on the wiki. $90 toward your choice!

@Nameless, you were the runner-up. Only two less posts than our boy Gles. Even though there was no stipulation with regard to second place getting anything, I'll grab you a chibi for Sif like the ones Ame got for Morgana and Molli (as long as the artist is open).

Kaiyo over here driving the Star Army's actual roleplay. Gotta love it. We're like the band's drummer. Just make sure to keep posting ;)
Hey, I didn't see anywhere it was written that Aiko was successful bringing the ID-SOL down but asked Ame OOC and she said it'd worked. So I confirmed that in RP as the co-GM.

Hopefully this enemy will die now. I wonder if he's got a Terminator Necron skeleton keeping him going or something :eek:
Yeah, I didn't write it as happening I suppose and that's on me! But had to convince raz he fell even if it wasn't explicit.

Anyway, we need to get out of here! Any ideas are welcome, but for now Hoshi's on not letting Molli die duty, so she's less good at coming up with plans than usual! She sent Isuke and Morgana off to get some sort of vehicle, so until they regroup with us what to do!

@raz @Gunhand4171 @Gles @Nameless @krisslanza
Probably yoink some first aid equipment from the guards? Not sure if it's a universal thing but security guards where I am have small first aid pouches on their belts. Never seen what's in them but I suspect there's at least some antiseptics and bandages, maybe some bandaids. Are fallout-style stimpacks a thing? Just to help keep Molli going at least until they get back to the ship.
I think someone we downed would probably have a stimpack or similar on them, that's a good idea! Can't imagine these types carrying bandaids, though! Maybe this?
I can see that being part of a first aid kit. We just need to figure who can root around since that ID-SOL is still a little fighty
I couldn't find stimpacks in the wiki, so it's a non-descript vial of red liquid that Sif doesn't recognize but maybe the Kaiyo veterans might.
@raz @Gunhand4171 @Gles @Nameless @krisslanza @Sunny D new GM post!

I'm imagining a hovercar kei truck with an open cab! Isuke and Morgana can meet back up any time!

My face when I read Molli's post: 😰 That was probably Hoshi's too as she saw William pull Molli out of her arms to do the exact same thing and then also carry her when Hoshi can fly with Molli. There was really no reason for that, Gunhand, but also sorry to rag on him. I tried to portray Hoshi's frustration while also not having her be an outright bitch, just doesn't get why he did that. I think she would have stopped him IC before he got that far, too, so try to not do something another character would stop!

Sorry for the cursing IC and OOC, so many injuries really puts me on edge! Let's go back to the Kaiyo, get patched up, and not die!!! *fingers crossed*

Also, GREAT now my husband is saying, "Cope and seethe, Captain Hoshi" around the house. lol.