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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 3.2] - Beginnings and Recoveries

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Saki looked at Yoshiro with absolutely no feeling in her face. "I apologize Tanaka-hei." She said and paused for a few second until she added. "Looks like everone does a mistake every now and then." She did not even know why she said it, it kinda jumped into her mouth.
The path to the visitors quarters was not hard to follow, and once there they saw a few of the station personnel preparing rooms beyond the ones the new soldiers had been assigned to.

Each room was a single occupant with its own private bath.
Yoshiro knew what she was talking about when she said what she said. It was about their last training op before graduation. He wanted to say something but thought better of it for the time being. Putting on a happy front he turned to her and bowed. "Thanks for escorting me here, Arai-hei. I'll be headed to my room now." He said and turned to walk away, hiding guilt behind his smiling facade.
Saki nodded to Yoshiro and said. "Farewell for now." She then turned to leave for her room when a though came by her mind. "I also think we should talk later. It will be needed if we are to cooperate in future." She said and walked into her room. She wanted to catch quick shower before heading up to check out the station. She was also hungry and wondered what kind of amazing foods can be found aboard. She could also head back to landing zone to look at docking ships. Too much to do, but she was sure she can manage to catch all that during those 24 hours.
Yoshiro nodded as he entered his room and set down his gear. "I'll see you later then. Call me when you are ready to talk." Yoshiro said and he went inside his room. He headed toward the bathroom to take a bath and relax. Yoshiro filled the bath with hot water and entered the bath. He sighed in pleasure as the hot water took all of the tension and stress away from his body.

After a few moments he got out of the bath and put on his working uniform and headed out to see the station. "MEGAMI, could you contact the Nito Juni and tell her that I would like to ask her some questions?" Yoshiro asked and MEGAMI responded to him "Of course. I will do that right now." MEGAMI said and sent a message to Dang Mei.
A moment later over the speakers in the room, "Tanaka-Hei, this is Dang-Juni, Ishi said that you had a question. How may I be of service?"
"I am a bit used to working and not sitting around much, is there anything that I can do to help out around here, maybe like doing the dishes in the mess hall or anything?" He asked "I feel like I should be contributing or something. I know that I am on liberty but I really feel like I should do something other than being lazy. I apologize if I have taken you from something important, Dang-Juni but I really need to do something." He was a bit antsy and wanted to do something but he hoped that it didn't show, but knowing his luck it probably did.
"Actually if you are that eager to work, we can use some extra hands down the fabrication area. We need to work on manufacturing equipment for the Aeon's medical bay. So if you want I will have Ishi provide you with instructions whenever you are ready. And do not worry about bothering me, this is my job and its duty time for me." Mei said.
"Thank you Dang-Juni. I will head there right away." Yoshiro said and "Ishi? I did not know that the MEGAMI had a name. At any rate, Ishi could you send me directions please?" He prepared to go to work and contribute something of himself to the empire.
Saki took a long and soothing shower. She couldn't take such a beautiful showers on her way here. She then put her uniform again and when she looked at her pistol he stopped for a while.

She then connected herself to the stations MEGAMI. She found out it'S name after first connection. "Hello Ishi-san. Are Star-army personnel who are guests on station allowed to carry their sidearm?" She asked the AI virtually.
Ishi's reply came instantly in a pleasant contralto voice, "Standard protocol for Active duty personnel is that they are to be armed except when in their quarters."
"Thank you Ishi," Saki replied, put pistol in its holster and strapped it on her belt. She was ready to go no, she will keep knife at home for now, no need for that on the station.

With that she left her room. Firstly her look turned towards Yoshiro's room. But she then shaked her head and went on her way. She planned to find some place to eat first. On the way she connected again. THere was a lot to do on the station. There was a swimming pool, recreational area with think like pool or video games. Even a park! A whole big park. Saki was amazed by all that, so much to do on simple military station. But for now very young neko headed for Mess to get her belly stuffed.
Santo Hei Saito Takamori stepped out of the shuttle, looking around in awe. Yet another Starbase. When he had enlisted, Takamori had never imagined he would see such grand structures. Life at home had been good but everything had now transcended to a whole new level of epic.

He, in his crisp uniform, against this huge Starbase and the greater void of space felt momentarily insignificant. As deep as his epiphany was, Takamori snapped himself out of it. He had a duty, to report to the YSS Aeon, where-ever that was. Now to find someone who knew what was going on.
When the airlock opened a Yamataian female in a Type 30 Uniform with Nitô Juni rank was standing, her brown hair pulled back in a bun, she looked up from her clipboard and looked at the two soldiers with her blue eyes.

"Welcome to the Kyoten, Saito Takamori-Santô Hei, I am Dang Mei - Nitô Juni the Service Chief. The Aeon is currently engaged, but will be returning to us tomorrow. I have assigned a cabin for your use while you are with us."
Takamori was momentarily startled by her sudden entry, focused on other things. He quickly collected himself and bowed. "Thank you, Dang Mei-Nito Juni. What is the local time?"

There were two things he wanted to do. Eat something and have a shower. But if the Starbase was on its night shift, then he could wait for the food. This was still very bewildering. Takamori felt like a wild animal caught in a motor vehicle's head lights. He hoped he did not show it.
Ishi showed him the way to get to the Fabrication area. He arrived and reported to whoever was in charge. "Excuse me, I am Santo Hei Yoshiro Tanaka and I was told by Dang-Juni that you might need help with fabricating some things for the medical bay. Who do I speak to?" He asked anyone that was listening.
Mei smiled warmly, "We keep the Kyoten on Yamatai standard time. However, our facilities are available for use 24 hours a day. We have the mess halls and some other facilities for dining. Recreation and training as well. The MEGAMI for this station is called Ishi, she can answer most of your questions readily. Please follow me and I will show you to your quarters." She turned and started to cross the landing bay.

"Ise-Taisa sent word she will conduct your interview shortly after her arrival here. Ishi will notify you as to the where and when. For the time being you are to consider yourself on leave. We have a couple of other soldiers bound for the Aeon onboard as well."
"Ah, thank you, Dang-Juni. That's terribly kind of you," Takamori said with another bow. He followed her silently, looking around as they walked. The Starbase was really incredible.

Besides eating and showering, was there anything else that he wanted to do? Takamori looked around more, thinking if there was anything which seemed to interest him. He had a few thousand KS in his account but that should be saved for more pressing matters.

Back home, before he left, his parents were talking about sending his siblings to a private school. Most of them sounded expensive. And Tomiko was already talking about college. More money needed. Maybe he should send some of his pay home to help out and skip out on the luxuries for now.

Come to think of it, he probably had a roommate. Should he bring something for him or her? If so, what?
Saki was making her way through the corridors. Station was amazing and busy place. She was bowing slightly to any higher ranking soldier she passed. Not sure if she should or not. In word case scenario, she will look like jester. Better then show any kind of disrespect.

She made her way into the mess. It was pretty full, people sitting sitting at long tables. Saki made her way to serving area. There were quite a few meals ready and Saki was hungry. Apart from noodles, there were some fish, rice and other good lookign and nice smelling meals.

Saki could not choose what to take so she just took what she could and stuffed her tray full. She then made her way to the neares table that was lot more empty than other, siting on one end of it. She quickly took out a set of chopsticks and digged in.
Takamori had finished his shower and was now entering the mess. He had not eaten hot food for a long time, and had survived on ration bars for the entirety of his transit to the Kyoten. Hot food definitely sounded, smelled and tasted better. Even if he had to wait in line.

He put a few smaller fish and vegetable dishes on his tray along with a bowl of rice and a bowl of noodle soup . Best to start slow he decided. In the corner of his eye, he saw a lone Neko NH-29 happily eating away like there was no tomorrow. Time to make a friend he smiled.

"Where do you put it all?" he asked her. Like all nekos, she was biologically smaller than the average Yamataian. How tall she was, he couldn't tell since she was sitting
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