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RP: YSS Kaiyō Mission 20: Baka yarō

YSS Kaiyō II

The navy haired ship MEGAMI sat a hand on the cook's shoulder, holding it there. Boss gave a smile to the powdery white facade of flour above the crew member's almost hidden expression.

"You may head to engineering and prepare backup systems there," Boss said with a light pat that spread the flour around the air near Boss and the cook. When she turned to the captain's chair, she smiled as a nearby panel's hydraulics sighed and a panel opened. A splaying green light jettisoned from the opening made as Boss' smile touched her orange-hued eyes. The green light splayed in a cone not unlike the Fuji's own main aether array's conical spread. In the instant the green light swept over the flour on Boss' waving hand, in the air, and likely over the cook (she was halfway out the door but the light followed her), the flour disappeared. Boss chirped, "Hello captain! WARMS is a predictive system. It can be as easy as reading words or as hard as reading clouds in the sky." She looked from him take up a command at Nerai's position. She seemed to smile comfortably and looked to Alastair with that smile, "Still warm."

A series of sensor readouts filtered from a pocket of space that the MEGAMI's fingers had pinched. The packet of soft light opened on his console to show him that his intuition was heading the same way that Boss' was. Boss square jaw jutted to point to Wyatt Alder at sensors.

"Alder-juni may need a yontô hei's refresher on sensor system mechanics. As for me, Belmont-tai, I reco-" Boss stopped short and her open mouth slotted closed as she leaned back while a new volumetric panel appeared alight in front of Alastair's face. A number of smaller frames were being shown as she spoke again. "We just received communication. This is visual feed, appears to be live and accurate and is of..." Boss' mouth closed once more. Alastair would be able to see all of the rooms were inhabited by those that had just vanished before his eyes and more- surplus infantry, engineering and another cook that he hadn't been around. "Our crew."

The crew members didn't seem aware of whatever was recording them, but if Alastair pulled any of them up he would see pale cubical walls containing them, though they were milling about or seemingly resting in their rooms. As he watched whoever he had pulled up to watch more closely, Alastair would also see that person's attention shit to a door out of visual frame. They smiled pleasant enough with a nod and walked through the room they were in, now gone from frame completely. Their room was now empty and stayed so.

Planet Surface

Hoshi knocked lightly on Chlorate's internal hull plating as she laughed. She spied the enemy and nodded to herself as she slowed her laughter. She opened the hatch to show he own form, albeit through the Mindy, to these people.

"HEAR THAT?!?" Hoshi saw she had the attention of those in the buggies. One of them was blue enough to be Kuvexian, but for the most part Hoshi didn't think these were a group of Kuvexians, though she could see they had an odd array of weaponry to them. "One word from me and DELETION... of YOU! Got that?" She looked forward, putting a hand over her eyes as she waited for an answer.

There was a yell back, too faint for a non-Neko and non-AI in a tank to have heard at such a distance.

"We'll avoid that, thank you!"

Hoshi gave a raucous laugh back before she looked to the sky, then back to her tank and the group beyond. She was getting word of what had happened within the spire and below it. That coupled with the news of those in the ship disappearing had killed any chatty mood, so she waited.

They finally spoke back, "Are you of the Reinbe?"

Hoshi blinked, she had heard that word.

"We're not not of them!" Hoshi yelled back with her hand over her mouth.

Weapons lowered but nobody moved close to Hoshi and Chlorate the tank. Hoshi murmured, "Chloey, are you picking up what happened inside? We might need friends," Hoshi looked up, "To get off this planet... Take us in."

Fourth Cavern
Team Lost Married Couple talking to a strange man

With a softer squint of the cloak's figures hazel eyes, the two could likely tell he was smiling beneath his thick beard of grey and thicker coat of gnarled wool.

"I have what you need, but only one! It's mine!" came a gruff exclamation. From his snagged charcoal's belly, an item slipped from a fold and was placed in the center of his cloak, which now raised as if her were pregnant with some oblong, ildly unhealthy shape. His cloak had extended over a foot to hold his mobile device out to Kiyo. He was showing what looked a lot like a Star Army Communicator with a touchscreen on one of its longer sides. It was shaped differently than any of the pictures Kiyo had shown him, but the man looked back to the console, then his cloak extended like a finger would to touch the screen, which shifted to represent the same image that the computer in one of Kiyo's picture was showing.

"It's the same thing, you know," the cloaked man went on. "I have none of my own pictures on this," he said with a wink of one of his eyes to either of the couple that were looking at him instead of his mobile computer. "It is for you, though, for a price of..." He slowly moved his cloak's extension inward so that it looked as if he didn't have some abnormal and large growth, as he did look before. From the fold a shine and a glitter was produced, but his cloak folded over the addition and extended his body so that only Wulf could see the addition. Before only his eyes was a ring of magnitude in beauty that was incomparable to anything from the Kikyō Sector.

From his breath came a low gurgle and the pungent smell came back into the air and noses around his as he titled his head with a smile.

"Only the best for love," he murmured with the sickly sweet but altogether vomit-inducing smell licking at every word, "For a price you name...!" His crescent smile eyes had widened with an intensity that showed excitement beyond compare. "And for your Hargol69, of course. Don't call anyone weird on it and by My Emanations, change my username on the stock forums!!! That is what you want these for, eh!? Well I've got some black-er,...." His eyes lowered to shifting about at the couple's feet, then to their eyes. "You know, the shadier and lighter places," he had nodded his head while a small returned, "You can sell whatever, wherever on that."

Him and his smell leaned in close, "So, what're you here to be paying?" The sloping top of his cloak had erected full mast and was pointed sharply towards the stalactites pointing sharply back down at them from the top of the cave. It was all very exciting.

Team Twin

"The Kual 6 will cost 800 gigajillion and the smaller Hargol89 is 100 trillion. You'll need to set up a data plan or move an existing plan with our suite over onto a Hargol89 while the Kual 6 comes with no hidden costs, as you might say," The gleaming white patterns on her cheeks accentuated themselves as she smiled, pushing her smile onto her customers, she leaned forward, "I don't know how you could live with that hulking Kual 6, though. Get a Kual 2, it's just as powerful with 3/4 the memory but most stalags don't even have enough room for a 6." She leaned back up, then looked about, sighing as she thought at the growing customer base outside of the two in front of her.

"Will you-aah!" the woman had suddenly moved to the side as she looked to the Kiana, whose Leinve form was falling. She was in the midst of collapsing when her Leinve appearance was no more. The Sprite looked to lose consciousness as lids closed on her expressionless face. The bright shock of her white and pinkhair presented itself fast, as did her creamy and long ears bounced with the sudden buckling of her neck and slanting of her back as it fell. Under the guise . Assuredly her nearby companion could catch her- if she didn't Kiana would likely hit her head on a solid display table and possibly the equipment it was showcasing as she fell backwards.

"Wha-What is goi-" the sales associate began to yell.

Team Stock Market
Trial Pools

Saya was to be the last Kuvexian to step into the pool, but before she could something strange happened. The slugs given to her to be put over her volumetric jewelry slid off of her skin as if they had nothing to grasp to. Falling one by one towards or at her feet, the whole group would notice they weren't reacting the same way to her skin.

Rei's white eyes sat at the base of Saya's feet, then slowly moved to Aiko as someone entered.

An attendant's smiling face went from those in the pool to Saya, whose naked Kuvexian form had a pile of gloopy slugs at the base of it, who squirmed away and out of her volumetric projection too quickly for her to accommodate the glitch-like look a slug had as it half crawled, half slid off of her quickly.

The attendant looked quizzical, a puzzled open mouth that slowly closed as they backed up, out of the open door. They stood still as they pressed a button and the door to the trial pool closed and the Kaiyō crew were alone.

"Taiki..." Rei said in an unamused tone, letting them know in Yamataian to await order and standby. Her long ear swiveled and the fog stopped burbling and gurgling.

"Out!" The harsh samurai's voice clipped the room as she made to shove Aiko from the pool, though the princess was fast enough to have left it without Rei's physical prompting. The samurai nodded curtly to William, who she came to realize was already positioned to cover Aiko well enough.

There were no sounds for a moment as the four were alone in the room, jeweled walls and ceiling glittering- casting shadows and bright light at every movement.

"Sen..." Rei murmured, the word for war, as the sound of trampling feet rattled through the halls. Their murmured din was enough for Rei to speak on, "Assailants, all coming. Prepare yourselves," she said as she found her own sidearm and William's, which she passed to him. "This is battle!" Her own visage of a Kuvexian had slipped away to reveal nothing of the stout woman as her skin's camouflaging hid her armored Eihei body halfway above the door.

When it opened, the first two bodies that came through the door were larger than William and not as dashing. Their gnarled grey bodies held false amalgamations of humanoid structures that were hard to identify. Their split second appearance in the doorway was interrupted as the Eihei dropped down and through the doorway with an effort of gravity manipulation to splay some of the hulking assailants behind their comrades. Those in the first trial pool could hear the blast of her sidearm shoot twice. There was a pause, then an exchange of gunfire from the hall could be heard.

"More! San!" Rei called into the pool room.

The insurrection into the trial pool was only apprehended by Rei momentarily as a bluish, mottled hand of three fingers gripped the doorframe. Two ten plus foot creatures of disjointed bodies. They had hardened, mottled leather skin with tumorous additions of arms of torso, it was hard to tell in the chaos of their movement. Almost instantly, the full body of the first creature had lunged past the bodies of those like it that Rei had taken down and into, through the entryway, and into the room. Its full frame took up too much room to lift its spine fully, but even as it moved with a hunched back, the ceiling was being scraped off by its tough skin. The jewels and grit and gems fell down in arching flight as the monstrosity unleashed on the Kaiyo crew swiveled through the room at a barreling speed.

The creature barreled forward, passing into the room towards William while another lunged inward for Saya in the same manner as the first. This second creature to come made a swift arch of a five foot long arm that swiped at her with incredible velocity.

Team Surveillance

The team for surveillance had made it into the destination- a hotel room that the Kaiyo had rented out under some false names and money for this team's express purpose of setting up shop to watch the tedious process of team stock market in the trial pools. Through surveillance, of course.

Eden radio'd in to let them know, "TARFUN!" Came her harsh voice as the XO snapped her legs into a sprint. "Recalling all ground teams!"

Team XO
"Fuck!" Eden said to herself as she ran, then spoke to Harris, "Harris, get that freighter from the valet and get the teams for surveillance and computers out of here!"

((OOC: I'm going to assume GM control of Kaiyō Kiana for this mission. She's going to be unconscious for the rest of the mission, so surrounding characters- please get her home. A lot happened in this post so take your time reading your section/it but please post. Those that don't reply to my GM post are facing consequences, there's three instances of that in this post.))
Mikael and Yoshinaga

The Kuvexian named Bhorvoom and his assistant made their way out of the cargo hold. He was about to attempt his own penetration testing for SAINT when he got the message from Eve. He stopped fidgetting with his Ke-G7-1B and calmly made his way to the elevator with Yoshinaga. "Heading to Valet to retrieve the ship and preparing stay-back operation." Mikael replied back to Eden. He really didn't have a clue what had happened to call the recall, though he suspected someone slipped up.

As he made his way to the elevator and called for the elevator, he messaged the Computer and Surveillance teams. "Harris-shoi to teams, what is your current status?"
YSS Kaiyō II

Alastair smiled as he watched the floors be instantly cleaned. This reminded him why he loved this ship so much. It just seemed to understand him completely. He dazed for a moment then realized Boss was calling to him. "Aye, yes captain, that is me, the captain of this fine vessel." He flashed her a nice smile as he listened to her explain what he already knew. "Yes yes, WARMS, about as accurate as a one eyed nep with a shotgun." He said with a snicker. Though he thought to himself, at least the nep would do some good and kill a few things.

Alastair leaned forward as his eyes fixed to the new screens in front of him. It was all of them and then some. What was odd was how familiar this felt. Prior to lights out he would at times scan the ship cameras checking around to see if anything looked out of place. How in the world did they get an internal feed to whatever prison his crew had been taken away too. Looks like the ship would be taking on extra crew from this mission. The compound might just need a new wing added. He chuckled to himself thinking back to the mission he saved all those enslaved girls. What a rush to be the hero of the day that mission.

A big smile crossed his face. "This is wonderful news to see the crew is at least alive. Finally something we can work with here." He tap a few buttons on the screen to see if he could get a better idea where these images were coming from.

"Anyone else think this seems completely out of place." He points to one of the screen he had frozen on one of the crew. "Why the calm attitude? If I had just been taken captive I'd be anything but calm." He said leaning in closer to the screen. "At least maybe this means they are not getting tortured, yet at least." He stood up and looked out over the bridge. "Either way we are going to get them back from where ever they are housed. Boss, see if you can get an exact location, or at least close too."
Team Stock Market
Trial Pools

Saya stared wide eyed down at the small creature that had fallen off her body. For a moment she was glad from the absolute revulsion she felt from the slimy little bug that had crawled across her skin. Goose flesh had spread across her arm from where it had trailed along her, yet at the same time her eyes went wide as she looked up to their host. The only thing that gave away her shock was the way her eyes spread and stared, yet the illusion held in place as she began to hyperventilate a little. She knew she had screwed up, more so when everything went to hell in a hand basket. Immediately the medic backed up from the door where Rei had gone out. She was behind Aiko and William and couldn't help her shake as she shook her head.

"I-I'm sorry... I'm sorry I messed up I'm sorry..." A few feet back from the others to make sure she didn't get in the way of combat, she went wide eyed and struggled to retain her disguise even as she watched the large creature step in. Her mind flip flopped back and forth on the sheer fact that she was currently face-to-face with what looked like, for all intents and purposes, like a troll! A grin curled the corners of her lips just the slightest bit as she pointed.

"They have trolls!" She couldn't help it, and thankfully she shut her mouth as she jumped over the creature's arm. She was thankful her body naturally protected her youngling inside of her body, glad her body didn't show any of the normal signs of pregnancy as it allowed her to move like normal. Her body pressed to the ceiling of the room as the arm passed below her, Saya pulled her feet under her and used them to push off the ceiling down and away from the creature, trying to put space between her and them and hopefully draw them away from William so he might fight on his own.
Team Stock Market
Trial Pools

William stared in shock as the slugs fell from Saya's body. It was quiet enough to hear a pin drop for the briefest of moments, before all hell broke loose.

As Rei tossed him his side arm, he checked the chamber and moved in front of the others. As the doors slid open he found the trolls on the other side.

All of the anger and rage that William had been repressing came unbidden now. He let loose a blood curdling battle cry as he charged to meet the enemy. He could see the enemy moving to attack Saya and he could only see red. He body checked the troll in front of him and swung a fist the size of a tank shell into the other troll's midsection.

"Now it's my turn... Now you can see what a pure ID-SOL is!!!" He roared, fists flying as he engaged both of the trolls in hand to hand combat.
OOC - "Stirke, fade, misdirect, then lastly disappear. Master all these and I promise you'll survive. Failure to do these you'll have nothing but death for you students. So be a like a ghost and don't become one" - Instructor at the orphanage teaching Wulf Soban and others.

Little Poor Me

Team Twin
Sakura Sjet

For Sakura time froze for a moment. In a flash of a moment her cover was blown, her squad mate was falling and in the store shrouded by unknowns the shop creep had just yelled. She had to act and couldn't spare a moment too long for she knew that soon she would be hunted. In those split seconds she had a rough plan. Using her Inertia controlling ability she tried her best to manipulate the gravity so Kiana wouldn't hit the the display case. Next was a quick punch at the throat of the sales woman to silence her. She didn't want to do any permanent damage to her but just enough to silence her. Lastly she was going to grab both her fallen comrade and grab one of the devices before trying to flee to the back of the store.

Her hope was a to sneak into the back and then change her volumetrics and find a box with a cart to move Kiana. Hoping to disguise her self as a package delivery person and hopefully to throw off people as they fled. This was her hope any way and for the neko that was all she had at this moment.

Fourth Cavern
Team Lost Married Couple talking to a strange man

Wulf was almost regretting his choice to lead Kiyo in here. Though it wasn't uncommon to deal with the unsavory he had every desire to make him stop fouling up the galaxy with that terrible breath. Though to do so would be a small mercy when they could get there prize and be out of here. Keeping up the body guard look he was scanning the area and the black market seller. He didn't want to just risk a quick strike when there was there so many unknowns instead he was hoping for Kiyo to work out a price of the device.

When the figure showed off the ring he then saw something interesting. The object was beautiful in a artistic sense. Jewels and shimmer that would stun many. To Wulf though it hated the idea of it, it was too shiny to impractical and spoke to the creatures hidden vanity with desires. Truly this being had one goal and that was to get wealth and when his lowers like what he was pretending to be showed flash it to remind him of his place. That was his thought but he tried to hide a mouthed wow.

That was when he heard the call to fall back. Trying to keep cool he waited to see what Kiyo would do.
Fourth Cavern
Team Lost Married Couple talking to a strange man

Kiyo’s Kuvexian face volumetric remained stoic and expressionless as they interacted with the merchant who appeared to have what they were seeking. She tried very hard to keep her expression unbothered by the smell that was now afflicting her poor nose. Her eyes took note of the shine and glitter which was produced as the man went about showing what he had to sell. She knew she had to be careful, and that killing would catch too much attention, fortunately she might not need to kill.

Before they left on their mission, Kiyo had tried to figure out what she could use, until the ship’s database, told her what were valuable in the area, and so she had managed to use any means necessary to get a gem that any merchant would desire due to its value, and already she thought this man would want to have what she had. “Very well, Mother has given me these to use” she said lifting up a pouch from her side. She opened it to allow him to view the precious gems inside. “Will these do? she asked him each gem was valuable and priceless. She was certain they were more than enough and he could get something nice for himself.

Though unsaid she hoped he would get proper hygiene since he needed it.
Team Surveillance

The arrival at the room had brought a great sense of relief to Indira. Her usual hesitation and dread around away missions continued to haunt the edges of her mind, despite her carefully managed brain chemistry. The truth was that things like this scared the hell out of her, but she'd long ago decided to stop being scared through whatever means she could figure out. When simple courage had failed, she had turned to science.

Looking at the room, and about to get into something that she did feel comfortable with, she let out a little sigh of relief. "Okay, let's get setup and start th-"

"TARFUN!" came Eden's voice over the comm. "Recalling all ground teams!"

Indira's mood immediately soured. She looked to the door with a mix of mild sadness and dread. "..Or.. not."

One dainty hand rubbed against her forehead. How had she gotten herself into this? She put aside her frustrations, thinking back to the lab that she enjoyed so much. If they had to go back, maybe she could get back to her projects in the lab? It was the positive thought that she needed.

"Let's get moving," she said, voice more confident and cool than she felt. Indira opened the door and found herself face-to-waist with an attendant.

The man smiled broadly down at her. "Hello, ma'am! I just wanted to stop by and make sure that everything was in order. We pride ourselves on-"

"We're heading out for a bit," she said, cutting him off. "Thank you for checking on us, but we'll be fine for now. If we need anything, we'll call."

"Yes, ma'am! Thank you again for choosing-"

She waved him off and walked by. Deciding that a bit of subterfuge was likely in order, she looked to the others. "Come on, those prices won't last all day."

Satisfied that she'd done enough to maintain their cover, she led the group back to the maintenance shafts that had brought them here. That would bring them back to where they'd started. 'Hello again, old friend,' she thought as she pushed open the entrance and began to crawl.
YSS Kaiyō II

Alastair was starting to get very impatient with the situation. Though Boss cleaning up the flour on the bridge put a smile on his face for a moment. He made it way over to Nerai's station following the indication of Boss to take a seat. His eyes lit up as the crew came onto the screens. Alastair was overcome with emotions. He stood and planted a big kiss on the cheek of boss before sitting back down.

(OOC: This took place before my last post, second paragraph. Wanted to show him taking a seat and figured I would add some flare as well ^^)
YSS Kaiyō II

"I am thinking I am thinking, not all of us are super computers, one moment~" Wyatt mused as the minkan rubbed at his left temple with two fingers, previously flawless forehead now heavily creased into a frown of concentration before he let out a huff, and straightened his posture to speak.

Wyatt cast a glance over to the screen in front of Alastair, mood lightening a bit at just the thought that the stolen crew appeared to be alright for the time being... or if this was some WARMS-related transmission maybe they would be okay, the whole thing gave him enough of a headache for the scowl to return in full.

"I say try to divert any power you can from non-essential systems and tighten your scan on the anomalous readings picked up 3.7 light years out unless you have a better course of action?" he challenged the representation of the ship's brain, one hand extended to offer her the floor if she had a better idea than his, it was hard to concentrate sometimes with all the SAINT chatter rushing through his greymatter.
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Team Surveillance

Kikios nodded at Indira, recognizing her trick. She followed her to the maintenance shaft and entered, squeezing her feathery wings inside. She wondered why they were being called back this early, though. Something obviously wasn't right here.

Planet Surface
Hoshi didn't hear any response from the tank. Not a robotic word. Rather, she just continued rolling forward, a bit faster though. She had to avoid saying anything to Hoshi so that she would look like a regular tank. The purple tankette quickly treaded toward the spire, knowing they'd need to get there fast. The situation was changing, they didn't have time to waste on the patrol of whoever they were that had attempted to intercept them.
Team Stock Market
Trial Pools

Aiko dropped her Kuvexian disguise when Rei prompted them out of the pool, keen herself on the developing situation. She scrambled over to the satchel they'd been provided earlier, scraping over the damp floor on all fours. There was little enough time to grab her NSP before the Kuvexian-enthralled monstrosities came barreling in on their attack. Now that battle was met, the excitement of combat rushed through Aiko's body to focus both mind and spirit upon survival at any cost. Within a moment, her hunched form that loomed over the satchel twisted around and contorted to a rigid, prone squat that primed every muscle in her to leap.

The beast grasping upward at Saya provided the most immediate opportunity to strike. As the pink medic evaded her attacker and William delivered his valiant strikes to all-comers, Aiko sprung forth. Her trajectory spiraled low over the ground until she was beneath the monster, where her pistol peppered its belly and loins with a quick set of shots that weren't particularly precise — for a Nekovalkyrja. Once through, the Ketsurui girl rolled to her knees and snapped off whatever clean shots she could make between William and the brutes.

"Rei!" Aiko shouted telepathically, her concern for her sensei tinged with a small regret that the dutiful samurai would likely take it as a demand for more information. "I will join you soon with the others!"
Planet Surface

As the pair, tank and girl, were finally close enough to speak more freely, they heard a voice and saw the person to match. His greyed skin was leathered and obscured by the crisscrossing, overlarge ammo belts that jutted off of his frame like spaulders. He could have been a Kuvexian but, for all Hoshi knew, he could have been any other species of this sector- she had already noted a baker's dozen to Star Army Command. Whatever he was, he wasn't feeding his ammo clothing into the turret that jutted from his ATV and for that, Hoshi was pretty happy.

"You don't look like you're from around here," he stated.

"The Reinbe?" came Hoshi's swift reply.

The man shook his head, "You're gonna have to trust me before I do you."

"That's not how I see it," Hoshi murmured with a stiffening of her jaw and a deadpan stare.

He looked back to his comrades, "We're part of a resistance," his head nodded down as his eyes grew shadowed. "It's not easy but it's also not easy living under the conditions many do, so... The Reinbe," he spread his arms, "We heard about the freeing of some religious kind and it started something. We're part of that, carrying the name the movement was given then- the Reinbe."

Hoshi nodded, "I think I can trust that." She sighed out as she said to Chlorate, "Looks like those sensor installations will have to wait."

Fourth Cavern

As the kuvexian saleswoman stumbled and gasped incoherently at her throat mindlessly, Sakura had free rein to move to the back of the store as nobody really knew what was going on. She had time enough to find a shipment box big enough for the less than conscious Sprite body and a dolly to roll it on before there was a commotion coming from the salesfloor towards the back room she was in. Her only option was to exit the room and go into the alleyway. To her right she would see a brick wall, some trash, the works. To her left, a busy market street. and many avenues of escape.

It was the same market street that Kiyo and Wulf were on now. They were inline of site of Kiyo, too, as the alleyway she was in was the same one the smelly-breathed man that Wulf and Kiyo were now talking to had been spotted in. That same cloaked man was saying soft utterances now.

"I know I said I don't have any personal pictures on there, but delete any if I do, yeah?" he grumbled softly as he handed over the device, "And get a new four rod, too, of course. Heh, these'll do nicely, dear, thank you." His eyes squinted as took the gems to look back to Wulf. "You really have some chutz! Walking up to me, pining for a ring of betrothal when you don't have a gem for a 69! Chutz is it I tell you, well not so bad of a thing..." He had begun wandering off now, leaving a clearer line of site of Kiyo and Wulf to Sakura and Kiana and vice versa, save for Kiana seeing them, of course, due to being in a box and the lack of consciousness.

YSS Kaiyō II

"I would do the same, though we don't need to divert power to do such a nominal task," Boss was looking to Wyatt with pursed lips before her amber eyes squinted, then looked to the captain. "We are being hailed by Deio-heisho."

Soon enough, the red haired Nekovalkyrja was on the volumetric screens.

"Ala- Belmont-tai! This is Ittô Heisho Deio Asuka, I am coming in to tell you that we have made first contact! Rights of Early Contact have been formally given, but, Captain... Well, they denied it. It seems they're-" She looked away to give a smiling sigh then back to those viewing her to go on. "Well, everyone should hear this. They're ready to transport us! If you could divert any power you can from non-essentials and tighten a soliton and moh reading scan. anywhere from 4 LY to your position. That should help us do it."

Boss admitted, "Alder-heisho just had that same idea."

"Wyatt, brilliant!" Asuka complimented. "We got to get him on the bridge more often, Boss!"

Boss' pursed lips failed to tuck away her smile before she asked, "What will that help you do?"

"You should be able to interface with their transporters," Asuka replied back.

Boss turned in her chair to look at the captain for his orders.
Planet Surface

The iron girl didn't very much appreciate that these strangers were questioning her captain and her girlfriend, but there was nothing she could say. Hoshi hadn't told her she could act like a regular robogirl again. For this reason, when she next spoke to the Chusa, it was purely a digital message sent to her mind that nobody else could hear. "I do not understand. Are the sensor installations not the primary objective?" Unsurprisingly, Chlobo Roboto didn't catch on to what the disguised, blue-haired captain was implying they do instead.
Team "The individual formerly known as Bhorvoom"

Bhorvoom and his assistant stood silently after they entered the elevator and told the attendant to go up to the docking level. Thankfully the attendant was not talkative as Bhorvoom was not in a speaking mode. Even his assistant can sense the growing rage within him as he didn't hear back on his request for information from the two teams. One thing at a time.

When the doors opened, his holographic self flopped in a very determined but Kuvexian way as he made his way to the valet. Upon reaching the station, he spoke. "I require you to fetch my ship, our business is done." he prepared himself mentally for a fight, paying attention to his surroundings.
Team Surveillance

After crawling through the ventilation shafts for what seemed like hours, Indira was excited to see the grate of the shuttle bay once more. Of course, it hadn't been hours. It hadn't even been one. The small scientist's knees disagreed.

Indira peered through the grate, comparing what she was with what was on the datapad she'd produced. "Looks like the coast is clear," she said, looking back to the others.

Unfortunately for her, she forgot that the vent cover had been left open. A hard shove sent her tumbling out of the vent and into a pile of nearby boxes. She sat quietly, waiting for the inevitable calls from the guards - but none came.

Dusting herself off as she stood, she looked up sheepishly. "All clear. Hop on down and let's get onto the shuttle."

She wasn't sure yet why they'd been called back, but she didn't like the implication. There would be time to review the data once they were in flight.
Kaiyo II Wardroom.
Some time before mission start.

Sakura was abit worried as she helped Wulf get ready for his part. She knew Kiyo was nearby preparing her self and not wanting to look weak near two friends she asked quietly to the closed eyed ranger. "Wulf what would you do if your caught?". In response his brow moved questionably before settling back to rest "Depends how much time before the end?". Pondering her self she picked a random number "7 Seconds I guess".

He seemed to smile with his eyes still closed "Like my instructors use to say i'd try to change destiny, evade, fight, kill everything in my path. simply what ever it takes". He opened his eyes then looked to the Neko "Plenty of time for those with the will to see it to the end". Sakura nodded before working again on Wulf's disguise.

Fourth Cavern
Sakura Sjet

Sakura heart was racing as she moved to stuff Kiana into the box. She was not a fighter but she was able to silence the store employee before fleeing back here. As she closed the lid she looked to the door and a chance of freedom. As her volumetrics changed she had a smile remembering what Wulf said "Plenty of time eh ?" she said to no one quietly. Opening the door into the alley way she looked to see who was there, pulling back slightly as she saw three figures nearby. The first one she saw was some creepy looking figure that reminded her of a flasher. Then a glimpse of two much more familiar faces even disguised. Almost on cue she began to walk towards freedom the figure passed her. Looking to Kiyo and Wulf she smiled in her disguise before sending a telepathic message to Kiyo "It's me, Kiana is down and my cover is blow so flee!".

She sent it almost as a scream as she looked down at the box then removed her smile. Now trying to play the part she looked out into the street and tried to find a break in the mass of people to head towards the rendezvous.

Fourth Cavern
Wulf Soban

Wulf tried to look the part of disinterest and replied back to the creep hat "I'm sure my mistress will delete any previous pictures, have a good one". As he watched the creep leave he saw a kuvvie civilian walk into the alley way with a box dolly. As he saw no threat as she moved towards the crowd he looked to Kiyo "I believe its time to leave milady?"
Fourth Cavern

Mission accomplished! They now had what they were searching for, and now they could leave. Sakura’s message came loud and clear, but her expression remained calm and expressionless. She placed their quest item in a secure part of her outfit and then nodded her head. “Indeed, we must take our leave. “She said as she began moving out, following the Kuvexian with the Dolly. She didn’t know if the Kuvexians had tech that would allow them to hear whispers so she chose not to. She tried to remain calm, but Sakura being compromised, and no sight of Kiana worried her.

She made herself hurry to rejoin Sakura and Kiana-in-a-box, and she tried her best to help her blend into the crowd and lead the three through it, towards their RV point. Wulf got some Yamataian Morse code with her hand on his hand to tell him the message about Sakura being compromised, and Kiana being missing but suspected to being in the box.
YSS Kaiyō II

Alastair looked up to see the always happy Asuka. He did have a special place in his heart for her given how cheerful she always way. Always a benefit to the team though in this situation seemed completely out of place. He reached up and placed his hand across his face. A moment later he looked up at her again. "Right, since clearly your slavers would follow the rules. By the way, did you get the memo that you have been...you know what. Lets just skip to the topic at hand."

Alastair looked to Wyatt, then to boss, then back to Asuka. "Perfect, something we can work with here. Make it so!! Divert all power from non essential systems. Lets give those sensors a boost." He launched himself out of his chair to be standing once more. He walked over to Wyatt and put a hand on his shoulder. "Always count on you to save the day. Should this work out as intended. I will personally recommend you for a medal."
YSS Kaiyō II

Boss had followed Alastair's orders as he said 'make it so!!' and, so, the crew of the ship soon began appearing back from where they had come from. Unfortunately, Asuka was placed in her chair that Wyatt was sitting at.

"Incredible!" She said, turning to half see his face. It would be impossible to get off of his lap without some help from him, so she kept talking until he seemed ready to help her scoot off. "Their trans matter conversion technology is sophisticated!" She smiled excitedly, "I should have phased into him but it's sophisticated enough to make the call to relocate my body from its original positioning enough to not do that!"

Boss smiled back to Asuka but her tone was heavy with doubt as she said one word: "Who?"

Asuka's brows went up as her mouth opened. She then closed it to gulp before saying with a quizzical look, "I don't know. They're a species eons older than any history I know of in the Kikyo Sector. Captain," she looked to Alastair, then to Boss again, "they don't even have forms like you and me... It was incredible!"

Boss grew impatient, "What more do you know of beings capable of pulling you out of your ship?"

Asuka looked upset, "We'll never meet again... They have a sensor network- they don't even live where we were!- that picked up on our technologies's different signatures than their known species. They did a sort of first contact but they don't want anything to do with us- or anyone for that matter! They say the uh, 'The humanoid blight on this section of the galaxy has risen and will fall in an iota of their lifetimes, like all civilizations of the young races,' which... is a lot to unpack. But they decided to clump us in with those young species and don't really want anything to do with us. Not slavers,"she said with a smile to Alastair.

Asuka seemed done and put her hands on the console, hoping to get up off of Wyatt, now. "Sorry, black panel,I got carried away there. Have fun doing my job?" She asked him, though, as she got up.

Boss' eyebrows went up along with her smile, "He's getting recommended for a medal."

Asuka's head turned to Wyatt with a scathing look. "I never get medals for reading sensors!"

Spire Arushen
Trial Pools

There was a halting moment as the troll that had swung at Saya lodged theirforearm in the wall behind her moments after she had jumped across him. For a small moment, the troll's beady dark eyes followed Saya and glittered as gems and jewels cascaded from the wall he had just broken. With a grunt turned roar, the creature dislodged its arm and followed her presence by lunging wildly towards her. It scraped the ceiling once more, this time with a crush that caused a meter dent in the concrete as it tumbled to the pool, whose fog had left the confines of any force field and was slowly filling the room. Saya, now obfuscated by mist, could barely make out the wild shadow of a silhouette that blocked out the light around it, lunging a few feet from her current position with a sweep of its long arm.

William's movement out the door allowed him to see Rei in a crouched position, aiming shots methodically while moving and darting with the shots from attackers. Her white eyes darted to a survivor, taller than the rest but concealed by the heavy armor that had warranted Rei's suppressive fire, which bounced wildly off of the sheen of energy resistant Kuvexian metal. The lip of the little samurai quivered upwards to scowl over shut teeth seething with anger at the coward of her opponent.Her NSP was drawn, but the samurai wasn't firing at the fleeing person. There was no time at all between her launch to the armored attacker to when her femto armored body felt the cold of metal between her ankle and the arch of her other foot. No more did the Kuvexian abscond from the scene, they were limp and buckled. Before they could both fall, the samurai pulled her body away in an even, slick motion. She kicked a naked foot off of the armor Rei twirled to face her apprentice nearer the door.

William's strikes landed hard and fast on the trollish creature near him, knocking back one of the Kuvexians still fighting as the troll faltered, felled. Rei landed a handful of paces from him, scanning the remaining threat. When her eyes met the the hulking ID-SOL's she smiled to let a soft chuckle out, a rare event that she became conscious of enough before she closed her lips. Her eyes kept scanning until they stopped to see the same flickering of color in a wall between herself and William. The samurai's eyebrows clenched together over her pale white eyes before she threw herself forward towards where she had seen the orange staticy flicker. Aiko's message came to the samurai then, a dim hope for the Eihei. A troll that Rei had downed with her initital assault raised itself with a bestial roar, drawning out the terror of Rei's voice as she barraged her body at the force field that had formed. The troll was on the other side of the field from Rei and moved in on William with Aiko close behind him. Each moment her body hit the wall, a smattering of orange flickered at her place of contact and a soft hissing of white noise sounded, but her body did not pass. Spit flung from the troll's mouth as his shoulder swung wildly while he pushed forward, into William's position in the hallway with its whole body. Rei's own teeth gritted as she hit her body against the force field repeatedly, then stepped back, using any power at her disposable.

"Nande... Nande! Nande!" Rei yelled loudly as she looked at her lack of affect on the field and beyond, could see that a new fog was filtering out of the door to the room. Her mind raced as she remembered the fog from the pool and she knew the same pool's systems must have released something more. "Ga-n!" Rei screamed. "Baka yarō!" She pounded her fist into the force field and pushed all of her determination and will into controlling electrostatic fields. "Hang on!" She said, looking up from the field to see the fog had thickened. She looked hard to see William hulking, downed form on the ground near Aiko's, whose arms had contorted in her fall over her chest and to crumple the bellflower at her ear. making Rei feel bile and foam forming at the back of her throat. She searched the nearby wall for controls to the force field to no avail, groping wildly back to the force field. ((OOC: She can not see Saya, who is also unconscious from the gas. You three may also write if/how you dealt with the two cave trolls before unconsiousness. There is one in hallway with William and Aiko and one with Saya.))


Eden's digital mind tapped into Rei's and saw the slumped body of the only princess of Yamatai she had known and the son of Nepleslia's Sky Marshall just feet from Rei.

"Get them back to the ship," Eden snapped in Rei's digital mind, but the onslaught of Neko emotion oer words from Rei forced Eden's golden eyes wide and her clipped pace to them became an all out run.

She saw through Rei what happened next as the blue, mottled form of Kuvexians in loin clothes and gasmask-like headgear entered from the trial pool room. The samurai's banging fists and Yamatain expletives were barerly noticed by them as they handled Aiko's body like it was a potato sack. After a failed attempt by one Kuvexian, they returned with another to carry William by his arms and legs.

Her connection to Rei was severed, but the captain was close enough that she knew she would soon be to her. There was one vent to crawl through before she could see the samurai through the ventilation grate, holding her NSP to her head in one hand. The captain fell through the grate with no concern for her own safety as her own hand reached out to grip the civilian NSP she had given Rei.

"That's not how we do it, now," Eden said, referring to the samurai's code. "You know that." Eden looked at the force field to touch it, then withdrew her hand when she realized just how out of luck they were. She prmpted Rei to move into the vent with her with a terse, "Come on. We'll find them."

Planet Surface

Hoshi was getting an influx of data about what was happpening under the spire, but she tried to look nonplussed. Hoshi then sent a message to Eden and Chlorate: Ittô Hei Chlorate and myself are going to make contact with a group on the planet surface, the Reinbe. Reinbe sounds an awful lot like verbage Ketsurui Aiko-taii used when liberating the Leinve. I believe these are allies to pursue contact with. I'll update you as we learn more, Chusa."

She looked down to Chlorate, "Let's follow them. I don't think being a tank that is also a girl will blow any covers so don't worry about hiding your true self right now, okay?" She smiled but it was strained and her pink face turned to look at the cloudless sky.

Fourth Cavern

Eden spoke into their comms, "Coordinate with Harris-shoi to get back to the valet for the ship!" There were throngs of people but it was the same crowd and path that they had taken to get here and nothing more.


"Alright, exxy," said the valet through hazy eyes and a small sigh. He kept looking at the SAINT agent placidly until he prompted with a frustrated and forced smile, "Fees?"

At that time, Mikael received orders from Mikael, "Take surveillance and computer teams back to actual with the mission imperative computer equipment. Belmont-taii is to retain acting command until I rendezvous with the ship at Boyar's station in 24 hours. Go, go, go!"