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RP [YSS Koun] Mission One: The Haunting Past

Twisting his body as he got closer to the ship aiming to go threw the bridge. He ignited the Aether blade at max setting as he hurdled twords the enemy missile ship thankful for not being a organic as the amount of G's would most likey knock any other out. taking a swing with the Aether blade just before colliding with the ship bridge giving just enough give as he slammed into the bridge making his way inside. the problem being that the sheer depressurization just sucked every organic in the brige out threw a nix sized hole in chunky salsa form.

Reaching out to Aliset with his psionics. nix would inform her. <okay im on the enemy missile ship. Bridge depressurized and ocupants are probably dead mist. Im also down a arm and blade> he said looking at his shattered and crushed plating of his arm still clutching the broken blade. <Im going to launch this ships pescape pods before disabling the ships controls and leave threw the same hole I came from. how copy?>

Nix looks at the controls of the ship. "huh thats a lot of missles mabie I should fire them at the enemy big how many....ini mini miney fuck it." he says as he launched every single missile at the big ship."
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Debris Field

As her digital mind went into overdrive, Akahana’s instincts seized control as sensor signatures from the incoming swarm of corrupted Mindys’ filled her awareness. In response, the Analyst shifted into a defensive posture while the Kōun sheathed itself in an aegis of debris. All the while, her digital mind registered the firing arcs of the Sobek’s guns before the beehive rounds detonated amidst the pack of corrupted power armors. However, the hulks of old, ruined vessels and large chunks of debris acted to shield many of the enemy units, while also spreading out the swarm amidst the tight, dangerous starship graveyard.

Sensing an opportunity to seize the initiative, Akahana didn’t hesitate.

Her Mindy’s CFS propelled her into the field at sub-relativistic speeds, her armored form flash of motion to the eye as she set course for the corrupted Mindys’ that had been isolated from the main group. Making full use of her stealth systems to cloak herself in a sensor-absorbing scalar field, Akahana set herself upon on a lone corrupted at Mindy until she reached what was effectively knife-fighting range, close enough to discharge a deadly sphere of turbocharged aetheric plasma from her Turbo Aether Plasma Shotgun that burned through her target’s shields before immolating the Zesuaium armor. A second pump, then squeeze of the trigger validated the kill. Then, the Snowy Neko shifted her heading to the next pair of marks, darting between the debris until she came up on a pair of corrupted power armors and unloaded her shotgun into their backs, immolating them in aetheric fire in much the same way as before.

However, it was only then that the corrupted armors caught on to the lone hostile Mindy in their midst. The AIES prodded against Akahana’s awareness in warning, compelling the Snowy Neko to launch herself into a dance of defensive maneuvers through the debris field, exploiting the wreckage to break line of sight and isolate her pursuers. She flew through a massive, tunnel-like hulk which her trained eyes immediately identified as a Shock Aether Plasma Drive from a Kuvexian Battleship, before diving into a small nook inside the engine housing that she knew was there from hours of study. Having lost line of sight, the corrupted armors flew past her position, allowing Akahana to emerge at their flanks to deliver a sphere of supercharged aether plasma towards one armor from point-blank, before opening up with her forearm pulse cannons into the back of another, rendering both Mindys as little more than chunks of Zesuaium scrap.

However, the remaining armors were on her six once more, hunting for blood until Akahana flew them directly into an ambush in the form of Black Wolf Squad. Taking a deep sigh of relief as her allies set their guns on the corrupted armors, Akahana shifted roles from the pursued to the pursuer, taking advantage of the confusion to close in and unleash a pair coruscating spheres of aetheric fire into the unsuspecting armors, managing to cut down two more in the process with surgical strikes to the head!

“Thank you for the assistance, Chui.” Akahana said to the squad leader, her breath heavy with adrenaline and exertion. Even so, her digital mind worked quickly to process her new orders to breach the massive Super Eikan.

“The bridge is on top of the dorsal superstructure, but we would have to contend with the anti-fighter turrets to breach it directly, if those are still operational.” The Analyst began. “I recommend that we instead approach from the ventral prow, then ascend to breach via fighter hangar. It’ll minimize our exposure to their guns.” She finished.
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YSS Kōun, Bridge

"I think I have something that can help with that, Akahana-hei. Apologies for how long it took me to devise the solution." Sayako was making some last minute alterations at her console. "Shiroyama, if you would," she called out to the technician inhabiting the ship's systems, "More power?"

Sayako smiled, "Cover your ears, soldiers." One more mental command, and Sayako turned the entirety of the Kōun's sensor and communications capacity onto the hostile battleship, and cranked the volume across every spectra.

Aelya's Quarters

Aelya was fed up with waiting and she could not pin point why, but she felt the need to find Alastair immediately. The ship obviously in some kind of turmoil with how things had been moving about. What could she do? A pregnant non-combatant just throwing herself out in the midst of chaos. Perhaps the very least she could do was try to find the Captain. "If he is not in his quarters he is on the bridge, given the state of things I am willing to bet he is on the bridge." she thought to herself. Before she left she needed to take some medicine for her nausea, did not need to make herself a risk to the crew with whatever was going on. She found her stash and popped some of the preserved herb in her mouth sucking on it a bit sighing with relief. She could put one of her robes on, but figured that would take too much time and with that she left her quarters headed for the bridge.


Quietly she slipped through the chaos and entered the bridge. "Ah there he is." she thought as she saw a very stressed looking Alastair. Her bare supple form slinked up next to him resting her head against his arm. One of her hands intertwined with his giving it a gentle squeeze. Ruby eyes filled with concern looked up to his face. In the most adorable manner she hopped up onto her tip toes to whisper in his ear, "Anything I can do to help Puddin?" she asked giving him a light kiss on the cheek as she lowered her feet to rest back on the deck.

Alastair listened to Aliset and her words of warning. He knew very well the dangers this brought and had to agree this would need to be dealt with. If anything they would not bring back a possible infection which could be a very bad time. "I agree Aliset, we must get this under control. Do what you feel is best to protect the homeworld should things go sideways."

Sayako had finally figured things out and started to do what she does best. Which in this case was turn the Koun into a rock concert, complete with loud everything. This was a neat idea as the enemy ship seemed to ignore these efforts and not try and counter them. This would mean moving around outside the ship could be done so more freely. The enemy was searching for something and so far had not found it on the Koun. However Alastair was getting reports of what seemed to be another being. Was it two enemies or was something else going on. "Sayako, look into what this enemy is doing trying to hack the ship. More specific, find out the source if you can for this attack."

Alastair was starting to feel the stress of the situation. He was not about to lose his cool but it was for sure getting to be over whelming for one captain. Then he felt as if the worries of the ship had been lifted from him. He had for a moment closed his eyes so was not seeing that his Daarin had slipped onto the bridge. His sense of smell picked up a familiar scent. Then he heard the words puddin echo in his very being. His eyes popped open to see a completely nude Aelya giving him cute eyes. He jolted back slightly not expecting to see her on the bridge. "Dear, what have I said about being on the bridge out of uniform." He looked her over from head to toe. "Though given the chaos I guess this is the least of our worries." He reach over with his free hand and gave her a pat on the head. "First, put some clothes on. After ignoring that command, I do have something you can do." Alastair reached over and pulled her into his lap. "You can help by monitoring the airways using your vesper ability. I got no clue if anything will hear it but worth a shot."

Debris Field

Alastair watched as one of the enemy ships fired at the Eikan. He was not sure how this happen but figured one of the crew must be making a real mess of things out there. Sadly the point defense had no issue knocking down all the missiles. Even the ones that could have gotten through were blocked by drones. The ship Nix was on had at this point initiated a self destruct which Nix could clearly see on the console. 10, 9, 8, 7...

Between Akahana and the Black Wolf the remaining enemy mindy were quickly destroyed. On closer inspection there was either nothing inside or the remained of what looked to be dead crew. The armors had been infected with something. While looking the armor over, some of the infection attacked the friendly mindy armor. However it was not effective in taking it over. It tried then just died on the surface. The team including Itami made their way over to the enemy Eikan. The crew was fully prepared to blast holes into the ship. However when they approached, the doors simply opened. At closer inspection, the area of the ship which had been repaired looked almost alive. The nanobots causing a ripple effect across the hull.

"Teams, clearly this is a trap. Though knowing it is a trap does not make it very effective one. Take care and be smart. Learn what you can to best understand how to attack the ship. All ships of this class have major areas of interest. See what you can figure out."

Alastair sent word to the Sobek that things seemed to be under control. Though did request for them not to stray to far away. Since if things went sideways they might be needed again. Acting quickly it seemed the virus did not get a chance to do any real lasting damage to the ship. Though be worth checking just to be on the safe side.


Saga had guess right as not long after she pulled the plug, the virus on the ship purged. Though the ship did not give any indication it was the one who did the purging. It seemed as if this was an inside job.

"Sage, I will be sure word gets to the team to see about getting that stick plug into that ship. If anything it might give us an idea what we are going up against. If desired you have permission to join the away team."
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"I already deleted our starmaps. This will keep the infection from finding Yamatai and the Kikyo sector. However, if it is Scourge, you need to put a bullet in my brain if I get infected, as it will have full access to my memories and intelligence. I can reconstruct those maps in a day, maybe two. That said, it's capable of using our memories and psychic imprints against us, so having a third psyker on the combat field may prove detrimental. I recommend Aelya's abilities be encrypted, masked, passive detection only. As it is, I think we managed to kill the ones who knew where we are. Which means the Koun is safe as long as we stay in the dead debris, outside the main accretion disc here. She pointed to a zone on the system scan that seemed dead, not part of the main shenannigans, and only a few megameters away. "The Sobek will be, long as they stick next to us and kill anything that looks like it has positive ID on us. We had best use point defense to our advantage, here. Problem is I can still feel that Eikan. And I cannot verify how deep into my sensory it's bored. It is very possible it can hear and see through my eyes. It also challenged me to 'come find it if I dare' implying that I'm useful to it alive."

Looking over her data and plugging in a slightly different course, she furrowed her brows. "Tactically, sir, I have no clue if scuttling the starmaps helped. I don't know if the ships that died here had complete maps to get here or home. I just know I nearly died here two years ago, and I am  not  dying here. Not today. I won't let the crew die here, either. If that means I suit up and go put the psychic beatdown on some Scourge and get an unconditional surrender, then hand me my helmet."

Solid copy, Nix, Ali's voice reached out in the telepathic link, audible to Aelya and any other nearby pychics with any notable ability, See if you can link up with Black Wolf and our away team. I don't know if it can hear me, so I can't tell you the plan. Use point-to-point comms for security's sake. I'm still shoving my boot up your ass when you get back. Don't die on me. Please. Make sure my heart doesn't cost any more lives.

With a deep breath, she continued her consideration of the situation, reaching out with her abilities to try to form some kind of masking shield for Aelya, and at the same time harrass and distract the entity that kept reaching out to her. If she could keep it distracted, she might just be able to help everyone stay sort of okay. "Just... Not power armor. I didn't score very high, and nearly ruptured the hull during zero grav and vacuum training. Just let me use some kind of armored space suit. Power armor and I don't get along."
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Aelya blinked slowly when he jerked back not realizing she had snuck up on him that well. Although she was curious about this uniform he spoke of. Perhaps he had meant for her to wear something other than the Aest Vyrdi still packed away in her room. Even then it would have covered much. "This is the first time I am hearing anything about a uniform." she paused watching him look her over. "However, if you wish to suggest something I am willing to hear your argument out, at a convenient time that is." she said with a little smirk on her face.

There was indeed chaos all around them. She took a moment to take in everything that she could see without moving from where she was.
"That is does seem to be." she stated calmly. The pat upon her head made her ears wiggle a tad bit. "Glad we know that argument is futile right now." she quietly murmured to herself. A soft little sound emitted from her lips when Alastair pulled her over onto his lap. She settled in with a little wiggle as he told her what she could do, other than comfort him that is. "I would only be able to hear open or direct vespers, but I will let you know if I hear anything at all." she said to Aliset and the Captain. Aelya's eyes closed briefly and she gently grabbed onto Alastair's arm as images from the child swam across her vision. She shook her head to clear things, releasing her grip hoping no one had noticed.
Still feeling somewhat woozy, Saga managed to clap her hands to her ears and open her mouth in time for Sayako’s sonic assault. Ears still ringing, she managed to catch her captain’s orders and replied with a curt, “Sir!” before unstrapping herself from her crash couch.

She stood, immediately staggered forward a few steps, and changed directions towards the wall mounted first aid kit. She grabbed something for her growing headache and the nausea she knew was coming, downed the pills with the remainder of her water battle, and sprinted for the exit.

A short time and a few decks later, Saga made it to the Power Armor Bay, orders from the bridge had her borrowed Mindy geared up and ready to launch. She checked to see if the detection and jamming packages on her drone network were properly calibrated before suiting up. All systems green, even if she felt woefully naked in the sleek Yamatai power armor. As she stepped to the edge of the containment field, the armorer gave her a jaunty salute which turned into a go motion, she returned it and gave her a thumbs up before stepping through into space. She ordered her drones to take up an escort formation and magnetized her boots to S-3’s (the utility VCMAD-S) back. There wasn’t anybody to tell her not to surf a VCMAD through a Shuristan rock storm, so that’s what she did until she caught up with Chui Ven Sanssinia and her squad.
Battlebridge on Sobek

Getting word that they were not needed anymore but to stick close Lenna nods to herself and then sends back "Ok, Let me know if you need help. We are ok from that missile volley, but I don't know how to repair our outer armor to full strength just yet." there is a pause and then Lenna finishes "We are heading back to the salvaging ships from Sood Zadra we will not be far."

Debris field

The main turrets return to position themselves over the hull of the Sobek and it starts to move away from the ISS Koun, heading back toward the gathering Kuvexian salvaging craft nearby.
Debris Field
Sacre considered for a moment, waiting for Saga to catch up. "Allright, we'll do a rapid assualt and stack up on the hanger doors. Saga, Akahana, you two are battle buddies now, try not strangle each other. We'll be following this route." Sacre highlighted a route that followed Akahana's suggestion. "Countermeasures out, formation on me, let's try not to get ourselves killed. On three; one, two, three." Sacre said, taking point as they started their dash for the Super Elikan, they began hopping from asteroid to asteroid, to keep themselves relatively covered from any fire form the Super Elikans guns. Then they made a move for the ventral prow. Flying under the shields and along the skin of the starship towards the hanger bay. They landed, stacking up on either side of the open hanger doors.

"I agree with the captain, this is a trap." Ioamai said in her soft Elysian voice.

"Then we're the rats who spring the trap." Sacre replied, as they scouted with their NSBs.

"You know the rat who springs the trap usually dies." Ioamai said, but their banter had the friendly tone of people who had done this many times.

"I stand by my statement. Looks like they've left the doors open, let's breach and clear. On my mark. mark." And with that the squad rushed into the hanger bay as ready as they could be for whatever came next.
Nix looked at the consul as it began counting down "Ooooh that's not good, thankfully I don't need to breath." he states as he begins hopping out of the hole he came in from. checking where the Black wolfs are at. he would bend his knees and jump using the explosion to give him a bit more momentum as he doesn't have a jetpack. Shaking his head after receiving Alisets message he would send one back <what was that I think were having some interference. make sure your heart gets you more wives? Ill try.> he says with a slight chuckle. as he quickly drifts towards the rest of the group.
I mean it, Nix, Aliset's voice cut through like a knife, nearly booming in response to the idea of interference. Images of the crew flashed across his mind's eye, everyone that was out on the mission. You, Akahana, Saga, everyone. You bring them home to me. And bring Black Wolf in for debrief when you get out of that shitstorm. I want to thank them for the assist. You'd tell me if I'm missing someone, right?
Eikan Exterior

Itami was lost in his assault on the ship from the others, which was fine with him. He had studied the blueprints of various vessels, one happened to be a prototype of the Eiken.

"Ranger Nariaki to the YSS Koun and other friendlies, making covert entry into the Maintenance Hanger Bay. We may lose contact upon entry." With that he went comm silent as he began cutting his way into the hanger bay. "Alright, Itami just like the training, covert entry." As he entered the hanger as stealthily as he could with the PA he was using, he watched for any hostile movement.

"Ranger Nariaki has made entry. Koun, what is my objective?"
Nix nodded <I heard you, I'll try to get them home safely even if it kills me, though not like killing me matters the company owns my soul and body so unless that's bought from them they'll just keep bringing me back> nix thought sadly threw their minds eye before shaking his head. <Sorry yeah I'll bring everyone home.> Eventually making his way to the enemy ship the bottoms of his feat magnitising to the hall. He grabbed the crushed remains of his arm and tore it off only to shove it in his vest for later. With a short grunt of pain he took out a welders torch from his blacksmith repair kit and welded the wound shut eyes polorized to deal with the light of it.

"Alright Akahana, Saga and any Black wolf still out here sound off like you got a pair. Im stepping on the ship now. Yam navigator Aliset has tasked me with bringing you all home safely I intend to do that. Dead or alive I'm brining you all home." reaching behind his back he pulled off his GP-12 ultra compact before entering the ship
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Alastair looked at the roaster who had not been accounted for. He seen that Akino and Ralor Zarzen were without standings orders. "Akino, go grab Zarzen and get suited up. I want both of you heading over to that ship. We are safe at the moment so best take advantage of this and make as much ground as we can on that ship." He then looked to Aliset, "feel free to wear whatever works best for you if you want to join the away team. It might be good experience for you as well."
Alastair then reached down and started to squeeze on the thigh of Aelya. He was clearly tense while the team was moving into position. He turned and looked at her. "Afterwards, I shall show you the gift I got you. I do believe you will much approve of it." Alastair then noticed her acting a little off. "You feeling alright daarin? Did the motion of the ship make you feel ill?"

Eikan Exterior
Nix would have little trouble finding his way to the team. One would only need to follow the trail of bodies towards the big ship to meet up with the team. The team who had yet to enter the ship would notice that none of the outside weapons systems were active. This seemed to indicate that the ship was not fully operational at this time. Sage arrived shortly after Nix, surfing on a new toy she had. For a mouse trap, this one looked to be missing the trap part which for the moment would make for easy entry.

Eikan Interior
Nix and Itami was in a mixed state of repair. Heavy modifications had taken place, turning what looked to be damaged parts into a new living machine type structure. Itami would notice small machine bots moving across the floor like ants. Nix would see what looked to be cleaning crew. So far another seemed to be dangerous looking.

Akino reached out over comms to the team. "I have uploaded the print for what this ship would have looked like when it left dry dock. Saga, do you have whatever it was you had made we were to plug into the ship? We will need to consider first order of business, how to assault this ship. Anyone have suggestions?"
"I really don't want to join the away team, sir, that's the problem. I'm a high value target for it, and as long as the PSC is working, I'm shielded and can't get the full brunt of whatever that thing is. If I go outside the protective field of the Koun's PSC, we could be in a lot of trouble. Especially if it figures out how to get those mapping equations out of me. Cause I can't delete my memories. That makes me a high value target for it because I can read the maps and reconstruct them from fragment data. Plus, if it is Scourge, if it infects me, then you may not be able to tell until it's too late. It'll look like me, talk like me, but if that stuff gets in me, I become a prisoner in my own body while it uses my memories and knowledge to do... Whatever it wants. But if I do go, and we have a solution, I can tell you where it was trying to go." Aliset didn't look up from her station, in stead switching functions to back up Mission Operations as team helmet cameras and readouts popped up in her vision.

"We wiped this shit out for a reason. Nothing to say it didn't reevolve. And Listia knows I hope I'm wrong."

Aelya's eyes widened as the telepathy of someone clearly not Norian echoed in her mind. It was clear from what she knew of Aliset, that voice belonged to the Senti. She wondered if Ali knew she had the capacity for telepathy. "Well I feel like I was not supposed to hear that." she shot back via in return telepathic connection, knowing Ali could full well block it if she wanted. More words poured over the connection and the norian felt like she was intruding on a private conversation she could only hear half of. Whoever was on the other end better do what they were told or there would probably be some flavor of chaos.

The Tal'Cel noticed her Captain's tense mood and nuzzled his cheek lovingly when he squeezed her thigh. When he turned to look at her she snuck a quick kiss then smiled. "Oh hun you did not have to." she said with a happy wiggle. "I am sure whatever it is, I will love it." Indeed she had acted a little off, the child became rather telepathically active with her. It must have heard Ali's voice as well. She did intend to tell Alastair and had hoped to do so at not such an intense time. This was something huge for them both. It made her nervous, because she could not lie to him and was not sure how he would react. Anxiously she folded her hands on her thighs. "Puddin, I am alright. I have something to tell you...I was hoping to do so at another time, but.." she paused to look into his eyes. "Before I tell you, I just want you to know you do not have to partake in any way you do not want to..." she said as her hands trembled a little in her lap. They had grown rather close since they met and were rather fond of eachother. However, starting a family of their own? That was not something she was sure either of them anticipated. "Remember when you told me that you would welcome me home with open arms? How would you feel about welcoming a little one into the mix?" she said quietly placing her hands indicatively on her tummy.
Interior of the Eikan

Itami had begun exploring the ship, working to update the map for the other team as he went. "Alright, Itami, time to scuttle this ship's engine and get the other team out safely." He heard Belmont's voice come over the comms. He had a few ideas, but it would likely draw attention on himself, if what he saw was true.....As long as you weren't a threat you were left alone. If he made himself a threat that should keep the focus on him and not the other team. It was gonna be risky, just the thing he preferred.

"Ranger Nariaki to the Koun. Captain Belmont, I may have a way to scuttle the engines of the Eikan. However, the ship won't like me after I do this." He continued to make his way through the ship, looking for a way to the engineering area, to gain access to the engines. It took him several minutes and as he stood looking at the engines, he was going over the supplies he had on hand in his head. "Ranger Nariaki to all teams, I am at the engines now. Whatever you need to get done, you're about to get your chance. I am about to paint a big target on my back." He started to place a combo of timed explosives and activation required explosives along various key places. "There is gonna be a large boom, just waiting on the orders to start the fireworks."
Alastair was happy to hear she was open to getting a gift from him. He was still learning about their culture and what would make for a fitting gift to give to someone dear to you. He noticed her change in body language and tremble through her hands. This was clearly something important which honestly was not the best time but then again is there ever a good time to just come out and say something important on your mind. "I do recall saying this and stand by it. I will be happy to join in whatever it is." He tipped his head to one side as she put her hands over her tummy. He knew this was normal for an expecting mother to do. His already in crisis mode brain just blew a fuse.

Time froze for him for a moment. Did she just indicate she was expecting. How was this even possible he thought to himself. Clearly he knew how, just didn't plan on being one of the first Minkan and Norian couples with a hybrid baby. "Are you saying we are going to be parents?" He said to her in a low voice. "I'd never have guess this was the news you'd bring me today." He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a big hug. As he laid his head on her shoulder his eyes widened. My mom and dad will flip shit when they find out. In a good way, since this would be their first grand child.

Aelya nodded slowly, "Yes, we are." she said quietly as she placed her hands back on her lap. His low voice had made her incredibly nervous. "I am sorry for bringing it up, I had meant to wait for a more....appropriate time." she got cut short by the delightful surprise of a hug. Then it all started to hit her when he laid his head on her shoulder.

He really did care for her deeply, possibly even loved. This definitely was not something that she had ever expected to happen in her life. In truth she loved him to, but saying such terrified her. Her head tilted gently to rest on his and she whispered, "It is a girl." she took one of his hands in hers worried a little about his widened eyes.
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