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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.2] - Beginnings and Recoveries

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"Right. Then we better have some fun." He said with an evil grin and splashed Saki. "Think you can beat me in a water fight?"
Saki got full splash of water in her face. It surprised her and she could not move to evade it when water reached up to her breasts. "Pffft," she sputtered the water that got into her mouth.

Yoshiro then said something about fight. Well Saki knew well how to fight, it was something she was made for. Literally. But fightin in water? That will be interesting, after all it was pretty hard to move in it. Also you can't kick at all.

Saki raised her hands in front of her face in defensive posture ready to block or attack any incoming punches. "Okay I am ready, but it will be training fight? I am pretty sure we should no hurt ourself just before our interview." She said not knowing how horribly she misunderstood Yoshiro.
"Just splash. No real fighting at all." He said to Saki with a smile. He swam toward her. "Do like I did to you just a few seconds ago." He realized just then that she would take this seriously when he mentioned that it was a fight. I really need to word things better. he said to himself.
"Oh," Saki said and her face showed a mix of surprise and confusion. "But that is no fight at all. Also how can you lose that? I see no way of bringing you opponent down or surrender. Splashing each other is rather pointless too since you can't evade because of limited movement in the water. So why is it called fighting." She added and looked at water in front of her deep in thought.

She was thinking about what she just said. But Yoshiro was smiling when he splashed her and was rather cheery when he challenged her to water fighting duel. Does that mean that you actually do this for fun? It would make sense. Easierst way to found out is to try it out.

Saki put her hand in water and then quickly pushed water in herself. "Soree!" she shouted as she did. Resulting splash was not very big but it was enough to hit Yoshiro in the chest. "Like this?" she asked then.
After talking to the robot Kame had taken the worlds quickest shower at got changed into something more comfortable to wear and headed for the exit at the back of the Aeon. She checked her messages and not only realized she had been promoted several times, but also that she now had a new female roomate named Saito Takamori. Assuming Internity, unlike certain other Plumerias, wouldn't dare room people of the opposite sex, Kame thought it was a very odd name for a girl. As she exited the corridor she sent several messages to Josei-hei and others.
Dear Josei-hei,

Has the SSS had any time translating those tablet you found?  I was reviewing the last mission report and found that it may have gone slightly better if we had a better smaller and lighter scale anti-electronic or anti-sensory weapons to deal with rogue machines and AIs.  I know the Azorean develop based on sound-based technology, so I was wondering if anything was there that we could use. 
Alternatively do you know of any anti-personal or anti-machine weapons that have been developed recently in the last 6 months that would be of use to away teams?
Any new science equipment?


Kame O'Kutsuu

P.S.  I cced the Chui and Keiko Gi-Juni as a curtsy just in case something new has come out recently in terms of fire arm or weapons technology.

Dear Eun-Kyung-san,

Last break period, I got a welcoming gift for you and the crew.   However, I don't think that gift had a chance yet to introduce itself properly to you yet.  I don't want to you ruin the surprise, but if you sense several objects following you don't panic!!  They are program to recognize your voice as the primary user, so use them as you see fit.

Hope you enjoy the surprise,

Kame O'Kutsuu


Soon several Propulsion Broom could be seen catching up and quietly tailing behind Kim Eun-Kyung. They had little green bows on and prepared confetti!
Yoshiro laughed as he was splashed and the water washed over him. "That is the way to do it, Arai-chan!" He said still laughing. It looked like his lessons in fun were working and that, hopefully Saki was having fun.
At least Yoshiro seemed to be having fun. Well let's give it another try then. Saki pulled her hand back and then splashed Yoshiro fully. But due to her rathle small hand it still was not very formidable. She growled as she saw her 'attacks' to be rather innefective and instead started to splash at Yoshiro as fast as she could.
Takamori left the armory and bumped into another person. This one was a woman with long silvery hair and she was... a Nito-Heisho! What was with this? "Heisho! Santo-Hei Saito Takamori, newly assigned to the Aeon, demolitions, and um... uh... about to leave the ship as per ship's orders," he said quickly, bowing.
Kame bumped into Takamori with as her pad went flying. She shly replied, "No, no it ok, Wha--..." as her mind froze in mid-sentence. She quickly recovered picking up her pad and dusting herself off. "Err... Yes, I came to tell anyone left to get off for the repair crew... My name is Kame... I am your roomate."
"Oh. Um... Yes, ma'am. Just leaving now. We're... roommates? Does that mean you get the top bunk?" Takamori said, walking and talking with Kame.

Best to get to know the room mate now rather than later.
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