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Avatar Thread: What is your Avatar?

Yakno... I don't actually know who did mine, what it was for, or any of that. BRi modified it years ago to better fit me, and I chose it because it actually really looks like me, like something I'd be doing, and it invokes a sense of peace for me. Like everything's gonna be okay.

Also I love that motorcycle.

I got mine from here. I never asked for it. I just logged on one day and it was on the wiki and I was like "Oh that is sweet!" Funny enough I was gone from here for about 6 years and when I got back on I was telling my wife about it and showed her the picture and she said, "Wow, that actually looks kinda like you." Now I love the picture even more.
Me, I am using a symbol for the ODST or the Helljumpers from Halo. I figured since a lot of the time we, in the infantry are chosen to go in to a situation first, this fit well.

Froggo :3

Because they are precious children


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