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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.2] - Help from below

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Roken gave Zeta a nod as they moved forward, the amount of firepower the Star Army soldiers were carrying did not intimidate him much, not after what they have been through.

He kept his eyes on the three especially the one that was well armed, lets hope this idiot's finger doesn't slip and blast a hole in the ship, the last thing i need is to be sucking void after just getting off the station. His augmented eyes took in what he could see past the three which was not much so he took a moment to identify there armor, gear and weapons making a mental note if they feel the need to lock up the survivors and his team.
The Aeon’s pilot gave the ladies his most charming smile and gave a theoretical bow. “A decent meal and a decent bed, I have for these charming guess. If you please, Juni-Yani will lead the way.” Trowa fell into step with Saki at the back where he could keep his eye on all the prisoners. He watched the man in the group closely, because he felt the man doing the same to him. “Must have been some party.” Trowa commented to Saki beside, trying to stir up some conversation.
Roken watched as the prisoners were escorted into the Aeon before he spoke, "not the kind of party I want to have to be in again if i can help it." He decided that it was about time to start asking a few questions before they were safely away from the station, "are there any other ships following us and about the offer of re-enlisting with Stararmy, would we be starting at the bottom again or will we be keeping our ranks?"
Yani looked at Roken, "The Aeon is part of a four gunship squadron. But there are also ships from the Fourth Fleet present and dealing with other aspects of the mission.

As for enlistment, the instances that I have seen. The members of your organization who enlist are typically given the equivalent rank or in some cases one grade higher to reflect surviving under such difficult circumstances. If you like I can contact the Taisa and see if she is free to speak with you. She can probably answer all your questions better than I can. Even if you decide to serve on another ship, you will need an officer to witness your enlistment."
Saki looked at Trowa and took her helmet down. She gave him a tired smile and a nod. Her armour looked quite banged up and scarred. Although most of the fire was held by her shield there was a lot of it. She still remember how she got hit by gauss shell from Ripper. She knew it almost penetrated her armour and shivered. She was just a neko and was pretty much expendable, but she still did not want to die if she could help it.

"Yes," she responded to Trowa. "There was quite a lot of fighint. Luckily Shina-san kept us safe." She added and smiled again.
Yoshiro watched as his teammates walked to the ship. He walked silently, turning to Zeta and her sister to give her a silent show of support. "Party..yeah...Some kind of party." He said, belatedly answering Trowa's question. This was his first taste of combat and it left a bad flavor in his soul. He would have to press through it and continue on but right now he was tired and ready to sleep.
Roken nodded at Yani, "If its possible, yes i would like to speak to the Taisa at the moment there is not much for me to do besides protect the civilians till they are safe and away from all this."

Roken stretched his head for a moment, "It would make sense, wouldn't want anyone just re-enlisting, never know what that kind of person was before they switched sides."
Trowa looked down at Saki with a look of concern, then gave the Neko a reassuring smile and patted her shoulder. “Hey come on. You completed your mission and survived. You saved some fellow Neko’s and kicked the NMX’s arse. I’d say that amounts to a good days work and at least one free round tonight.”
Saki looked at Trowa with some concern. Him tapping her shoulder and giving her smile made her little nervous. She was not used to that kind of attention after all. When he spoked up, one line made her suddenly frown.

"Those nekoes are not my fellows." She said coldly and looked away from him.
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