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YSS Kaiyō II

YSS Kaiyō II is an award-winning roleplaying plot created December 24, 2016 by GM Ametheliana that highlights space combat and delves into character interaction on board the YSS Kaiyō II. It is fast-paced and great for new or old players!

OOC Thread

Current Mission Thread

Status: YSS Kaiyo is accepting new players at this time.


Below are the awards Kaiyō has won:

2017 Tournament of Simulations:
Excellent Original Scifi

2017 The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing
Simming Prize Laureate

Plot Overview

YSS Kaiyō II is currently deployed to investigate an alternate universe.


Crew Roster

Musical Theme

This is the Kaiyō theme song, made by Wes.

Rules and Pacing

  • Pacing and posting expectations: Once every 1-3 days
  • Your character can be killed or be NPC'd at any time

Open Positions

Open to anything!

GM Info

Contact Ametheliana.




Ship Patches

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