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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.2] - Beginnings and Recoveries

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"That would be a great idea." Yoshiro said. He folded the picture gently and put it in his pocket. "Arai-hei, what was it like for you when you started your training?" He had been intensely curious about the Nekos so he decided to learn from reliable source and Saki was the most reliable source available.
Tsubei Kyoka found herself back in her cabin soon enough after her arrival back on the Aeon, once her Daisy was stored and its weapons packed away. This mission was somewhat interesting, to say the least, and remained on the forefront of her mind's thoughts. Minimal combat involvement with maximum threat to the Empire. Or that's how she saw it, anyways. But the Neko soon saw fit to replace these thoughts with some relaxation, and sought the ship's amenities after a few good rounds of pacing in her cabin. Unmistakably, she found herself faced with an Autonomous Massage Unit and partook in its pleasures, falling asleep where she was not long after she set it to a variety setting.
Takamori unceremoniously dumped the bag containing his newly purchased alcohol and candy on his bed. He was still a little unsure if he should join the two. Arai-san had said that she did not like Scarface but they had been getting along just fine. Was it for appearances' sake or had they really patched things up?

Ah, who knew? Taka opened up his console to check if there was any mail. He hadn't said for certain that he was joining them at the pool so he could take his time.
Saki smiled as she praised for good idea. She was glad for being correct about importance of the picture. "We can go and buy some frame right away if you want," she said. But then Yoshirot asked about her training.

Saki looked up deep in though. She was not sure how to derscribe that feeling. "Well I started training one after I was born. It was very strange. One day I was not existing and second I was here with most my knowledge and my personality. And I can't describe it to you properly, but for me it was just the was it was supposed to. I saw nothing wrong. And when I started training. Well it was good, because I felt like I suddenly had a purpose. I hope this explanation helped, because I don't how else to describe it. Except that training is fun, but that properly is not an information you were looking for." Saki said and smiled.
"I see. I felt the same way actually. Like I said before I really didn't have purpose or direction until I joined the Star Army. Now I feel like I can do something because I feel I have a purpose now." He said and smiled. "I guess feeling like we have some purpose in the world makes us feel a bit important. I know that it makes me feel important." He kept walking Saki and felt like he was on top of the world.
Saki laughed a little and said, "well I certainly now that I don't even know what I would do outside the StarArmy. I have no need for much money or freedom. I am pretty happy with performing my duties well. About all I really really like is a pudding." She joked and laughed more.
As Takamori pored over the list of new mail, he saw an update notifying him that the Aeon had returned and that his presence was requested by Ise-Taisa in the Kyoten's wardroom.

Attached to the message were a bunch of official looking orders and instructions. He skimmed the mail. The only thing of note was his roommate assignment with a Nito-Heisho O'Kutsuu Kame. Rooming with a female non-com. Could be worse, he supposed.

So much for joining Arai-san and Scarface-kun at the pool. He stuffed his new purchases into his travel bag, threw on his jacket and made to report for duty. Probably they wouldn't see their notifications until they got out of the pool.

----------Post Interview----------

That could have gone better but it could also have gone much worse. After the interview, Takamori had gone aboard the Aeon to put things in his cabin. Heisho O'Kutsuu had not been in the cabin so he left his gear in the corner and went on a walkabout.

Slowly, he strolled around his new, battered home. The ship had signs of wear but also of combat. Here and there, wires hung loosely or bulkheads were slightly crumpled. Like a bomb had gone off somewhere in the ship and its shockwaves had wrecked havoc with the interior.

First things first, he was now responsible for the ship's armory and needed to see what shape it was in. They only had a few hours to get requisitions in so best get that done sooner rather than later.

He entered the vast Armory, only to find there was already a male Heisho in it. Takamori hesitated for a moment. He was off duty, technically, but did not know if the Heisho was. "Uh... Good afternoon, Heisho," he said nervously.
"All Aeon Personnel need to vacate the Aeon within the hour. Repair technicians are coming aboard to assess damage and prioritize repairs." Eternity said throughout the ship.
Yoshiro thought for a moment at what she said and grinned. "My favorite food is sukiyaki. Used to have it every once a week with my family." He said with a sigh, wondering if he would be able to do that again. "My family loved doing that with me there. I just hope that they won't mind doing that without me." He arrived at the dressing room for the swimming pool and turned toward Saki.

"Well if we want to go swimming, I should go get changed." He said and bowed quickly. He then went in to get changed. He knew how to swim but he had never been to a swimming pool before so he was careful not to do anything to embarass himself.
Upon returning from the mission, Kame had taken off and returned the borrowed PA and scurried her bruised and sore but off to the engineering to help Usaga-hei. After Usaga-hei assured her everything was fine and Kame helped with the hyperwarp back to the fleet's base, Kame requested that she be given a short break to grieve the loss of pilot and friend Shina Kim.

Still was still crying huddled in the nearby shaft just below MEGAMI when she heard the alert. Realizing it would be embarrassing to be stumbled upon by the repair crews, she wiped her tears with her sleeve and waved an ok to the new cleaning drone that Usaga-hei had left to monitor Kame's mental state. It was one of the drones she had bought for the Shoi as a gift and to help the crew.

As she passed the drone, she asked, "Hey there? Where is your master? Have you formally greeted her yet?" As the bot shook its head no, Kame told the drone, "Well why do you gather the other cleaning bots and go greet her." So off the cleaning bot went to find its brothers and find the Shoi, wherever she was.
Saki was about to reply that she did not taste many kinds of food before, but Yoshiro scuffled of towards the dressing room. Saki shaked her head and panicly looked around for female dressing room. That was of course on the other side that the male one. Saki noticed few looks from other soldiers around. It looked like little confused neko looked funny to them.

She just tan into the dressing room to get from the gaze. There she quickly found a locker and changed into her swimsuits, she then thumb-print locked her locker and took a cold shower before heading to pool. There she said by the side slowly dripping her feet in the water. It was nice and cold. She knew how to swim, but she acutaly swam only once or twice in the basic. It was something that took her intererst, being surrounded by water was strange. Completely different then when you stood inthe shower or sat in an Onsen. Sitting there thinking, she waited for Yoshiro to show up.
After placing all of the stuff that he brought with him in the locker he headed out into the pool area. "Sorry to have kept you waiting, Arai-hei." He said as he sat a respectable distance away. Far enough to look polite but not far away if she wanted to talk.
Saki turned her head to Yoshiro as he sit next to her. Not too close, although she did not know why. Her now fall straightly to her neck as she unbraided her pony-tail for the pool. She was thinking about Yoshiro a person she really disliked just a few hours ago. Is it really that easy to change how you feel about someone? If he botched another assignment, would she start hating him again. It confused her a little. She could really use some neko she could talk openly about this stuff. Even if she would not help her, talking would be enough.

"Well you said you like Sukiyaki? I never tasted it. At basic all we are was rice, fish and miso soup. It was tasty but it was all the time the same. Today was first time I really ate something different. And pudding is just sugoi!" She said with another smile and slided into the water, submerging under it. She quickly swam up and shaked her head splurting few drop of water on Yoshiro. "Well we came up here to swim didn't we? I bet I will be on other side faster!" She said loudly adn quickly kicked herself from the side of pool starting to swim as fast as she could to the other side.
Eun-Kyung debarked from the Aeon looking a bit less pristine than she usually did. Nothing was out of regulations, not by a long shot, but there may have been an unsmoothed wrinkle or two in her uniform. She shouldered her small bag, filled with just enough things to let her pass out in a bed somewhere for the length of their leave, a trudged out of the docking bay.

She took a moment to check on the status of the crew – leave may have been active, but some part of her still autonomically responded as her position of XO – and noted the new additions added to the roster. Still, for the time being she wasn't going to be actively seeking anyone out. In fact, she decided as she looked up the deck number for temporary quarters, unless interrupted she fully intended to spend as much of her leave as possible unconscious, and the remainder of the time would be spent consuming whatever comfort food she craved.

Settling into a lift and keying in her destination, she smiled wryly. After the last mission, she'd earned that much at least.
"Oh you would like it a lot. It costs a bit of money though, since it has a lot of ingredients but it is so good. Meat and vegetables with noodles and broth." Yoshiro said with a smile as he was splashed. He jumped in the pool and splashed Saki a little bit wo distract her as he raced by. "Sure you will." He said with a devilish grin. He really didn't care if he won or lost this race but he was going to have fun.
"Juni, now." Arkase said. He was in the midst of gathering inventory on the Aeon's PA equipment. Daisys, sadly, were in low stock. The Mindy performed better in space, but Arkase had a particular fondness for the green shield-carrying machine.

He looked up from his work racked on the wall, turning to the Hei. "Are you one of the new crew?"
"Uh yes, Juni. Santo-Hei Saito Takamori. Demolitions. Ise-taisa told me I was in charge of the armory's maintenance. So I came to see what we had and what we don't. But... um..." he said, pointing towards the ceiling to indicate the recent announcement, "well, I guess I can't do that right now."
Saki swimmed and put everything she had. But she was not fast enough, after all she did not swim much. But at least she had a head-start. Which did not help her for long as Yoshiro catched up and got into lead. He won by a good meter. She hit the side of the pool right after him.

Saki looked plenty happy though. "I-I," she started talking, trying to catch her breath. "I lo-, lost. You, you are fast Tanaka-kun." She said and smiled. She only then realized she used -kun. But that should be okay, since they are both same rank.
"I may be fast but you caught up there pretty quick Arai-chan." He said in response to the use of -kun when she talked to him. "I have to say that whoever trained you in swimming did a great job. You kept the race really close and you could have beat if I had been distracted." He was being honest, when he thought about it, she was stronger than she realized and that made him smile a bit.
Saki held by the said breathing heavily. She put her all in the swimming and she was not used to do that. She could run for long time, but her body was not accustomed to swimming. "Well I was not all that much quick. After all I had head-start of about two meters and you still caught up." SHe said sighed.

She then felt Ishi contacting her. Saki's eyes went up and freaky looking as she communicated with AI. She then blinked and looked normal again. "I was just contacted by Ishi, Tanaka-kun. Aeon has landed and we should report for our interview in two hours. Which mean we still have a little time to swim and we should get ready afterwards." She said to Yoshiro.
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