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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.2] - Shore Leave

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The Aeon entered the atmosphere of Yamatai with Katae in control. She was connected via her SPINE interface so that she could make course corrections at a faster rate. The damaged pylon made the descent trickier, and she was determined to not have if fall off during landing. This meant making dozens of adjustments to trajectory and velocity during the entry into the atmosphere.

Fortunately this was one of the rare days where clear blue skies dominated the Kyoto skyline. So after the worst of the reentry stresses the gunship was flying smoothing.

Katae turned to her XO. "Kim-Shoi, send a message to SARA and the SSS. Let them know we have a hull fragment from one of the NMX warships, and it appears to have some unique properties that they will no doubt want to investigate. Make arrangements to have it transported when we touch down."

Katae angled the Aeon's trajectory to keep it over the military sector, but to allow herself and those on the bridge a chance to see the capital. Depending on how things went with the war, this could be the last time they saw it in all its glory.

As they approached the KFY Facility the Aeon detected a guidance beam, and Katae homed in on it. She brought the Gunship down in the repair bay with the barest of sensations as the landing gear touched down.

She shut down the drives, and waited for the bay to attack external power. "Kim-Shoi, let the crew know they can being making preparations for Shore leave. Remind them of standing policy for travelling in groups, and armed whenever out and about."

A moment later on her console a green indicated showed that the repair had attached the support armature to the airlock. She sent the necessary commands via Eternity down to engineering to power down the primary systems, life support and lighting were now on external power. "Eternity, I am putting the ship into maintenance mode. You are on independent power. Contact me if anything comes up." She said disconnecting from the SPINE.

"I am heading to my cabin for 20 minutes, I will let you know before I leave what errands I will need hands for." She said leaving the bridge.
Overseeing Eternity's shut-down of various ship's systems, Eun-Kyung turned back briefly as the Captain stepped out of the bridge. “Aye, ma'am,” she said toward the Taisa's back. The computer as ever working with perfect accuracy, she called up the message queue and entered two in quick succession, the first being the system damage report to the repair crew chief and the second to SARA and the SSS, attaching the appropriate recordings of the their sensor scans. Finished, she stood and stretched for a moment before grabbing up the handset, keying in the code for the shipwide intercom. “All hands, this is the XO. Secure from watch stations and standby to debark from the ship. A reminder to follow procedure on your 48-hour passes: travel in groups and keep your personal side-arms with you at all times. That is all.

Hanging up the handset, she walked slowly around the bridge, watching the displays as they slipped into maintenance mode. Her brief circuit finished, she seated herself in the command chair, muttering, “I have the ship,” to herself, idly. Only paying limited attention to the volumetric status report she had pulled up in front of her, she relaxed into the seat, waiting to be relieved by the repair crew.
"Bridge, this is Im'inao. Final assessment says we should have the both of them back up and working within 24 hours, with a minimal chance of any lasting damage. I'll stay down here and continue to monitor the situation and manage the transfer of facilities, unless I'm needed elsewhere."
As the AMBU unit worked its magic, Kame had been in such deep thought that she became completely unaware and defenseless to her surroundings. As the sedative had only dulled the pain not her consciousnesses, She had constructed a list of things she thought needed to get done whenever they got a break. She then forwarded a message to Usaga-hei, and tried to catch up on some possible during the rest of surgery.

Kame said:
Dear Usaga-hei,
I have taken the time to construct of list of the basic supplies and things I though we should probably get done. Please look over the list of suggestions and add anything I have forgotten before sending it over to the bridge so they can then check with the rest of the crew. If 8-14 of us, put our heads together there should be nothing that get left undone.
Equipment/Tools needed
  • Ship Hull Repair Kits
  • Castor Tape (all sections)
  • Utility goo (all sections)
  • Deck 6 Sensor System
Repairs needed
  • Inspect and Replace patched sections of Engineering's Hull
  • Replace Deck 6 Sensor Systems
  • Inspect Replace patched sections around the the left wing and engine
  • Inspect and repair left engine pylons
  • Replace left Positron Cannon
  • Replaced patched sections of gallery
  • Inspect maintenance conduit system
  • Upgrade Blast Doors
  • Any new repair/Cleaning Equipment
To do list
  • Find out how things went for away team repair positron cannon
  • Discuss plans with important people (science officer?)
  • Order new supplies
  • Repair sections of ship
  • Do upgrades
  • Relaxing Social Activities

As the machines finished up Kame's surgery to her lower back and began to work on the left leg, she felt a chill of a sudden breeze. Shivering her eyes popped-opened with a sudden self-awareness of the situation. She glared at Im'inao who was watching the full HD picture of Kame's birthday suit with extra bonus scenes. Blushing slightly, Kame tried to fight back tears as she covered her breasts in one arm and reached up with her hand yelling, "Hentai! At least pretend to look somewhere else. Errkk..." Forgetting she was still attached to AMBU unit, the engineer soon lost her balanced and collapsed into a marble chiseled solid mass with her well-endowed nudity pressing it. She turned full blown bright red from head to toe and realized she had just accidentally given away her first kiss from someone outside her family. To weak to pull herself up, Kame prayed no one would come in to see them right now.
Kyoka, upon reentering the hangar and returning the AMES suit to where she found it, decided it was a good idea to go and make a backup, given that she had just survived their first mission and didn't want to lose that combat knowledge in case something happened. A quick trip to the MBU later, she headed back into her cabin, debating whether to switch into casual clothes for the trip off the ship.
Trying to be gentle, Asi held her up, helping her back to a table. "Don't worry about that. I'm not looking for that, it's just that I don't have much experience working in the actual medical rooms, so I'm just trying to make sure you're okay and I didn't mess anything up." He paused, looking away. "However, if you would like, I can grab some clothes for you quickly, since it seems we're done here."
Katae took care of a few personal matters from the desk in her cabin. She then sent a message to Haruhi,
I have an errand for you that requires your, unique skill set.

The Aeon is being modified to carry Ke-Z1 torpedoes instead of the AS-7 series. However, due to logistics restrictions, they are only able to issue us two Ke-Z1's.

I would prefer to have some extras available. So I would like you to see if you can scrounge up a couple more.

She then got up and made her way to the bridge. Opened the door, "Kim-Shoi, maintenance has the Aeon, I need you to hand carry a message to Shinja Norika-Chujo at SATA. It has some bearing on our next mission." she said holding out a datapad.


Meanwhile down in the Medbay a pair of KFY Medical Technicians walked in on Asine and Kame. The first one cleared his throat, "Excuse me but we were told that you had some medical personnel who might need to be transferred...." he said looking around the room.

Hisa meanwhile had gotten out of her medical unit and pulled on a pair of scrubs. I've got things to do, besides we're on planet so I can hopefully see Mura and Tso-San while on leave. she thought. Turning to the others, "I'm okay, the rest of my injuries will heal fine on their own."
Eun-Kyung looked up at the Taisa, her face flushing slightly as she quickly stood up from the command chair. She had been in the midst of picking up a handset to reply to medical when the Captain had entered; all of a sudden she felt like a little kid, caught playing with grown-up things. “Understood, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am,” she said, acknowledging her relief and accepting the datapad. She looked down at the device for a moment, wondering what made it important enough to warrant hand-carry to the Chujo. She was a little taken aback by that, as well; she had only had limited interaction with flag officers, and the thought of interacting with the director of SATA was a little worrisome. Still, worried and intrigued though she was, she was happy to be of service. “Is there anything else?”
Trowa looked out the window of the shuttle taking him away from the Aeon towards the cities medical faciltiy. He winced and scowled at the damage he saw along her bow and engines. "Sorry about that girl." He said out loud. "But don't you worry. The next time I fly you will different. And better." Trowa mumbled under his breath.

48 hours of shore leave wasn't going to leave the young naval flyer with much down time. Especially with what he had planned. He was headed to get some cybernetic enhancements and upgrades. With any luck, he'd be back in time to lift off. At least, that's what the pilot had in mind.
"After hand delivering the datapad to Shinja Norika-Chujo. You will wait for her to read it, and answer any questions that she has. To be honest I do not expect that she will have anything that you can not answer. She will then give you another datapad with instructions. That's all I know at the moment, she sent a message asking that I or one of my officers bring the data on that pad to her personally. Someone that I trusted. Meanwhile, I will be conducting some business with the folks at headquarters." Katae replied.
“Aye aye, ma'am," replied Eun-Kyung. She paused and stood silent, a little taken aback by the indirect compliment the Taisa seemed to have just paid her. “Well then, ma'am. I suppose I had better get a fresh uniform before I head out. I'll extend your compliments to the Chujo.” She turned and started toward the hatch, but stopped, as if thinking of something else to be said. However, with a small shake of her head, she merely faced Katae and bowed her head, saying, “Ma'am,” and then strode out of the compartment.

She made straight for her cabin and quickly threw open the storage compartment holding her uniforms. Choosing a Type 30A, she quickly tore off her dirty uniform and pulled on the fresh top and skirt, taking a moment to polish her rank insignia. A brief inspection showed her appearance to be generally acceptable, so she grabbed up the datapad and made for the hatch. Moments later, she was making her way down from the Aeon's personnel hatch and into the structure of the repair bay. Querying her communicator, she took the shortest path to the exit and breezed her way through the security checkpoints, finally exiting the KFY yard. From there, she walked to the nearest FCAR station and sat on an open bench, waiting for the next air-bus to arrive.
After an uncomfortable moment in the Medbay the pair of KFY Medical Technicians spoke softly to each other. The senior member turned and said, "Right, well seeing as how you folks are doing.... fine... We will be heading back to our section. Have a good day." he said leaving with his partner behind him.


Hisa reviewed the list of suggestions that Kame had offered, some of which were already on the commander's list of to do items. She was going to say something to Kame, but she seemed to be occupied at the moment from her perspective. Sos she left the medbay she left a message for Kame.
To: O'Kutsuu-Ittô Hei
Since you appear to be starting your shore leave and engaging in Relaxing Social Activities.

I felt it was best to just leave you a note.

I've prioritized the initial activities for the repair teams.
Repair items
* Inspect and repair hull as required
* Inspect and repair or replace pylon as needed
* Replace damaged positron cannon
* Replace damaged sensor
* Repair Main Array
* Repair STL engines
* Inspect all maintenance conduits and fix items as needed
* Replace standard blast shutters with Forcefield-Nested Isolation Doors designated locations
* Install Type 31 Lifeform Detection System to provide coverage of secure areas
* Refit Torpedo mounts to hold Ke-Z1 series
Acquire but do not install the following:
* Type 32 Remote Backup Unit

Give me a call in 24 hours, we can check the ship's status and decide if there are any other items we want taken care of or investigated.

Usage-Ittô Hei

While Eun-Kyung was waiting for the bus, a black Classico Hovercar pulled up in front of it. A six foot tall, brown haired male Yamataian in a Type 30 Uniform with black panels stepped out of the back. His eyes were obscured by a pair of dark sunglasses and he did a brief look around the immediate area before approaching her.

"Kim-Shoi, I am Arai Hoitsu-Ittô Hei. My team has been sent to fetch you. If you would kindly get into the car, we will take you to your destination faster than a bus would."
Finished for now in the armoury Haruhi headed to her cabin to grudgingly prepare for her excursion off ship, replying to the captain as she did so.


Tall order thanks to the Yui 7 upgrade orders. Will see what's around.


In her cabin Haruhi switched out of her crumpled bodysuit uniform and into her single duty uniform, going for the allure of exposed flesh to aid her bargaining position. After a quick brush of her hair to seat it back in it's usual state of harmonious disarray and a double check of both her pistols' condition she headed for the ship's exit.

"Eternity, any crew registered to be travelling near the logistics centre I can drag around, or do they get to draw lots for the pleasure of being my bodyguard?" Haruhi inquired.
*soft voice* "No...that's fine. .... Just leave." Kame mumbled as she was set back on the bed and cover her chest and privates. After making a hissy-sounding *cluck* the machine began to finish working on Kame's leg. Wow, I didn't except him to be so... big and mus--err courageous ... for a pervert. Kame, still blush a deep shade of red from the encounter, as she waited for her male companion to leave.
"Haruhi-Juni, there is a crew member arriving who may serve your needs. He is Oshiro Arkase - Nitô Heisho, his orders just came through." Eternity replied to Haruhi.
Oshiro Arkase touched the deck of the Aeon filled with the boredom of experience. After Task Force Phantom had returned home, and his subsequent transfer away from the YSS Phantom, he had skipped from one Plumeria to the next until he had ended up on Yamatai once again.

The Task Force had seen some difficult combat, and prior to the Task Force's raid into NMX Deep Space he had taken part in the Battle of South Gate under the direct command of a Taisho.

Plumeria Gunships, he had learned to respect for their quick deployment of firepower. But he wouldn't be excited to see yet another -- even one that had seen quite a bit more combat than the newer ships he had served aboard.

Taking his pack directly to his quarters after a quick interrogation of the ship's MEGAMI, he was struck with how much he truly wished Wild. Perhaps Eternity would prove to have just as much 'personality' as Wild, but he wouldn't be surprised if it was just like any other of its kind just the same.

He found his quarters, unpacked to his content, and waited for orders to filter down. From what he had heard, most of the Aeon was on Shore Leave. Would he get a chance for some brief leave, or would he be penned up in a tin can yet again?

Arkase frowned. Would it be better if he was locked up?

There are a lot of sins to my chest. And there will be more to come. He thought.
Eun-Kyung froze as the operative addressed her. She had been expecting a boring, if slightly unorthodox, hand-off of the datapad and then a swift return to the Aeon. The presence of a hovercar – to specifically chauffeur her – and SAINT agents boded that her expectations were rather off the mark. “Umm...” she began, trying to decide whether to enter the car or not. “Thank you, Itto Hei.” She slid into the car and looked around at the interior while the man sat down beside her. “Is something the matter, Arai-Hei?” she asked. “I was expecting just to briefly meet with Shinja-Chujo of SATA, not to deal with any,” she waved around at the special car and the team, “intelligence things.”
"As you wish. Once the system is done, I would recommend stopping by the base's medbay at some point, just so they can run a quick check, just to ensure that everything is the way it should be." That said, Asi bowed slightly to her, and turned to make his way out of the Aeon's medbay. He paused after stepping out, thinking for a moment before deciding to stop by his room before doing anything else, since he was still sweaty and in dirty clothes.
Tsubei opted to go for one of the normal uniforms and put a hologram of normal clothes over it, seeing as she didn't have any 'casual' clothes or so to speak. And it was at that point she realized - she really hasn't spent much time out of SAoY facilities. She would need a guide.

"Hey, anyone wanna help me around town? I don't know much about this city." She asked over her communicator, hopefully contacting one of her squadmates.
From her perspective in the Classico, something about Arai-Hei's appearance did not seem to fit. His uniform seems a bit ill fitting, and the weapon in his holster did not appear to be an NSP. On the floor of the interior a photo of her lay, it was one from her graduation.

"Just following orders, ma'am" he said as he entered the vehicle.


"Oshiro-Heisho, quit your woolgathering." Eternity's voice said coming out of the room speakers. "I have just lost contact with the beacon the XO was carrying. Take whoever you can find, and haul ass to these coordinates which are where I last had a reading on her."


"Haruhi-Juni, an urgent matter has come up." Eternity said chming in. "Kim-Shoi was carrying a datapad to a meeting for the Taisa. It had a beacon so I could track her progress. I've lost the beacon just outside the facility. Respond to these coordinates where I lost her."
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