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  • 📅 December 2022 is YE 44.9 in the RP.

RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.2] - Shore Leave

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"Well -Hei, it seems we have a shared interest in beautiful women. I think that'll be enough for us both."

Arkase said, settling into his chair with the determination to stay until Trowa left for the Aeon. "When you're finished here we'll head back to the Aeon."


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Trowa picked up the pack of cigarettes and smiled. "Don't usually smoke cigarettes myself. I prefer a pipe or a good cigar. To many chemicals added in cigarettes for my liking. However," He added looking closer at the box. "Nepleslian cigarettes such as these are more like small cigars than your average cigarettes." He placed the pack in his pocket then reclaimed his weapons from the locker he had stored them in before his surgery.

Before he left the hospital with Oshiro-Heisho, Trowa looked sent a message to Elizabeth Somerset. He thanked her for the pistol and the cigarettes. He also added that he would like to see her again on his next shore leave, but was uncertain when that would be. He topped it off with a gift of his own. A bottle of fine Nepleslian brandy and small knife and holster with the message, This will hide better than the one you carry.
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