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Avatar Thread: What is your Avatar?

Oh also I'm a flower whose center is a gun. Fear me or something.

...Imagine if flowers and stuff had weapons like that. You want to pave over a field? You need an airstrike of napalm just to get the plants out of the way!
Had this since I joined years ago during my "blinking days" (on and off due to life). It's from an old movie.

I have returned to the scene of the crime.

Back in June of 2011, Luca unveiled his MLP: FiM ponification of his SARP character, and then linked to the Pony Maker that he used (a link that is now unfortunately dead). Because of that, I gave the show a chance. A few pony music videos and parodies later, I binged the first season before the second season premiered. Watched that as it was live-streamed (and discovered John de Lancie was voicing the main villain in that premier!), and...well...

Two weeks ago, Friendship is Magic ended after a nine-season run.

I blame you, Luca, for any good or ill that comes of it.



And you know what? I STILL BLAME YOU.

I watched nearly every episode as they were released, met cast members, followed the ups and downs and controversies and twists of the fandom. Some of the best times of my life are because of that show, and I have come back to thank you for inadvertently getting me hooked. Even if you aren't here anymore, I figure this post is the next best thing and closes the loop : )

My avatar has been, for a long time now, the fusion of MissingNo glitch and FiM-style pony. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

See ya around ^_^ /)
My avatar is WesMade™ art of my character Tachiko.
Mine was drawn by a friend from another online platform. It is of my Main RPC who is retired, I use it because well A. I like the picture and she put a good deal of hard work into making it for me and B. as cringy as this might sound I relate a lot of my own RPC than most other characters out there. I've had her since I was a child ( 15 or so ) Maybe one day she will make a come back for right now tho I'll just keep using her art and let her sleep.
Mine is an art I made with a site of my first ever RP character, Valona Longweave, which is also my online namesake. Same website I used to make the art of my most-done SARP character, Lillian Esherara, too.
Wes xmas avatar 2019.png

Before I change it, I wanted to post my holiday avatar, which is Yui and Hanako kissing under the mistletoe! It was a gift art!
My new avatar is Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, the new art that @Wes commissioned last year. (Thank you!) She is paired with the new First Expeditionary Flag that I made when the Resolutions of a Ghost Plot started.