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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.2] - Beginnings and Recoveries

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"Sure, why not. I have to go and get my swim trunks and we can go to the pool." He said and smiled, suddenly remebering his childhood and teen year. "Geez, I have to admit that I was pretty stupid as a kid. The things I used to do...wow..." He realized that he was thinking aloud and laughed nervously as he walked.
Saki looked at Yoshiro very curiously now. She was thinking about being kid, but she just could not imagine it. She only knew that when you are kid you are really small and that was about it. She never even saw live specimen. And from the infomartion she gathered half people hate them as small pest and other half have them as adorable little angles. That made it all the more confusing.

This was why she very carefully asked. "Eh... what did you use to do when you were kid?" Although some curiosity could be heards in her voice.
"I used to do some really bad things. I was just remembering how much I changed from back when I was a young boy. I stole money, beat people up and generally made a nusiance of myself. I wasn't always a nice guy. I could pickpocket a person, take the money out of his wallet and put the wallet back before he or she even noticed that it was gone." Yoshiro said as he continued walking, though a bit slower. "I used to run with people that did some awful things and we would think that we were tough and all. When my brother and sister were born when I was eleven years old, I knew that I had to change otherwise as they grew up they would follow my example and in a bad way too."

He was quiet for a moment and thought about what he had done. He spoke again. "I decided to get my education back on track and help my dad out at his shop. When I was a young man, he and I didn't get along at all. Fighting all the time and such was the order of the day, but when my sis and bro were born he noticed that I had changed and ecouraged me to do something with my life. He wasn't expecting me to join the Star Army though and certainly not as an Infantry." He said "After all was said and done though I enlisted. Now you see where I am now." He laughed at the last part, though a bit nervous. Neko or not, it was really hard for him to talk about his past.
Saki could not imagine herself stealing something that belongs to someone else. Well maybe she could steal from enemy if she got stranded behind enemy lines but she would not steal money from Yamataian civilian. That was something completely unrealistic to her. She was here to protect citizens of the Empire, not harming them by stealing.

"Well important thing is, that you stopped doing all that. And on your own." Saki replied to Yoshiro. "That means you are good persons and you are trying to make up for it. Although it almost seems to me that you are too good for infantry. We do the dirty work after all."
"I am always up for a good challenge and besides I wanted Infantry. I figure that I should start somewhere and Infantry was interesting enough for me." Yoshiro said. "Seriously though I want to fight our enemies and do it head on rather than from a ship. I have the utmost respect for the crews of starships but that isn't my thing. I had thought about it long and hard before I made my decision so it wasn't something that I did on a whim."

They arrived at his quarters and he stopped to open the door. "Be right back, Arai-hei." He said and went inside to get his swimsuit on. After a few moments the door opened and he reappeared with his swimsuit on. "Shall we go?" He asked with a smile.
After wandering around, pondering the merits of a creative production versus a well funded one, Taka stumbled upon the ship store. His curiosity led him inside. There was a lot that he thought would make a good souvenir for any of his family.

A new fountain pen for his father - the old man loved the things. Said they were classical. Some of the books would definitely have interested his mother, especially the one about ikebana.

At-chan would definitely want one of the swords on display. The lump loved anything sharp and shiny. But it cost a bit more than what Taka was willing to spend at the moment.

And while browsing the candy section, he found something worth indulging in. Candied orange pieces. Both Miko-chan and himself loved candied oranges, which were rare on their home world. He picked up a bag and examined how much was in it. A fair amount but there was no guarantee he would not go through the entire thing before the end of this tour. Finally, he decided he wouldd buy a bag or two for Tomiko when the tour ended - they would be fresher and he would be less tempted to eat them.

Clothing and mugs did not interest him. The Type 28 pistols on sale were obviously more for decorative rather than any real combat purpose. Good for scaring civilians, not Mishhu. A loud bang to be sure but not as loud as what Taka could do, given the right tools.

Then, behind the cashier's counter, he saw what he needed for the plan that had begun formulating. A mischievous grin spread across his face. Yes, it was a good plan, worth the trouble for the hilarity it would cause. Assuming he could get anyone aboard the Aeon drunk enough. He quickly paid the cashier for two large bottles of sake, each 750ml and the bag of candied oranges. 65KS well spent, in Taka's opinion. His purchases were put into a paper bag.

He left the store to put the new loot with the rest of his belongings, still grinning madly. As Taka was walking back, he saw, well, first he saw a man walking around in swim trunks. On a space station. The sight confuzzled him, requiring several moments of gawking and blinking to confirm that his eyes were functioning. The young man had red eyes and a scar on his face. Scarface was younger than Taka, obviously still in his teens.

But Scarface's companion was none other than Arai-san. So Scarface was the other fellow assigned to the Aeon. No time like the present to jump into an awkward situation!

"Yo, Arai-san, Scarface-san!" Taka called out, waving with his free hand.
Saki went into her own borrowed room and take out her own swimsuit putting it in her backpack with a towel and toiletry kit. She then walked out and saw Yoshiro coming out of his room. Smile went on her face seeng almost nekkid man coming out. "Eeeh Tanaka-hei, don't you think it would better to come in uniform and change there? I am pretty sure there will be lockers." She said smiling.

Then she head Saito's voice from behind. She looked around to see him carrying rather big bag. He was probably shopping. It also looked he stop thinking about their argument, that confused Saki. He looked really angry and now he came here with very casual yo. She was almost expecting that he would call her by her name.

"Hello Saito-san. We just plan to go to the pool," she said to him. How did he called Tanaka before? Scarface? That was pretty unpolite, though Tanaka has a scar. Saki was interested how he got it, because Yamataian like neko should heal small cuts like this by themselves.
"Oh yeah, I remember you wanted to do that. Well, maybe I'll join you in a bit. Need to put this with my gear. Doubt I'll get in the water though," he said jovially with a nod.

"In any case, it would certainly explain why your friend here is dressed so. Took me a second or ten to get over the sight." He deliberately avoided saying anything what had happened in the park. Now was not the time nor place to continue the talk. Takamori was still debating how to approach the issue. His anger had been directed towards the eavesdropper, Etsu, rather than Arai-san but the young Neko might not have caught that.

Taka also deliberately waited for Scarface to introduce himself. He might be the man Arai-san had said was also assigned to the Aeon. Or he might be a new friend. Or her next meal. "You should check out the ship store. Lots of interesting things. You ever tried candied orange pieces?"
Candied orange pieces. That sounded very very tasty to Saki. She loved sweer things and this could be very good. "No, not yet," she repled to Saito.
With a smile still plastered on his face, Taka set the bag down and pulled out the precious bag of candied oranges. "My sister loves these. Always cheers her up when she's sick," he said, opening the bag slowly.

He pulled out a small piece for Arai-san to try and another small one for her companion. No way was he giving one of the treasured large slices to a stranger! "They start sweet but have a really nice citrus after taste."
When Sauti pulled out the bag Saki raised her palms in panicked move. "I-It is okay, I can buy my own bag later!" She said but he already opened it and took out one piece giving it to her. "Arigato," she said and took the offered candy. She then put in her mouth and tasted it. It was sweet and then orangey. It was quite strange taste, though she still thought pudding was much more tastier. "It's not bad," she said to Saito.
Yoshiro smiled when he had heard his nickname since he had not introduced. Scarface, I think that I will use that as my callsign. Yoshiro said to himself. He had heard what Saki said and rushed back into his room, blushing redder than a warning light during an alert. He changed into his uniform and then came back out. "Santo Hei Yoshiro Tanaka reporting for duty." He said and bowed a bit overdramatically as to hide his embarassment over his faux pas.

Oh boy. I just can't get any more awkward than that. Why the heck did I do that. Now Arai-hei and her friend must think I am insane or something. Yoshiro said to himself. They must think that I am some kind of moron now....

He blushed slightly and calmed down. "Sorry about that. I get a little silly when I get embarassed." Yoshiro said. He decided that it would be safer never to mention this to anyone.
"Santo-Hei Saito Takamori, demolitions and presently assigned to the YSS Aeon, at your service," Taka replied with a grin and a nod. "I can tell this day is going to be most... interesting, Scarface-kun, if you continue like that. Already, I have something to tell the ship's crew about. By all means, do as you will."
Saki turned to Yoshiro and said, "That's okay, this could happend to anybody." She said and smiled a little. "Well now we can go on. Will you go with us Saito-san?" She asked Takamori.
"As I said, need to put this in my room first. I'll meet you two there in a bit then," Taka said before taking his leave.

Scarface hadn't taken his candy and Takamori didn't intend to let the poor thing join its friends. He popped it into his mouth and happily enjoyed the refreshing taste.
Saki nodded. "See you there then Saito-san." She said to him and then looked back at Yoshiro, "well let's go." She said and started walking down the corridor do closest elevator. "I sure do hope there will be those lockers, would not make sense not having dressing rooms at pool." She was thinking out aloud as she walked.
"After this debacle, I really need to soak my head." Yoshiro said with a laugh. "I guess that this whole situation could be worse." Yoshiro said. On his way out, he had grabbed a picture that his brother and sister drew him and he took a look at it remembering why he joined the military in the first place.
Good thing that Saki was about same height as Yoshiro. She leaned to him curiously attempting to see the picture he was looking at. "Ah what do you got there?" She asked.
"Ah, this...My younger brother and sister drew me this picture before I left for training in the Star Army. It is a drawing of me in power armor fighting "bad guys" as they called them." He said with a grin. "They are one of the reasons that I joined the Star Army, as I have said before. They look up to me so they drew me this picture." He looked at the picture with a smile.

"They said that they wanted to join when they were old enough but I told them that there were many other things that they could do. I wasn't trying to convince them not to join but telling them that they were young and had other choices to make when they were older." Yoshiro said. "I guess that they were convinced eventually because my parents talk to them and I hadn't heard much about it. They just wanted to make me proud, but to tell the truth I wanted them to be proud of me."

He put the picture in his pocket and sighed. He hoped that there wouldn't be any problems betweent the time he started his service and the time he ended it. The enemies of the Empire wouldn't wait for anything and neither would he.
Saki looked at the picture and was deep in though. She felt that every of her sister in Nekovalkyrja training facility cared about hade and probably would die for her. But she also felt it was different than what Yoshiro felt for his siblings and what they felt for him. Like there was some hidden link she could not see no matter how much she tried.

After few second of silence she looked into Yoshiro's eyes. "It seems like something very importnat. Wouldn't you like to frame it so it will be better protected?" She asked then.
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