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OOC YSS Sakishima Discussion


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I love this concept. I feel like the best stories are ones where it's not easy and this fits the bill.


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I was actually thinking of a plot similar to the tail end of your idea recently. Might not now since it would run up against your idea.

Interested as a player.


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Thanks Wes. I think telling the story of a losing battle's heroic moments can be just as good as any victory. It's also a chance to feature some of the Chiaki 1B refit tech that Toshiro has worked so hard on recently.

Also, thanks for your interest, demibear, and don't give up on your idea just yet. A whole lot can happen between now and then!


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Update: Got two players so far. Planning to start the plotship up after Halloween is done, assuming the character adoption process goes smoothly, and wiki work gets done. :)


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Another quick update: Wiki work on the new standardized YSS Sakishima plot page is finally done, and I'm officially open for players... The actual RP thread for Episode 8 should open by this coming Friday! :)

Also, after some thought instead of adopting Yuroko Koko I'm now going to be rolling with my OG kuudere Hoshitomo Rin herself for your XO needs. So far I have @RaWolfe playing our medical officer/ranking CO, @demibear as a Rikugun Giretsu survivor, and @Firebrand who has expressed interest. Current composition favors some infantry combat action, but I'm happy to change depending on the final tally.
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