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RP [Day 1] Getting Started

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Re: Getting Started

Sighing softly, Judgement rose from her seat. She looked first to the door, then back to Ayana, then shook her head slowly, closing her eyes, and walked out. It wasn't long before the Hand of War fell into step at her side, and they began murmuring back and forth between each other in their native tongue, as they toured the station.
Re: Getting Started

Ayana watched the others leave and let out a frustrated sigh, laying her forehead against the table in front of her. This is ridiculous. Why am I even here when the only thing certain people want to do is keep fighting? What am I trying to save? She thought rather bitterly, she didn't want to even look at Hanako or Yui now, she was so disgusted. She remained at her seat, feeling rather miserable.
Re: Getting Started

Ayana would feel a comforting hand on her back, that gently rubbed her upper back. Maysaki behind her sighed a little. "Diplomacy is always a touchy subject... More so with the more... Um... Trigger happy types." And that was no Neko 'racism', either. That was a fact on Hanako and Yui's part. "I hear you went through a lot to get Mel'... So you've done a great deed to the empire."

"Although Yui and Hanako seem to want to remain with the same ways... Even hostilely. Maybe we should prod at the new empress to get a new command chain..." Maysaki tapped her chin thoughtfully and shrugged. "Regardless, lets go get some rest. Oh, and I nominate you as our representative if we carry that out."

Maysaki then left the conference area.
Re: Getting Started

"Did you hear what she said to me?" Hanako asked Yui, livid.

"Calm yourself. This sort of anger is not pretty." Just then, Yui heard Maysaki's comment. "That bitch," Yui scowled. "These senators..." she seethed in anger. The only one of them in the room she had a decent amount of respect for was Ayana.
Ayana looked up at Maysaki from behind her folded arms. "Thank you for the vote of confidence. This just hasn't been my day. I was hoping this'd go much much differently than it did. But you're right, time to get some rest, I still have to check on how the situation is going at home. I heard we have at least one hostage situation due to outraged Nepleslians..."

The liliac haired representative slowly pushed herself up from her seat with a short glance to Mr. Marks and the Crown Prince before she finally started walking towards the door.
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