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OOC AEON II Discussion

Sorry, things have been a bit out of sorts. I'll be working on a post later today. Need something to keep my mind busy.
Im sorry for your loss.
Sorry, its been rather hectic. Things are settling down. Been busy making preparations for my mother's memorial.
Post will be made later tonight.
Thanks to my brother my wife and I will be able to attend the events on Memorial day weekend.

Post coming
No I have not retired. The start of June was emotionally draining. We then went to ConCarolinas to get my wife, James and I out for some fun. Unfortunately the fun aspect never happened. I spent the first nite at the Con in ER. I had been up for 25 hours. Then had to deal with him no sooner that I started to sleep.

My wife and I took a short vacation left Jun 28, came home on 1 Jul.

I'll be posting today.
Wow Nash! Sounds like you just can't catch a break. I hope you short vacation was nice at least. Glad to have you back!
Sorry the Vaccine for Shingles kicked my but. Can't wait for the second dose. Posting for the Aeon later today
I will be posting tomorrow morning before Dealing with our room mate. He's have a toe amputated.
I will be making a post later today for the other two folks.