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RP: YSS Aeon [Mission 6.0] Sword Flash in Darkness

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Location: Chiharu Star Fortress, Veronica System

The Aeon was docked with the Star Fortress while putting in for provisioning. The squadron starbase, Kyoten, was positioned a short distance from the Gunship. Tenba transporters were moving from the Chiharu to the Kyoten bringing supplies and material to support the squadron for the foreseeable future.

Katae had given the crew forty-eight hours of liberty aboard the Star Fortress where they could relax and renew their spirits. As for herself she had done a little sightseeing, she checked out the temple dedicated to the person for whom the star fortress was named. After that she had gotten a room at one of the hotels, and did some catching up. There were personal messages from good friends to read and respond to. There was also the matter of some clan business for her to attend.

She was now standing in the docking arm that held the Aeon in place. Looking through one of the view ports, the sight of the Aeon never failed to take her breath away. There were differences from when she first took command of the ship, but at its heart. The Aeon was still the same ship, just a bit more seasoned.
Rinako Takamura, newly released from engineering training and freshly assigned to the YSS Aeon also stared out of one of the Star Base's many viewports as the sleek lines of the Aeon. The main cannon thrust forward from between the pylons jutting off the sides of the ship's main hold, giving it the overall appearance of a dagger and given that the Aeon was a ship of war it was an apt appearance. Rinako admired the paint scheme, hand-picked by the ship's very able captain. The gunship was attached to the star base, several shuttles moving supplies to the Aeon before she set out on her next mission.

Rinako was clothed in her full dress uniform, neatly pressed and fitted, with her thick, dark locks pulled up into a tight bun. Her shapely figure filled out the uniform nicely, with every presentable aspect of her spotless. Her duffel bag, full of what few belongings she had, rested on the floor by her feet as she gazed out the viewport, seeing her future before her. She had waited almost nine months to finally set foot on a starship, one that it would be her responsibility to keep in proper working order and able to defend the Empire whenever called upon. It was a task she was sure she was ready for despite the butterflies in her stomach.

The Aeon had been given 48 hours leave which gave her 48 hours to report and find her bunk on the ship. Rinako bent down and grabbed the handle of her duffel and returned to a standing position, her posture straight as an arrow. She slung the strap over her shoulder and set off to begin her new life.
A pink-haired neko swam in the pool on-board, finally getting that time in the water that was stolen away last second by the last mission. Tsubei Kyoka enjoyed the cool sensation of the liquid covering her, as well as the eddies created when she used her gravity control to push herself. The little swirls in the faux-current entertained her greatly.

She drifted on her back, humming the Yami Neko Neko theme song to herself as she floated along. It was a nice change of pace, just to be able to float and not have to put effort into sitting somewhere.
The last mission had been rough and tiring so he was glad for the liberty. He had grabbed his letter that he had kept and hadn't read from the last mission. He opened it and read it. It was a pleasant letter in the beginning but then when he continued to read he learned that the father he loved so dearly was killed during the Battle of Yamatai. He had tears in his eyes as he went to his temporary quarters.

He didn't make it as he collapsed to his knees and he started to sob loudly. "Why did this have to happen to a man like him. He was a great person and he didn't deserve this at all!" He shouted to noone in particular.
As soon as Trowa checked into a room he headed for the closest pub. And as soon as he got to the pub he started a fight with a bunch of infantrymen. The fight lasted only 10 minutes and caused over 2000KS in damages. It ended when Trowa jumped up on the bar and yelled, “Gentlemen, I know I started this fight by insulting you Chiharu boys. But after that rough’n’tumble I’d lay 20 to 1 odds that you Chiharu boys could whip the whole NMX army single handedly. Drinks are on me!”

Several hours later, with a split lip and a slightly discolored mark on his cheek, Trowa was wondering around the docking area. He wanted to check on the Aeon. Some new pilot had been behind the stick while he was one the ground that last mission and the Nepleslian pilot wanted to make sure she hadn’t scratched the paint. Was he jealous? No, not really. Trowa was not so prideful that he wouldn’t step aside for someone with more experience. He was a little curious about who would be flying on their next mission.

Trowa noticed the Taisa standing in one of the docking arms looking at the ship. Hey, I could ask her now. Doesn’t seem like she’s too busily at the moment. Trowa thought as he headed over towards her. He was about to speak when a thought entered his mind. The Taisa works a lot. She deserves a 48 hour leave too.

The Nepleslian pilot stepped forward and bowed. “Afternoon, Ma’am. Enjoying the view?” He asked indicating the Starship before them. He decided not to ask about the new pilot.
Katae looked away from the Aeon for a moment, "Yes Yamamoto-Heisho I am enjoying the view. I am proud of the Aeon, and seeing her from this perspective with the stars behind her is inspiring." Her attention went briefly to his damaged lip.

"Perhaps a little restraint while on shore leave would be in order. I really would not want to have to come fetch my senior pilot from the brig." she said with a grin. "You and Tsukiki-Hei will need to spend some time working together on the bridge when we launch. I need to the two of your to work as a team, so that means establishing a rapport."

She turned and started walking down the docking arm towards the station.
Chiharu Star Fortress

During her leave, Emiko had thus far paid a visit to the Ketsurui Chiharu Temple, did some shopping and then later contacted her father aboard White Harbor station in the Anisa system in order to let him and most of her family know that she was still alive and doing alright. Unfortunately her mother was on a trade run so she hadn't been around for the long-distance communique.

Now, Emiko was just finishing a meal at Aoi Hasu -- a popular restaurant aboard the fortress. Once done, she set aside her utensils and paid the bill. Then, the neko made her through the stations interior to the berth where the Aeon was docked. Emiko intended to retrieve some items she had forgotten inside her cabin -- a couple of work-in-progress engineering schematics she had been fiddling with in her off hours.
Alia sat in the Warm and Sweet Coffee Shop nearest to the Aeon's docking arm. She was sipping an espresso and reading up on some of the newest enemy starship designs spotted by Yamataian scouts. "Know thy enemy." she muttered as she continued reading.

She was interrupted by a loud noise coming from the nearby pub. She ignored the commotion as best as she could. It reminded her of the old days before she was transferred to the YSS Integrity. She bit back a laugh as she thought of the time during training that she had gotten into a similar brawl. The memory faded and she shook her head. I'm over that sort of non-sense now. she thought to herself, and returned to her reading.

After she finished reading the reports she got up stretched and paid for the coffee. As she made her way to the Aeon she saw the Taisa talking to one of her new shipmates. She decided to head over and meet him. By the time she got close the Taisa had left.

"She isn't much for long conversations is she?" Alia remarked to her shipmate as she walked up beside him. "I'm Nito Hei Tsukiki Alia, pleased to make your acquaintance." She noticed his higher rank and bowed appropriately to him.
Trowa smiled his infamous half grin to the Taisa. “Don’t worry Ma’am. I’d rather face the whole NMX fleet in one of them ancient space shuttles alone than have you come drag me out of a brig. I’m pretty sure my chances of survival would be better too.”

As the Taisa moved on Trowa wondered what kind of crazed jockey this Tsukiki-Hei was. Probably some Neko with no appreciation for the finer points of Starship piloting, like the way the Aether beam sparks as it demolishes an NMX ship. Trowa’s thoughts were interrupted.

Caelesetos said:
"She isn't much for long conversations is she?" Alia remarked to her shipmate as she walked up beside him. "I'm Nito Hei Tsukiki Alia, pleased to make your acquaintance." She noticed his higher rank and bowed appropriately to him.

“No she’s not.” He agreed, returning the bow then sticking out his hand. “Nitô Heisho Yamamoto Trowa. Call me Trowa.” He looked her up and down. “So you’re the Aeon’s new pilot. We’ll be working closely together then. You busy right now? Perhaps we could find a place to sit and compare notes?”
Alia took Trowa's hand and shook it, she was obviously clumsy with the Nepleslian greeting. "Technically I'm the Aeon's old pilot, just got transferred back to her from the Integrity." She corrected with a smile. Alia took in the man's appearance. He was only a little bit taller then her, but his stature made her feel smaller somehow. She also couldn't help to notice his eye patch, and decided to ask him about it later. All in all she found him interesting, and she would finally have someone to bounce flight tactics off of.

"You know that sounds great. Are you hungry? I heard they have a Aoi Hasu here and I haven't eaten out in a while." She said cheerily.
Katae made her way to the into the star fortress and to one of the STATCOM terminals. She entered her personal code and pulled up her messages. She also made a point to compose a message to the crew.

To: All Aeon Personnl

Meet me at the Aoi Hasu tomorrow night for our traditional departure meal at 1900hrs.

Ise Katae

After sending the message, she reviewed her inbox. There were the Aeon's newest orders, there was time enough to read them later. So she scanned through the personal messages.
Trowa smiled back. “That’s all right with me, except the Taisa just sent word that we’ll be eating there tomorrow night. Now I have no problem eating there twice, but if would rather go elsewhere just say the word.” They began walking away from the docking area. “Good. You’ve got experience with the Aeon then. What’s your take on her?” Trowa was beginning to like this. He never really had been able to talk to someone about the Aeon to compare notes with. This was going to be a great opportunity to improve himself. Alia would have experience with other ships and would have different view and tactics.
Rinako dropped her duffel bag on the bed of the room she had just rented for her brief stay on the star base, sighing as she surveyed the meager collection of furniture adorning the bland room. A bed, small desk with a rather uncomfortable looking chair and a small viewing screen mounted on one wall. She looked around the bare walls and shrugged, nothing too fancy but she wasn't going to be here very long anyway. She had received the orders concerning the dinner the following evening and knew she needed something fashionable to wear. Time to do some shopping.
Alia intertwined her fingers behind her head as they walked. "Funny how I thought of the restaurant at the same time as the Taisa. I guess great minds really do think alike." She teased. "Well, since I wasn't really that hungry let's stop by the Ship's store I have an idea for something we can do to pass the time as we talk." She said and flashed a mischievous grin.

Alia continued leading him through the stations passageways to the closest store. "To answer your question about the Aeon, I sadly only flew her during her original shakedown training exercise before being transferred over to the Integrity. Tso-Taii was excellent, but he and I disagreed on several things which is what caused me to not improve in rank." She shrugged, "I don't regret my actions, though I hope you won't think less of me. Setting my personal problems aside, I have plenty of experience in flying a Plumeria, though I must say the last mission put my skills to the test. The interference on the sensors drove me crazy."
As the station moved to the evening mode, all of the public area lighting dimmed to fifty percent. It was still brighter than any planetary evening, but it did give a sense of evening.

The store fronts and signs appeared much brighter with the lowered illumination. Open areas like such as the area around the temple projected a starfield upon the ceiling.
Yoshiro stood up and collected himself. I guess that I should ask and see if there is anyone that I could talk to about my father's death. He thought to himself. He was about to wander when he got the message from the Taisa about a departure meal. He wasn't sure what that was about he got the feeling that it was a tradition of some kind so he wasn't about to screw around with that. He decided that he should talk to the Taisa about what was bothering him as well so he sent a message at the nearest terminal.

Taisa, I hope I am not bothering you with this request but might I have some time to speak with you about something? If you are busy I understand and I hope that I am not being a nusiance to you.
Santo Hei Yoshiro Tanaka

After he sent the message he decided to shop around and then see what the hype was about at the Aoi Hasu. He stopped by to order some food and ordered the beef won-tons. He sat at a booth and waited for his food as he sipped on a glass of water.
Aoi Hasu

One of the aspects of the restaurant that made it so popular was the level of service. From the moment a person entered the building, the staff were dedicated to serving their dining needs.

The manager, Miyagi Amaterasu, personally checked on every customer several times during their stay. She would meet them shortly after they were seated, and recommend some of the various beverages. Once they received their meal she would return to ensure that everything was satisfactory, and that they had everything they required.


To: Tanaka-Hei,
You are not bothering me. I will be free to meet with you in one hour.
Meet me at the Warm and Sweet Coffee Shop closest to the Aeon.
Regards Ise-Taisa.
Yoshiro sent a message to the Taisa, thanking her for her time and then sat down to await his order of beef potstickers. The service was prompt and the food was delicious, the flavor of the beef potstickers almost making him cry with how good it was. After eating and paying his bill, with a good 25 KS tip for the waitress that served him. He got up to go and bowed to all of the people that were working in thanks for their wonderful hospitality.

Now I can see the reason that people love that resturant. But now on to more important business. Time to meet the Taisa. He said as he headed to the Warm and Sweet Coffee shop near the Aeon. As he approached the coffee shop he took a look at the Aeon and remembered how immense it was. Even from a distance it struck an imposing figure across his eyes. It was a warship but also his home among the stars and he wanted to believe what he had said when he said that he was willing to die for them. Now there was a shadow of doubt cast upon all that he believed in.

The painful reality of living in an era of war caught up to him. He realized that what he had sought was not reality. No heroic saving of lives that he could be near enough to help, no last minute rescue of family and loved ones. No, this wasn't like the reality at all and he knew it. In the far flung reaches of space, the reality was that you can't save them all and that belief hurt him badly. He ordered an mocha latte and waited for it to arrive. When it did he took it and sat down in the seat.

He sighed and waited for the Taisa. Knowing that everything was done to save his father but to no avail he sighed and sat down in a booth waiting for Ise-taisa to arrive.
Coffee Shop

Katae walked into the coffee shop, looked around for Yoshiro. She then started moving towards him and paused only to give a Barista her order. She then continued to walk over to the booth where her crew member was seat.

"Hello Tanaka-Hei." she said taking a seat opposite him. "I hope you do not mind meeting here. I have a number of errands, and this place was between two of them. However, for the moment I am at your disposal."
Hotel Room

After popping aboard the Aeon and acquiring her forgotten items, Emiko proceeded back to her room and spent the rest of her time until evening rolled around fiddling with the designs she had been working on.

Once dark set in, the neko's desire for food returned and she set her work aside. After remaining seated for so long Emiko took a few moments to stretch her limbs, before heading out the door of her room in search for something to eat.

Warm and Sweet

Instead of visiting Aoi Hasu again for her evening meal, Emiko decided to pay a visit to one of the many coffee shops dispersed throughout the star fortress in order to quickly acquire her desired food -- the restaurant was likely to be fairly busy at this time and she didn't want to wait overly long to be served. The technician ordered a chicken fiesta panini, salted apple slices and orange juice and then took a seat at one of the tables. As she ate, the neko's eyes flickered around, taking in the scenary and the appearances of those that walked past the coffee shop or were seated at tables and enjoying a meal or beverage.

Her eyes widened slightly when she noticed Ise Katae and Yoshiro Tanaka conversing in a booth not far away. She briefly wondered what the odds were that they would run into each other in the same coffee shop, before letting her gaze slide back to her plate and afterwards continued consuming her meal.
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