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Avatar Thread: What is your Avatar?

I don't know that mine needs an explanation, but I'm giving one, anyway. :D

It's a cross on a hill at sunset. At least for me, an empty cross at sunset is a pretty big representation of Jesus' death and resurrection. My faith is the biggest thing in my life, so I use it a lot.
Just something I found on the internet though I will be changing to a line up of my characters later
Got this one from a guy named BRIndustries, it's affectionately referred to as the "Arball" by many of us. Unsurprisingly it's my single character! XD
It's a taiyaki with a person attached. Yes, I did not misspeak.

Inspired by said pastry I enjoyed in Kaminarimon, Amakusa some time ago. Cold days and piping hot pastries go together very well.

EDIT: I wonder. Shouldn't my title read as "Inactive Member" by now?
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a pic a friend drew for me that pretty much sums me up and i use for all my accounts but was orignally used for my youtube channel