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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.2] - Beginnings and Recoveries

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It was no surprise that Tanaka, and Saki found themselves on the same vessel carrying them to their new assignment. Since they were both bound for the YSS Aeon. They were assigned the same cabin on board the Nozomi-Class Scout ship and left to their own devices. They were informed that they would be arriving at the Seventh Dock the following morning.

Shortly after being shown to their cabin, they felt the ship get underway. The ship would be making several jumps on its way to Veronica.

The following morning the new soldiers were awoken by the ship's chimes signaling the start of the duty shift. After the chime a voice came over the intercom; "We will be docking in two hours at the dock."
Most of the time Saki kept to herself. Upon leaving Fort Ready she asked Instructor Ramiro for their simulation data and was now going through it. There were mistakes and she could see them now. She was sorry there way not more time, since she would have asked Ramiro to point out the biggest problems.

She was also surprised that Yoshiro was headed for Aeon too. And she was not sure how she should feel about that. It was his mistake that made them loose the final infantry simulation after all. Well it was her who detonated the bomb in the end, but she tried to stop it. Frying the detonator seemed as fastest choice with biggest chance and Ramiro said it would explode in next few seconds anyway. She didn't mind dying, as long as the death would mean something. This death would be just stupid.

When voice announced time of docking she started packing her stuff, not that she unpacked a lot, but there were few things to pack. She then prepared her duffel bag and backpack near her bed so she was ready to disembark from the ship.
Yoshiro looked over and saw that Saki was there. He was reminded of his final exercise and he suddenly felt the need to hide in the chair. He was still upset about the final exercise even though he had learned a lot of what to do and what not to do in the final exam. What he was most upset about was the fact that he failed his team and got them killed.

I guess that I should really think about what I do the next time because now it is for real. He said to himself. It will be dangerous and it sure as hell won't be easy but I will not give up or anything. He heard the message over the intercom and started packing his gear. He had studied the tactical situations that they could possibly be in and came up with better solutions. He swore to himself that he would not repeat the same mistakes and do right by the ship and the Star Army.

As he packed he noticed a picture that was drawn for him by his younger siblings. It showed a crudely drawn ship and power armor flying around it. He smiled and tucked the picture away in his duffle bag. He knew what he was doing and who he was doing it for and sufficed to say he was going to do it until he retired or whatever may come. He finished packing his gear and sat back down in his seat waiting for the ship to dock.
The Scout ship settled into the bay of the Ikoi to offload supplies, and passengers.

When the airlock opened a Yamataian female in a Type 30 Uniform with Nitô Juni rank was standing, her brown hair pulled back in a bun, she looked up from her clipboard and looked at the two soldiers with her blue eyes.

"Welcome to the Kyoten, may I have your names please?"
Saki walked through the airlock. She set her duffel bag on the floor and bowed to superior officer. "Santo Hei Arai Saki." She stayed bowed for now, waiting for Nito Juni to relieve her.
The woman returned the bow with a lesser one given her rank, then she looked at her datapad. "Yes... Arai-Hei, bound for the Aeon.

I am Dang Mei - Nitô Juni, I have taken the liberty to arrange for temporary quarters for you while we wait for the arrival of the ship. You have standard access to the STATCOM. You are free to make use of the starbase facilities. I can give you a datapad with instructions on how to get around the station, or as an NH-29 you can access the starbase AI.

Ise-Taisa will undoubtedly conduct your interview here on the starbase while the ship is being serviced."
Saki straighten up again and looked at woman. "Thank you ma'am I will access AI." She said and then went silent. She was looking around discovering new things as always. She was never on star base before after all. She then turned back to the woman. "I am sorry if I am being too frank, but do you know how interview will go? I just though I would receive orders and serve so I have say this interview confuses me a little."
Mei replied, "It depends on the Taisa. Normally she has called people to her quarters on the Aeon, or use the wardroom. She will probably use an avaialble office here. From what I have heard she uses it to to judge the soldiers character, since she has your service record at her disposal.

My advise would be, relax, speak with candor and respect. I am sure you will do fine."
Saki smiled a little and then said. "I know one think for sure, I won't even think about lying for one second. It is Taisa's right to judge if I should or should not serve on her ship. I just can't help but to be a little nervous."

She then shrugged and looked at superior in front of her. "Is there anything else I should take care of ma'am? Also until the ship arrives I assume I will have some duties on the station." She asked then.
Mei smiled, "Actually the Taisa said that since the Aeon crew will be getting liberty when they arrive, you are to consider yourself on liberty effective immediately."
Yoshiro waited for Saki and Mei to finish speaking. "I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. Santo Hei Yoshiro Tanaka reporting as ordered." He said and bowed low. He waited for the Nito Hei to return his bow.
Mei turned towards Tanaka, "Welcome Tanaka-Santô Hei, I am the Service Chief for the Starbase. I am aware that this the first time either of you have been on an Ikoi, so if you require anything please feel free to contact me. Tanaka-San I have assigned visitor quarters for you as well.

We have a variety of facilities for recreational and training purposes. You might want to avail yourself of them."
"Yes, ma'am." He said and stood up. "Is there some way I can be shown to my quarters?" He was a bit overwhelmed but he tried to make the best of it. He was happy that he was going to serve the Yamatai nation but he was hyper with nervous anticipation.
Saki just nodded when she found out about liberty. She wanted to start and do her duty. But on the other hand, on liberty she could try many new things. There must bee a lot of thins to experience and enjoy. Will she really have until Aeon arrives to experience them? But on the other hand it is bad she won't be able to do her duty.

In the end when she snapped out of her chain of thought, she looked at warrant officer in front of her. "Ma'am how long should it take for Aeon to arrive?" she asked.
Mei looked at Yoshiro and smiled, "I can escort you to your quarters Tanaka-San. Although if you run into problems, you can always ask the station computer for directions."

She looked at Saki, "According to our information, the Aeon is due to arrive in 24 hours, and will be here for another 24 hours for repairs."
So she had one day. She can probably live with one day fooling around. That is not much after all. "Thank you ma'am," she then said and turned to Yoshiro. "I can acces stations AI so I can lead you to your room without any problem Takeda-hei." She declared and looked at him for his reaction.
"Thanks Arai-hei. I would like that." He said with a smile. He was happy that the ship would be there soon. "If you'll excuse me Nito Hei, I'll be going now. " He bowed to the Nito Hei and waited for Saki to do her thing. He was now one step closer to starting his service and he was getting a bit more excited, though he was good at not showing it.
Mei smiled, "Well, since it would appear that my services are not required I will take my leave. As I said if either of you require anything submit your request via the station computer." She turned and walked away.
Saki bowed saying "Thank you", to Nito Juni as she walked away. "Give me a second Takeda-hei," she said and looked in front of herself. She closed her eyes and connected to AI quickly searching for her and Yoshiro's room. When she found them, she looked for the way to reach them. When even that was done she opened her eyes and started walking. "Follow me Takeda-hei," she declared. She then turned her head slightly to her companion. "Also be careful. You just called Nito Juni, Nito Hei. You are to be considered lucky that she either did not notice or did not pay attention to it."
"Oh dang it! I just realize that too." He said. "By the way the name is Tanaka, not Takeda." He walked with her as she led the way to his room. He was getting antsy and he worked hard at trying just to walk and keep calm. Yoshiro was ready to do whatever it took to defend Yamatai and what he learned at Fort Ready would be valuable for that.
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