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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.2] - Shore Leave

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Katae turned towards Kyoka, Now I can get some answers. she thought.

Gi who was following the Taisa stopped and ensured she was not between the lone Neko who was approaching Katae.

Katae bowed slightly in response to Kyoka. "Walk and report Tsubei-Hei. That way I will have a better understanding of what happened before I see... What do you mean them? Kim-Shoi was the only one I knew was injured. Who is with you?"
Kyoka complied and began walking with her captain.

"While it is indeed true that Kim-Shoi was injured, Haruhi-Juni recieved some wounds as well. Through my own indecision, she got some shrapnel shards from a blast caused by a time bomb on one of the Shoi's kidnappers. Arkase-Heisho, the Juni, and I had all gone to the crash. Haruhi-Juni was arguing with the Heisho about getting medical treatment, last I saw. As for the datapad that the Shoi was carrying, it was fried in the crash, from my perspective. Kim-Shoi probably has everything else you want to hear." The Neko explained, trying to keep her thoughts coherent as she spoke. "I came here alone after I recieved your message."
"Wait a minute, so who was traveling with Kim-Shoi when she was abducted? Who sent you here alone? There are standing orders that no one should be traveling alone without clearing it through me." Katae briefly considered chewing Kyoka out more, but from what she had heard, the XO had travelled alone, so she could hardly chastise the lowly Hei. And besides it was not her way to create a public scene.

"Very well, you are here now. Keiko-Juni will keep you company when we get to the waiting room, while I get a status on our people." Katae said.
Trowa flashed Samantha his most charming and cocky smile. "I never mix business with pleasure." He could tell the woman was fishing for something. Why any woman would want to record his battle stories, however exciting and thrilling they may be, was very suspicious. Although he must admit, he did like the thought of a little danger. He reached out and pushed the recording device away. "The Mishhu are nothing more than a bunch of bugs, annoying as all get out, but easily exterminated." he announced as he finished off his drink. "I wouldn't worry yourself about the Mishhu. They’ll never beat us. Ever."

Trowa glanced at his watch, it was getting to be time to return to the hospital for his new implants. "I hate to part with such good whiskey, and hate even more parting with such beautiful company, but I have an appointment I must keep. Thought I wouldn't mind seeing you later on, if my previous appointment doesn't take too long.
"Yes it probably better we get him to hospital to checked out first, and if Unca doesn't mind give me the key-pad password we then will head back here Josea-san or where ever you need to go." Kame replied. "Is that ok with you Unca?"

Soon after she spoke Kame heard rumbling from a nearby flying vehicle approaching them.
"Well, here is my card with my access number give me a call if you get a chance." Samantha said holding a card out. "I only have one business meeting with a man about a gun. So I should probably be free." She then stood up and dropped a number of KS to cover the tab and walked to the curb to hail a cab.


The medical personnel took Haruhi to one of the treatment rooms. They helped her to lie down on one of the gurneys so they could remove the shrapnel. With a doctor and two nurses assisting, the smaller pieces were easily extracted and the wounds treated with Hemosynth fluid and covered in liquid bandage.

The team then set about to removing the larger twisted piece from her back. They gave her a epidural to render the area numb. They carefully cut into her flesh to allow them to safely withdraw the object without causing damage to spine. They then cleaned and closed the wound and removed the epidural.

"There you go Haruhi-Juni, you should be able to get up in about 10-15 minutes as long as you promise to take it easy. I'll have a prescription for pain waiting for you at the nurses station." the doctor said and walked out.


Kame's friend decided it was best to humor her. "Okay Kame, I'll go get checked, you and your friend can take care of what you need. There is a tram station right over there that I can take to the medical center.", and he handed her a slip of paper that he wrote the code on. He then turned and started walking to the tram.

Josea walked with him, "You stay here and get the storage locker open. I will see him safely onto the tram."
Asine stood up from where he'd been sitting, watching Eun-Kyung's progress. He snagged a passing nurse on her way out, with a question. "Hey, is anyone else from our ship here? If they are, let me know, so I can get in touch with them." He put his hands back in his pockets, and leaned up against the wall. Not that I can go to them, but it would be nice to know if someone else is around.
Katae left the two crew members in the waiting room while she went to the Nurses station. She inquired as to the status of her crew members and their locations. As Eun-Kyung was the most serious injured she made her way to the burn center.

She walked up to Asi, "Im'inao-Hei, was Kim-Shoi conscious when you were with her at all? Did she say anything about who attacked her and why?" she asked.
Asine stood up as Katae approached, bowing quickly. "She became partially conscious at one point during the transfer here, though we we could get out of her was limited in it's usefulness. About the extent of it, was that she was picked up by someone claiming to be her contact, who then attempted to coerce her into handing over the data directly to them. At some point, she came to the conclusion that there was no way to talk her way out of it, and help wouldn't arrive in time, so she fired her NSP on heavy mode inside it's holster, causing the massive damage at the scene, and to her person." He paused, realizing that was a fairly long speech. He cleared his throat quickly before saying anything else. "At the time, she is currently in treatment for heavy burns and severe trauma, but hopefully it won't be long until her condition improves enough to answer some more specific questions."
"Wait didn't the Taii say something about staying together in grou---" Kame attempted to retort back, but they where soon to far away to hear her. "Well crap. Sigh might as well open this up."

Kame quickly entered the code on the keypad and heard the giant 30 foot an door hiss as they unlocked. She then watched as the every so slowly opened.
Trowa picked up the card and watched her flag down a cab. He smiled, briefly considering skipping his appointment. This woman looked like she would get him in a lot of trouble. But, of course, Trowa liked getting into trouble. It was that Nepleslian rogue in him. But he needed that upgrade badly so with one last look at Samantha as she climbed into a cab, Trowa turned and headed back to the hospital.
When they arrived at the Hospital, Arkase let the paramedics lead as they carted Haruhi into the depths of their halls. He needed a moment to breathe and organize his thoughts, now that the pressure was off and his old 'friend' wasn't bearing down upon him.

He was giving stupid orders, true enough. He wasn't thinking clearly, but who could have asked him to? Sending the Hei off wasn't a mistake, though. Who else could have followed her? Himself? -- No. Haruhi was in more need of his supervision.

He and Haruhi-Juni weren't getting off to a good start. Arkase needed to do something to clear it up quickly, no matter who was at fault. Hopefully she would understand, and if she didn't he could care less. The sniping war between them had to stop.

Arkase also realized he needed to loosen up. Nothing bad had happened yet, and there was nothing for anyone to punish him for. Things had gone as well as they could have hoped for, thanks to a fair bit of luck and a good deal of training. The Aeon was already shaping up to be a better assignment than his previous tours. He wasn't in a position where he had to force subordinates into submission, and he wasn't being abused by his superiors.

Give it time. He thought, The good feelings are going to pass, and leave me in the dust.

Shaking his head once more, he caught up to Haruhi's gurney just as it entered the room.

I need to give it a chance.


Once the doctor had left, and it was only he and Haruhi, Arkase decided to speak.

He needed to choose the quickest path to fixing the problem between him and the Master at Arms, and that was submission.

"I apologize for my behavior Haruhi-Juni. I was out of line in more ways than one. I questioned your authority, and I could have gotten people killed. I won't let myself get out of hand again." He bowed low, and then waited for Haruhi's Yea or Nay.
"Thanks, doc." Haruhi felt better without the extra metal in her back, though that was also probably due in half to the fact that it had given her a few precious minutes of peace away from the uppity enlisted. It was only a few minutes though, as no sooner had the doctor left than Oshiro apologised. With a sharp sigh, Haruhi responded.

"Words are cheap, Nitô Heisho," the Juni started as she managed to keep her tone to that of a senior warrant officer addressing a junior enlisted. She resisted the urge to get up or turn to face the enlisted man, "If you really want to apologise you'll do it through your actions from here on in; you'll get a chance to do so because you are after all only new aboard this ship, and have had a rather action-packed arrival." Haruhi's fingers tapped at the side of the gurney as she spoke.

"Now I don't know about the Taisa's policies but I personally have a short wick for people that screw up and don't learn from it; I don't like having time bombs on my ship and I make sure that those types find themselves no longer welcome aboard." One of her index fingers suddenly flicked against the side of the gurney as if in counterpoint. After barely a moment's pause so continued.

"I don't expect people to be perfect but I do expect them to learn from their mistakes, those who can pick themselves up afterwards and move on wiser for it by not screwing up the same way twice are free to stick around." Haruhi spread her hands wide in the best impersonation of a shrug she could manage given her present position. "I don't believe myself to be an unreasonable Neko, but I hope you understand that your future rests quite firmly on your own shoulders."
""Im'inao-Hei, go and find out where Haruhi-Juni is what her status is, and come back here to me. I'm going to see if I can get anything from Kim-Shoi." She said and entered the room where the wounded neko was being treated. After talking to the technician present, she approached the tub in which Eun-kyung floated.

Katae sat next the tub and lightly touched her wounded crew member. "Kim-Shoi, wake up, I need to talk to you."


Josea moved quickly with Kame's friend to the Tram station. From there he could easily keep an eye on the excitable engineer. The next tram arrived shortly after they did, and when the door opened he stepped in and asked two of the white clad people on board to see to it that Kirk would be taken quickly to the medical center. After watching him get onto the tram and one of the nurses assisting him, Josea returned to Kame.

As he approached the locker, "O'Kutsuu-San, your friend is enroute to the medical center in the care of a number of nurses who were on the tram. " his communicator chimed and he removed it from his upper pocket. He stepped away for a moment and spoke briefly. He then turned to Kame, "Our ride has arrived, and my friend is going to join us here to assist with carrying them."
Asi nodded, and turned out of the door as Katae made her way over to Eun-Kyung. He made his way back towards the front of the building, reasoning that the Shoi was protected enough as it was, and that he would be able to find out where he was supposed to be going easily from there. I wonder what happened that she got injured? I mean, there was that explosion, but still. She didn't seem to be the type who would get hurt by something as obvious as that. Once he made it to Haruhi's current room (After getting directions from a very haggled looking nurse), he paused, knocking on the door. "Haruhi-Juni? It's Im'Inao. The Taisa sent me to check up on you."
Trowa returned to the hospital and check in. After going over with the doc one last time on what upgrades he wanted, Trowa signed his consent and sat down in the operating chair. He kept his gun within easy reach, just in case the doctors made a mistake he said with a grin.
The nurse smiled at Trowa, "I'm sorry but you will need to put that in the locker their and secure it with your own PID. Weapons are not allowed in the operating theater, and since you will be unconscious it won't really be of use to you." she said pointing to the unit next to the closet where he had placed his uniform.
Eun-Kyung's eyes blinked furiously as she slowly returned to consciousness. Her little foray into coherence earlier hadn't lasted long, so she had no idea what exactly her new surroundings were. It eventually became clear that she was in a medical facility and, most importantly, that the Taisa was there. She blinked one last time and then managed to focus on Katae's face. “Ma'am...” she began, drowsily. Without the rush of adrenaline and instinctual fear, her faculties were coming back much more slowly this time. “Ma'am, did my message get to you?”
"According to the crewman who escorted you here, he said that you were picked up by some people who claimed to be your contact. That they tried to get the datapad from you. And that you discharged your weapon while in its holster to prevent the data from falling into their hands." Katae replied, her communicator chimed and she looked at it briefly.

"Seems the paramedic just corroborated Im'inao-Hei's report. So is there anything else you wish to add?" She asked.
“Then they didn't tell you the most important part,” said Eun-Kyung. “Ma'am, they were there almost as soon as I got to the FCAR station. They knew who I was, what I was carrying, and where I was going; they even had a graduation photo of me from the academy. They intercepted me in the only place where I was outside of a secure installation and this was just minutes after you gave me the assignment. Either the bridge of Aeon is bugged, or there is a high-level leak somewhere.”

She leaned back, the most urgent part of the message finally passed along. Thinking for a minute, she looked back up at the Taisa. “What's the current status, ma'am? I mean, obviously someone found me, or else I'd probably be dying in the gutter somewhere right now. But did it stop them? Where the impostors captured or identified?”
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