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Location 5

Saya let out a few short rapid breaths into her suit, her eyes shut as she did her best to calm herself just before the doors were breached. The entrance slammed open, Saya watched as Sacre quickly inserted herself into "Losers" personal bubble and quickly sprang to work. She shut off her suit's CFS so she wouldn't harm anyone and quickly wove her way between her group in front of her. A hand reached out as she used her gravity manipulation around her to make her move quicker and grabbed the hostage that "Loser" had held and yanked them back to create even more distance. Between her enhanced strength and the off-balance nature Sacre had left the being in, it was a simple matter.

She moved back far enough, her gun out as she positioned herself out in front of the hostage to give them a shield and kept her eyes open to anyone to fire. She just prayed there was no one left for her to worry about.
Location 5

, Klaus thought, consists of two main attributes, Speed and Suprise. Using these elements we are either to secure or neutralize enemy combatants with minimum risk to oneself. Repeating this mantra in his head, Klaus waited for the signal to go ahead. He felt the rush of adrenaline commanding him to go forth and kick arse (his grandpa's words). Still, he waited. He was steel, disciplined to a higher standard.

As soon as he received the go ahead, Klaus burst into action, uncloaking and aiming his weapon, scanning at the fallen enemies, in case they were pretending to be dead. Quickly and surely he surveyed the room, in search of explosives, injured civilians or hidden enemies.
Location 5

Alastair moved into position and waited for all the right actions to take place. Once this had happen he took his mighty boot and kicked down the doors using all his force. Off to his side he took notice of Klaus rushing into the room like a charging bull. Saya on the other hand moved with grace. Her desire to protect the hostage was most welcome Alastair thought to himself.

His scanner checked the room and then his eyes locked onto the loser. This was the best kind of loser, one that will not pass go and collect two hundred dollars. Oh no, this one was going directly to jail where Alastair would make them regret ever being born. He walked over to the Kuvexian slowly sizing them up. "Klaus, if the Kuvvy tries to run, be sure to only aim for the knees." He said in an evil tone. Over the last few mission Alastair had grown tired of the Kuvexians and the misdeed they kept doing. He was ready to be done with them once and for all. He walked closer still till he was right over the Kuvvy. He moved his hands in front of himself and started to crack his knuckles. "You picked the wrong station to be on today. Now, your going to be good and tell me everything you know..."
Station - Location 5

"Hai!" Was all that was heard from abart, remaining at the back to oversee the rest of the group approacing Loser's location, NSB's carefully looking around the rest of the area in case of any reinforcements. Within seconds, it was already over, thanks to the teams swift and effective efforts. He had to admit, it was a tad anticlimactic how smoothly this one went. Oh well, what can you do? "Nice goin', folks."


YSS Kaiyo II - Bridge

Nerai was slumping in her seat just now, patiently waiting, standing by for.....anyhting really. The notion of another inbound ship did snap her back to attention though, sitting back up in her seat with a slight cough. Just to be safe, she ran another integrity check on the hull and primary armaments, as well as monitoring reactor levels and power distribution throughout the ship, putting all of them on seperate windos to the side of her posts's monitors. Still, having a ship appear mere minutes after she mentioned it better not happening..... She totally jinxed this one, didn't she? So she thought, tapping away to doublecheck the Kaiyo was 100% A-ok. "Let's have a lil' looksies~"
Location 1

Aiko watched intently from within her mecha, studying the Leinve's speechless communication while her volumetric representation outside remained regally placid as they "spoke" to one another. Though she couldn't be sure from a glance, it seemed to the princess that their odd manner of speaking was a result of the fact that they didn't actually verbalize anything themselves. Whether they talked solely through their expressions and movements or by way of some kind of telepathy was unclear, and she made a note of it in her digital mind's personal log for reporting to SAINT in a later debriefing.

When the leafy-browed alien who'd been her liaison sent his comrades away and explained that he was now taking the Yamataian retinue to the station's engineering center, Aiko nodded along and quickly formulated what her next steps would be. Rei, her samurai yojimbo, wouldn't like it — and likely neither would William — but objection wasn't their place. But the path ahead seemed like it could narrow, making her choice now clear. So the Ketsurui shoi made a few mental commands to her big Kirie armor and allowed its beefy CIES to take over on overwatch mode while maintaining a simple greeting pattern for the kimono-clad projection of her likeness.

"In a moment there will be two of me, brave Reinbe," Aiko warned in her haughty way, giving her suit the command to kneel and let her out of its pilot pod. "Do not be startled by the illusion, I am still but a single soul."

Just as she had promised, another Ketsurui Aiko appeared beside the volumetric one in its teal-and-pink finery, shimmering out of the invisible armor that had held her until now. This more corporeal princess wore her white-paneled Type 22 bodysuit and was armed with an NSP at her hip, itself ornately decorated with gold and red furniture beneath the plain black holster — all she could carry within the THOUGHT armor's advanced control center — and her hair cascaded down to her knees behind her. This true Aiko bowed again and moved to follow the Leinve leader, sweeping her head toward him in a silent order that William and Rei should follow.

"You must tell me if you have a name, Reinbe-san," Aiko told her guide as he lead them to the engineering center. "Something that identifies you as separate from your kin."
Location 5, Rafters
"Affirmative," Wyatt breathed out for confirmation as his scope drifted to the golden blaster in his target's hand, a small huff of discontent as he quickly analyzed it and realized a direct shot to the weapon would most likely convert all the gas in its magazine into plasma - bad news for the hostage it was currently pressed against and from this angle it was impossible to hit loser's arm instead.

As the countdown started he quickly weighed up options with a thick swallow and a few blinks, nodding to himself and shifting the rifle's scope down to loser's knee with a gentle mutter of "...sorry Saya~" as he prepared to make more work for the pink-haired medic - first round from his LATR quickly ripping through loser's kneecap and dropping him to a bloody kneeling position with a cry of pain before the second shot splintered the bones in loser's forearm, his golden blaster and the hand attached to it falling to the ground with a meaty thud as blurple blood stained the floor of the church, his rounds having continued through the walls before burying themselves deep in the floor outside.

Loser continued to let out a string of partially-translated curses in Kuvexian though most of it was unintelligible as the teams moved in, loser now clutching his bleeding stump of a hand with a pale expression as the bloodloss began kicking in.
YSS Kaiyo II

"Chlorate! Fighters!" Grunted the pilot as she yanked at the controlls, sending the Kaiyo into a wide corkscrew to try and avoid the worst of the damage. Hopefully Chlorate's aim would be as computer-perfect as always. Gravity then gunned the throttle and shot them away from the station, lest a stray round hit it.
Near Rotarge Establishment

Rei's body tensed in several ways when she realized what Aiko would be doing and spoke to William.

"Musuko, make your own decision about what you will be wearing. My armor is smaller than hers and can fit through areas a plain clothes and large man like yourself could. I do not believe your armor holds the same advantages. We will follow her closely, as you would expect."

The Leinve's face became animated when Aiko gracefully ejected herself from her armor. It was apparent that her words had done enough to keep the hunched alien comfortable as he shifted his gaze to her true form and recognized the woman in the Type 35 as the one to whom he should bow, which he did before leading them to the area behind Location 2- the Rotarge's place of worship as they had mentioned earlier.

There was a small structure, something in between a shed and tool box with a healthy bush on one side of it that partially obstructed the top of the boxy structure. The Leinve stopped just short of it and brought out the electronic device that they had stashed in an inner robe pocket during the short jaunt. They quickly typed.

"You asked my name- it is easy for my own species to say but I... Do not know. They call me like this," they said and then stopped typing and their hands fell slightly while holding the electronic device in order to look at Aiko with their deep, intricately webbed hazel eyes. Their long and protruding leafy brows moved together momentarily, at first upwards in the center before the ends fluttered thrice, the second flutter being distinctly more noticeable. Their brows relaxed only for them to go up once more in the center before the Leinve raised the device again. "Your species may not be able to speak in this way. I do not know a word that would make sense for you to say when identifying me." Almost without thinking, they typed out the letters, "Reinbe," which were markedly less fluid through the device than the normal Trade words that had been used throughout the exchange. "I can hear your words just fine. The Rixxikor say the vocal chords of my species are not enough or are not there. It is why," the dictation had stopped during the time the Leinve was raising the device in their hand to explain quickly how it came into their possession. They tucked the device away after adding, "You may decide."

They began lifting the cover to the tool shed, which happened to be a low roof type of system that disturbed the bush that had become overgrown on it. The cover was connected to a door-like piece of wood that, when lifted, made a small opening in the frame of the small structure. The Leinve tossed the cover further so that it hit the back of the shed and swung marginally on its hinges before settling. The open boxy structure had several of the bush's leaves on its floor, which the Leinve scraped away after entering through the gap made in the frame. There was an apparent and large hatch-like protrusion in the ground, which the Leinve pushed the controls of. Aiko and her entourage may have been able to see his brows tremor in agitation momentarily before they turned to look at Aiko, an expression forming above their eyes before their brows returned to a more neutral placement.

Again, the Leinve began pressing the small control pad's buttons, this time with a slow, methodical, and concentrated air. After a few punches of their sinewy, almost lichen-like digits on their hands against buttons of the hatch, a hiss could be heard and the Leinve backed up marginally, almost about to let Aiko go through, but it seemed they thought the better of that as they were the first to walk down the exposed stairway into an environment much different than the part of the station they were on. This one was full of whirring, whistling sounds and metal framework with low, if any lighting.

It was at that time that Eden sent a message to Aiko, "I was only just able to fully study your situation. Do you require an engineer to link up with you?"

Location 5

The action was happening so fast around the hostages. Seeing bodies fall and the leader taken into the Separa'shan grip. Some of the colorful horned aliens fled the area, resorting to clamoring to a staircase that would lead down, off of the balcony of their once quasi-sacred place. Some of the aliens did not rise until Saya descended on them, like a creature of mercy, able to revive them, only for them to quickly take stock of the situation and scramble to flee.

Eden's sensors picked up the movement, erratic and uncontrollable to a degree, of the aliens here. She focused on the Kuvexians as they fell and as she approached the leader of the group. Before she could act on her line of questioning ready, others did the same. When the Chusa slowed her actions to decide where she was needed most during these crucial moments if the Chui and Sacre had a hold on the Kuvexian leader is when she saw the raised pistol. It was the same kind as she had seen one of the Kuvexian bodyguards holding, now held in the shakey and clawish hands of one of the horned aliens.

Eden's call to attention in the form of a location alert and imagery sent to the HUD of the assembled team of what she was seeing came too late. The burst fire three round shot from the handheld gun created a short-lived whitish orange flash that resulted in chunks of the Kuvexian leader's skull and brain spewing forth from their once-concentrated location above his shoulders. The purple blood splattered many places, namely against the Separa'Shan's Mindy and the cloning tank behind the Kuvexian. The horned alien nearly keeled over and bent forward. Dropping the gun with a soft clatter that was barely noticeable over the din of movement from the others of their species, they then clutched their stomach as their mouth widened and opened, spouting greenish brown chunks of vomit onto the floor below them. Eden's visuals ended abruptly a millisecond after the retching began.

"Secure the hostages and begin moving them to Location 1," Eden said in a husky tone. "Treat them well. They don't know what's going on... Or what they have done." The woman walked with determination to the gun nearest the unwell alien, picked it up with a brisk grasp and turned to do so for the other Kuvexian weapons while taking a moment to message the Shoi a query.

YSS Kaiyō II

The fighters's positions moved from a staggered echelon to a wall spread, grouped in a way so that they were at differing heights while being on the same plane from a top-down view of the group. Having exhausted their aetheric main weapons momentarily, just like the Yamataian gunship coincidentally, they began an assault of missiles and torpedoes. A handful of the torpedoes failed to follow the intricate maneuvers of the Kaiyō's pilot and sailed off into the unknowable depths of space while the missiles seemed guided and, save for a few hitting one another in the great madness of assured destruction, continued on towards the gunship.

"Gravity's sentiments are my own, Chlorate! Asuka, keep us apprised of sensor activity!" Hoshi said while watching the death the away team had witnessed on a volumetric screen. She looked concerned, but the expression was not out of place for a starship captain during a battle such as this.

"Will do, Captain!" Asuka said without a turn away from her console as her fingers and mind simultaneously checked through systems and worked with MEGAMI.
Location 5

Alastair smiled as the brains of the Kuvexian redecorated the side of the cloning tank. It was a fitting end to such filth. Though the Kuvexian's end was far to quick for his taste. Alastair would have liked for a long drawn out death, where he could watch the life be sucked out of the worthless Kuvexian. No matter, the deed was done and would be no questioning this prisoner.

He wasted no time moving over towards the hero of the day who had just gave the Kuvexian a new hair style. He did his best to avoid the projectile vomit from the hostages. It was a shame they had to dirty their hands with blood from such garbage. Either way Alastair would do his part to embrace them as his own and comfort them. This chapter in their lives was coming to a close and a new one was about to begin.

He placed a hand on the back of one of the horned aliens. "Come, we have a safe place for you."
Location 5

Saya looked wide-eyed as first Wyatt shot the knees of the Kuvexian, then the aliens shot the leader. She had been about to say something before she saw the head splatter and she could only wince and turn aside. It took her a moment to get her stomach and heart back under control before she began to move about to check the hostages for any injuries. The medic was silent and focused out of fear of her mind getting away from her, so her medical scanner was out and she remained silent. As commanded by Sacre, Saya began to set up an area off to the side to give her a chance to look them over and treat any wounds.
Near Rotarge Establishment

William was not happy with situation, but he nodded. "Understood Mother. Give me a moment." He replied over there link. The armor hissed as it opened and the neural links severed their connections.

He stepped out of the armor swiftly and moved to a storage compartment containing his usual clothing. He quickly dawned the coat and suit, and slid his two pistols into their holsters. His swords were tucked away inside his forearms. He commanded his armor to commence overwatch and turned to face the others.

He moved and caught up with Aiko, taking up a position off to her left. As the hatch opened up into the darkness, his cybernetic eye switched to Night vision mode. He moved and peered through to try and ascertain what was on the other side.
Location 5
Wyatt's coppery eyebrows hitched up beneath his helmet as the recently disarmed Kuvexian's pistol was used to blow their own brains out, making the Minkan scramble to drop down from his position in the rafters with with a small click and a thud as he landed, LATR's fire selector across to make use of the SMG mode as the ginger operative used one foot to kick a loose golden pistol back to himself - rifle still trained on the hostages in the room as the sidearm was stuffed into his buttpack just as a reassurance it couldn't be used in case anyone had a sudden change of heart and decided to fire on the blue-armoured crew of the Kaiyo II as they moved the freed hostages back to location 1.
Location 5

Klaus had often wondered what would be his reaction to seeing someone die. Would he retch? Would he cry out? Would he ignore it and carry on? The truth was much simpler.

"Holy frak nuggets!" he said as he watched the Kuvies head explode. For a singular moment, Klaus was in shock, he didn't know what to do. He stood there, looking at the corpse.

Then Eden barked out her orders and it didn't matter. He had a job to do. He began sorting through the hostages checking them for weapons and injuries and promising them that they would be safe now. He found himself repeating the same platitudes "Everything will be alright", "No one is going to hurt you". Klaus hoped he could keep those promises.

With each hostage he checked, a fire was lit inside of him. A fire of outrage, that cried out for justice. But right now, what mattered was getting these civilians to safety. And so that's what he shall do.
Sacre was suprised when the Kuvexian's head exploded spattering her faceplate with blood and gore. If there had been anything to try and save, she would have done it. However, there wasn't, so she let the body drop to the floor unceremoniously and let the hard light scape her armor clean of the blood and bits of body parts. It was messy, but far from the worst she had seen. She was completely unfazed by the experience as she moved to the corner she had designated and began to set up the field hospital.

However, as she did so, she composed and sent a short message to Gravity to be delivered when the pilot wasn't too busy. "Don't make me morn you, love."
Near Rotarge Establishment > Engineering Tunnel

The Leinve's manner of communicating wasn't lost upon Aiko when the creature's eyebrows fluttered and contorted to tell her its name. How much of a Yamataian's way was lost upon them, however, remained a mystery to her behind the expression of unperturbed regality she always seemed to carry on her face. The princess had nodded in understanding when her new friend was done explaining to everything her, just before drawing her NSP and following him into the foliage-covered shed and hatch that lay inside it.

"Will-kun, you're next," Aiko said, gesturing for him to take the dive into this station's buzzing mechanical innards as the Leinve leading them disappeared into the tunnel. "Rei will watch our backs."

It was then, as she followed her Nepleslian comrade into the hatch, that Eden's message came over wireless. Thankfully, the communique was transmitted directly into her Nekovalkyrja brain rather than via some kind of communicator, its words unobscured by the beeping and whirring that droned on in this section of the station.

"Yes, Chusa," she reported, her mind's voice clean and direct as it came back vocalized in Eden's mind. "We are trying to find our way to the station's engineering center now. Having a technician on-hand would be prudent. If a qualified crewman is free of other duties then send them over to me."
Engineering Tunnel

While moving through the beginnings of the engineering tunnel, the Leinve found some of their clothing caught on a piece of hooked metal piping. In tugging to free the robes, the clothe became more tightly constricted around the pipe and with their last tug, the sound of ripping clothe could be heard. Their body slackened, releasing the tension from the pull as they moved their arm around to pull out the electronic device from which they had been speaking to Aiko. It looked to be more difficult to reach the inner pocket in which it had been cached and brought out many times in their interaction so far, and the Leinve looked towards Aiko and betrayed a face of helpless need of her while allowing her to see the situation for what it was.

Location 5

Eden looked to Kikios, "Leka-hei, Alder-heisho- I am giving both of your suits coordinates to just outside of a shed that leads to a maintenance corridor and the engineering center. The Shoi and her entourage are being led to station engineering, now. I will be teleporting to these coordinates alongside you at this moment."

As she took stock of the situation in this location, she spoke to her crew through their suits, "Belmont-chui will take over team leadership momentarily. The cloning tank at this location seems to still be operational. Work with the Chui to carry out the objectives of disabling it and of quickly making sure these aliens get to the first location in a safe, secure manner. I will take a small team of Kikios-hei and Alder-heisho to secure the station on a technical level in engineering." She turned to Alastair and wordlessly saluted before backing up to jump off of the balcony. Once in the lower area without the unarmored aliens, she teleported out of the location.
Location 5 > Near Rotarge Establishment

"Understood, Chusa!" Kiki responded. The tall cockatoo used her Mindy to teleport to the coordinates Eden had sent. She found herself outside the described shed, taking a moment to look around in order to confirm where she was. She saw the open cover on the structure, figuring that was the entrance, and waited outside for the others to make their teleport to her location.

YSS Kaiyō II

Hearing Gravity and Hoshi's commands, the robot blinked. "A...ffirmative," she simply stated. She took the controls of her weapons, she appeared as if she was entering a totally different mode. She unleashed a torrent of fire from the anti-fighter turrets, each shot appearing to be meticulously aimed as a gift, sent to each of the fighters at once in little lines, but really it was all effortless to her. It was simply a set of calculations and predictions, which she could calculate in under a nanosecond. She wondered, was this really that difficult for anyone else?
Engineering Tunnel

Aiko's already stern visage contorted into an ever-so-slight frown when she saw the Leinve's predicament. The aliens surely saw it, their senses keenly attuned to facial expressions as their primary mode of communication. Now certainly wasn't the time for carelessness, after all, and the princess quickly moved to help her guide untangle himself. She quickly sighted the problem and unhooked the Leinve's flowing clothes from the Kuvexian machinery it'd gotten fouled up in, popping the fabric over a dull barb of metal piping that protruded slightly from the conduits and machinery that lined the tunnel walls.

"Here," she said gruffly a moment later, believing she'd successfully freed him, as a hesitant smile grew from her lips. Aiko looked forward from his leafy-browed face and down the corridor. "Now let us continue on. It is imperative that we reach engineering as soon as possible. You can still lead us, no?"
Location 5

Elenor watched as Eden jumped away, all while she was still free roping down the belfry tower. As her feet hit the ground, she moved to get up on the overlooking balcony. Didn't take her long, as evidenced by how quickly the breaching team had gotten up there themselves. As she looked over the situation, and contemplated on Eden's instructions. Looking over, she noticed the pod on Klaus' shoulder. "Klaus-hei, those live missiles?" She asked, gesturing to the missile pod on the shoulder of her teammate. "If so, mind handing me... Call it four?" She continued, already seeing how to ensure the device in front of them was disabled. "Sir," She started, turning to face Alastair, "I strongly recommend we get the non-combatants off this platform and give the folks who's temple this is a very pointed warning that they do not want to be up here when we leave, if we go with what I have in mind. Said mind being rigging an IED on this thing and blowing it sky-high using the missiles from Klaus-hei's pod."
Location 5

"Yes, they are." said Klaus, answering Elenor. Though they couldn't see it, his face showed confusion at her request, that as his fellow soldier explained why she needed his missiles, slowly turned to surprise, and then to excitement.

"Ooooh. Now that's an idea! Brilliant!" exclaimed the Raltian, who like all males in the galaxy, absolutely thrilled at the chance to blow stuff up.

Klaus turned to Alastair. "I have twenty of these suckers, so you got no complaints from me sir. Can we proceed?"