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RP [YSS Komainu, Prelude] 00; "Red Eyes, Black Iron"

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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FM of Nepleslia
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Cargo Bay.

Frankly annoyed at first but then somewhat interested in the elf. From what she had seen and known previously about the knife eared bastards (Forgetting for a moment that she too had elfen ears. But that was clearly a coincidence. Maybe some kind of mutated bat in her DNA... She could hear rather well...) was how prim and prissy and formal they where.

And yet here was one with the gall to even joke about turning her in and the good sense to not let an opportunity like their go to waste. She didnt give her name and didnt ask for Carthage's. Simple Hey you's worked when something interesting was encountered between them. She didn't conversate or act overly friendly, It was just another job...

When they came across the contraband unit, Jinako's mask of the professional looter slipped. She hesitated at reading the word contraband and her mind began to race on all the sweet little treats the cats deem so illegal for consumption that she almost demanded the cutters then and there.

Practically shaking with long abused addictions she forced herself along. The armor components she appraised and moved along silently, A plan slowly forming in her head regarding the defunct armor several crates down. She might need a snipe to fix it which added complications, And there was only the one which made the old voices in the back of her head wiggle forward in anticipation if the time came to bring about the old ways on the elf to ensure her own survival even if it meant just drifting through who knows where in the middle of space...

With time running short she stopped at 102. the unmarked container. Just one more before she knew she had to learn the true status and shape of the ship, And if she had to flee or put herself in a part of the ship as an alibi to ensure she wasn't connected to the current looting spree.

With a beckoning whistle to Carthage to warn her she was going in another container she took her own cutters scavenged earlier and began to work at the lock...


Game Master
Outside Engineering

Aphrodi sighed as she listened to the suited up person and the one in a lab coat, she was getting annoyed by all the noise and turned to them both. She let off a low growl "knock it off now before I use you both as a conduit to get this place opened." She walked up to the door and smiled as she goes to her tool belt to pick out a screw driver, she walked to the panel and started to work to unscrew it.

She gave a little smirk as she worked and turned to the others "I have this option and if it doesn't work, we can try to blast the doors off it's hinges, or the final option is one of you going in that vent up there." She pointed and chuckled "Maybe you two want to play rock, paper, scissors to choose who will be sent" she let out a sign "but at the moment my money is on lab coat going up there over suit."

She soon got the panel off and with a satisfied grunt, but then groans as the wiring inside was as fried as the panel on the outside "Damn it, damn it, damn it." She growled again and then kicked at the door "Arrrgh, why does nothing work when we need it to work." She groans again and then looks at the door with a small growl and kicks the door again, then checks the systems hoping for a way to get them open "At least I remembered to bring this out." She pulled her pistol from it's holster and shot a couple of shots at the hydraulics, when this didn't work she swore a lot and looks at the two "Well then, which of you two is going to be our savior through the door."


Game Master
Convention Veteran
While the main air system might be offline, Sacre hit the range hood's fan. Hopefully it would turn on and start to help with the smoke. She grabbed a couple of knives that she thought might be handy and all of the cloths she could carry. They would be useful for wrapping wounds. She placed them in a coner far away from the fire, intending to come back for them when she needed them. However, she didn't want them to get buned up in the fire. She cut herself some useful strips and bound them around her arm so she could access them as she headed out into the rest of the ship to look for casualties.


FM of S6
Game Master

The mocha-skinned ghost drank in the engineer's words for a few moments before her vice-like grip on his forearm released, giving a curt response of "As you were~" with a small nod as she went through all the available information, delicate chin being cradled between the Neko's thumb and forefinger - there was one obvious scenario that stuck out more than the others, it seemed to her than whoever had taken that AMES suit might also be the reason the ship was moments from tearing itself apart, and that maybe they'd taken it for either insurance if life support failed ahead of their schedule or to slip out amidst the chaos - it made sense to her at least, hell, it's what she'd do...

It was decided then, she should check the airlock, make sure no guilty parties tried to slip out and avoid blame if indeed there was a traitor amongst their ranks.

Kage reached for her belt and withdrew the shiny blue NSP as she made her way towards the elevator, keeping the barrel pointed towards the ground and the weapon itself held behind her right hip as she navigated the hallway - gracefully half-hopping/half-floating over some broken glass only to land silently at the elevator's doors, she had of course expected them to be out given how many other subsystems of the ship were failing, truth be told if it didn't get fixed soon then they'd be on borrowed time.

Raising the pistol up close to her Sarashi-wrapped chest, Kage used her other hand and her body weight to force the doors apart just enough for her slender frame to squeeze through, athletic body squishing ever so slightly as Kage paused half-way through to check that it was clear before continuing - snowy tiger-tail quickly sneaking through before the doors slid shut again and with a small breath she carefully floated up the elevator shaft, checking her sectors to really make sure she was the only thing in there at the moment.

She repeated the process of forcing the door open and clambering through as Kage reached the ship's main deck, spotting the AMES-suited individual and deciding to keep her eyes on them from the edge of the room, NSP still concealed behind the curve of the mocha-skinned ghost's right hip as she watched every movement of the person closely - eyes narrowing slightly as she tried to not draw too much attention to herself, going so far as to throw a volumetric projection of her usual uniform over the current post-shower getup.
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Cargo bay
Carthage seemed fairly relaxed at the entire ordeal of a ship being on fire. Halting momentarily to pick up a clipboard and flipping around the paper to get a clean pristine sheet to write on. Jotting down several items she already had and ones she'd still need. One entry as such read; "Container 102 - PA", before she hummed softly. Adding another few lines such as; "ductape" and "carrier harness". Though content with her shopping list. She moved back to the terminal and placed it down again. Exhaling a soft breath, before glancing over at Jinako once more.

"Hey, you," just as Jinako had predicted, "I need to run over to medical for a moment to get oxygen tanks," she spoke with audible disinterest in whatever the Neko was doing. "If you come across any tape in the time I'm gone, I'd love it if you set that aside for me." The elf spoke with a soft huff. Leaving the boltcutters with the clipboard as she began to pull the gear she scavenged on properly. "I'll be back in but a moment." She added, before slowly moving over to the blast doors. "Oh - it's in your best interest to do so. It means I can give you a ride in my Mindy if need be." She added with a casual shrug, before the doors were overidden and sneakers softly tapped down the hallway.

Cargo bay - hallways
As the door slid shut behind her, Carthage exhaled a soft breath and zipped open the medpack on her waist. Two bottles of desinfectant, much to her relief. She still had enough to make a small trade with the Separa'shan that seemed to have holed up in the kitchen. Hoping the woman had secured at least one tank of oxygen. And if not, well, it'd be extremely hot. Screwing the cap off of one of the bottles, she took a deep swig. After all, she was ready to jump into what seemed an inferno with little to no protection. Liquid courage was always welcome.

Hissing as the burn almost wounded her throat, she couldn't surpress the belch and nasty taste that ensued. Taking a moment to wrestle it down fully and exhale a soft breath of relief. Both at the fact that she didn't spew it back out and the warmth that was now spreading throughout her body. Screwing the cap back on, she wiped her chin with the palm of her hand and moved on. The journey to the Separa'shan would be uneventful at best.

Wardroom kitchen - hallways
"Well, fuck me sideways," Carthage murmured as she saw the area all but abandoned. Exhaling a soft breath, she pulled herself over the counter with an unsurprising amount of grace and agility - she was an elf after all. Leaving the medpack on the countertop and taking one of the bottles of desinfectant. "One for lady Fortuna," she murmured, taking another swig. "And last one for getting a good hand," she stated, finishing the bottle of near-pure alcohol, hissing under her breath and spitting on the floor. Scowling as the poisonous liquid crawled down her esaphogus. Slapping her cheeks twice, she lowered the goggles over her eyes and pulled the breathing apparati on her face. While she had no oxygen, she hoped it'd help with the smoke at least. A cautious glance at the reigning inferno that was the infirmary not too far from her, the SAINT operative smirked at the grim thought of burning alive - and how it wasn't the flames that hurt, but the blood boiling in her veins. Well, the alcohol was at least making her both numb and apparently suicidal.