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RP [YSS Koun] Mission One: The Haunting Past

Dodging her knightley avatar around the giant Direct-Propagation Wyrm’s attacks, Saga flew towards the great crimson tree trapping Haruka. Upon closer examination, she realized that the tree wasn’t malware in the traditional sense. The MEGAMI’s own defenses had attacked Haruka like some sort of autoimmune disease. There was a non-zero chance the MEGAMI would also treat her like an intruder. That would be… inconvenient.

“Well the Captain said I can do it,” she muttered before going about the business of spoofing Alastair’s administrative credentials.

struct group_info init_groups = { .usage = ATOMIC_INIT(2) }; struct group_info *groups_alloc(int gidsetsize){ struct group_info *group_info; int nblocks; int i; nblocks = (gidsetsize + NGROUPS_PER_BLOCK - 1) / NGROUPS_PER_BLOCK; /* Make sure we always allocate at least one indirect block pointer */ nblocks = nblocks ? : 1; group_info = kmalloc(sizeof(*group_info) + nblocks*sizeof(gid_t *), GFP_USER); |

Her armor seemed to glow as she took administrative privileges for herself. She designated the black haired Neko an admin as well and the tendrils from the tree shattered as she was encased in her own glowing armor.
cosmetics up to her

“MEGAMI’s lashing out and grabbing everything,” Saga said, floating over to her freed crewmate. “Let’s try to lure that Wyrm in, but we can’t let it get to the information nexus.”
Being jacked into the systems guns threw the link he began firing on the oncoming ships as Aliset turned the ship so he could get a better shot. he sent her another message,
<oh so a miss Sacre isn't your girlfriend noted. So you wouldn't be against me informing her about the juicy details of your time with the captain right.?>

Nix said insinuating he knows what happened when he bombarded her mind during their many training sessions.

<Damn it, the ship guns locked me out again they keep saying virus detected. unless a hacker is trying to shut off our point defenses. want me to jack out so I don't risk being hi jacked?>

he stated using his psionics to Aliset.
I swear to whatever God you worship, if you tell Sacre anything about that, I will force you to eat your own power core! Get up here and take manual control of the guns, I'm kinda both hands in the controls of the helm right now and dodging both debris and fire. Also, Sacre's supposed to be on Pisces! Is she here?!

A slight twitch of her wrist and pull of a trigger banked the ship hard, her other hand using part of the shield to hurl a large piece of debris at one on the firing ships as she read the power armor units closing on Koun's position.

"Black Wolf Squadron, we read you Lima Charlie, we're having a little computer trouble right now, so any covering fire you can give would be lovely. Good to see you. Akahana, Black Wolf Actual, we need your squads denying cover so our point defense can teach these cocky whelps the meaning of fear by grinding crossfire. All units, please stay clear of our firing solution, we have a bomber pilot at the helm, it might get a little unorthodox."

Cutting her comm channel, Aliset called across the bridge. "Shields, give me niner zero monodirectional hull relative orbit deflection at full power, keep out main gun point clear, we're doing a debris shield, Senti style. Hope these guys like a faceful of near luminal trash!". With that, her controls turned and dove the ship deeper into the debris field, literally using the shield to pull the debris into a tightly packed vortex of high velocity debris that would make landing a shot a near impossibility. "We can take these three, but if we get noticed by those larger ones, we're gonna have a huge problem... Sir, psychic contact, I felt it touch me. I don't know what it is."
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Nix ran threw the halls and twords the helm to operate the main guns manually. <So she is your girlfriend I knew it X3> Came the androids response in her mind as he arrived to the bridge. still in the wrong uniform. as he began operating the guns. taking on the small craft. cutting 30 or so shots into the side of one of the small crafts. nix decided to ask Aliset somthing. "So i got a probably stupid idea that may or may not work but hey when things are looking grim why not.....can anything metal be launched out a ships railgun? if so we could launch me a ways out i flare my psionic signature to distract them long enough for you to beat the breaks off them."
he then dicided to send a telepathic message to Alastair.
<hey bossman sorry this is just your tactical officer/ android dont worry about why I can do psionics but we may have a tensy wensi problem both my and Alisets psi signatures are boosted and stuck being on right now so were like a ginger on the beach levels of bright. talk to you later if we live.>
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Saga from the sights of her cyber armor knight would see the creature clawing towards the tree. It tore into a large warehouse looking building and out popped many girls in maid outfits. The monster screamed and ripped and teared at the almost endless amount of maids. Saga would get a notification that one of the storage blocks from Alastair's secret stash had crashed. All that was listed was an empty folder called, "Crew_Maids." Mean while the cries of support from Haruka would reach Saga. This was a clear indication that she was not under the control of the monster yet. Though the ship defense was another matter. Saga would get word from Alastair, "I hope after stealing my login that you didn't just purge my report file folder." She could sense he was none to pleased his "report" folder was now being ravaged by the creature virus. Things seemed to calm down, then the creature started to transform into another being. Instead of killing the maids, it had started to absorb them into it's body. It grew in size and then "pop", out of the dust walked a sexy woman with horns, a tail and wearing a maid outfit. Over her head it read, "boss battle maid."

Debris Field Part 1

Out in the debris field, the scout ships so far had ignored Akahana making it easy to get back to the ship. Alastair gave her weapons free to give an assist with taking out the couple ships.


Alastair was doing his best to keep himself seated. With the hard banks and sharp turns Ali had decided to use, the ship was finding it hard to keep a good gravity balance against the hard counter forces. So far Alastair had let Ali run the show, as flying was far more important than fighting. It was far more likely the ship would be smashed by debris than damaged by a scout ship. As the ship moved around gathering the debris around the shield. The disruptions to the debris field caused trash to clip into the non hostile ships around the large Super Eikan. After a few hits, two of the four Erebus-class missile frigates turned towards the Koun. The bees have started to swarm. From the ships small dots started to form. Alastair knew these signals all too well, Mindy armors. "Akahana, might want to reset your kill counter...have incoming!!" What should have been a simple task of taking out a couple scout ships and exploring the super ship has turned into full scale battle!

During all this, within the mind of Aliset she'd feel something. Like a finger nail picking at a scab wound. It clawed at her mind. She would feel her insecurities coming to the surface. Then in the voice of her dead lover spoke, "Why did you leave me?" It would echo through her mind, pulling and drawing her towards the big ship. Something was calling her. Through the thought cloud, she could make out that Alastair was telling her not to use the main weapons as it might pull more ships than it was worth. Then her mind released and the fog lifted, for now.

Debris Field Part 2

Sacre and the team of the black wolf would from a distance would see a great battle taking place. Her call to Alastair was heard but did not get a reply back, only a targeting indicator. Akahana had a host of Mindys on her six and was in need of support now. From time to time, the point defense of the Koun would fire. Nix was doing his best but the virus was making it very challenging to counter. Alastair got the message from Nix concerning using himself as a rail round. Alastair reached up and rubbed his hand over his face. Perfectly good aether rounds and the crew want to launch themselves out of a cannon. Alastair did not have time to come up with something better. "Approved, and take a aether blade with you. Turned up it has one hell of a reach."
Shaking off the thoughts, Aliset steeled her mind, focusing on Alastair's voice, until Levente's voice called to her, and her concentration shattered. "Comm, signal the opposing fleet, all channels, rotate all known languages. Text only. Prepare to copy."

"Ready to copy."

"Your cyberwarfare attack, psychic attack, and firing on a lawful salvage and rescue operation are acts of war against the Yamatai Star Empire. We will generously grant you this opportunity for your full, unconditional surrender. If you refuse, no quarter will be given. You have thirty seconds to comply."


"Helm, plot me a course to their biggest ship. Captain. On your order, I'm gonna send a fucking message. That I am the last Heir of Shurista and Rustybe, and the last True Blood of Skydas. They stole my Levente's voice, and that dishonor  will be punished under the First Law of the Senti, their psionic assault will be paid for in blood!" She forgot her comm channel was open. "I am not some useless diversity hire!"
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To Saga’s surprise, the maids weren’t just random women, she saw Akahana and Haruko among them, she even saw Aliset’s silvery skin above a few of the black and white uniforms. Some were of a more traditional cut, and others blatant cosplay. A number of maids even had her scowling face. If her avatar had blood at all, she would have blushed scarlet. The maid copies of her had the audacity to look cute. She filed that away for later.

The flustered feeling was quickly replaced by a sort of existential horror as Saga watched the Wyrm absorb a maid with her face. Something else to deal with later. Before she knew it, the Wyrm had absorbed enough maid’s to condense into something resembling a succubus in a maid dress. Saga leapt out of the way as a massive fist shattered the ground where she’d been standing. Letting out a laugh like a Tsumi in a berserker rage, the Succu-maid began punching and stomping, trying to splatter her. As she dodged and weaved, she tried to get in close enough to examine the code of her newly enhanced attacker. The Succu-maid was actually an army of corrupted maid data being controlled by the Wyrm. Each punch and stomp was actually a DDoS attack from thousands of enslaved Maid style limited AIs aimed directly at her.

She couldn’t face the thing alone, instead, as she dodged, she continued steadily backwards towards the crimson tree. “Come on, MEGAMI,” she grunted, “This one’s the actual intruder!”
Within the attacking corrupted mindys, 18 explosions appeared as sub-mission rounds go off cutting huge paths of Mindys down. The Koun can detect another ship coming in fast, from the direction of the Quallox Vaibal salvaging ships. It was the ISS Sobek charging into the battle "YSS Koun! This is the ISS Sobek, We got the smaller attackers you can focus on the larger ones if you're able too." Lenna's voice was heard over the radio, "What is the situation?". 18 more beehive rounds went off in the formation of corrupted mindys that was racing over toward the Star army ship. As with several smaller explosions as missiles from the Sobek started to slam into the enemy formation. Soon tracers from the Sobeks Gatling turrets started to fill the space as with laser blasts from the full-power Yu-din-chi laser turrets. The Sobek was on full hunter-killer mode as everything blasted away at the swarm of corrupted Mindy's.

Nikicon's paw tips flew over the weapons controls as she selected targets for the gun crews to take out as she smiles as she spoke up to Lenna, " It has been a while since we went full out like this Lenna, The gun crews manning the guns are making this much easier than what it was the last time we went full out. Reloading, aiming and the new Yu-din-chi turrets really a big help instead of the turrets that we had at the time we last had to go all out!"

Lenna nods some and then says "Keep an eye out for friendlies nearby remember there was the group of power armor dropped off nearby I do not want to hit them by accident."

Nikicon nods as she says " Sobek's been tracking them as with the lone suit nearby the Koun. " Nikicon tilts her head some her long ears moving to stand up. "Odd?!?!"

"What is that Niki?" Lenna would ask.

Nikicon hears Aliset on the open coms and then the readings of the space junk gathering around the Koun. " Someone has an open com and they are pissed! And the YSS Koun has a large gathering of space junk around it, it's like it is forming a shield with them. "

"Interesting! " Lenna moves to pull up the sensor data and looks it over. "interesting indeed!"
There were a horde of enemy mindies, and seven of Black Wolf, "Blackwolf, we're assualting that big ball. pick targets and I'll clean up after whoever's sloppy enough to miss, on three." She ordered, and the powered armors bunched together, forming a tight ball. There was a flash of light and they appeared directly behind the evading Akahana. As they arrived, missles and shots lept from them as the powered armor soldiers split apart, forming a six pointed wall with Sacre at the center. The missiles and shots exploded, carefully spaced to take out as many of the enemy armors as they could before they closed to knife fighting range.

"Aliset, do not engage that big ship. You seen what happen when we poke the small ships. Just picture how many might be in it. Focus on taking out the ships and leave the mindys to our armors." Alastair put in the order to not engage the big ship to all crew. First they needed to clean up this mess then deal with that ship.

Debris Field

Out in the field things started to light up like fireworks. Off in the distance Alastair caught sight of a large ship inbound. "Ah wonderful, more company." He said looking at the fairly rough hull and figured it was a busted up ship taken over. Then the Broadcast came in that it was none other than the ISS Sobek. He was glad to see some friends had decided to join the fight. Even if it was in the rusty Sobek.

The beehive rounds did a decent job cutting down Mindy armors. However given the dense field it was not as effective as one would hope. Only the ones directly hit seemed to be knocked out, the others twisted and formed back together. They also seemed slight more angry than before too. Having given away their position, one of the missile frigates turned to engage. A very large missile barrage ripped out the top of the fridge. The Sobek did the best it could to avoid the rounds but since it had positioned to take out Mindys left its self exposed. A couple missiles slammed into the side of the ship, part of the hull breaking away from the ship.

Alastair watched the display, concerned the friendly ship would be no more. Out of the dust cloud the Sobek emerged. "Thank you for joining the fight. Leave the Mindy to the outside forces, we have to take out these two missile boats before they shred both of is. Both were far off, not needing to be close to engage with its deadly payload. The second missile boat unleash a volley of missiles towards the Koun. Aliset did well to avoid most of the missiles, only a few landing hard against the shields.

So far the enemy was down roughly 24 armors out of the reported 60 in the area. The black wolf team would have no shortage of enemies left to fight as they blasted through the squads. From a skill level, the enemy mindy did not seem as skilled as those operated by crew. None the less they did well to lands shots and damage some armor. Most broke off from chasing Akahana which would give her a chance to fight back.


The new creature was quick to go after Saga's avatar. As they spar it detected Saga was trying to read it's code. It paused and a large burst of energy was released. This pushed Saga's avatar back away from it. A large energy beam clipped across the shoulder of Saga. It didn't seem to do anything at first but then she noticed code started to hack her as she made her way towards the tree. As she moved closer, a large beam fired from the tree. It was deflected away as it made contact with the creature. It would seem that Megami was in fact giving a hand.
Bridge of the Sobek


"Laser turrets to point defense mode, shoot them down!" responded as Lenna looked at the data from the new ships that fired at the Sobek.

"shit shit shit! incoming damage there is too many!!!" I hope they don't get passed the shields." Nikicon says as her paws fly over the weapons console. " Shields holding but not sure how long. " some more missiles make it through the laser fire and hit the shields flaring and then flickering "Shit starboard side shields down!"

Lenna growls some as she feels the whole ship shudder as the missiles slam into the hull. "Mother fuckers! They going to die!!!! Turn down the power level so the laser turrets can cycle faster between firing there is no way to replace the outer armor, that we have found yet!!" Lenna says as she hears the comms from Alastair.

"Can't let you have all the fun, So what are we looking at besides the two missile ships and a bunch of power armor? " Lenna responds back over comms. "Nikicon switch over to ship-to-ship combat ammo, We need to take out those missile frigates. They will grind us down to nothing if we do not take them out."

"Aye aye, Passing the word along to the crews Ap or HE rounds?" Nikicon looks up at Lenna as she waits for her response.

"Mix it up, might need both to hammer them, The debris might get in the way also so just hammer them and tell the crews to fire at will."

Nikicon nods and then says " ok passing it along now selecting the missile frigates for targets, changing missile launchers over to torpedos."

Once the orders to change ammo were done, Nikicon moved to start to cycle power from the other shield sides to help restore the starboard shields. The other shield strength drops as power is cycled over to the failed side.

All over the Sobek

Once the ammo load outs were changed over the main cannons swung over to now take in the two missile frigates and fire as fast as they are able to be loaded. The second layer turrets stop firing at the power armors unless they close in with the Sobek, the laser turrets now as their fastest fire rate are dedicated to taking out missiles and other incoming projectiles. The outer hull of the Sobek glows as the armor starts to reflow into the holes from the missile impacts in the outer layer. The crew already at stations move to reload the ammo for the main cannons sending back the beehive rounds that were already staged to load and fire.
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"Confirming missile hit on friendly target, ISS Sobek! Sir, if we don't make a show of force, two light combat vessels is not going to force this enemy into surrender." Aliset felt the shrapnel pocking her hull, slight resonances in the burial steel she had hidden letting her know as she unleashed a psychic attack on the ship that had called to her, the full might of her mind's rage at her husband's stolen voice formed into a white hot lance of agony and vivid, reality twisting hallucinations intended to blind and confuse.

"Helm, all ahead full, flank speed, Nix, I swear to God if you fire yourself out of a railgun, I will beat you, if we figure out a way to recover you, I need main gun charging, now. And lo0ad me some torpedoes!"

She let her fingers flick across her control schema, her eyes planning a route through the field as the hull rumbled. Angry blue-white degenerate plasma lanced from the engines, the Koun beginning to accelerate hard, dragging thousands of tons of debris through the field as she raced the starlight, quickly adding significant portions of the speed of light to the swirling vortex of debris and death, before she pulled back hard on her sticks, CFS and maneuvering thrusters working in tandem to lance the ship up as she rolled over, her armored back showing before the swordlike main gun was brought into the line of bridge, reactor, computer core.

"Shields, grav deflection, zero-niner-zero degrees fore, engage now!"

"Re-angle complete, ma'am."

"All ahead coast," she responded, letting the shields push the several tons of debris ahead of the ship, well over a third the speed of light as the engines flickered and died, a wave of debris aimed directly to collaps the forward shields and armor. "Main gun, fire one, tubes fire all! Engines all ahead full on launch confirm!"
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Nix headed to the railgun giggling in his head a little to loudly for psionic people to hear as he grabbed a Aether blade so that he could to the arguably stupid idea he suggested. as he made his way to the gun he would send Aliset a download link with the message. "look if you cant recover me or i bite it just click the link and say goodbye to your datapad as you download the last update firmwear personality and memories of me."
Climbing into the railgun now he turned up the Aether blade all the way the the intention to cut a small craft enemy when fired and probably collide with another. "Fire!" he stated over the coms.
Debris Field
The battle for the moment shifted into the favor of The Koun and the Sobek. So far the Koun had only taken major shield damage. The Sobek was a little worse off having taken a direct hit to the hull. However it was not a critical hit so was still able to fight at full strength. The focus of the ships had changed to focus on the missile boats off in the distance. The main cannon of the Sobek started to send rounds towards the two ships. At first the rounds missed as the ships avoided the incoming fire. One closer to the Sobek open its missile tubes and was ready to fire another round. It had delay due to debris being in the flight path. This moment delay gave the gunner of the Sobek time to line up the perfect shot. As the enemy ship was cleared to fire the missiles a couple rounds were fired off. As the missiles started to leave the shield the heavy cannon rounds smashed into the missiles. The missiles exploded like fireworks, much of the force being direct back into the ship. After a moment the enemy ship lost power and then exploded in a grand display.

Alastair knew Nix was going to get an ear full from Aliset once they seen each other. None the less Alastair did not have time to care about the choking of another crew, he had a ship to run. The weapon charged as Nix got into position. Alastair had taken micro control of the Koun to give some level of aim for the rail cannon. Once there was a clear shot, the rail released the Nix payload. For him it was a feeling of acceleration and smooth gliding. In a flash of light his armor punched out the end of the weapon. He was headed straight towards the remaining missile ship.

After the railgun fire Alastair gave Aliset full control over the ship. Her bright idea was to buckshot the scout ships with scrap. A smart idea though dangerous given the crew flying out in space. As they passed the enemy Mindy armors, a few more were caught by the trash and disabled. The Koun did a barrel roll over the scout ships as they passed. There were no survivors.

As the battle continued to turn into the favor of Alastair continued his work on understanding the big picture of the battlefield. His ship was infected, had enemies attacking at what seemed random and hardly any answers. Then his monitor lit up with a sea of red. The hack Saga had put out seemed to have taken control of the sensors and was pulling in data from the machines. His eyes widened at what he seen, 100s, if not 1000s of machines on the large ship. "Mother of god, this is the mother load of infestations." He quickly ran the numbers and there was no possible way they could handle a battle of this size. Even the ships that came for the mission could be quickly overrun. "Aliset, do not under any circimstance attack that big ship. Comms send a priory message to the Sobek and away team this same message."

Alastair ran more of the information and so far the enemy for the most part was ignoring them. Only when they attack would they focus on them. Then the dots came together. The firmware upgrade they got prior to this mission was designed to shield against outside influence. Mainly stuff brought on by Aliset but it seems that as a bonus the machines did not take notice of them. "Sobek, I am sending you a firmware patch for your systems. Install this on as much stuff as you can. Don't worry about the warning about being Star Army, I will deal with the fallout for sharing trade secrets." Alastair knew he'd get shit for this but if his thinking was right, the Sobek would become a magnet for these machines. His focus now turned to the large ship. Was the right move to board and learn what they could?

"Itami, suit up...it is time for a breach and enter mission." He sent over comms to his secret weapon. He was hoping not to have to use this but this was his trump card. A ranger, skilled for a task such as this. "Help the teams clear the active Mindys and head towards the ship."

The being that had touched the mind of Ali only laughed. "Come find me if you dare." It reached out in a taunting voice which seemed to be coming from the big ship.

As Saga was heading to the tree, she heard a voice. "Save me, before it is too late." It said in a low almost child like voice. It was not clear but it felt as if the signal was coming from the big ship.
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"Confirming hostile psionic contact onboard that large vessel, sir, we're vastly outnumbered and outgunned, recommend immediate friendly Mindy pickup and withdraweral... Belaying, registering..." Her voice shifted to Shuristan, watching the readouts change to a swirling map of infestation. It felt familiar, inciting feelings of anger, fear... Hate.


To If'Ni, she hoped she wasn't right. Her own kind had wiped this vermin from all its worlds, shattered their stars and crushed their worlds, burning the sapient lichen from the stars in a wild conflagration of war and necessary evil. How, then, could one ill Plumeria stand against a systemwide infestation like this. "Sir, with our current infection, we cannot leave this system. This ship is going to have to undergo full quarantine to protect Yamatai if we don't have a move. If we don't engage the core of the infestation and neutralize it, we will all die out here, and we will have to ensure our corpses stay here. Forever. Scuttling the starmaps, now."

Destroying the Koun's starmaps in their entirety would be impossible, but what she could do was delete the navigational data that would allow them to get back to Yamatai space. She could reconstruct that data from memory, if needed. More likely, she would be able to reconstruct that data from fragmented maps in the debris field, or preferably, the hard copy in her quarters. But she knew that without them, win or lose, whatever this thing was would never reach Yamatai, and she would never have to find out the danger.
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Black Wolf broke into pairs, with each pair fighting in a coordinated defense with the rest of the team. They weren't allowing any of the enemy armor to single someone out and get them away. What was more common was for a armor that was trying to attack found it's self in the corsairs of another Mindy. Sacre used her suit's advanced teleportation module, flashing between enemies who were distracted by the other members of her team and hitting them where they were most vulnerable. Black Wolf eventually reached Akahana. "Your with me." Sacre told the other Mindy suited soldier as the furball expanded.

"All right, it looks like we get to board the big ship. Sounds like the captain of the Koun wants to take a look personally. Akahana, give me everything you know about it. What's the best place for us to make an entrance? Egorova, your on point, we'll shield you while you cut the hole." Sacre explained, doling out tasks efficiently to her team.
Sobek battle bridge

Lenna smiles as one of the missile frigates is taken out and then keeps looking at the odd data from the Koun and its dragging of debris. "How in the hell are they doing that??" Lenna watches as the Koun barrel rolls over the two scout ships and in the debris two explosions as the two scout ships are destroyed. Then the rail cannon fire at the other missile frigate, before the Koun slows to drift, and the mass of debris shoot forward at the missile frigate, and then the main cannon and torpedo fire off taking out the other missile frigate.

Hearing Alastair on the coms Lenna blinks some and then sends over " um would that help with our systems??" Nikicon turns her head back and then says "The main computer, and backups, as with the laser turrets would need the upgrade. But I would be careful as our systems may not be compatible. Lenna nods some and then says " you are right the computers and the AI would need whatever Alastair is sending to us. I have no clue what it will be." Flips up the packets and sees that there is a firmware package and then sends it over to Nikicon's station "See if this will work on our system, upgrade a single turret as a test. Then have the AI look at it for his own upgrade, then do a full shipwide install. "

Nikicon nods and then moves to open the file in a protected environment to see what it was and if it was compatible with the systems. Nodding as she saw it was good, then moves to take off-line a Yu-din-chi laser turret and upgrade the firmware. " ok here we go" Nikicon turns online the turret as it starts to move randomly and fire a few times before the turret shuts down as Nikicon panics. "shit!" rapid paw digits fly over the screen before her and then " ok take two!" the turret is online once more as it moves to the position it was before it was taken offline the first time as Nikicon nods some. "ok I got it I had to hack the faction tag of the firmware, but I got it to work."

Then she moves to upgrade the AI as it goes offline for a few moments and blinks back on "ohhh this is interesting... WARNING!! WARNING!! VIRUS DETECTED!!" Then blinks offline and blinks back online the AI's face appears and then says "Wait.... systems normal odd commands the main computer was not used to was in use. Should be gone if the main core and backups are updated.

Nikicon nods some and then moves to say " ok Lenna going to turn off the Sobek for this. " Then opens shipwide speakers "Grab a light folks the Sobek is going to go offline for an emergency computer update. " Then waits a few minutes and then cycles the whole ship offline except the reactors and emergency systems. Then flashes the hacked firmware into the Sobek. Does a functional test to make sure nothing will happen then powers back up the Sobek.

From outside the Sobek
The Koun would see the Sobek's one random Yu-din-chi laser turret start to glitch and fire randomly before it is quickly powered down and Nikicon does her magic and then it powered back up. Then a few moments later the whole ship goes dark dropping off all IFF and sensors except for thermal. Then the IFF flashes online, flicks off, shows as the YSS Koun, flicks off shows as a red hostile contact, before blinking a few times between YSS Koun, and hostile then flicks back to ISS Sobek like before. Then the now drifting Sobek starts to move once more as it starts to move away from the Koun a little as Lenna looks at the area where the Missile frigates looking for more ships. Alastair still has not given Lenna a sitrep of what is there, and Lenna does not want a repeat of the surprise of the missile frigates.

Aelya laid down on her back to rest placing a hand delicately on her stomach. She was not sure who if anyone besides Alastair knew she was on board. Eventually someone would find out or come poking around. A fair amount of time had passed since she last saw her beloved, but she figured his duties kept him quite busy. "Now how do we tell him about you little one." she said gently rubbing her tummy. Thoughts flowed through her mind of just how exactly she would tell him. Afterall, she had been tested at the meeting with Airwin so she knew.

Thankfully, the norian undersuits that got sent with her came in a variety of sizes. So when she really began to show, she would still be as comfortable as one could be. Not that she relished the idea of having to wear clothes anyways. Nausea hit her like a brick and she closed her eyes tightly hoping the feeling would go away.
Itami's Quarters

Only Captain Belmont knew that he was here, as he had put top secret orders in requesting a Ranger from Vanguard with Demo skills. Captain Belmont had asked him to keep a low profile until he was needed. He was just finishing putting everything in it's proper place in his quarters when he got a notification from Alistair. "Well, I guess the secret's about to be out." Rushing out of the quarters he had been assigned and making his way to the where his specialized Ranger gear was stored in the Cargo Bay. He ran a hand slowly over his Ke-M2-2D Power Armor, "Hello, friend. It seems we get to play now." He got into the system and started a truncated checklist.

He ensured that the targeting for the Ke-M2-W3900 Shoulder-Fired 20mm Gauss Cannon and Ke-M2-W4200 Shoulder-Fired 8ga Cannon were working properly and picked up his Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Saber-Rifle. He ensured that his Ke-M2-W3000 General Equipment Pack held the equipment he would need to enter the enemy ship. "Captain, Jackal 7, is green." He hadn't had the time to change his call-sign before his reassignment to the YSS Koun. Anyone watching as he left the bay would see his helmet rotate as he rolled his neck. Speaking over the open comm-line. "Friendly inbound." The as of yet unknown PA flown by Itami, was like other Dragoon's save for the marking which were black and orange, what would be recognizable were the decals for YASO and Yamatai Army Reconnaissance Flying into combat was always a trip for him, there was always that rush of adrenaline. He did do one thing though, he buzzed past where the bridge would be, it was a tradition of his. Bringing the 20mm Gauss Cannon to bear on the Enemy Mindy's firing three shots with pinpoint accuracy, heading for his main target, the main enemy ship. "Time to open up."

The Current Configuration of his PA:
| [[stararmy:mcas:core units|Ke-M10-F3103]] | ||
| [[stararmy:mcas:armor sets|Ke-M10-A3103]] | | Armor [[ Damage Rating|SP]]: 10 |
| [[stararmy:mcas:electronics|Electronics|AIES]] | ||
| [[stararmy:mcas:helmets|M10 Ranger Helmet]] | ||
| [[stararmy:mcas: Power systems|Ke-M10-G3101]] | ||
| [[stararmy:mcas: Propulsion systems|Ke-M10-3100]] | | Speeds: .375c, 2,500c |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|Back Module|Ke-M2-W3000]] | | |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|L Forearm|Plasma Torch]] | | [[ Damage Rating|DR]]: 9 |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|R Forearm|MDR3]] | | [[ Damage Rating|DR]]: 9 |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|L Shoulder|Ke-M2-W3900]] | | [[ Damage Rating|DR]]: 6 |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|R Shoulder|Ke-M2-W4200]] | | [[ Damage Rating|DR]]: 5 |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|L Leg|Ke-M2-W2908]] | | [[ Damage Rating|DR]]: 6 |
| [[stararmy:mcas:weaponry|R Leg|Ke-M2-W2703 (WA-05)]] | | [[ Damage Rating|DR]]: X |
| [[stararmy:mcas:small arms|Handheld Weaponry|Ke-M2-W2901]] | | [[ Damage Rating|4/5/6]]: |
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As if things couldn’t get worse. As Saga dodged the attacks from the Wyrm she picked up a transmission, a child-like voice from one of the ships menacing the Kōun. Tapping into the ships external sensors she took in the battle that had raged around the Plumeria. A civilian gun boat and a squad of Power Armored soldiers had joined the fight on their side. The enemy flotilla was being flagged by a fucking Super Eikan of all things. She didn’t think she had a way of getting into their networks from the Kōun, at least not without time and a team. There were options, she didn’t know if they’d like them, but it would be their weapon. Confident the MEGAMI could keep the intrusion on their end contained for now, she disconnected.

Sitting up in her seat with a gasp, Saga blinked against the assault from bridge’s lights against her retinas. “Captain!” she said in a raspy voice, “that data stick I gave Akahana, if somebody gets it plugged in on the Eikan…” She trailed off before snatching the water bottle out of her cupholder and draining it. Fuck, her mouth was dry. Voice somewhat clearer, she continued “We can’t just blow that thing out of the sky, I don’t think we should either.”