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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.2] - Help from below

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Yoshiro finished putting the leftover food away and cleaned up the mess that was left after everyone ate. He was glad that everyone enjoyed the food that he prepared but he had other things on his mind. He went down to the medical bay to see how the nekos were doing. He arrived at the medbay and went inside to talk to Saki and the Nekos. "Hey, Saki. How are the Nekos we brought in here doing?" He asked Saki.
Chikai listened to Roken's words. "We all have to choose our path Rokken-San. Alice-San and I were just discussing our futures. I was never meant to be a warrior. We have spent all this time fighting, desperately trying to keep the people we found alive. We have paid dearly to stay alive.

I for one have had enough of death and destruction. My parents were both explorers at heart and I want to follow in their paths. My father died at Taiie, my mother has most likely died. Once we get to civilization, I am going to look for a job. Something constructive, and if I am lucky. It will take me to see new sights.

I wish you good fortune in whatever path you choose to follow. It has been an honor to serve with you."
"Good luck Rokken." Alice said to the man she fought alongside for long time. She kinda expected he will join the fray. Rokken was soldier, he had it in his blood. "I must say I would expect you to go to Neps rather then Yammies though. Well anyway I am probably going to focus on medicine now. I might even become a doctor in time and be helpful that way. I had enough of this war." She explained.


Saki moved with prisoners to the medbay. To keep an eye on them and to make sure, no one tried to harm them. They were still nekoes and some of them were unhurt. If civvie tried attack them, it could end badly and not for the neko. When Yoshiro came to her, she looked at him. She still had her helmet on, so he could not see her tired face.

"Well it seem that Zeta will be fine." Saki answered. "That Peacekeeper medic treated her, some civvies and then she left." She explained.
The Zenpyou with the Aeon on its starboard wing moved out into open space. As it did they were joined by the other ships of the 7th Squadron. The Aeon took lead and the Gunships flew in a diamond formation to protect the UOC ship from any hostiles.

Once they were well out of the Hills Sphere, Katae ordered all ships to stop and for Trowa to initiate docking.

"Zenpyou, this is Ise-Taisa. We are preparing to come about and dock so we can transfer my crew back aboard, and any NMX prisoners that you may have.

Also I recommend that we head to the Veronica system. Once there your civilian contingent can decide where they wish to go. I would like to off you the use of our Ikoi starbase so that the Zenpyou can be repaired.

I would like to extend to you and your crew the hospitality of the Aeon, my chef is working on some food. So once the prisoners are secured, you can have your people come over in shifts to our wardroom."
“Aye, aye Ma’am.” Acknowledged Trowa. The Nepleslian pilot moved the Aeon into position and extended the docking system. There was clank and a hiss of air as the docking system locked onto the Zenpyou. “Like a glove.” Trowa smiled to himself before turning to the Taisa. “We are docked with the Zenpyou, Ma’am. Do you want me to go and give the away team a hand transferring the prisoners? Or would you rather I stay here and run a check on the Aeon?”
Alice heard the transmission and looked at Rokken.

"Do you want me to talk with them or do you feel like doing it? I am okay with it. Commander Fleming is still unconscious so you are still technicale the highest rankin peacekeeper on board this ship." Alice said and shrugged, she had not problem talking with Yammies personally and it was nice they wanted to repair Zen for the people of UOC. Alice wondered who is the ship now anyway. Commander Flemings? Is there a runaway goverment somewhere in Yamatai or Nepleslia?
Roken looked over at Alice, "I should be alright but thankyou, they did offer to allow anyone to re-enlist into there ranks." He went silent for a moment as he thought about that. "I wonder if I'm gonna started at the bottom again.....oh well, would make sense since they seem to have some issues with U.O.C.....or whats left of it." He smiled before giving Alice a pat on the back, "for now ill try to get back to what I'm good at, you make sure you make it out of all this and you never know...we might run into each other again."

Back to fighting again for me I hope.

"Why don't you go down the the airlock and supervise the prisoner transfer. We will need to make sure we have security details present to escort our guests to the wardroom and back. Ask for volunteers. I can handle things here for the time being." Katae replied.

Med Lab
Zeta remained on the bed as she was instructed. Her sisters stood near her their hands touching her for reassurance.
"Well let'S get going then." Alice said, stood up and picked up her helmet again. She then headed for the medical again. One glace told her the other nekoes touching the once called Zeta will be other prisoners.

"Okay ladies, Yammies are here to pick you up. They have facilities to make sure you are fine." She said to Zeta on others as she walked to them. "They will dock with us soon, so it will be just easy walk through the airlock, nothing to worry about." SHe said. She did not really feel hate against these nekoes. They were too frightened to look like enemy that was stalking Alice and her friends on the station. Other people from UCO might be full of hate but Alice was too tired to care. They will be Yammies problems once they get of Zen, but until then Alice was still a peacekeeper and she will see to it that no prisoners of war will be harmed again.
"I am sorry that you got hurt, Zeta. I know Nekos heal pretty well but that is no excuse for failing in protecting you. I...I...really should have been paying attention."Yoshiro said and sighed. He turned around and took his helmet off, a guilty and pained expression on his face. He held his helmet a bit tightly and then walked over to a empty spot near where Zeta was and sat down.
"It was not your fault. You can not be held accountable for the actions of that woman. If it had not been me it could have been one of my sisters. I am relieved that we have gotten away from that planet. Of course the question remains what fate awaits us. I am sure there is no love lost among your fellow soldiers for prisoners such as us." Zeta replied.

Zeta turned towards Alice, "I thank you for saving my life. I am indebted to you."
Roken made one last check of his suit before walking the corridors, catching up with Alice and the others at the medical area. He looked around the room for a moment, keeping silent since there wasn't much he needed to say or do before moving on to meet and greet there rescuers that docked with the zen.

He made sure he was getting continued data on the Zen's status through his suit so he would know what was going on but was not worried since Chikai was taking care of things in engineering, in all honesty Roken did that so he could feel like he was doing something use full since they were out of the worst of it.
"I like to thing that is is my job to save lives," Alice replied with a mild smile on her face. She prepared hypospray with more hemosynth. "But if you really feel indebted, then try repaying it by making something of yourselves. Try to be a doctor or teacher I do not care."

She then walked to Yamataian soldier watching over the nekoes. She gave him hypospray and extra hemosynth tubes. "If there would be trouble, here is some hemosynth. Good luck." She told him.
“Aye, aye Ma’am.” Trowa said as he got up and stretched. He hadn’t realized how wound up and tense he had been while flying. All that adrenalin had kept him going but now he was starting to feel strain. Moving around was quickly stretching out his muscles and making him feel better. He stopped in the armory to grab a Nekovalkyrja Submachine gun, and then as an afterthought grabbed the plasma shotgun he had picked up on Genus. With the sub dangling from its strap and the shotgun comfortably held over his shoulder Trowa made his way towards the air-lock. “Eternity? Would you let the crew know that I’m looking for a few volunteers to help with the prisoner transfer?”
A few moments later Yani and Gi showed up by the airlock. They were each carrying their standard NSPs.

"Yamamoto-Heisho, I sincerely hope you are not planning on using that in the hallways." Gi said looking askance at the Type 30 Accelerated Charged Plasma Scatter Gun. "According to the accounts forwarded, the NMX prisoners have been cooperative, even helpful to the completion of the mission."
The Nepleslian pilot gave the volunteers a very mischievous grin. “What, this ol’ thing? Of course not. A weapon like this is not something you want to be firing inside a ship. This is merely for show. No one is going to even consider causing trouble when they see this bad boy.” Trowa looked at the weapon for a moment then sighed, slung it over his shoulder and picked up the sub. “Though I suppose if the prisoners have been so helpful then maybe it is a little much.” He looked at the other two. “Are we ready?”
"Intimidation is not a bad thing, but from the reports we received, you might want to keep it around not for the Nekos, but to keep the UOC from getting any funny ideas when they come aboard." Yani replied as she checked the status on the seal. "We have a good seal, opening the hatch on our end." she said hitting the control.
Roken was already on there side of the hatch, "looks like they are coming in." He said to himself as he did the same, be as friendly as possible we really do not need any more problems right now.

Roken kept his weapons on standby and kept himself in a neutral stance as pressed the hatch release on console, His mind drifted to what they would have him do when he makes his request to re-enlist with them, he hoped it would be a combat assignment and not something so far down as a grease monkey or security on some far off station.
Zeta and her sisters walked up quietly behind the UOC soldier. Ahead of them lay the Star Army ship beyond the open airlock. There were several armed soldiers, one of which was carrying a rather formidable weapon. She took a position next to Roken.

She turned her head to Roken, "Thank you."

Facing Trowa, "My sisters and I are unarmed and I promise you that we will offer no resistance. Kindly show us where you wish to keep us." she said.
Alice walked with the prisoners. She did not wear her helmer, which she let on med-bay. THat did no meant she was not armed though. Last two years taught her to carry weapon everywhere she goes. She reached the airlock followed with the nekoes, seeing few armed Yammies. She stepped aside so Nekoes could walk trough.

"That's right. THey were all nice so treat them right." She said after Zeta'S little speech. "They are also malnourished and hurt so have a doctor look at them. I could only do so much."


Saki walked behind others. She was mentally tired and was looking forward to getting some food and sleep. This mission was tiring and dangerous and she was glad it was behind them.
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