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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.2] - Help from below

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The survivors of the Zenpyou were in their improvised command center in the underground portions of Mayer Station, they had hooked up with other Peacekeepers who survived the chaos of the NMX zombie invasion. There were some twenty actual Peacekeepers, including the injured Commander Fleming. They also had managed to round up some seventy-five civilians. With the help of the technicians they rescued they made the area they were in impenetrable to the parasites. The Peacekeepers were hooked into the internal cameras and spent their time gathering supplies, and waging a guerilla campaign against the NMX.

There were more Peacekeepers in the group when the second stage of the NMX invasion commenced. The first people they saw were Nekovalkyrja and Mindy clad soldiers. Thinking that the Star Army had come to their assistance, a group of the Peacekeepers went to greet them. It was a horror scene for those still in the command post when they saw their comrades burned to death by the rescuers. Moments later they saw Rippers on the scene and that the Nekos were taking orders from them.

The jamming had gotten worse, and radio communications beyond short range was impossible. There was no way to send word to any other Peacekeeper forces, and the fact that they had not seen any during the occupation, left only one conclusion. Help was not forthcoming.

As for Commander Fleming, they had been treating him the best they could with their limited medical supplies. He had periods where he was lucid and able to provide his guidance, other times he slipped into a fevered state where they had to restrain him.

Months after their base had fallen; the vigilant Peacekeepers had their first sign of hope. A vehicle approached the dome of a design they had not seen. But what was promising was that the occupants who were clad in a different kind of Mindy. And these soldiers were fighting the NMX. Once they breached the dome, they quickly engaged the Ripper and the NMX nekos with it.


"Techard, come to the command room. We have some company above. I think these folks are REAL infantry for the Star Army, and the are fighting two Rippers." Kenshin called over the intercom.
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Alice heard the call too. She was sitting next to commander Fleming wishing she would be real doctor. Alas she was only medic and all she could was keep him stable, or at least try to. She sighed and stood up, walking to meet with Kenshin.

When she met up with him she could see what was going on on his monitor. Few PA-clad soldiers were battling Rippers. Alice herself was only in her Peacekeeper uniform, letting her Tenshi PA and its anti-matter reactor rest. She looked at Kenshin and said. "We might want to help them. THey could get us out of here. You do know that I am almost out of antibiotics. We need those for Commander Fleming." She said to him.
Roken pulled himself up from where he was sitting, still in his power armor he checked to make sure he had enough power left before he would head towards room, "Its star army so they should have what we need to help the commander." He was relived at that moment, and also worried, things have gotten worst since the NMX Raid on there station. "Alright, on alert we need to be ready when they get here, we made it through this far lets not make any mistakes."

He made his way into the command room, he still remembered the moment when he lost fellow peacekeepers to the Nekovalkyrja and the Mindy armored soldiers. He stood next to Kenshin as he skimmed over his suit data and the internal cams that were still working, "so how are our rescuers holding up?"
"They've divided their forces. There are two groups of two at either end of that concourse. Each are engaging a Ripper, but there are more forces on their way.

Also they rescued some civilians, and are currently sieged in the customs building.

Their vehicle outside has taken down a small group of Mindy clad NMX that were trying to flank their position.

Bottom line they are holding, but without reinforcements they won't be able to hold for too long. " Kenshin replied.
Roken took in what Kenshin said, this is a big station and with there number they would be able to hold until more hostiles start to converge on there position then that would be a different story, "Alright, now what can we do to help....." He Focused on the vid for a moment thinking about those hold up in the customs building, " Were limited here, lets see if the NMX have be busy with the stations security systems."

Roken moved to an open console, working his fingers over the keys as he put his hacking skills to work and for the first time not even bothering to hide it from anyone else but he had to be careful not to bring attention to themselves, they may end up locked out or worst.
Alice was deep in though. This whole situation was bad. THey were getting out of medical supplies. Commander was depply sick. They were down to energy weapons with limitless ammo. Alice was tired, dead tired. She did not even remember what proper sleep is and when she happened to get some shuteye lattely the nightmares made sure she would not get much rest. She was just tired.

Alice looked at Kenshin and Rokken. "We might help them, we don't have much firepower left but we will have element of surprise. We will give them edge and then theyc an get us out. They will see there are still people. Also Kenshin, what are the odds you could get us communication with them?" She asked the technician.
Kenshin considered the situation before replying to his fellow soldiers, "I could probably broadcast on their frequency, but if they are using secure comm I won't have their key codes. Plus I don't dare try that from here. It would give the squids a chance to locate this place. If we are closer probably pretty good.

We both have the same problem. They have a bunch of civilians and some prisoners, and we have wounded and civilians. That vehicle of theirs isn't going to be able to take us all out.

I suggest we flank the NMX and help the Star Army folks, then we all head for the Zenpyou. We should be able to get her fired up and use her to get us all off this planet. Especially if the Star Army is giving the NMX trouble above."
Alice folded her arms on her chest looking at the situation rolling in front of them. "I would love to take Zen with us. There are only two problems. First we need to open the hangar doors to get Zenpyou out. Second who is gonna pilot it? You can start it up, Rokken has the codes, but we do not have pilot." She said thining how to deal with that fact.
Roken turned away from his console at that last part about pilots, "I think I can set it up so the zen can navigate its way out of the hangar, a few other tweaks and we can get the ship flying without any real pilots." He looked at the monitors again before switching one over to the stations schismatics, "If were gonna help flank the enemy lets start this off by stalling the enemy reinforcements, we could try and get the doors to close off in certain areas so they have to detour....maybe vent the atmosphere."

There planning was a good thing but it was chipping away at valuable time for them and there rescuers, "Lets get organized and start moving, if we need to change anything then we do it on the move."
Alice nodded to Roken. He made a point, better get ready to head out soon. Alice walked down to her armour and slipped in. Her Tenshi was little banged-up and it clear that the suit saw a better days. But its trusty shields took the most hurt and Kenshin was able to repair the rest. Suit looked patched up, but it was functional and that was the point. Alice would only like to replenish her missiles somewhere. Like this she was down to TEP cannon which were still powerful, but those missiles would give her extra advantage should it be needed. "I am ready," Alice said as she returned to her comrades. One last thing she was lacking was a medikit. All their medical supplies were held up by other injured and ill commander Fleming. There was simply not enough.
Kenshin picked up his datapad, "Actually Roken, that is relatively easy. I have been working with the techs for a while. With this datapad we can access secondary systems, through a series of different control units to keep anyone from determining the source. We had planned on making several of them, but if we are going to leave now is a good time to field test it.

Let's move out and I will clear us a path while creating a series of diversions to harass any of the NMX forces we detect." with that he walked over to his armor and powered it up. As he stepped in, across all the armors on an unsecure signal came a voice.
"This is Saito-hei, Star Army of Yamatai to any friendly UOC forces. We are locked in combat around the Customs Office and could use some help. We have several civilians, some of whom are wounded, and prisoners. Repeat, in combat around Customs Office, assistance appreciated!"

As his suit sealed he looked at the others, uncertain if had actually heard it.
Roken heard it as he followed the others out the door, "Were on a timer now, the sooner we get to them he sooner we can get off this station." He checked his weapons, for the most part he was still well armed minus a few minor dings and dents....and a few scorch marks in his suit from fighting but the suit was still in good shape.
Chikai glanced at his suit diagnostics. "All systems nominal." he muttered to himself.

"Ready to go, the sooner we save the SAOY, the sooner we all can leave which sounds just fine with me sir." He replied. He linked his datapad into his Tenshi, "Clearing us a fairly direct route."
Alice quickly got back to others. "I am ready," she said to Kenshin and Roken. "Leaving does sound nice," she added and smiled under her helmet. She did not feel exactly good about going to place full of parasites. Those things were scaring her. After what happened to Lavender, she would have to be crazy to not be scared.
Roken did one more check before stepping out, "alright then Alice get the others organized and ready to move, were going to be quick and Kenshin your with me, any remaining peacekeepers armed will cover the civies, I don't want us getting flanked once we leave our safe haven and if you can see what you can do about the doors up were our rescuers are at." He checked his weapons again....he had use most of his ammo during the start of the assault on the station but he had enough to still be useful...and if all else fails he was strong enough to hold his own.

"Were getting off this station even if i have to throw myself at those things to make it happen."
Chiaki started following Roken. There path upwards was pretty straight forward thanks to his ability to open and close doors remotely. He monitored the surface situation.

"I've engaged the emergency shutters on the other concourses. That should slow down NMX reinforcements getting to the Star Army personnel. But they won't keep them out indefinitely." he said
Alice frowned under her helmet and looked at Roken. "I can get other ready to move in minutes, but the station is full of parasites and there are clearly not enough armours for everyone. We will need clear and easy path for the Zen with as many guards as possible. We will also have to carry injured. So I will prepare everyone, but you two make sure to be back quickly and possibly with those Yamatai guys." She said and went to where others were.

She looked at everyone. Civilians ans peacekeepers alike. They were all tired and frightened. "Okay everybody. I need you all to listen to me now." She said outloud so everyone could hear her. "I need you all to get ready to move. We will be mocing into the Zenpyou. Yamatai soldiers are in the station. There is only handful of them, but it still means they have ship nearby. Armed ship. Which mean if we will be calm and work together we can get out of here finally. So everyona pack what you need and can and get ready to move. You have ten minutes!"
Roken listened as Alice organized the survivors, "Ok we know what to do now, anything happens we change the plan up as we go." He made his way to the secured entrance to there safe haven, "Everyone Ready?"

He Took a deep breath, the thought of going back through the station again with everything that is going on now was making Roken a little nervous and to make it worst they had injured and unarmed civilians to watch over. Those Star Army Rescuers better still be alive when we get there.
The group made its way through the passages up towards the surface. The closer they got to the surface, the more reminders of what had transpired here were visible. Dried blood and bits of bodies and damage from the battles earlier.
Roken stepped carefully over the remains of his former peacekeepers and civilians that didn't make it to the safe house they had set up, he ignored most of what was around him as he focused on any hostiles or surprises that may jump out at them, "So far so good." He said more to himself than to the group as he took point, not so much to lead but to be a wall if they end up walking into an ambush.

"As far as we know, which is closes our ship or the rescuers because if were closer to them we will lead the civi's there and then make our way to the zen to cover there escape if any other SMX ships are lingering outside the station." Roken fanned left and right through the corridor, his eyes darting to the vents and any half opened doors leading into the dark.
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