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Doshii Jun

Perpetual player
Retired Staff
Wes' proposals work for this oldbie. They pose a significant enough barrier while giving people a chance to create their own entirely unique creation.

Also, no hard feelings, @IQ. You've had rough times, and I don't mean to diminish them. I don't speak as a Yamataian supremacist, just as an oldbie who's seen a lot come and go.

My proposal for "no new factions" was to ensure that possibility was entered into the conversation. My further reflections were to point out just how hard it is to get this right, and how it hasn't ever been done terribly well over the years -- for a whole host of reasons.

My words can come with all the salt of my reputation, history, whatever opinions you've got of me. Just ... be careful about this pursuit. It's clearly roiled the site before, and it easily could do so again.


FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
Mercenaries can already happen -- Nepleslia has been a bed for them for a very long time. Contact me or one of my Co-FMs for more details if you want but this has been and will always be a component Nepleslia keeps open. Yamataians leaving to incorporate their mercenary organization in Nepleslia also has precedence -- see Ronin as one of the more recent cases of this (I did it 5ever ago for Shinpi) as well as groups with Yamataians that are mercenary coalitions.

It's almost 4 AM so sorry if this is a bit "out there" in the context but I figured I'd reply to this concern/point addressed that seemingly went unresponded to.