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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.2] - Shore Leave

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Katae pondered Eun-Kyung's question, then spoke; "From what I understand of the chain of events after you fired your weapon, the vehicle crashed. The crew got you out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the imposters were not brought into custody. Seems one of them had a bomb on their person, and it detonated before anyone could get them out of the vehicle. The resulting explosion is how Haruhi-Juni was injured. I am confident that our bridge is not bugged, so the problem had to be on the other end. Once I check on Haruhi-Juni, I plan to pay the Director of SATA a visit and find out what the hell happened. The confusing thing is the information on the datapad was our flight plan after we leave here to deploy FTL Sensor Drones."

Katae stood up, "However just in case I will ensure that security remains in place here."
Trowa reluctantly gave up his side arm and the knives he always carried with him. He felt naked and exposed without them somehow. Not that he would need them, as the nurse pointed out, still... He leaned back in the operating chair and closed his eyes. Might as well get some sleep. He thought.
Eun-Kyung was silent, thinking about just what could have driven those men to blow themselves up over, of all things, flight plans. The irony struck her a moment later: she had done just that, herself, when she had fired her NSP. “Please let me know how the Juni is doing, ma'am. And...” Her voice trailed off for a moment, as she looked away and swallowed. Resolutely, she turned back and met the Taisa's eyes. “And I'm sorry, ma'am. I should have... well, I'm not really sure what I should have done, but I doubt it ought to have resulted in me nearly blowing myself up.”
"The only thing that comes to mind, would have been to have another person with you. It is a standing order of mine since this NMX nightmare began. But in the end it may not have changed the outcome. Take it easy, I am off to see Haruhi-Juni, and I will check in on you after my talk with the Director." Katae said as she walked out of the room.

She walked back towards the Emergency Room, and asked the head nurse for Haruhi's location. She walked there when she entered the treatment room, she saw three of her crew members present.

"Haruhi-Juni, I would like to hear your report on what happened once you arrived on scene. Especially, given that my senior crew member responding was the only one injured besides Kim-Shoi."

She turned her gaze to Arkase, "Oshiro-Heisho, locate Yamamoto-Hei, according to Eternity he is somewhere in this medical facility for elective surgery, and came unescorted. Make sure he is okay, and kindly see to it that he and any other crew members present in the facility get to the Visiting Soldiers Billets."

Katae then placed a hand on Asine's shoulder. "Kim-Shoi is conscious, please return to her location and keep her company. Also keep an eye on anyone who comes in, watch for anything that seems out of ordinary. I doubt that whoever was behind this will try again, but right now until I know what the hell is going on, I rather error on the side of protecting my people."
Eun-Kyung sighed and let herself sink down into the tank a little, trying to comprehend all that had happened. She quickly sat back up, realizing that she actually had no idea what her medical status was. Being in a hemosynth tank was a positive sign, but she still didn't know how long she was going to be out of commission. Looking around, she caught sight of the technician in the room. “Excuse me. Could you tell me what is going on exactly? Nobody has told me the extent of what my injuries were, or what they are now, for that matter.”
Asine nodded, bowing quickly and heading back in the direction he'd come from. Well, the Juni isn't talking, at least to me, but she looked okay, so hopefully she is.As he came back to Eun-Kyung's room, he heard her asking a technician something, and decided to wait outside, at least for the moment. Give her some privacy, since he wasn't sure what the question was.
The technician walked over to Eun-Kyung. He took a moment to check the monitors, and after turned to face her.

"Well, Kim-Shoi, you are a lucky person. Your injuries were quiet extensive, scalar radiation is particularly nasty. When we brought you in, they had to cut pieces of your uniform out of your skin where it had been fused. The damage to the right side of your body, was obviously the most severe being at the site of the blast. A number of your internal organs were damaged, but your body is repairing itself nicely."

The tech paused for a moment to let what he said sink in, then he started, "The good news is that you should be released for light duty in about 6 hours. Provided you stay in that tub and let the hemosynth do its job."
Eun-Kyung smiled up at the technician. “I'm not going anywhere; you can be sure of that.” Only forty-eight hours of liberty and between being kidnapped, blown up, and unconscious, another six hours out of commission was starting to feel like a serious intrusion. Still, she wasn't stupid enough to buy herself even more time flat on her back by exacerbating her injuries. “Thank you for patching me back up.”

Catching a glimpse of a uniform outside the doorway, she craned her neck to try and get a better view. She couldn't be sure, but she thought the shoulder patch might be the Aeon's. “Im'inao-Hei? Is that you?”
Asine poked his head around the corner. "Ma'am? Do you need something?" He guessed that meant she was done talking to the technician, whatever that was about, but it might not.
Eun-Kyung shook her head, smiling as the technician went back to his work. “No. I'm all right for the moment; and apparently I'll be entirely recovered within six hours. I was just wondering who it was loitering outside.” Her smile took on a wry edge. “Has the Taisa sent you to be my guard? I understand the impulse, but they didn't seem to have any interest in me, just the datapad.”
Asine shrugged. "I don't know the specific purpose for me being here, other then I should protect you if it comes up. Regardless of whether they were after you or the datapad, you still warrant security. If nothing else, they might guess that you know the information that was on the datapad, and try and extract it from you." He shook his head. "But that's all conjecture. If you'd like, I can move farther away, but the Taisa asked me to guard you, so I have to stay moderately close."
Eun-Kyung smiled again, a little wearily this time; she was fully conscious, but the whole ordeal had left her rather drained. “No, no. Like I said, I understand the Taisa's reasoning. There's no need for you to go off by yourself somewhere. Please...” She paused, straining around in the tank to see if she could spot some chairs. “Make yourself comfortable wherever. But tell me, how is Haruhi-Juni? Or for that matter, everyone else. The Taisa told me there was a bomb.”
Arkase dutifully left to find the lonely -Hei within the hospital.

"Mind telling me where you are, Yamamoto-Hei? I hear there was an order telling none of us to be alone." He sent, adding as much disapproval as he could into the message's tone.
Just before the pilot was about to be put under for his cybernetic upgrade his communicator flashed. He pulled it out and glanced at it.

Mind telling me where you are, Yamamoto-Hei? I hear there was an order telling none of us to be alone.

Trowa winced at the obvious disapproval of the message and hurriedly sent a reply.

Oshiro-Heisho, This Yamamoto-Hei. I am sorry Nito Heisho for coming alone but I wanted to get this done as quickly as possible. I am about to go into surgery and am in the cybernetic wing of the hospital.

Trowa laid back down and glanced at the doctor. "I'm in trouble now."
Katae left the hospital after ensuring her crew were okay, with a one of the original crew members escorting her. She got into a cab and headed for SATA.


The doctor looked sympathetically at Trowa, and started the anesthesia.

When Trowa regained consciousness he was in the recovery room, on the small table next to him. A Styrling Silver Special .45 Caliber was laying with a note with his name.
The first thing that Trowa was aware of when he regained consciousness was that his head hurt. A lot. He remembered the last time he got a cybernetic implants and how much that had hurt. Pushing the pain aside, Trowa glanced over at the table beside him and know test the pistol. "Hello." Trowa said as he picked up the gun and read the note. But his vision was too blurry so he set both gun and note aside and began the calibration exercises to get his vision back in line.
Arkase had made his way to the recovery room after the surgery, though not before whoever had left the gun had removed themselves. He opened the door, shooting a frown at Trowa's form on the bed.

"Maybe you thought that gun would protect you from anyone after your hide." He said, pulling a seat close to Trowa's bed.

"But discipline aside, it's time for a real introduction -- my name is Oshiro Arkase. Address me with the appropriate rank, and I won't have to kick your ass. I think I'll leave any other punishment for stupidity to Haruhi-Juni... She seems to like that sort of thing."

Arkase leaned back in his chair, introduction finished. "We're in for the long haul together, -Hei. So tell me about yourself and the Aeon."

It was gruff, but it was all Arkase could manage at that point.
Asine shrugged, turning back towards the entrance. "I honestly don't know about it for the most part. I left with you right before the bomb went off, and haven't been briefed as of yet about anyone else. I know Haruhi-Juni is talking, and more or less intact, but that's about it." He paused, trying to find a spot where he could see the entrance and Eun-Kyung at the same time. "I would assume the rest of the crew is okay though. The Taisa only had me go check on Haruhi-Juni when I left you earlier, so I would assume anyone else is fine." He didn't mention the other option, that they hadn't made it at all.
Like you could kick my ass. Trowa thought irritably. But out loud he simply said, "Aye, Oshiro-Heisho." Trowa knew that he had made a mistake in going off by himself, but his Nepleslian nature kept him for admitting it. Trowa ignored the Heisho while he complete his vision calibration. He would have to wait until he returned to the Aeon to calibrate and try out his new interface system but for now just being able to see out of both sides of his face was enough.

Now that he could see clearly, Trowa picked back up the pistol. Hello beautiful. Trowa thought. I wonder if... He removed the clip and was satisfied to see that it was fully loaded. He glanced back at the Heisho. "Being a Nito Heisho, you should know more about the Aeon than me." Deciding that it probably would not be wise to make an enemy of a fellow crew member, Trowa flipped the pistol around and extended it, handle first, towards the Heisho in a sign of truce. "I love a good fight, weapons, capital ships, strong drink and beautiful women. Anything we have in common?"
Lying on the bed beside Trowa was a small box, which he would easily recognize as a new pack of cigarettes.

A nurse came in to check on him, "So how are we doing? The Doctor said you can leave anytime you want. Here are his instructions, and a training regimen for your implant." She looked at the pack of cigarettes and wrinkled her nose, that's a nasty habit. "Were you awake when the woman came in to visit?" she inquired, "Black haired, very pretty. Said she was a friend."
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