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  1. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission Shi: Komorebi

    Komorebi Raccoon Shuttle 10日 2月 YE 39 0630 Hours The raccoon shuttle rumbled a slight bit as it touched down on the planet that was as of yet unexplored by anyone from the Kikyo Sector. The pilot, Ito Arnbjorg, looked back at those in the crew area with a worried look. "Let's hope that's not...
  2. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō Pre-Mission Three: Love in Death

    YSS Kaiyō Captain's Suite 5日 2月 YE 39 0630 Hours Taii Eden put her hand to her eyes and rubbed them, pushing out the tiredness from them. It was time to begin her day. She looked over to her bedmate. It was time to start their day. She kissed Saki on the cheek and wrapped an arm around her XO's...
  3. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Post-Mission One: Chotto ii?

    YSS Kaiyō Bridge 4日 1月 YE 39 1200 Hours Teien Eden was standing with hands behind her back, watching the operators at their various controls as they worked, wondering when the next time they ran into an enemy would be. She heard the doors behind her open and turned with her golden eyes...
  4. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Pre-Mission One: Jozu Desu Ne!

    YSS Kaiyō Captain's Suite 1日 1月 YE 39 0900 Hours "Now," Taii Teien Eden began as she relaxed in the plush recliner chair in her suite. She was talking with a highly competent member of the crew, one she hadn't seen much of in the time since first meeting her. "You have presumably been doing...
  5. Ametheliana

    RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ichi

    YSS Kaiyō Bridge 3日 1月 YE 39 0600 Hours They had been on their voyage for a few days and nearly everyone had remained on high alert in that time. Everyone had found certain roles to take up aboard the ship, whether official occupational ones or not. The infantrymen were most often seen in the...