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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 20: Baka yarō


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YSS Kaiyō II

The navy haired ship MEGAMI sat a hand on the cook's shoulder, holding it there. Boss gave a smile to the powdery white facade of flour above the crew member's almost hidden expression.

"You may head to engineering and prepare backup systems there," Boss said with a light pat that spread the flour around the air near Boss and the cook. When she turned to the captain's chair, she smiled as a nearby panel's hydraulics sighed and a panel opened. A splaying green light jettisoned from the opening made as Boss' smile touched her orange-hued eyes. The green light splayed in a cone not unlike the Fuji's own main aether array's conical spread. In the instant the green light swept over the flour on Boss' waving hand, in the air, and likely over the cook (she was halfway out the door but the light followed her), the flour disappeared. Boss chirped, "Hello captain! WARMS is a predictive system. It can be as easy as reading words or as hard as reading clouds in the sky." She looked from him take up a command at Nerai's position. She seemed to smile comfortably and looked to Alastair with that smile, "Still warm."

A series of sensor readouts filtered from a pocket of space that the MEGAMI's fingers had pinched. The packet of soft light opened on his console to show him that his intuition was heading the same way that Boss' was. Boss square jaw jutted to point to Wyatt Alder at sensors.

"Alder-juni may need a yontô hei's refresher on sensor system mechanics. As for me, Belmont-tai, I reco-" Boss stopped short and her open mouth slotted closed as she leaned back while a new volumetric panel appeared alight in front of Alastair's face. A number of smaller frames were being shown as she spoke again. "We just received communication. This is visual feed, appears to be live and accurate and is of..." Boss' mouth closed once more. Alastair would be able to see all of the rooms were inhabited by those that had just vanished before his eyes and more- surplus infantry, engineering and another cook that he hadn't been around. "Our crew."

The crew members didn't seem aware of whatever was recording them, but if Alastair pulled any of them up he would see pale cubical walls containing them, though they were milling about or seemingly resting in their rooms. As he watched whoever he had pulled up to watch more closely, Alastair would also see that person's attention shit to a door out of visual frame. They smiled pleasant enough with a nod and walked through the room they were in, now gone from frame completely. Their room was now empty and stayed so.

Planet Surface

Hoshi knocked lightly on Chlorate's internal hull plating as she laughed. She spied the enemy and nodded to herself as she slowed her laughter. She opened the hatch to show he own form, albeit through the Mindy, to these people.

"HEAR THAT?!?" Hoshi saw she had the attention of those in the buggies. One of them was blue enough to be Kuvexian, but for the most part Hoshi didn't think these were a group of Kuvexians, though she could see they had an odd array of weaponry to them. "One word from me and DELETION... of YOU! Got that?" She looked forward, putting a hand over her eyes as she waited for an answer.

There was a yell back, too faint for a non-Neko and non-AI in a tank to have heard at such a distance.

"We'll avoid that, thank you!"

Hoshi gave a raucous laugh back before she looked to the sky, then back to her tank and the group beyond. She was getting word of what had happened within the spire and below it. That coupled with the news of those in the ship disappearing had killed any chatty mood, so she waited.

They finally spoke back, "Are you of the Reinbe?"

Hoshi blinked, she had heard that word.

"We're not not of them!" Hoshi yelled back with her hand over her mouth.

Weapons lowered but nobody moved close to Hoshi and Chlorate the tank. Hoshi murmured, "Chloey, are you picking up what happened inside? We might need friends," Hoshi looked up, "To get off this planet... Take us in."

Fourth Cavern
Team Lost Married Couple talking to a strange man

With a softer squint of the cloak's figures hazel eyes, the two could likely tell he was smiling beneath his thick beard of grey and thicker coat of gnarled wool.

"I have what you need, but only one! It's mine!" came a gruff exclamation. From his snagged charcoal's belly, an item slipped from a fold and was placed in the center of his cloak, which now raised as if her were pregnant with some oblong, ildly unhealthy shape. His cloak had extended over a foot to hold his mobile device out to Kiyo. He was showing what looked a lot like a Star Army Communicator with a touchscreen on one of its longer sides. It was shaped differently than any of the pictures Kiyo had shown him, but the man looked back to the console, then his cloak extended like a finger would to touch the screen, which shifted to represent the same image that the computer in one of Kiyo's picture was showing.

"It's the same thing, you know," the cloaked man went on. "I have no family pictures on this," he said with a wink of one of his eyes to either of the couple that were looking at him instead of his mobile computer. "It is for you, though, for a price of..." He slowly moved his cloak's extension inward so that it looked as if he didn't have some abnormal and large growth, as he did look before. From the fold a shine and a glitter was produced, but his cloak folded over the addition and extended his body so that only Wulf could see the addition. Before only his eyes was a ring of magnitude in beauty that was incomparable to anything from the Kikyō Sector.

From his breath came a low gurgle and the pungent smell came back into the air and noses around his as he titled his head with a smile.

"Only the best for love," he murmured with the sickly sweet but altogether vomit-inducing smell licking at every word, "For a price you name...!" His crescent smile eyes had widened with an intensity that showed excitement beyond compare. "And for your Hargol69, of course. Don't call anyone weird on it and by My Emanations, change my username on the stock forums!!! That is what you want these for, eh!? Well I've got some black-er,...." His eyes lowered to shifting about at the couple's feet, then to their eyes. "You know, the shadier and lighter places," he had nodded his head while a small returned, "You can sell whatever, wherever on that."

Him and his smell leaned in close, "So, what're you here to be paying?" The sloping top of his cloak had erected full mast and was pointed sharply towards the stalactites pointing sharply back down at them from the top of the cave. It was all very exciting.

Team Twin

"The Kual 6 will cost 800 gigajillion and the smaller Hargol89 is 100 trillion. You'll need to set up a data plan or move an existing plan with our suite over onto a Hargol89 while the Kual 6 comes with no hidden costs, as you might say," The gleaming white patterns on her cheeks accentuated themselves as she smiled, pushing her smile onto her customers, she leaned forward, "I don't know how you could live with that hulking Kual 6, though. Get a Kual 2, it's just as powerful with 3/4 the memory but most stalags don't even have enough room for a 6." She leaned back up, then looked about, sighing as she thought at the growing customer base outside of the two in front of her.

"Will you-aah!" the woman had suddenly moved to the side as she looked to the Kiana, whose Leinve form was falling. She was in the midst of collapsing when her Leinve appearance was no more. The Sprite looked to lose consciousness as lids closed on her expressionless face. The bright shock of her white and pinkhair presented itself fast, as did her creamy and long ears bounced with the sudden buckling of her neck and slanting of her back as it fell. Under the guise . Assuredly her nearby companion could catch her- if she didn't Kiana would likely hit her head on a solid display table and possibly the equipment it was showcasing as she fell backwards.

"Wha-What is goi-" the sales associate began to yell.

Team Stock Market
Trial Pools

Saya was to be the last Kuvexian to step into the pool, but before she could something strange happened. The slugs given to her to be put over her volumetric jewelry slid off of her skin as if they had nothing to grasp to. Falling one by one towards or at her feet, the whole group would notice they weren't reacting the same way to her skin.

Rei's white eyes sat at the base of Saya's feet, then slowly moved to Aiko as someone entered.

An attendant's smiling face went from those in the pool to Saya, whose naked Kuvexian form had a pile of gloopy slugs at the base of it, who squirmed away and out of her volumetric projection too quickly for her to accommodate the glitch-like look a slug had as it half crawled, half slid off of her quickly.

The attendant looked quizzical, a puzzled open mouth that slowly closed as they backed up, out of the open door. They stood still as they pressed a button and the door to the trial pool closed and the Kaiyō crew were alone.

"Taiki..." Rei said in an unamused tone, letting them know in Yamataian to await order and standby. Her long ear swiveled and the fog stopped burbling and gurgling.

"Out!" The harsh samurai's voice clipped the room as she made to shove Aiko from the pool, though the princess was fast enough to have left it without Rei's physical prompting. The samurai nodded curtly to William, who she came to realize was already positioned to cover Aiko well enough.

There were no sounds for a moment as the four were alone in the room, jeweled walls and ceiling glittering- casting shadows and bright light at every movement.

"Sen..." Rei murmured, the word for war, as the sound of trampling feet rattled through the halls. Their murmured din was enough for Rei to speak on, "Assailants, all coming. Prepare yourselves," she said as she found her own sidearm and William's, which she passed to him. "This is battle." Her own visage of a Kuvexian had slipped away to reveal nothing of the stout woman as her skin's camouflaging hid her armored Eihei body halfway above the door.

When it opened, the first two bodies that came through the door were larger than William and not as dashing. Their gnarled grey bodies held false amalgamations of humanoid structures that were hard to identify. Their split second appearance in the doorway was interrupted as the Eihei dropped down and through the doorway with an effort of gravity manipulation to splay some of the hulking assailants behind their comrades. Those in the first trial pool could hear the blast of her sidearm shoot twice. There was a pause, then an exchange of gunfire from the hall could be heard.

"More! San!" Rei called into the pool room.

The insurrection into the trial pool was only apprehended by Rei momentarily as a bluish, mottled hand of three fingers gripped the doorframe. Two ten plus foot creatures of disjointed bodies. They had hardened, mottled leather skin with tumorous additions of arms of torso, it was hard to tell in the chaos of their movement. Almost instantly, the full body of the first creature had lunged past the bodies of those like it that Rei had taken down and into, through the entryway, and into the room. Its full frame took up too much room to lift its spine fully, but even as it moved with a hunched back, the ceiling was being scraped off by its tough skin. The jewels and grit and gems fell down in arching flight as the monstrosity unleashed on the Kaiyo crew swiveled through the room at a barreling speed.

The creature barreled forward, passing into the room towards William while another lunged inward for Saya in the same manner as the first. This second creature to come made a swift arch of a five foot long arm that swiped at her with incredible velocity.

Team Surveillance

The team for surveillance had made it into the destination- a hotel room that the Kaiyo had rented out under some false names and money for this team's express purpose of setting up shop to watch the tedious process of team stock market in the trial pools. Through surveillance, of course.

Eden radio'd in to let them know, "TARFUN!" Came her harsh voice as the XO snapped her legs into a sprint. "Recalling all ground teams!"

Team XO
"Fuck!" Eden said to herself as she ran, then spoke to Harris, "Harris, get that freighter from the valet and get the teams for surveillance and computers out of here!"

((OOC: I'm going to assume GM control of Kaiyō Kiana for this mission. She's going to be unconscious for the rest of the mission, so surrounding characters- please get her home. A lot happened in this post so take your time reading your section/it but please post. Those that don't reply to my GM post are facing consequences, there's three instances of that in this post.))


Game Master
Mikael and Yoshinaga

The Kuvexian named Bhorvoom and his assistant made their way out of the cargo hold. He was about to attempt his own penetration testing for SAINT when he got the message from Eve. He stopped fidgetting with his Ke-G7-1B and calmly made his way to the elevator with Yoshinaga. "Heading to Valet to retrieve the ship and preparing stay-back operation." Mikael replied back to Eden. He really didn't have a clue what had happened to call the recall, though he suspected someone slipped up.

As he made his way to the elevator and called for the elevator, he messaged the Computer and Surveillance teams. "Harris-shoi to teams, what is your current status?"