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Artwork & Creativity

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This is the Kansashi-class Type 29 Nekovalkyrja Auxiliary ship! Some of you might have heard the I was busy designing a ship, but that I was really going all out with the details, going so far as to make a 3d model of it. This is a sneak peek for it (mostly finished mesh). The Kansashi-class draws a considerable part of it';s design lineage from the Yui / Nozomi familly of scout vessel, but actually serves as an autonomous craft which is to stand as the tail section of the Type 29 Light Cruiser (I'm polishing it for the moment, since I have to make sure both ship can attach correctly). The Type-29 Auxiliary ship, on its own, has ample living commodities for around 17 crewmembers. It's very well armored (the same as it's...
(incomplete piece that I havent been able to finish effectively -_-) So many wooden soldiers Marching onward to their fate Unbeknownst to them the purpose, Thirst for blood they cannot sate Hard faced and grim they march forever Their eyes as cold as stone Tin rifles on oaken shoulders Fighting for an iron throne Lead slugs in heart of rowan Unfeeling, he marches on A step he takes then falls away And thus is one life gone His comrades march e'er forward His shattered flesh unseen Bathed in blood and clothed in red His life ne'er serene.
Okay, in the summer 2005, I drew these at 2 in the morning - couldn't sleep. anyways, tell me what you think of 'em - it's funny; they really crack me up, looking at them now :D they're a bit rough around the edges but I'm sure you get the basic idea that I'm just a girl who can't draw but wanted to attempt one of her favourite guitarists... B)
Today, it occured to me: God cannot be good. Nor evil. Nor limited in any way. Nor can God be personified nor described by any characteristic term, nor have any political viewpoint or individual ideas, nor have any equals (for any two things exactly identical in form and in spacetime position are equal to one of the thing). Limits are what defines us. Our roleplay is good because we limit it with quality standards. When something is good, there is a limit placed on it that means it cannot be bad. Conversely, the bad cannot be good and is limited. God does not exist as some sort of spiritual entity. If there is a God, is is the God found in the mind and experience and mathematics and in all things, for what God is, simply put, is...
(for those just joining us the begining of our mission can be found here, https://stararmy.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=18755#18755) Are we there safely yet, Superior Jester Dana? -Scribbles peaks his head out from under a pile of old couch cushion's and musty red velvet pillows that doubles for the Captins chair on the RSS Lolipop- "Ethier way we should prepare to recruit more officers for our crew!"
Artist: Alexandra Douglass URL: http://www.alexandra-douglass.com/ (updated link 6/27/14) Commission: 21 digital color artworks Commission Price: $250 (Copyright fees will be handled by Star Army) Details: Artist is guaranteed permission to display these works (with StarArmy.com's ownership credits) on her site. StarArmy.com will display artist credits on the art. A second commission such as this may be offered if the work of the first is pleasing. The timeline will be at least 4 works a week. List of Artwork: (unknown)
A story I'm writing, and once I'm back in school, I will pick it up again. It's been a while since I wrote anything, cause I lost the first few chapters of the first part of the book ^_^ But I hope to get started again soon once this writers block lifts. Regardless, this is my site, which I designed myself as well^_^ Have fun with it and tell me what yall thing bouts it! www.angelfire.com/fang/harrikke/index.html my most used RP characters are also there as well ^_^ So check over thier bios if you wish.
(To JS/07/M/378 This Marble Monument Is Erected by the State) He was found by the Bureau of Statistics to be One against whom there was no official complaint, And all the reports on his conduct agree That, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a saint, For in everything he did he served the greater community. Except for the war 'til the day he retired He worked in a factory and never got fired, But satisfied his employers, Fudge Motors, Inc. Yet he wasn't a scab or odd in his views, For his union reports that he paid his dues, (Our report on his union shows it was sound) And our social psychology workers found That he was popular with his mates and liked a drink. The press are...
And what good is prayer When the gods have spoken? Innocents fallen like tenpins, Their only requiem The fading of the tide And the drums of foreign war. What of love, What of faith, What of altruism? But petty words in a world That will never care. In death as in life - Overlooked, a statistic For the front page, After sports are finished. Shed a tear for the fallen. If not us, then who will remember?
*sits down on a stool. takes a sip from a cup of water.* When I was one-and-twenty When I was one-and-twenty I heard a wise man say, "Give crowns and pounds and guineas But not your heart away; Give pearls away and rubies But keep your fancy free." But I was one-and-twenty, No use to talk to me. When I was one-and-twenty I heard him say again, "The heart out of the bosom Was never given in vain; 'Tis paid with sighs a plenty And sold for endless rue." And I am two-and-twenty And oh, 'tis true, 'tis true. The Laws of God, The Laws of Man The laws of God, the laws of man, He may keep that will and can...
Let the moments of our future, Be greater than those passed; And the reign of our great empire, Stand strong and always last. Our hearts and minds will long prevail, And keep its spirit true; A million stars forever ours, And we'll do it all for you. Our strength and wisdom put to use, Like nothing ever seen, The power we will not abuse, Defending peace serene. By Hanako-Taii
(((^_^ Well, it will still be a couple months, but I've got the entire flick scripted out. So, I'll give you the introductory script. It WILL be done in English since I need to practice my spoken English, and Ryoshi will do most of the voiceovers that I dont take. I have about 15 minutes actually filmed out, though no voice has yet been attached and I havent decided on such subtleties as soundtracks, nor have I finetuned the individual frames.))) Scene 4 / Narration: It was like any other day. The people of Yamatai went about their daily business. Visual: (video) People fighting to get on the train in Tokyo. N: The military killed more Elysians who we never really heard about. V: (video) Soldier killing a tied POW. N: Somewhere...
The following is excerpt from "Yamatai: Sorrow, Bloodshed, and Murder", a collection of essays written by infamous rebel leader Ryoshi Mikawa in YE 21. This particular passage is taken from the essay, "Is God Yamataian?", Ryoshi's first public political statement. Decades have passed since the rise of Yamatai's grand empire. Years of warfare, punctuated by the occasional ceasefire while both sides lick their wounds before lunging for the throats once again. The warfare has brought around one general truth. If you dont live on the world of Yamatai, you probably live a shitty life. As a man who has seen the thuggery and violence of Nepleslia, the devastation of Elysia, and the comfortable nationalism of Yamatai first-hand, I know well...
It is so very clear, So glaringly obvious, That they dont care at all. We are expendable, Replacable, All of us. Resources. You'll give them your life, And get a stab in the back. When it ends, Perhaps you will see... They never cared. We fought for your freedom. They won. And now they give you nothing.
The rebels fail to realize They refuse to open their eyes They cause the pain They are insane They try to cause the end Of all justice and good They envoke our rage Yet they do not realize That this is real And not just through a page Better try to run this up some more, eh?
Untitled by Yangfan You chose him, you chose not me, It’s okay 'cause you are not my destiny, Our differences are as wide as seas, How could I ever think of you and me? So I’m done, I crush no more, You just think that I’m a bore, It’s just a crush, it’s not amore, I’ll pick my ego off the floor. You dazzled me with your civility, But a crush is like a symphony, Strong enough to bring a man to his knees, Doesn’t quite last until eternity. Feel free to call me sour grapes, I admired you for your grades, Inevitably, a crush abates, And I smile upon brighter days…
Think about it The rebels say they fight for the citizens They say they sympathize for you.... But why? Why do they sympathize for you If you live perfectly? Why do they want to fight for you When fighting will only cause havoc? Why do they insist on fighting a war That will only bring the citizen's world crashing down apon them? So before you listen to the empty talk of the rebels And before you choose to fight your neighbors in combat Think about it
I used to talk to you Every single day But now when I see you I just turn away I cant even look into your eyes anymore Look what you've become A rebel that slaughters millions of innocents Which they claim are trying to protect Your a monster Your a hippocrite Your just evil But despite all that The worst thing is You can't even open your eyes And realize what your doing
What's the score now? How could the rebels do this? They claim to be fighting for freedom They claim to be doing the right thing But they are the ones who caused the fight between us Had they not been unreasonable Or had they thought it through Our society would still be whole But the rebels went to unthinkable lengths And went to a state of mind irrational to the normal person They claim all these things against us They want sympathy They want to be loved But how can you love the enemy That caused us so much pain How could the rebels do this? This kind of reminds me of politics... Two sides claiming to be right, fighting each other... Lol, scary when you think about it.
Thanks to Yamatai for holding on fast Even when evil tried to escape their grasp Thanks to Yamatai for remaining strong Even when the Rebels tried to hurt us through song Thanks to Yamatai for ensuring our safety And allowing us to live in a soceity Thanks to Yamatai for all they have done And making those rebels stay on the run Thanks to Yamatai! Thanks to Yamatai!
Yamatai takes great pride in what they do Helping people like me and you Remember this when you think of the traitors And do not listen to those haters They want our safety to be crushed And they want our voices to be hushed But the rebels forget one big thing And that is the voice in which we sing The pen is mighter then the sword And together, Yamatai will defeat this horde! I dont think my songs are good, mind you, but if it helps even the score with the rebels, then so be it! Also, I will be taking a creative writing class next term, so I might actually become better)
7-5. I'm sugar-high and bored, fear my wrath! These glowing cinders, Fading to Requiem, The silver blades Driven through the breast Of this limp form... But the eyes, Still ablaze, cling to life... For a few fleeting seconds Before the lights fade, The flame dies... They called it honor... Pride... Patriotism... Love your Motherland... By dying, in the rain, Far from home. This is life destroyed, By Yamatai's Despotic vicegrip, And not the enemies they blame We fought, for near a decade. Not for our honor, But their moneybags. The tyrant's gold - And now we lie, Forgotten, To die in the rain Of a faroff land...
As ships are built and time goes by, A force of arms will say goodbye, To explore or war, they'll cross the sky; Our brave Star Army of Yamatai; On ships of strength and precious beauty, An army goes to do its duty, With strength, wisdom, and loyalty, And the spirit of certain victory. The ships in endless black void know, What they must do and where to go, That peace only grows from their blood flow. And it is sacrifice that lets it grow. Let the blue flag fly, and let all see, Who these people in starships are really; They love, they die, they guarantee; That we can live life happily. Written by Shinjuku Hinosami
3-2 for the revolution! The silken sky above us The tattered earth below Beyond the scathing fires Through all that can be known Tis here where you shall find us Beneath the bloodstained sky Wage war against the warfare, Let the crimson banner fly They seek to control us With a flag of conquest and pain Our lives are expendable Under this hateful reign So rise against the warlords Fight so we may all be free Raise your fists and speak your soul, And march to victory!
Though I could really use a little help from any of my non-existant supporters... else I'll eventually be working against my boss and numerous pro-Yamatai writers. ^_^ This is simply metered verse, not intended to be musical in any way. In all of our hearts the Resistance lives on So long as we live Hope will never be gone Though many shall fall More shall always remain Our rights will be won Human life, human gain Always and forever We shall rise 'gainst the tide Strike for the eyes of the Empire we defied Live long the insurrection From which our cause grew Forget not our past, To our future stay true. (C) 2004 Sekiko Tanaka
Yep. I decided to actually do some counter propaganda. ^_^ Raise your fists against the tide, See the scarlet banners glide Fight until your body falls, Until the Earth consumes us all! Bear the pennant in the wind Our infant might we shant rescind Against all odds we carry on 'Til bones are bare and flesh is gone! Empires beat the drums of war Now and a thousand times before Fight for every child's hope To live free of the shepherd's rope! Our symbol plain, our purpose true, To bring freedom and life anew We shall march on until we die Against the Empire of Yamatai. The pain of thousands fuels our heart So that agony may forever part We shall not fall, shall not retreat - The Empire will know defeat. Steady now, we've come too...
Okay, I was eating dinner in the cafeteria, minding my own business, when DDR trance music just started pumping into my head. Either my muse is getting rather aggressive, or I need to see a psychiatrist. :( Anyway, I figured that jotting down the lyrics would make the noise go away. And it did. :) *reads lyrics* Hmm. If this whole computer science thing doesn’t work out, I can always be a propagandist. :) Fight for Yamatai! (sang by a Nekovalkyrja to trance music) Look up to the sky, I will tell you why: Up there is the legendary Land of samurai! Dashing and daring, Strong and none-fearing, The immortal defenders, And crusaders of Yamatai! Our enemies are ever approaching, Their power is overwhelming, But...