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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 2.2] - Shore Leave

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"Tsubei-Hei! Watch over Haruhi-Juni while she's incapacitated. Don't take no for an answer until the Doc says it's okay for her to go." Arkase said, gesturing to the Paramedic as he slowly walked up.

"And Doc, do what needs to be done. I don't want the Juni back up and yelling at me until the bleeding and the slurring stops at least, it's simply embarrassing. I mean, what would the enemy think?" He made sure the Juni and the Paramedic could hear, but tried to keep it low enough for Tsubei not to notice. If she wasn't paying attention, she would miss it.

His own attention lifted from Haruhi's wounds and came to rest back on the person he recognized amongst the EMS personnel. She hadn't recognized him yet, he still had a chance to make himself scarce.

Make a decision, Arkase. Fight or Flight. He thought.
The Itto Hei’s short description of events was enough to trigger Eun-Kyung’s memory. She closed her eyes, both to let the last waves of pain ease and to collect her thoughts. There was one thing she still needed to see for herself, though, so she slowly eased her head up until she could peer down the length of her body. The sight of her uniform fused to her burnt and melted skin was both horrifying and utterly alien. She slammed her head back down on the gurney, hyperventilating as she thought about the body that was demonstrably hers, but looked nothing like it. Slowly, taking deep breaths, she calmed down and turned her head gingerly toward the paramedic.

“Itto Hei, I need you to relay what I’m going to say to Ise Katae-Taisa of the YSS Aeon, Seventh Squadron, First Expeditionary Fleet. Understood?” She paused, waiting for a nod of confirmation before continuing.

“As ordered, I was taking a datapad to meet with Shinja-Chujo of SATA. At the FCAR station outside of the fleet yards, I was approached by a man in a SAINT uniform identifying himself as one Arai Hoitsu-Itto Hei and informed me that the Classico he had arrived in had been sent to bring me to the meeting. Once inside, I noticed a picture of myself on the floor and a few other suspicious things. Arai demanded I give him the datapad and when I refused he pulled his weapon on me. I… well, there really wasn’t much of a choice.”

She paused again, though this time she was trying to decide how to phrase the next part; she was worried the medical professional, and the captain for that matter, would decide she was either suicidal or at least dangerously insane. “I had to destroy the datapad, so I fired my personal sidearm while it was still in its holster. So… yes, the NSP burst was my doing.”

Locking eyes with the paramedic, she tried to will Hano to understand the gravity of the situation. “You must tell the Taisa: they knew exactly who I was, what I was carrying, and where I was going minutes after I myself found out. Either the bridge of the Aeon is bugged or there is a very high level leak somewhere in our chain of command.”
Asi's eyes widened at the news. A leak from inside? But how... No, it has to be on the other side. I don't see how anyone else could have been involved. Pausing, he sent a quick message to the Taisa, as well as Haruhi, encrypted as best he could do with a simple text message.

More news soon, careful. Possible traitor, assailants were looking for the Shoi specifically. EMS personnel should send details soon. Will stay with Shoi, be on my guard. Im'Inao-hei
The Paramedic listened to Eun-Kyung, Is she delirious, her story is outlandish, but if she didn't shoot herself, then who did. And the Hei said the ones responsible wouldn't be a problem anymore. I'll pass the information on. Too many weird things going on these days. he thought.

"Shoi, relax, I will ensure your message gets to your commander. But you need to lay still, thrashing about is not going to do you any good." He kept a hand placed on her abdomen to keep her still, while he formulated a message and sent it to Ise-Taisa, including Eun-Kyung's exact words.

"We'll be at the medical center shortly. I'll be taking her to the Burn Center for treatment, just so you know in case we get separated in the facility." The paramedic said to Asi.
"Incapacitated?!" Haruhi practically spat the single word out. "The hell sorta rear-line assignment'd you come from where a bit of metal gets you incapacitated?" She didn't bother lowering her voice to match that of Oshiro's as she continued on through clenched teeth.

"And don't worry about the enemy thinkin' at all, 'cause they died violently because a certain someone stood aroun' gawkin' instead of draggin' their sorry arses outta the car and securing them like he was ordered." Haruhi allowed the paramedic to assist her toward the ambulance as she continued to shoot her mouth off.

"'Think the Nitô Heisho needs a sedative or three, all this excitement got his adrenaline pumpin' a little too hard and it's gone straigh' to his head."
Kame looked surprised at Josea for a moment expecting because she had been expecting questions. She though carefully over her next words before replying,
"Of course, the whole giant yakuza multi-organizational alliance is probably just my own paranoia. I mean its not like crime and corruption on Yamatai is so bad that someone like our XO Kim Eun-Kyung could be captured in broad daylight....

...! Oh here we are--warehouse # F1-GH-T0-A30N. Wait, here a moment Josea-hei, while I contact my family-friend who has the password to open the door." Kame then contacted Kirk Melchior to meet them at stood patiently waiting.
"Tsubei-Hei, I change my mind. I can handle Haruhi-Juni. You go and report directly to Ise Katae-Taisa. Let her know what just happened with the Classico. Do it now." Arkase said, outwardly seeming to ignore Haruhi's words.

He quickly picked up the bag for the paramedic instead of Tsubei.

Inside, he was angry. At himself, sure enough, but quite a bit more angry with Haruhi. He had no business cracking jokes, but she most definitely didn't have any business embarrassing him in front of the junior enlisted... twice.

The first time lecturing him when he told everyone to get down for the bomb. She didn't have any reason to yell at him for doing the sensible thing -- as her wounds proved.

The second time just now. Discrediting his experience, and continuing the lecture about his call for cover. It was an insult on him and his honor, and one that should especially never have been uttered in front of the Junior Enlisted for any reason.

Check that: Inside, he was furious at Haruhi.

But he couldn't let the Hei or the Paramedic see him and Haruhi fight. The two senior NCO's bickering shouldn't spill over for the others to see, and if one of the officers ever caught wind of it... He had to get her alone, and resolve the issues Haruhi had with him. Either by sweeping it under the rug or by getting an understanding working with her.
"Just a little shore leave." Trowa said with a very charming smile. He slowly poured a glass for his new companion. Although Trowa loved flirting with pretty girls, he was very cautious. In his experience, Nepleslian women were trouble. Which suited the Nepleslian pilot just fine, when he had more time. Keeping his real eye fixed on the woman, he ran his cybernetic eye hidden under his eye patch up and down the woman, searching for any visible weapons or anywhere her clothing might be covering a weapon. "Tell me Ms. Somerset. What is a beautiful Nepleslian girl like you doing here?"
Katae was walking out of the Logistics where she had dropped off her requisitions. She considered heading to the Director of SATA's office. Instead upon hearing that Eun-Kyung was in-transit to the Medical Center she headed for the nearest tram station. As she entered the first tram, she sent a message to the crew members who had responded to the distress message.
To: Responding Aeon Crew members
Subject: Kim-Shoi Condition

I am currently on my way to the medical center. I want one of you to report to me here with as much information as you have available. Also what is the status of the responsible parties.


After sending the message, Katae was left with nothing to do but fume until she had more information.


Trowa's visual scan would show that the woman had some sort of pistol in her purse, another possible one on her hip, and a knife strapped to her upper thigh.

"I am an information broker, Yamamoo-Hei. I normally specialize in facilitating mergers and acquisitions. But I also do some work for private individuals. However, at the moment, I am cut off from my sponsors. After that ridiculous news broadcast from Nepleslia I have been unable to reach them. So until communications are restored, I guess you could say I am a free agent."


Josea looked at Kame, "As a scientist, I prefer to have factual evidence before I make a hypothesis. With all the strange news, there is insufficient evidence to rule out any of those possibilities. Which is probably why the civilian population is so tense. How do you know who you can trust? Remember what happened to those colonists out in the Bard Clusters...."

About that time, Kirk came around the other end of the warehouse. Even from a distance it was obvious that he had been in some sort of altercation. His sandy brown hair was mussed up, and he had a number of fresh bruises on his face, and his jacket was torn as well. His expression changed when he saw Josea, "O'Kutsuu-San, are you okay. I ran into some persistent people a little while ago." He kept his eyes on Josea, and his left hand hovered near his holster.
Kyoka nodded in acknowledgement. After all, since Haruhi could technically be considered 'incapacitated', that made Arkase her superior for the time being. And what perfect timing he had, given that moments later that Katae-Taisa had sent out the message calling for one of the crewmates. The Neko quickly typed out an acknowledgement message and was off, heading for the nearest public transport to the medical center.

To: Katae Taisa
Subject: Re: Kim-Shoi Condition

Order received and acknowledged, en-route via public transportation.

"Unca-Melc-san! Are you ok!!?" Kame said with eye wide open as she grabbed a nearby med hit. In that familiar female voice meaning this-is-not-debatable me she told, "Gustav-hei! I also apologize for the delay in getting the tablets, but security protocol mandates a lock down on this entire sector until security forces give the all clear. Contact KFY Security now, tell them their has been an incident near Warehouse F1-GH-T0-A30N, with at least on injured KFY employee technician."

Going back to a soft voice she then told Kirk, "Here, Lay down along the wall, so I can administer First-Aid." Kame sat down slowly with her crutches and then began to administer first-aid to the Id-sol technician wounds; all while the continuing to talk to him in a soft voice.

"Don't worry Unca-Melc about Dr. Scientist over there, Josea Gustav is a co-worker on my new job for in the 1st Fleet. He can also watch over us with his NSP until the authorities can arrive to take your statement. Won't he?"

Kame quickly glanced at Gustav-Hei with pleading puppy eyes, before turn back and asking Kirk, "So how did you get injured, Unca Melc? What exactly happened? Was it the local thugs, again!? Or did Miss Dawn finally beat some sense into you for forgetting to show up again for your date together?"
"Kame-San, calm down. They fared worse than I did. And it was not here in the yards, it was outside my apartment. They were asking about the shipping invoice that your packages arrived under. I was not willing to oblige them. So they tried to strong arm me. I fought with them until they heard the National Police approaching, then they took off." Kirk said.

Turning to Josea he said, "So this guy is in the 1XF? Doesn't look like it to me."

"That's because I am not in the Star Army. I am however assigned to the YSS Aeon with O'Kutsuu-Hei. I belong to the Scientific Studies Service, my specialty is Linguistics, and until O'Kutsuu-Hei barreled into me on the ship on her way out, I had never heard of these tablets." Josea replied.

Kirk turned back to Kame, "So what happened to you?"
"Idiot!" Oshiro may have been furious at her, but Haruhi was equally pissed at the enlisted and his actions. "Haven't you read the damned operating procedures for the ship? Nobody is to travel alone, especially right after we've just had an attempted kidnapping of our XO, and here you are trying to say that I'm incapacitated?!" Unfortunately Tsubei had obligingly run off already or she would have dragged her back.

With the Taii's message Haruhi decided a change of plans was in order, and addressed the medic aiding her in a calmer manner. "Changed my mind, let's go to the medical centre after all."
The medivac shuttle carrying Eun-Kyung, and Asi made the trip to the medical center in a matter of minutes. A soon as the shuttle touched down, the rear doors opened. The Paramedic undocked the grav-gurney and began moving her out of the shuttle.

"Follow me Hei, I will instruct them to allow you to stay close by." He said as he pushed the gurney towards the doors. The hospital was no different than any other, with only one exception, the Hinomaru emblazoned on the side of it.

Once they passed through the automatic doors, several of the emergency medical personnel converged upon them. The paramedic gave them Eun-Kyung's medical status; "NH-22 with extreme scalar burn injures over most of her body, worst on her right side. This Hei is a member of her crew and is under orders to stay with her." The paramedic then turned to Asi. "She's in good hands Hei. I have to return to my shuttle." he said heading towards the exit.

The medical personnel started moving Eun-Kyung immediately, "Get her to the burn center stat."


"Right away Juni," the paramedic said blinking briefly at the sudden change of mind of Haruhi. As she escorted her to the medivac shuttle, she took her radio to send to the pilot and the medical center. "Preparing to transport an ambulatory patient. Nekovalkyrja, with multiple shrapnel wounds. Will prep the patient for treatment enroute." she sent.

Once she arrived at the shuttle, she repositioned the gurney to a lower position. "Be seated Juni, and we will get underday."


Katae road silently in the tram, watching the buildings pass in a near blurr. Seated next to here was Keiko Gi the night shift starship operator. The Taii.. no Taisa is really angry. I think it is best to just sit with her quietly. In case she needs me. she thought.

She looked up at the display above the doors showing what station was coming up. There were only two more until they arrived at the medical center.
The train Tsubei had taken didn't go to the medical center. It did, however, connect to another train that led there. Once it reached said connection station, the Neko hurriedly ran to the next train, which conveniently was the same one the Taisa was on. But, Kyoka was in the wrong compartment and ended up not seeing her superior until they actually reached the medical center.
Trowa took another drink as he listened to the woman. He had located two possible firearms and a knife of some sorts, which actually put him a little more at ease. After all, when is a Nepleslian woman not armed? Trowa smiled at the thought. "News broadcast? I've been away on a... training exercise and haven't heard. Is there trouble on Nepleslia?" Trowa was curious, but more curious about the woman's intentions. "A free agent are you? Well, what are you free to do at the moment?"
"Well that depends on whether you are talking business or pleasure, although I'm not opposed to mixing the two." she took a sip of her drink.

"So have you had the chance to engage the new Mishhu? What can you tell me about your experiences against them? What are you doing later this evening?" Samantha inquired, pulling out a recording device.
"Oh nothing, I am fine. I just tripped the wrong way when Aeon was hit by a shell, nothing cannot be fixed in less than a fortnight. Well, as the Professor over their mentioned we are here to pick up the tablets my parents delivered to me." Kame replied as she finished patching Kirks wounds. "I know you think your fine Unca, but we really should get you checked at the nearby hospital"
"It won't take too much time to drop him off would it, Josea-san?" Kame said now to the SSS officer.
Once the paramedic had Haruhi seated, they began preparing the Juni for treatment. The paramedic applied bandages to stem the flow of blood, and stabilize the shrapnel. The shuttle pilot lifted off as soon as the doors to the shuttle swung shut.

The paramedic checking the results of the PMS-1 medical scan reported to the medical center. "Updating patient status. Patient is a Nekovalkyrja with multiple shrapnel wounds to the back. Bleeding is under control, with application of bandages with coagulant. Most of the shrapnel while deep do not appear to be life threatening. One of the fragments is embedded near the L4 vertebra along the spinal cord near the SPINE interface. Transmitting data for medical team use upon arrival."

The shuttle arrived with two minutes of the paramedic transmitting. The hospital had staff standing by to receive Haruhi.


The tram carrying Katae and the others arrived at the main entrance to the Medical Center. Katae glanced briefly at the directory to get her bearings and headed to the Emergency room to get a status on her crew.


Eun-Kyung was rushed into the burn center, where the medical personnel first increased the level of pain medication in her IV, then set about working to remove her uniform, first the remnants, and then working to remove the portions embedded in her burns. The task was further compounded by the present of other inorganic bits from the Classico. Once the last of them was removed they placed Eun-Kyung in a tub filled with a mixture hemosynth fluid, nutrients and saline. She was supported so that her head remained above the fluid and a nurse stood by and monitored her progress.


Josea pondered Kame's question. "Well O'Kutsuu-Hei, since we are not on a time table. We can certainly see to it that your friend gets to the medical center. Of course we can not force him to accept treatment." he said with a grin. "Perhaps we should hold off picking up the tablets until you are certain that your friend is going to be okay. Then we can return here and retrieve them."
Kyoka caught up to the Taisa quickly, having noticed the woman on the platform as they got off.

"Ise-Taisa!" She called out when she was fairly close. When her superior turned around, she did a quick bow. "Tsubei-hei, reporting. Do you want me to inform you about what happened now or after you see them?"
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