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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 4.2] - Help from below

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Alice rubbed her forehead. This was not what she expected. She sighed and looked Zeta in her eyes. Alice was again remembered that this neko was just scared girl.
"Don't worry lass, I was just kidding. I am not gonna drug you. Just stay here and rest. Do you feel better?" She said trying to calm the scared neko.
Allied, Heisho?  Since when were we allied to the UOC?  Far as I'm concerned, they're traitors who seceded from the Empire.  I believe I'm still outside your chain of command since I've not formally reported for duty aboard the Aeon so you should not feel like you've lost face.  All I needed was equipment, not someone swanning in and doing my job then ordering me around.  I take orders from Star Army personnel, Heisho, not ... turncoats.
Makoto replied telepathically to Kyoka. He was pissed. He had asked for equipment, not this. Isolating a mentally scarred patient from anything she might find comfort in was a terrible idea. But hey, if the UOC traitor thought she knew better, what does it matter that the Star Army was in charge of operations?
"Full power to Engines and meet with the Yami Rescue ship before the NMX can catch up to us." Roken kept his eyes on the sensors but unfortunately he was one person.....and the bridge needed more than one person to keep up with all the data being fed back through the ships sensors and internals.

"How are doing Kenshin?" Roken paused as he moved to one the nearest consoles as the A.I. plotted a safe route away from the station.
Yoshiro started to serve the food to the civillians and the Peacekeepers. "Can you bring this to the old lady I have locked up?" He asked one of the Peacekeepers. He put some soup and rice on a tray and handed it to the Peacekeeper.
Bridge Zenpyou

The Zenpyou lifted off the floor of the bay that it had sat upon for more than a year. It surged forward gathering speed as it flew for the opening. As it passed through there was the sound of some bits of the door being knocked out of the way.

Once clear, the ship started to angle for the departure.

When Kim felt the Zenpyou moving she took a seat at one of the stations. "Aeon, this is Away team, We have launched." she looked briefly for some sort of indicator as to the name of the ship, once she found it. "Zenpyou is free and climbing."

"Aeon to Zenpyou.... We will fly on your wing." Katae's voice called out.

Zenpyou Engineeringa

Kenshin was busy trying to man an engineering that needed several people, on a ship that was mostly functional. When he heard Rokken's question.

"We're moving aren't we. We start falling you'll know I have a problem." he said as he was adjusting power flow through the ship. "Come on Zen, keep on flying take us all away from here." he said encouraging the ships.

Medical Zen
Zeta looked at the medical person, These people are confusing, one minute she she threatens with sedation, then she asks how I am doing. she thought trying to understand Alice. Her heart rate started moving downward some.

"I am feeling better Mistress... the pain is lessening. Thank you. I will not get off this bed until you say so." she replied and closed her eyes and tried to relax.

Aeon Bridge

"Yamamoto-Heisho bring us about and onto that ship's wing." She ordered.
ShotJon said:
When Yammie-neko came to her and started talking about orders and what not Alice looked at her. Her face was tired and stressed.

"You know what," she started replying. "I could not really care less about your subordinates tone. He can go f*** himself. I have work to do now and if he cannot take simple request than he is just a stupid asshole."

Kyoka wrinkled her nose at the UOC woman and wanted to punch her, but thought better of it. It's not worth starting another international conflict because of a subordinate squabble. Better to just be useful in this non-combat situation. The neko did what was asked, bringing the phials to her NMX counterparts. But then a message came in.

Sigma said:
Allied, Heisho?  Since when were we allied to the UOC?  Far as I'm concerned, they're traitors who seceded from the Empire.  I believe I'm still outside your chain of command since I've not formally reported for duty aboard the Aeon so you should not feel like you've lost face.  All I needed was equipment, not someone swanning in and doing my job then ordering me around.  I take orders from Star Army personnel, Heisho, not ... turncoats.

Now is NOT the time to talk about the rebellions! They are our allies because the NMX are both our enemies! Get things in perspective! I understand your anger at this, but please! There are more important things to be doing than reopening old wounds!

Kyoka was a little lost on the perspective of the UOC conflict herself, considering she was born long after the rebellion.
“There they are. About time.” Trowa commented when he saw the ship rise out of the base. He rolled the Aeon around so that it was in position to cover the Zenpyou. “Aeon to Zenpyou.” Trowa called out, “We are in position to escort you out. Sending you the exit vector now.” After sending the data, Trowa checked his scanners. “Looks like clear skies all the way out Ma’am.”
The Zenpyou climbed and gained speed as their altitude increased.

"Aeon to Zenpyou. This is Ise Katae-Taisa, commanding. Once we clear the atmosphere, we will rendezvous at the edge of the hills sphere. We have other Star Army forces keeping the Mishhu busy. Once we get there, we will dock and we can transfer my personnel and any prisoners you have.

Once we complete transfer you have a decision to make. UOC worlds have been evacuated, by the Nepleslians, the Lorath and of our Empire as well. Facilities have been set up within Yamatai to take evacuees. Where they go is a matter of their choice.

As for Peacekeepers, you have three choices. You can leave the Peacekeepers and become Civilians. You can head to Lorath and work with them, or return with us to Yamatai and become part of our military. "
Roken though hard about that, his eyes every once in a while looking over the active monitors as he watched the ship climb from the bridge, "Understood."

He relaxed for a moment, sitting down in the command chair as he checked his suits systems, "Let me know if anything changes A.I." He knew what he was going to do, Civilian life wasn't for him so he would have to just have to re-join with Yamatai and continue his military service.

He wondered what the others would do for a moment before pushing the thought away. Right now we need to get everyone to safety, there will be plenty of time to make choices later.
Alice was glad she managed to calm the NMX neko who looked as much a victim as they did. She took a deep breath and got back to work. She spend a lot of time taking care of most of these peopel and that did not end yet. She tried not to think of past months and focused on her work.

Several minutes later when there were no one else to be traeted she left the medical. There was still the Yammie neko to watch over NMX nekoes.

"If anything happens, please call me. I need to talk with my friends." Alice said to Kyoka, put her helmet back on and walked to engineering to see Kenshin.

"How are we doing?" She asked trying to not be in the way of her friend.

Kenshin was adjusting the power flow through the propulsion system. So he did not respond to Alice immediately. Once he was satisfied, he walked back to the main engineering console. "The Zen is getting her stride, all that time sitting without maintenance. Those parasites and zombies did a lot of damage during the attack, but I've managed to route power and control around them. So long as we do not have to take her into battle right away. We'll be just fine. Every minute is that much farther from Mayer Station." he replied. His datapad started beeping, and he switched one of the displays in engineering to show the view aft of the Zenpyou.

The screen showed the surface of the planet, down on the surface the facility known as Mayer Station was engulfed in a massive explosion as reactors obeyed their final order. The initial wave of heat and plasma flooded the facility scouring it clean of any living or dead thing. A moment later came the detonation and the facility was shattered and chunks of it were strewn in all directions, the ensuing blast spread out to encompass more than twenty five square miles of surface. The shockwave extended out much further and a massive debris cloud surged up into the atmosphere.

"The damn squids won't be using that base to hurt anyone else." he said.
Alice rubbed her face as she saw Station explode on one of the monitors. She then sat down on the ground and leaned against the console and took off her helmet again. She took a deep breath and sighed.

"Well," she then said. "That is it. So what are we going to do now? I would not mind a weekend at beach to be frank." She said and forced herself to laugh.
Zen Engineering

Chikai checked a few of the indicators, and then leaned against the console letting the automatics take over.

"After what we've been through a week on a nice beach sounds great. But what about after that? It would appear that the UOC is gone. The only reason I came to the UOC was to help my mother. There is a good chance that she is gone too. But regardless, I have had my fill of death and war."

He walked over and took a seat near Alice. "I enjoyed visiting new worlds with my father. There is something about being one of the first to set foot on a new planet. When we get some place with civilization, I am leaving the Peacekeepers. I think I will look to get as far from the war, perhaps out to the frontier."

He paused, "So what about you after your stay on the beach? What then?"
Alice looked up at Kenshin's face. They spent better of two last years fighting for their lives almost daily, if there was anyone to trust and believe in, it was him and Rokken. She shaked her head, while she thought about future.

"Well I think there are no peacekeepers anymore anyway." She then said with grim voice. "If anything I do not plan to go to Yamatai. At least not as a soldier. I joined to help and defend people, but war is a little over my head. I just had ehough it. I might join some humanitary organisation or try to become doctor or something."
"I think you would make a good doctor. Hell, you kept us patched up under less than ideal circumstances. But I agree, I do not want to join the military. I never wanted to be a soldier, like you I joined the Peacekeepers to help people..." he let his words trail off as he thought about the recent events.

"Anyway we get to a space station providing my credit card still works. I'll buy you a dinner. Something cooked fresh and with fresh ingredients. How does that sound?" he said changing the subject.
"I think I would probably kill for a bowl of noodles." She said and smile finally appeared on her face again. "And then icecream. I really miss icecream. I sure hope my money card works too. What would you like to eat?" She asked Kenshin, looking at him.
Chikai thought for a moment before answering Alice. "I think I would like a nice thick eight ounce steak grilled to medium. After that a bowl of fresh ripe strawberries."

He thought for a moment, "But you know what I am really looking forward to. You will probably think it is silly. A very long hot shower where I can just let the hot water run and rinse away two years of hell from my skin."
Roken smiled a little as the sensors picked up a large explosion back at the station. one more slap in the face for the squids before we leave this dump Roken was not sure if the A.I. was capable of running the ship in its state but he also knew there was air being cycled through as he fiddled with his helmet, pulling off just a little so he could get one last look at his suits status, all this i can fix once were safe.

His mind wandered back to the offer there allies made, he really did not have anywhere else to go and no family, the others didn't know that but he knew what he was going to do, he smiled a little I think fighting for the Yamis is my best choice at the moment, this galaxy still has issues and those squids and there new weapons are proof that there gonna need all the help they can get.

"Good job with the reactor....listen...I don't know what you and Alice are going to do but I am Re-enlisting with Yamatai, I can still fight and after what we have seen I wouldn't feel comfortable just sitting around being a....civilian."
To the commander of the Aeon, a note.

So we have a handful of NMX Nekovalkryja in medical here. Should I be telling them about some sort of reassignment program, or is that for the higher-ups to decide?

When we rendezvous with the Zenpyou we will transfer the prisoners to our Medical Lab for medical screening and holding. When the Away Team comes on board I will review the logs from the AIES and will make a recommendation as to their disposition.

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