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RP [YSS Koun] Mission One: The Haunting Past

"The data stick? Akahana should still have it, sir," she said following Black Wolf Squad into the ship. With a series of commands, she peeled drones S-1 and S-2 off for rear guard and sent the blister drones ahead on scan mode. Combining their readings with a standard Super Eikan layout, she patched their squad leader into the feed.
"Ranger Nariaki, Koun Actual, we confirm. Your helmet camera shows correct placement of explosives for hull nondestructive engine scuttle. If you have any extra, place an extra brick or two in the automated damage control node in the engine room. It'll buy you a little extra time while they try to keep the reactor backlash from blowing containment." Aliset's voice came over the comm. "Hold the fireworks for now, though. The entities are showing no present hostility to the other team. To buy them more time, try to link back with them. Blow them on your way out. Nix, Akahana, Saga, you are now Alpha Squad. Black Wolf Squad, your marker designation is Bravo. Nariaki, you are Charlie team. Sorry for the rapid fire brief. Your comm channel has been secured, and I'm feeding false sensory data to my psychic contact. Mission objectives are identification and assessment. Neutralizing the primary entity is a secondary objective. Tying in your sensors and mapping, now. All units, please acknowledge new orders."
On the phrasing of blowing the enemy, Nix keyed his comms. "you mean blow them up right? One gets resaults the other requires a personal connection unless you Senti do things differently." Nix pipped up over the coms Knowing full well the ass kicking hes going to get from Ali is gonna get worse. however he thought it was worth it flustered Senti or not.
Making his way into the ship Nix would attempt to link up with the other teammates.
"As much fun as I have no doubt that would be, you know what I meant, Alpha 3. Alpha 1, you have the squad. Bravo 1, how's your team holding up? I can see your helmet cam, but readouts are pretty sketchy on my end. Minor technical difficulties. We're having some trouble with your suit identifiers due to the mid mission command transfer. I'm going to attempt to isolate and restore that data, but I'm not as good at that as Alpha 4." Aliset's fingers flew across the keyboard, double checking that mapping was as accurate as it could be. She had the hologram of the Super Eikan up in front of her, mapping data being updated by each Mindy's sensor suite corroborated and cross referenced as she watched the individual markers, color coded to show the teams before she muted the connection from her end.

"Hey, Sayako, if they need a rescue, you think you can replicate that bloop? Or put some more detail to it so that it looks like Katamura, herself, just showed up with enough skirmishers to make Irim's battlegroup back off? Complete with the loudest, most chaotic music you can find to overload comms and long range sensors? I can get a crew working on the shields, get us back up and running there, maybe reload tubes one and two if we have the spare torps. Or I can send a Delta squad out to get some torps off one of the dead Plumies out there... Koun-Chan, how many torps do we have in backup? Also, do you have a name you'd prefer I call you?"
"Understood, Koun Actual. I will see what I can rig on the control node, and then meet back up with Alpha Team." It sounded like Koun Actual was finally calling shots, which is what needed to be done. Granted his initial orders were very limited. Now he had to rig another set of explosives, before meeting up with the other teams. "Alright, so another set of explosives, meet up with the other teams, complete the mission and then scuttle the engines." Setting a new set of explosives along the Control Node and linking it to his other explosives. "Alpha Team, Charlie Team is moving to your location."
Nix nodded. "Understood Charlie team Im moving to set a improvised explosive onto their magazine of the ship" nix would be checking the energy reserves on his blacksmith toolkit and remaining Aether energy mags before heading deeper into the ship. "Koun this is alpha 1 Im heading deeper into the ship to plant a improvised explosive into the ships magazine how copy?"
Eikan Interior

Itami would manage to get the control up and running. It started to provide some details about the ship before the console shorted out. The person who used the data stick would also gain further information before the panel it was attached into blown. What the information told them so far is that it seemed like three areas of the ship were operational. This would be the bridge, engineering and lastly the armor bay. Nothing indicated the engines of the ship were operational. For a brief moment, it looked as if a timer had flashed across the screen but could have been just blip. All this information was provide back to the Koun for further processing

Akino finally made it over to the team and looked over the information. Each location seemed just as important as the others so decided to open this topic to the team. "Which area should we check into first? And please stop trying to disable the ship which is already disabled. We need to save our bombs for the areas that require them."
Unmuting her microphone, she nodded at the data flowing across the bridge displays. "Koun Actual to Alpha, Bravo teams. Recommend locating and investigating the bridge. Most of the repair work will be centered there on bringing systems online. You'll be able to observe and report, and may be able to copy and hijack the files from the main computer. Alpha 4, if you can crack the main computer at the bridge access terminal to slave main systems to the Koun, we may be able to reverse the issue and salvage. Power Armor bay is NOT a recommended target."

Looking across other possible outcomes, she considered the issue at hand. "Charlie, if you can get into Engineering, see what the damage control system's doing and get me a solid comm link with that thing's MEGAMI. See if we can upload Alastair's solution. Do not disengage those bombs. We need to keep a leash on this thing. In a hot exfil, blowing the engines should give me an opportunity for a clean shot at one of the reactor cores. Or you can infiltrate one of the armories and pick up more explosives. Marking them on your map, now."
"Understood Koun Actual, heading to the nearest armory now, and then I will move towards engineering to access the situation and then react as needed." He did just as he said, heading first to the armory, finding access there and then grabbing a couple of explosives. It took him some time to find the explosives, but he was able to find them. "Explosives acquired, Koun Actual, moving towards the engineering section now." "Alright, Itami, time to make something go boom." Itami made his way stealthily towards the engineering section and began to work at access to Engineering. "Koun Actual, do you have a quick route into Engineering without me making some noise?"
Eikan Interior - Bridge

The team that had selected to go to the bridge was in for a fight. This was a real test of the defenders inside. The internal weapons systems were fully functional making the forward progress slow. On top of the systems was the Mindy armors they would fight along the way. This was going to be a hard fight getting to the bridge.

Eikan Interior - Armor Bay

Itami would only manage to get to the armor bay before being stopped by heavy armored Mindys. He tried to get the drop on one but was noticed by the other two and the stealth kill failed. He dodged for cover, only getting hit once by one of the three Mindy armors. His left leg indicated minor damage.
Nix would be heading to the bridge when he encountered one the the heavily armored mindys. guarding the way. "damn it i dont got time for this." he said ducking around the corner. Letting the ultracompact gp12 dangle on his harness he thought for a moment thinking back to the old days for guidance. removing 2 of his 4 mags for the gp-12. "well these arnt plasma but lets see if i cant mess with its sensors so I can get some shots in. Crushing the two batteries in his hand he tossed them at the mindy before shooting them letting the basically emp and lazer light show dance across its sensors as he opened up on it with a full auto burst of the ultra compact. "this Is alpha 2 Im pinned down int he hallway leading to the bridge I got a heavily armored mindy on my ass requesting support over!"
Dodging backwards in time to take minimal damage to the left leg as mind began to work through some quick response ideas. "Wonderful, Itami, you get cocky and you walk into three enemy PA's. This is the last time I use the non-stealth build out." Thankfully, his shoulder weapons were undamaged and he was still armed. "In the thick of it myself, Alpha 2, I am facing 3 Mindy's right now."

"Alright, then.....time to get to business." Darting out from the corner he had been using as cover and dashing to the other side as he fired twice with the shoulder-mounted shotgun aiming for the area between the helmet and the main core of the closest Mindy, while firing at the second closest Mindy on burst from the Aether Beam Saber-Rifle in the right hand of his PA.
Eikan Interior - Bridge

Sacre's team was working their way systematically towards the bridge. Tiny nodal support bits would dart forward, identifying targets that the powered armor painted onto the HUD of the armor. When they were blocked in one passage way, they went into a room and cut through the ceiling to access the next floor. The comms were professional and tight, the team working as a well oiled machine to make their way to the bridge. However, the going was slow as cutting through hull took time as did fighting through the Mindies that were trying to get in their way.
Onward to the Final Showdown

The crew found themselves against the odds while they cleared the ship. As each area fell, the other areas became more simple to take over. It started with the armory bay, followed by the bridge. Last was engineering where they would find answers to all their questions. The flickering of numbers they had seen as they moved around the ship was a timer. It was giving indication of how long it would be before the ship came online and more importantly when the main weapon systems would engage. More importantly is what they found, which was a contained life form within engineering. This is what they assumed had been giving them clues and helping fight against the infection.

Once freed from her confines, the ship parasite decided enough was enough. A large part of the ship broke away, revealing a machine boss had been integrating into the ship. This was why the AI of the ship had fought so hard against the invader. For integration meant termination and the AI wanted nothing more than to live. The crew made quick haste to ready to battle the big floating cyborg looking parasite boss.
On his way to meet back up with the other teams, Itami stopped by the Armory, to resupply explosives and ammunition. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but if they were to survive, it was be to ready for everything.

This would be interesting for him, as he was accustomed to work with a group of people who he hadn’t trained with. “Charlie reporting in, I am restocked and ready to go. What’s the plan?”
"If my readings are right, looks like some form of wild machine tried to fuse with the Eikan... Looks like some form of corrupted Yamataian or Kuvexian nanotech. Could even be Skydasi or older. Don't know. Try to get it to separate fully from the Eikan and then get clear of my firing solution. I'm gonna burn my last two torps and another main gun shot into it. Delete that bastard. But you're on a cruiser that's between Koun and it. If we move right now, we could become the target, and I'm still getting a massive psychic contact of organic nature. I don't know if anything you folks have will even count as a bee sting. Koun Actual's advice, Charlie... Don't die. Goes for you, too, Alpha, and Bravo. Just get it to come out in the open, and do not put yourself at unnecessary risk. I'm contacting the salvage fleet to tow our survivor away from the fight. And yes, confirming, one infomorphic survivor. Others possible."
The plan seemed simple enough. Blast this floating tumor looking thing into space dust. However this creature had been gathering intel on the Koun since coming near it. There was much that it knew though there was other things which it had seemed to miss.

Alastair called out to the crew. "Let us be smart about this and take it down quickly." Confirming what Ali had already been thinking and acting on. Though they would need to get around the cruiser and into firing position. It was in this moment that the weapons of the Eikan turned and targeted the mass. The shot was wide but did cause it to be distracted. Now was the time for the ship to strike and send it a firm message. A message came across all channels from the Eikan, "help me, please..."